Monday, February 28, 2011

Messages from Tripoli, told the revolt on Facebook

E 'February 23, arriving from Libya only a poor image, with the stolen phone. Gaddafi has already made his first appearance on TV, spoke to the country. Rumours that gave fleeing to Venezuela, insists that Saddam will not give up and fight until the end. To understand, in Italy on what is really happening in Tripoli is complicated.

The phone lines are skipped and the only direct feedback that I can get is by a young Italian engineer, John has just got back to Rome. E 'tired and scared, the telephone company you work for foreign employees held for three days in a compound not far from Tripoli. "We were locked in a safe in there - said exhausted John - but the airport was risky.

Tunisia: Beji Caid Essebsi appointed prime minister

Tunisian Premier Acting Mohamed Ghannouchi, which the demonstrators demanded the departure, announced Sunday, February 27 evening his resignation. "I decided to resign my position as prime minister," said Mr. Ghannouchi, who took the reins of a transitional government after the fall on January 14 by President Ben Ali.

The Tunisian president Acting Fouad Mebazaa, announced shortly after the appointment as Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi Minister under Habib Bourguiba, the first president of independent Tunisia. Reputed to be a Liberal, Mr. Essebsi has held portfolios including defense and foreign affairs.

In Tunisia, another member resigned from the transitional government

Tunisian Minister of International Cooperation Mohamed Nouri Yuini, submitted his resignation, government sources confirmed. Yuini is the second member of the Tunisian government resigns after transition do so before the Minister of Industry, Aziz Chlabi. The sources are not expected to produce more resignations in the remainder of the day.

Both Chlabi Yuini as belonging to the Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) party of ousted Tunisian President Ben Ali Zine El Abdiín. For their part, local political sources said it is expected that tomorrow, Tuesday, or maybe on Wednesday, the Tunisian prime minister, Said Beyi Essebsi, announce the formation of new government, as well as other measures to encourage the process of transition Tunisia began after the fall of Ben Ali, on 14 January.

Irn hardens the arrest of the leaders of the opposition

Iran has further tightened the house arrest has undergone two major opponents of the regime, Mehdi Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Karroubi, official Fars news agency reported after the judicial authorities have denied that both were arrested. The website has comunicadopoco Kaleme opposition before the two were arrested and trasldados to a prison in Tehran.

"They are at this moment in their homes and what has been únicoque are restrictions on contacts (they can hold)," said Fars quoted an anonymous judicial source. The two leaders are locked in their houses, under house arrest, the last two weeks coinciding with the popular uprisings in the Arab world.

DRC: Power claims to have escaped a coup

A residence of Congolese President Joseph Kabila in Kinshasa was attacked Sunday, February 27, said the spokesman of the government. "The president's residence" Joseph Kabila in the district of Gombe in Kinshasa, has been "attacked by a group of unidentified men," Sunday at 1:30 p.m. (local time), said Lambert Mende, the carrier government spokesman of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Lebanon: Hundreds of demonstrators against sectarianism

Several hundred people demonstrated in Beirut Sunday, February 27 against the confessional system in Lebanon. "The revolution is everywhere ... Lebanon, it's your turn!" Chanted the demonstrators, mostly youths, referring to the revolts that shook the Arab world. Echoing the mantra of the uprisings that shook Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, "the people want to bring down the regime," they walked in the pouring rain on the streets of Beirut to the courthouse, framed by the police and the army.

Irn stops the main leaders of the opposition

The two main opponents of the Iranian regime, Mehdi Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Karroubi, have been arrested, according to, cited by the opposition Kaleme web. "Sources say they have been arrested and taken to jail Heshmaiyeh Tehran," says the web site. Both leaders were forced to remain locked in their homes, in a form of house arrest, during the last two weeks coinciding with the popular uprisings in the Arab world.

Libya: Find the events of Sunday, February 27

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Earthquake election in Ireland now review the plan of EU aid "

LONDON - While in Italy the "first republic" is over with Tangentopoli, Ireland ended last weekend with a snap election called to turn the page after the worst financial crash in the history of the Emerald Isle. Fianna Fail, has always been the ruling party, has almost disappeared: it had 77 seats in the outgoing legislature, have left him just 17.

