Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ouattara is given two months to pacify the country

"Reconciliation", "return to order and calm," "hope": the first words of Alassane Ouattara, Monday night after the arrest of his rival, Laurent Gbagbo, who refused for four months of leaving office , expressed his will "turn the page". Wednesday, April 13, at his first press conference, the new president of Côte d'Ivoire has made "one or two months" to get the "total pacification" of the country, posing as a priority to "rid the Abidjan and rest of the country of militias and mercenaries ".

The cities of Banias and Baida besieged by the Syrian army

The Web is mobilized day and night to deliver the latest information and warning against the repression of the protest movement in Syria. On Tuesday, the situation at Banias, a coastal town in northwestern Syria, and Baida, a nearby village, was most disturbing.

Côte d'Ivoire: the immense challenges of Alassane Ouattara

Laurent Gbagbo begging savings, in extremis threw in a wing protected the Golf Hotel to escape the wrath of the crowd, Simone, his wife, dazed, torn clothing, strands of hair pulled out by hand vengeful ... The first images of the fall of former Ivorian president, in power between 2000 and 2010, attest to the hatred that has accumulated in a country in a state of latent civil war in a decade.

Syrian forces opened fire near Banias

The police opened fire on Tuesday April 12 at Baida, a village near the city of Banias in northwestern Syria, surrounded by the army for three days and completely cut off from the Outside, after deadly clashes over the weekend. "There is a rain of gunfire, at least two people were injured," he told one witness.

"The security forces entered the village and conduct searches in houses," he added. An activist of Human Rights added that all young men Baïda were extracted forcibly homes before being arrested. "The aim of the attack is probably the arrest of Anas Al-Chouhri", one of the leaders of the protest movement, said an activist of human rights.

Berlusconi da shelve the case, 'Mills' in Parliament

By 314 votes to 296 against, the Chamber of Deputies has approved in the middle of a big fight in the House and in Parliament Square, the law called the Prescription shortly. Designed by the prime minister's lawyers, the rule will shelve fulminating Mills case, which is in trial phase, in which Silvio Berlusconi was accused of bribing a court witness, and terminate in a few months the case Mediaset (tax evasion), plus at least 6,500 annual processes, as calculated by the government itself.

On the Internet, Ivorians criticize the French intervention

On the Internet, capture of Laurent Gbagbo was followed minute by minute, causing both relief and anger among bloggers Ivorian. In countries such as the Internet, the "reconciliation" sought by national Alassane Ouattara is far from assured. THE CLASH OF IMAGES Each week, the blogger Saliou Samb returns on a historical episode in his country.

But when history is written spirit of the speech bows to "the images speak for themselves. On the one hand, the new Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara Drahman, the proud carriage, upright, with an background an aide and flag of his country, the other a Laurent Gbagbo Kudu displaying a desperate grimace.

Arrested two suspects in the terrorist attack on the subway in Minsk

The Belarusian security forces have arrested two terrorist suspects on Monday caused 12 deaths and a hundred and fifty wounded in the Minsk metro, as announced by the Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved. "One can assume with a high degree of probability that one of those arrested is the perpetrator (the attack)," said Shved, who pointed out that this assumption is based on the study of images captured by security camera meter.

The Image Factory - Images Gbagbo's decree: "a truth given to see"

Christian Delage, historian and director, said the images of the former president of Côte d'Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo, and his wife, Simone, taken Monday, April 11 at the Hotel du Golf, Abidjan, hours after their arrest.

Libyan rebels receive temporary financing

The International Contact Group on Libya agreed to set up a temporary financing mechanism''to help''the rebels and urged Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi to give up to let the people decide their own future. In a statement issued at the end of the Contact Group meeting in Doha, capital of Qatar, warned participants Gadhafi has lost legitimacy and should therefore be stepping down, it has maintained since 1969.

Argentina/México.- Fernandez de Kirchner canceled his trip to Mexico for health reasons

BUENOS AIRES, April 13. The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has canceled his official visit to Mexico due to problems resulting from low blood pressure that has forced him to rest for 24 hours, reported Wednesday the presidential spokesman, Alfredo Scoccimarro. Fernandez de Kirchner was scheduled to leave Wednesday night (early Thursday in Spain) to Mexico to begin tomorrow a two-day official visit in which close important business deals.

