Wednesday, March 16, 2011

State Fukushima reactor

The nuclear power plant in Fukushima I, located in the most affected by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last Friday, is out of control, according to reports. This is the situation, according to the latest report of the Japan Atomic Energy Fukushima Daiichi (center I)-Reactor 1: No damage to the containment structure, but there are problems inside the nucleus.

Kyodo alert (attributing the information to TEPCO, the company that owns the plant) on 70% damage in the fuel rods, leading to fears the merger. Are not functioning cooling systems and building containment lines the script of "very damaged." It is injecting seawater into the core vessel and containment structure.

No information on spent fuel pool. -Reactor 2: It has also suffered damage in the nucleus (Kyodo, quoting TEPCO speaks of damages of 30% in fuel rods, leading to fears the merger). "Suspected" that also has damaged the containment structure, so it could be emitting radioactive steam. In contrast, the exterior building editor is "slightly damaged." Nor are functioning cooling systems and is being injecting sea water into the pot-core in the containment structure has not yet been decided.

No information on spent fuel pool. -Reactor 3: Because the night has issued a white smoke, it was thought that the containment structure was damaged. Therefore, TEPCO has regarded as its top priority. Is further fueled with plutonium, much more dangerous to human health in case of leakage than the rest of the reactors at the plant, whose fuel is uranium.

However, late in the morning, the Japanese cabinet said that crisis is unlikely that containment structure suffered severe damage, so that the steam that was observed during the night may come from its spent fuel pool . Have damage to the nucleus, although no data on the percentage of damage to the fuel or the vessel.

The reactor building is severely damaged. It has no operating refrigeration systems and, as in the reactor 2, you are injecting sea water into the bowl of the nucleus and is waiting to do so in the containment structure. Prepare a water injection in the spent fuel pool. -Reactor 4: In the last hours has become a fire, after they already did yesterday, after a hydrogen explosion.

Your situation is somewhat better than the previous three, as it has no core damage or containment structure and do not require refrigeration. Outside your building is destroyed, however. Nor is being injected seawater. The biggest problem is that it has greatly lowered the water level of the spent fuel pool, which could cause a radiation leak, so it is expected to inject water.

Reactor-5: maintenance during the earthquake. The temperature rose slightly in the pool. Have begun to inject water into the spent fuel pool, as reported by TEPCO. -Reactor 6: maintenance during the earthquake. The temperature in the spent fuel pool rose slightly. Have begun to inject water, as reported by TEPCO.

Fukushima Daiini (center II) - Reactor 1: fault in the cooling system. Cold shutdown. - Reactor 2: failure in the cooling system. Cold shutdown. - Reactor 3: cold shutdown. - Reactor 4: failure in the cooling system. Cold shutdown.

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