Took advantage of all the others, who are now negotiating to form a coalition. The new majority party on, Fine Gael, has risen from 51 to 68 members, but is not enough to govern alone. Ireland, therefore, that changes everything, but what does it mean and how will change remains to be seen.

Ukrainian nurse: Gaddafi's "Voluptuous blonde" has left Libya

Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi is losing more of his confidants. Now obviously his personal nurse has left the country. The U.S. diplomat end Peschen as "lush blonde" described Ukrainian fled for fear of violence in their homeland. Kiev - The Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi has verln another close confidante.

Having had turned high-ranking government officials, diplomats and pilots in the face of the bloody crackdown on protests by the 68-year-old, left him, now his long-time nurse from the Ukraine. The U.S. diplomat as "lush" blonde nurse at the side of Gaddafi described Ukrainian left because of violence in the country of Libya.

Gadhafi's exile is''an option''to end conflict in Libya: U.S.

The exile of the leader Moammar Gadhafi is "an option" to end the unprecedented popular revolt shakes Libya said Monday the White House spokesman, Jay Carney. In a short press conference, Carney refused anyway "speculate" about the possibility that the United States contribute to this exile. "Exile is a possibility to produce change," claimed the last two weeks by protesters in the streets of Libyan cities, Carney said, reiterating that Col.

"We will have the income per CPIT in Portugal four years"

"For when you finish the term of President José Mujica, Uruguay will have increased its per capita income from 15,000 to over $ 20,000 in income around Portugal, and will be among the five countries of the world's most renewable energy production per capita ". That's how confident is Luis Almagro, Uruguayan Foreign Minister, when speaking of the objectives of the ruling Broad Front for the four years remaining of the legislature.

Police fire on protesters in Oman, killing two

Sunday police fired tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters who tried to attack a police station in Sohar, 200 km north of the capital of Oman, Muscat, witnesses said. The demonstrators, some 250 unemployed seeking jobs, tried to attack the police station in the coastal town before being dispersed by police.

Two protesters were killed. They were down on a roundabout near renamed "Roundabout reform." The police tried to disperse them again before leaving. The army was deployed in this industrial city to secure the area. It is the first violent demonstration in the Sultanate of Oman has experienced in recent weeks of social market.

Gadhafi's power is limited to two cities

The leader of the Libyan Revolution Muammar Gadhafi, only has two bastions of resistance against demonstrators calling for his ouster: Tripoli, the capital, and Sirte, his hometown. The rebels have controlled 15 cities, including Benghazi, which is the second largest, and Zauiya, which is 50 km from Tripoli (see chart).

Just yesterday was controlled the second city, whose buildings had bullet holes, reflecting the battle lost by regime loyalists. A police officer who defected 10 days ago to join the protests was "on the condition anonymity, that more than two thousand comrades did the same and that all were willing to defend with their lives Zauiya.

The EU increased the tone but does not call from Gaddafi

Showing a certain caution, the head of European diplomacy Ashton warned Sunday, February 27 that the suppression of the uprising in Libya would have "consequences" for the country's leaders, but clearly call from Muammar Gaddafi . The EU is currently finalizing the sanctions against the regime similar to those adopted Saturday by the Security Council of the UN.

"I stressed the need to ensure that those responsible for attacks against civilians accountable and welcomes the decision of the Security Council of the UN" to the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) about the situation in the country, "said Ashton in a statement. Meanwhile, the High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs has refrained from going as far as the United States or France who bluntly called the immediate departure of the power of Colonel Gaddafi, the head an authoritarian regime for almost 42 years.

Amr Moussa is running for president of Egypt

.- Amr Moussa, secretary general of the Arab League and a popular career diplomat, said he plans to compete in Egypt's presidential election scheduled for later this year. Moussa, a former foreign minister, announced his candidacy a day after a panel appointed by the military junta that rules the country recommended extensive constitutional reforms that gave more flexibility to the rules that determine who can compete for the presidency.