The prosecutor makes Mubarak under arrest for the repression of the revolt and corrupcin

The Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was questioned yesterday by the death of protesters in the February revolt that ended his 30-year regime and crimes of corruption. The questioning had to be interrupted because Mubarak suffered a heart attack and had to be admitted to a hospital. A source at the Hospital of Sharm el Sheikh has denied that the Egyptian president has been transferred to Cairo, and announced that his health is "unstable." The medical source was quoted by state news agency MENA has said that Mubarak is still in hospital in this coastal town on the Sinai Peninsula, and has not been transferred to a military hospital in Cairo, as previously claimed sources security services to the newspaper Al Ahram.

África/O.Próximo.- The BRICS reject the use of force in the Middle East and North Africa

SANYA (CHINA), 13 Abr. (Reuters) - The presidents of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) will sign tomorrow a statement that rejected the use of force in the Middle East and North Africa, and urged not to intervene and encourage dialogue, according to the draft document seen by Reuters.

"We share the principle that the use of force must be avoided" in the context of the Middle East and North Africa, specifically, Libya, the BRICS have stated in a document drawn up ahead of tomorrow's summit in the resort of Sanya in the province of Hainan in southern China. Both Brazil and Russia, India and China have condemned the attacks on the Libyan troops conducted by the U.S.

Libya, meets the group ContattoOnu: 3.6 million people in danger

Demands for the resignation of Muammar Gaddafi and decided on a temporary funding mechanism to the National Council transitional Libya. "To provide the CNT and the international community a way to manage resources for the needs of short-term financial and structural needs of the country." These decisions - sent in an official statement - at the end of the first formal meeting in Qatar of the Contact Group on Libya, created last March 29.

Egypt: Hosni Mubarak hospitalized after heart attack

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been the victim Tuesday, April 12 a "heart attack" during an interrogation, which required transportation to a hospital in Sharm El-Sheikh, in the east, announced the TV official. He remains healthy enough to answer questions from investigators about the deaths of demonstrators and the misappropriation of public funds, said in the evening a hospital director quoted by the television channel Al-Arabiya.

Hosni Mubarak arrested and two children

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, whose health is "unstable" and his sons Alaa and Gamal were detained for a period of 15 days, corruption and the violent suppression of the revolt that led to the collapse of the regime . The first reported Tuesday on the hospitalization of the deposed president, after his interrogation and Wednesday on the arrest of three men.

Two months after the fall of Mubarak, in power for 30 years, the pressure persists in Egypt that the former head of state and his family are judged. In a statement posted on the Facebook page for the prosecution, a spokesman said that the prosecutor Abdel Magid Mahmoud authorized the detention of this year.

Colombia: land, victims and free trade

"They thought I was going to be a substitute for President Uribe and will continue his policies. But that was absurd from the beginning. Uribe Uribe and Santos Santos, and Santos has a different approach." Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, visiting Spain, has posed the biggest plan of political and social reform in the country who knows more than half a century.

Its cardinal points are the North American Free Trade Agreement with the United States abroad, and land laws and victims, on the inside. And a moment will in October municipal elections to be held in the jewel in the crown, the mayor of Bogotá. In the long conflict between the State and the FARC and narco, who has suffered has been the farmer.

Brazil .- The Fundación Comillas develop joint programs with universities in Rio de Janeiro

SANTANDER, 13 Abr. Comillas Foundation will develop joint projects with two universities in Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian state capitals Market (IBMEC). The partnership has born fruit of the meetings held by the directors-general and academic, Ignacio Gaviria and Agustín Vera Luján, respectively, with representatives of the Gama Filho University, the Pontifical Catholic IBMEC.

Specifically, the Commission in charge of Spanish Literature Department of IBMEC explore the possibility of jointly offer the Master's students currently taught in ELE Foundation, so they get a double degree certified by both centers. In addition, the coordinator of the Institute for International Relations, José Luis Niemeyer, said that "many" students of the center would be interested in studying a semester in Comillas, with a very specific program, designed to meet the needs of the disciplines to develop originally in Brazil, as reported by the Foundation in a statement.

