Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paris sells 182 million euros of Libyan assets to rebels

France has earmarked 182 million euros of Libyan assets that have been available to the National Transitional Council (CNT) for "humanitarian purchases," said Monday the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "These are funds that belong to the Libyan people" and that "for the purchase of medicines, food products," said CNT's new ambassador in Paris, Mansour Saif Al-Nasr at the end of a meeting with the head of French diplomacy, Alain Juppe.

"The special envoy of the CNT was informed that he could move into the premises of the Libyan embassy in Paris," they added to the Quai d'Orsay. Sunday, down from the mountains the insurgents were able to take a few hours in the village of Joch, about 200 kilometers southwest of Tripoli.

But they have fallen back before nightfall, and Monday morning, the front remained motionless. Mohamed Attish, commander of the nearby village of Roujban, justified retirement: "The weather was bad, there was a strong sandstorm, men were exhausted ... but it does not matter. We await the orders and Joch we will resume as soon as we direct.

Although the Qur'an allows combatants, the sick and travelers, food and drink during the day, all the men interviewed claimed vouloirrespecter fasting.

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