Argentina .- The trial against the former dictator Videla for stealing children

BUENOS AIRES, 28 Feb. Former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla faces from Monday to a new trial this time for the misappropriation of minors during the last military regime (1976-1983), in the context of the case known as 'Systematic Plan. " In the trial, which will be in charge of the Federal Oral Court No.

6 in Buenos Aires, also will appear as the former president accused 'de facto' Reynaldo Bignone and former captain Jorge Eduardo Acosta, known as 'El Tigre', in addition to Former general Santiago Omar Riveros, former Admiral Antonio Vanek, the former mayor Jorge Azic, Ruben Franco former marine and former doctor Jose Luis Magnacca.

Third resignation of a governor in Iraq

Weighed down by its poor performance in improving public services, the governor of Babylon, south of Baghdad, Salman al-Zargan, announced his resignation Sunday, February 27. "I decided to resign because (...) technical problems that prevent complete projects, including construction of roads and bridges," he told a news conference.

"There is also a lack of harmony with provincial," he also admitted. That was six months that the provincial council demanded his departure, accusing its slowness in implementing projects and in the fight against corruption. This is the third elected governor in 2009 on the list of "state law" of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to step down since early February when protests began against the lack of basic services - such as electricity and drinking water - and corruption.

Gadhafi rejects UN sanctions

.- Muammar Gadhafi Libyan leader rejected on Sunday the new UN sanctions against him and said a small group of rebels protesting against their government would be surrounded and defeated. In a telephone interview with Serbian television station Pink, said Saturday's vote of the Security Council to impose UN sanctions on travel and assets against him and for some advisers was invalid and flawed.

Libya, Misurata battle in and around Benghazi. Clinton: "No option ruled out"

In Libya, the battle continues, with the military loyal to the regime trying to gain the ground lost in recent days. Of munitions in areas under the control of the rebellion in eastern Libya were targeted by air strikes conducted by forces of leader Muammar Gaddafi. The sources said concordant in Benghazi.

Among other things, a store was shot in Adjabiya, a hundred kilometers south of Benghazi, reported a witness on the phone. Another attack was carried out by helicopters of the troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi against the radio station of the city of Misurata, fall a few days in the hands of insurgents.

Paris closes its embassy in Tripoli

The Foreign Ministry has suspended Saturday, February 26 the activities of its embassy in Tripoli, "because of deteriorating security in Libya" after the evacuation of its entire diplomatic staff via a military aircraft also evacuated French nationals and foreigners. "Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and in agreement with the Russian guvernement, the protection of French interests was assigned to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Libya," the statement said spokesman Pier Orsay, Bernard Valero.

Tragedy struck the Brazilian Carnival In 16 high voltage

PAUL - On the night of Sunday, an incident has marred a celebration of the pre-Brazilian carnival in the town of Bandeira do Sul, state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. Would be at least 16 people struck by a high tension cable fell into the crowd after being broken, local media reported, citing rescue teams.

According to medical sources, the number of victims would have to rise: many young people hospitalized in very serious condition. The mayor of Bandeira do Sul, José Capituva, announced the opening of an investigation. According to early testimony, the cable may have been cut from a float, ending up on people who danced around during the parade in the main street of the city.

Three UN peacekeepers wounded in Ivory Coast

.- Three "blue helmets" were injured and four vehicles of the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI) were destroyed by forces supporting Laurent Gbagbo, who intends to remain in the Ivorian presidency despite international condemnation. In a statement today, UNOCI condemns attacks that occurred on 25 and 26 February, when their patrols roamed neighborhoods of Abidjan "fulfilling its mandate to protect civilians." One of their patrols, says UNOCI, fell into an ambush of soldiers loyal to Gbagbo when they walked the neighborhood of Abobo, where it has broad support ALßAN Ouattara, known as the elected president of the Ivory Coast by the international community after the elections of the past 28 February.