Berlusconi and the state of emergency in North Africa

On 7 April, the President of the Council of Ministers signed undecreto declaring "the state of humanitarian emergency in the territory of North Africa to allow an effective contrast to the exceptional influx of foreign nationals into the country (OJ No 83, 11 - 4-2011). Yes, yes, you read right: the Prime Minister has established, by a decree, the state of emergency in a foreign territory, the boundaries are unclear, because generically referred to as "North Africa".

Fukushima: Government accused of minus the accident because of the election

"The Democratic Party has certainly delayed the announcement of the reclassification of the level of severity to wait until the election, he has also lost. I demand more transparency." This message, sent on Twitter by @ pukuma, a resident of Shimane Prefecture in southern Japan, is not an isolated case.

Since Tuesday morning, charges the same type of break on the social network, used widely in the archipelago. Many Japanese want the authorities to have waited until the end of Sunday's local elections to reclassify suddenly the Fukushima nuclear accident at the same level as that of Chernobyl.

North Korea, a firm with its nuclear plans

It is unlikely that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il give in to pressure to renounce its nuclear capability because it believes it is vital for "the regime's survival," said a U.S. commander in South Korea. The comments made by Admiral Walter Sharp at a hearing of the Senate of the United States were made when a South Korean nuclear envoy to visit Washington to discuss the nuclear standoff with Pyongyang, and before a trip to Seoul by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Hosni Mubarak, in intensive care after interrogation

The deposed President Hosni Mubarak suffered a heart attack while being interrogated by the prosecution in the context of the investigation against him, so he had to be admitted to a hospital. The former president of 82 years of age had to be admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital of Sinai, but is in stable condition, reported the official MENA news agency without giving details.

Mubarak arrived at the hospital in the midst of an extensive police protection since the crisis suffered while being questioned by prosecutors regarding the charges against him for corruption and murder of hundreds of protesters. According to Egyptian state television, Mubarak refused to eat or drink during the day and although he was able to walk to the hospital from his car, the route was described with "smooth." The deposed leader has been under house arrest at his home in the tourist resort of Sharm el Sheikh, Red Sea, from February 11 when he resigned bound by a popular revolt that demanded 18-day departure.

Argentina .- The Argentine government increased its representation in private companies

BUENOS AIRES, April 13. (Reuters) - The government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has made it official on Wednesday his decision to have more presence in those directories are private companies which has interests across the state pension administrator, a move that will give you more interference in large companies.

By a Decree of Necessity and Urgency published in the Official Gazette, the Argentine Government has overturned a previous rule that limited to five per cent representation of the National Social Security (ANSES) on corporate boards. "A literal application of that restriction is not compatible with a harmonious integration rules," the decree.

Gbagbo's military chiefs pledge allegiance to Ouattara

Laurent Gbagbo, 66, the outgoing president of the Ivory Coast, the former leaders who had refused to relinquish power despite having lost the elections last November, was arrested Monday by forces loyal to President-elect, Alassane Ouattara, after spending the last 10 days hiding in the bunker of his residence, guarded by a thousand armed men.

Gbagbo spent the day yesterday in the Gulf of Abidjan hotel, the headquarters of Ouattara, the custody of the UN forces deployed in the country, but now its fate is uncertain. After the UN announced yesterday desmitiera and transfer to an unspecified location in the north, this morning's team reported that Ouattara is under house arrest, without specifying the location.

TAM Brazil .- invest over 207 million euros in the purchase of two A330 for its fleet renewal

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 13. TAM has invested $ 300 million (207 million) in expanding their options to buy two Airbus A330 to its fleet, valued at that amount at list prices, devoted to aircraft flights to Frankfurt, New York London, reported the Brazilian airline. The airline expects to receive the first of these aircraft in April and another next May.