The EU and the UN raises its pressure on Gaddafi

The international community seems to have caught the rhythm that was lacking in the early days of riots in Libya and raised pressure on the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. First was the European Union has given the green light to a package of sanctions against the Qaddafi regime to halt the escalation of repression against opposition groups.

The measures include an embargo on the exportanción of arms to Libya and a ban on travel to EU territory for 25 people from the dictator's family and immediate surroundings. The Twenty-seven have also agreed to freeze the accounts of Gaddafi, his family and members of his government and prohibit the sale of riot control agents such as tear gas and other equipment that can be used to repress the civilian population, diplomatic sources have explained to.

Libya, now in force the EU sanctions

The European Union adopted sanctions against Gaddafi and 25 other members of his regime: asset freeze, arms embargo and ban on entry into the EU. The decision, not a little painful but eventually be taken unanimously, comes after a meeting of the European Union in Brussels which implements the resolution on Libya in the UN Security Council last Saturday, providing measures even more restrictive government responsible for the repression in Libya.

Libya: The UN appealed to the International Criminal Court

Eagerly awaited on the subject, the Security Council adopted UN Saturday, February 26 unanimously adopted a resolution imposing an embargo on the sale of arms and related materials to Libya and a travel ban on the ground Member States concerning sixteen people, including Moammar Gadhafi, son and daughter in September and people closely related to the plan.

By this resolution, members of the Security Council send a strong signal whereas "systematic attacks" against the civilian population in Libya is currently in progress "can be characterized as crimes against humanity." The Security Council has decided to transfer to the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) "the situation in Libya since February 15" and calls on Libyan authorities to "cooperate fully" with the court.

Improvised explosive device on armored Italian soldier dead, four injured

KABUL - An Italian soldier died and four others were wounded in western Afghanistan for the explosion of an improvised bomb that hit an armored vehicle near Shindand Lynx. The soldiers on board, all mountain, returned from a humanitarian health care to local Popoola. The Prosecutor opened an investigation in Rome, entrusted to the substitutes Giancarlo Amato and Francesco Scavo and at the moment is the supposed crime of bombing the purposes of terrorism.

Failed coup attempt in Congo leaves six dead

.- Six people were killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, after an incident that officials said was a failed coup in the president's residence in Kinshasa. "We have witnessed an attempted coup. A group of heavily armed people attacked the residence of the president. They were arrested at the first hurdle.

Our soldiers fought with them, arrested some and six people died," the minister said by telephone from Information, Lambert Mende. The official said the situation was under control and that authorities were trying to identify suspects. No further details were available about the deceased.

The 'Ndrangheta is also famous in London

On August 15, 2007 six young men of Calabrian origins undergo an ambush and were killed in Duisburg, Germany, in what remains the worst bloodshed due to the Italian organized crime outside the national borders (excluding the U.S.). Only from that tragic episode, the 'Ndrangheta has got the limelight of the international press, while remaining a criminal phenomenon underestimated even in Italy, the name unpronounceable for foreigners.

Libya: Gaddafi in Tripoli resists, the opposition organized

The situation was very confusing in Libya, Saturday, February 26, the twelfth day of protest unprecedented regime of Muammar Gaddafi. In Tripoli, the capital, streets were almost deserted. Only 4X4 forces loyal circulated intermittently after gunfire against demonstrators, at least six were killed. After the speech by Mr Gaddafi in Tripoli the day calling his followers to arm themselves to attack opponents, "rumors had circulated about an attack by men of the Libyan leader." "But the night was calm, armed supporters of the guide by typing in some neighborhoods on doors telling people to stay home," he added.

Among the rebels besieging Tripoli avenge our dead "

Zawiya - There are too many stories, there is too much history in this Sunday, February 27 not to begin to understand something. Suddenly it's like turning on a beacon, a torch in the night. Thanks to the Libyan government, which wanted to make a propaganda tour of reporters invited to Tripoli, we entered Zawiya, the city released closer to the Libyan capital gheddafiana.

When after 45 miles of military checkpoints and the militia present ourselves in front of the last barrier before Zawiya, we do not believe our eyes. The press office of Gaddafi is leading us into the lair of the rebels closer to the bunker of the colonel wanted to show us that they are all militants of Al Qaeda, fundamentalists and drug addicts.

Libya rebels control the west and threaten the capital

Several cities in western Libya are "in people's hands" for several days and "preparing a march to liberate Tripoli," said Maluta, 60 km from the border with Tunisia, a leading member of the revolutionary committee of this city . Before this announcement, the Libyan revolt announced the creation of a "National Council" which represents the city in the hands of the insurgency, but said that can not be called "transitional government" but "a national council until Tripoli is not liberated.

The EU adopted a first package of sanctions against Libya

The governments of the European Union have approved on Monday a package of sanctions against the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi to promote its fall and the transition to a democratic system. The measures include an embargo on the exportanción of arms to Libya and a ban on travel to EU territory for 25 people from the dictator's family and immediate surroundings.

The Twenty-seven have also agreed to freeze the accounts of Gaddafi, his family and members of his government and prohibit the sale of riot control agents such as tear gas and other equipment that can be used to repress the civilian population, diplomatic sources have explained to. The decision was taken at a meeting of European ministers in Brussels and measures their effects unfold in the coming days, when the agreement is published in the gazette of the EU.

The "Minetti" Gaddafi's ready to flee

The blonde Ukrainian - is the latest of the many conflicting voices coming from Tripoli - will desert him. Galyna Kolotnytska, the inseparable "nurse" of Gaddafi, the "voluptuous" woman described by U.S. diplomats in dispatches revealed by Wikileaks, the dictator will not follow until the end. Rather, he hopes to return home soon.

He said his daughter Tatyana in an interview with the newspaper Segodnya Kiev. Her mother would call Friday saying they are still in Tripoli, but want to soon reach Lviv, his hometown. After his wife and daughter Aisha (according to unconfirmed rumors would run away to Vienna), now the 38-year leaves him alone.

Bahrain: King announces redesign minimum

The King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa conducted Saturday, Feb. 26 at a reshuffle at the very least nearly two weeks after the beginning of popular revolts that require a regime change in this small kingdom. The official BNA agency announced that King has changed the functions of five of his ministers while keeping the government.

The Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa in place for forty years and the target of angry protesters is not affected by this redesign. The opposition has also complained Saturday the lack of dialogue with the government. The national dialogue has not started yet, have announced elected opposition, waiting for "clarifications" of the government.

With the insurgents of Cyrenaica "break down the monster"

AJDABYA - With a bright smile and honest eyes, his face a hero's got. A few days ago, Rafa Saad, 28, has also championed the scars of the revolution. Last Monday, with the rifle butt of a militiaman's Colonel Gaddafi has cracked a cheekbone, now repaired and incerottato, while still on his hands is red a dozen bloody stigmata, which he got in an attempt to fend off stabbing of soldiers.

"I was lucky - he says - now I'm ready to die for freedom in Libya." In the up and incoherent anarchy of the days of liberation, each in Cyrenaica was proclaimed leader of the revolt. Yesterday, however, the insurgents in Benghazi have finally given birth to the "National Council", is intended to govern the area of Eastern Libya and give a face to the country during the transition period.

North Korea threatens U.S. and South Korea to a 'total war'

.- North Korea threatened a "total war" in response to South Korean military exercises and American troops scheduled to begin Monday and urged Seoul to stop cross-border propaganda, in an atmosphere of great tension in the area. Pyongyang deliver a "total war" in "retaliation" for military exercises and transform Seoul into a "sea of fire" on Sunday North Korea's official KCNA agency.

"The army and people of the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) will respond with a strengthened nuclear deterrent in our own way to cope with the continuing nuclear threat (...) and our own missiles (carried out) a strong action against their evil attempt to remove our missiles, "said the KCNA.

Prime Minister of Tunisia falls

.- The Prime Minister of the Transitional Government of Tunisia, Mohamed Ghanuchi, announced his resignation at a press conference at the Palace of Carthage. "I have decided to resign from my position as prime minister, a decision with a clear conscience and necessary Tunisia's sake, "said Ghanuchi, whose tenure at the head of the executive has been highly contested in the country in recent weeks.