The company, which currently has a fleet of 152 aircraft, will increase its fleet to 156 aircraft later this year. With the addition of the first aircraft, TAM will increase from four to six weekly frequencies between Rio de Janeiro and New York (USA.). On the route Rio de Janeiro-Frankfurt add two frequencies from May, which will become daily.

Egypt, Mubarak in custody for 15 days The former president suffered a new myocardial

In addition to his two sons, Alaa and Gamal, by order of the magistrate is also the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been placed in custody for at least two weeks, pending the investigation against the three for their possible responsibility in the repression of the motions of the square began on January 25 and February 11, culminating in the fall of the regime.

The announcement of the restrictive measure has been given from sources in the Ministry of Justice, cited the state broadcaster 'Nile Television'. In fact, Mubarak to be taken out in hospital since yesterday was admitted to Sharm el-Sheikh, where he currently resides, after a heart attack that had struck him while he was undergoing interrogation al-Tor, or Tur Sina ' , the capital of the governorate of South Sinai, by the local prosecutor Abdullah al-Shazli.

Côte d'Ivoire: "The arrest of Laurent Gbagbo does not necessarily mean the end of the conflict"

By late morning on Monday, Mr. Gbagbo and his entourage had attempted a release of their residence was on fire, hit by a missile French the previous night. The supporters of Laurent Gbagbo had responded and put the pro-Ouattara assailants fled. Laurent Gbagbo had then tried to flee through a star beside the lagoon.

He seems to have been deterred by the French helicopter. Licorne, 1700 men strong, acted under a mandate from the Security Council UN voted unanimously. This unanimity including three African countries that currently sit. This mandate implies the protection of civilians against the firing with heavy weapons.

Yemeni forces clash left five dead

Yemen military rivals clashed in the capital Sana'a with two deaths, while the opposition looks to the Persian Gulf mediators clarify the term of a proposal to transfer the powers of the president. Three other people died in violence in the country, including two shot in the southern city of Aden when security forces tried to disperse a demonstration calling for the end of the term of 32 years of Ali Abdullah Saleh, witnesses said.

New radiation in Japan, no damage to health

The health risks of nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima in Japan are higher "today than yesterday," but the Japanese authorities have raised the alert level to seven, the maximum estimated the World Health Organization (WHO .) "The assessment of health risks has not changed for the area beyond 40 miles" around the plant, said a WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl.

"What happens is that they have new estimates on the total level of radiation" because it "combined reactor radiation one, two and three." He repeated that the health hazard in the area that goes beyond the 40 kilometers, "were probably minimal," and estimated that the measures taken by the Japanese authorities "seemed sufficient at the moment." But you have to follow the situation closely because it can change at any time.

The army swears allegiance to the new Ivorian President

Several military leaders who fought for the former Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo pledged loyalty to President-elect Alassane Ouattara, increasing the chances of ending the conflict. Last Monday Ouattara forces and surrounded the French and thereby Gbabo ended four months of a power struggle had degenerated into open warfare.

But Ouattara, internationally recognized as the nation's president, now faces the daunting task of reuniting a divided country. In a boost to their legitimacy, Ouattara has the support of Philippe Mangou, the former top military chief rival. The television channel said TCI Mangou, like all the generals of the forces of Earth, Air and Navy, had sworn allegiance to the president.

Argentina/México.- Fernandez de Kirchner will travel to Mexico with a delegation of 200 businessmen

BUENOS AIRES, April 13. Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will travel to Mexico on Wednesday with a group of 200 businessmen to meet a tight agenda with which seek closer trade ties with that nation, one of the main destinations for Argentine exports. Fernandez de Kirchner, who remain in Mexico until next Friday, will be accompanied by national officials, governors and an important delegation composed of 200 businessmen, mostly from auto companies, because 36 percent of exports to that country lie in this sector, according to government sources have told the official news agency Telam.

Mexico digs up 120 corpses of several graves in Tamaulipas

A total of 120 bodies have been exhumed from several mass of the state of Tamaulipas on the Gulf of Mexico coast and border with the U.S.. The first bodies were found last week and since then the figure has not stopped growing, according to the agency Efe. The discovery was made in the municipality of San Fernando, the same last August which showed the bodies of 72 migrants centromericanos and South America.