Spending on anti-immigrant raids

As President Barack Obama and Congress are fighting about what budget cuts do to reduce the huge U.S. deficit, here's an idea that could save billions of dollars, cut spending spree of anti-immigrant raids. I know, I know: the very idea of cutting funding for enforcing immigration laws is a sacrilege for the conservatives and other Americans, who think their country is being "invaded" by undocumented Latin Americans are stealing jobs as well as often violent crimes.

Brazil .- At least 16 dead after falling a power line during a pre-carnival parade in the eastern Brazil

BRASILIA, 28 Feb. At least 16 people have died from the fall of a power over a crowd who participated in an outdoor parade before the carnival celebrations in the Brazilian city of Bandeira do Sul, in southern eastern state of Minas Gerais, said Sunday night the military police. According to the Energy Company of Minas Gerais (Cemig), someone would have thrown a serpentine metallic against electrical cable that would match and would have fallen, reaching also to the 'power trio', a truck equipped with sound material that serves mobile stage for artists, a very common in the carnival celebrations.

On gay and Italy so far Usamai

"As long as we rule this country adoptions are not possible for individuals and gay couples." These are the words of President Berlusconi on Saturday. Words that weigh once again, the lives of millions of homosexuals, gays and lesbians who live their daily requirement of couples, like all other citizens who pay taxes and rightly demand respect, especially from the state.

The following statements by the Premier, as it happens, the words of Msgr. Paul Rigon last week. "You have to take small," says Rigon (a slogan very scary), believes that homosexuality can be cured if caught in time, through appropriate psychiatric treatment. In disregard of the studies and personal experience of millions of people around the world, which says just the opposite.

Côte d'Ivoire: heavy gunfire resumed in Abidjan

The heavy gunfire resumed Saturday, February 26 in Abidjan neighborhood of Abobo, a stronghold of Alassane Ouattara. According to witnesses, the shooting resumed in early afternoon in the "PK-18" in the heart of deadly clashes this week. The firing had almost ceased since Friday morning in the neighborhood that residents continued to flee on Saturday, and where the government accuses Gbagbo to make the "rebels" allied with Alassane Ouattara, President recognized by the international community.

Ireland: Conservative opposition wins parliamentary election

In the parliamentary elections in Ireland, the opposition has won. The former ruling party Fianna Fail was abgewatscht by the voters because of the impact of the economic crisis. The designated new Prime Minister Enda Kenny has, however, probably looking for a partner. Dublin - The Irishman put in the serious economic crisis to a new government.

As expected, they have voted out the incumbent government party Fianna Fail economic liberal Prime Minister Brian Cowen. New Power to now the conservative Fine Gael comes with the Prime Minister-designate Enda Kenny at the top. The absolute majority of Fine Gael, however, have missed. Due to election polls pollsters predict the party's leading candidate Kenny profit of around 36 percent of the vote.

Problems with fuel: Iran is worried about margins Bushehr reactor

Iran's nuclear program threatens a serious setback: According to press reports have to be removed more than 160 fuel assemblies from the reactor in Bushehr. Experts suspect problems with the new computer worm Stuxnet - and do not exclude a complete failure of the project. Hamburg - According to the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Agency it is "the most extraordinary power station in the world." Striking about the Bushehr reactor is so far above all his decades-long history.

Libya Conflict: mass escape from the chaos zone

Tens of thousands of foreigners fleeing from Libya, they leave a country in a state of emergency. The refugees report that they were threatened with knives and guns. According to Uno Gaddafi regime prevents numerous guest workers from leaving. Since Wednesday, they have been waiting in Tripoli to the exit, and now the Americans have done it: With the ship were 167 U.S. citizens evacuated from Libya - and have the port of Valletta, the capital of Malta achieved. Facilitates the refugees leave the ferry "Maria Dols. Helper push people in wheelchairs from the ship, women carry their babies in their arms. "It was a real ordeal," says the 30-year-old Sara Ali, a Libyan and has a U.S.