Monday, April 25, 2011

People need to dream

Work for a year and a half, as a programmer for a consulting company. In my life I have lived a little 'all over Italy, South Centre, up to the North where I am still. I'm young and unstable, but nevertheless, I consider to be very lucky. I have a nice room for rent, I would like to take your whims are totally independent from my family.

For a boy of 23 years means a lot in times like these. But I feel I'm missing something and I understand talking to my colleagues now "arrived". Yes, because the boot is important to "get". The end point may be the house, his wife and children, a nice car or a motorcycle and everyone is willing to do anything to "get".

Japan's automobile production leaded by the disaster of 11 March

Production of the major Japanese automakers fell by more than half in March from the same month of 2010 due to the earthquake and tsunami that affected providers in the northeast of the archipelago, according to statistics published Monday, April 25. In March, the world's leading manufacturer, Toyota, released from his chains 129,491 vehicles in Japan, 62.7% less than last year at the same time.

Bloody battles are recorded in Misrata

Bodies lay scattered on Monday in the Libyan town of Misrata, where medical staff tried to help the wounded after some of the bloodiest fighting in two months of siege, rebels and residents said. Misrata residents, the last rebel stronghold in western Libya, they found scenes of devastation in areas where Gadhafi troops withdrew at night under heavy rocket and artillery fire.

Medics said 20 people died during the bombing on Sunday and 28 on Saturday. A rebel spokesman said the death toll was even higher. Three bodies were charred and a 10 year old boy died in his sleep, residents said. It stopped when it appeared NATO aircraft. "The bodies of Gadhafi troops are everywhere in the streets and bridges.

Italy adding its aircraft to the NATO bombing in Libya

Italy will allow its planes bombed military targets in Libya in the framework of the operation conducted by NATO forces, as confirmed by the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, in a telephone conversation the U.S. president, Barack Obama, according to Government has informed the Alps. As reported by the newspaper La Repubblica, the Italian Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa, has ensured that the Italian aircraft will not make "indiscriminate bombing" missions but made "with precision missiles against specific targets," to "avoid the risk of hit civilians.

Diary from Palestine 6 - second-class citizens

A school built with tires, straw and mud (from the NGO Terra Wind), for the children of the Bedouin villages in the area of the Khan al Ahmor (at the beginning of the Jordan Valley came from Jerusalem). We are also here in zone "C" of the Occupied Territories, and under the absolute control of police and military of Israel and with the invasive settlements on the outskirts.

There are shots, snapshots from Palestine that there is, images are impossible to erase from memory. Yesterday, in Israel, the Mossawa Center in Haifa, Minem Maroof said (to the group of my fellow travelers for Peace Luisa Morgantini) life of Palestinian citizens of Israel the Jewish state: "Unfortunately for other Palestinians we are not enough for Israel and we are second-class citizens, but our position may instead be important and decisive by the parties.

Syria: armored vehicles opened fire at Deraa

Syrian security forces have launched Monday, April 25, operations to regain control of some outbreaks of protest against the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad, including Deraa, which began the very first demonstrations on March 18. Witnesses said between 18 and people have been killed in this city, besides many wounded.

"More than 3,000" members of the security forces, backed by tanks, entered the old town on Monday morning and continued to pound the area earlier this afternoon, according to activists of human rights. There are "dead and wounded," said an activist who could come into contact with Deraa.

Misurata forces bombed Gadhafi

Forces loyal to Muammar Gadhafi bombed the city of Misurata, the only rebel stronghold in western Libya, killing at least 30 dead and 60 wounded, soon after NATO destroyed the offices of the Libyan leader in Tripoli. Gadhafi troops fired on Monday for a second day rocket attacks on the rebel stronghold of Misurata, city government forces remain under siege for over two months, according to a witness quoted by the Arab network Al Arabiya.''There is a very intensive and random bombing of several residential areas of the city.

Medvdev talks about his future after the presidency

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said today its intentions when you leave your office and complete the "state share" of his career. In an interview with an Internet TV channel, the head of state mentioned three possibilities: teacher, promoter of new technologies and important news commentator. Medvedev, who had worked with Vladimir Putin as mayor of St.

Petersburg, came to power in 2008 as a protege of it. Putin was Russian president for eight years and he became prime minister after hand over to Medvedev. So far, both Medvedev and Putin, hold open the possibility of standing for election and ensured that they will agree on it. As we approach the parliamentary elections (December 2011) and presidential (March 2012) the name of the candidate or candidates of the Kremlin became the main intrigue of the centralized and bureaucratic system that Putin has forged since 2000.

The 'Children of Chernobyl', after 25 years in the shots the photographer Valerio Contini

In Minsk there is a cutting-edge pediatric cancer hospital. The families are from all parts of Russia to ensure the best care for their children. Stories differ, but the same disease: cancer. They are the "children of Chernobyl, 25 years after the nuclear disaster in Ukraine. On the occasion of the anniversary, tomorrow, the photographer Valerio Contini Sardinian has uoi is shot: the faces and stories of children admitted to the 'Borovliany'.

Gaddafi safely after bombing its offices in Tripoli

According to the Government of Libya, Colonel Qaddafi was not injured by the NATO bombing that targeted a building of his residence in Bab Al-Aziziyah in Tripoli earlier Monday, April 25. According to an official press officer, who requested anonymity, Colonel Gaddafi used this building for ministerial meetings.

Forty-five people were injured, fifteen of them seriously, and others are missing, the official said. But it was not possible to confirm this assessment from an independent source. Seif Al-Islam Gaddafi, a son of Colonel, described the bombing of the office of his father "a coward". "This cowardly attack on Muammar Qaddafi's office can frighten or terrorize the kids, but we do not abandon the battle and we are not afraid," he said in a brief statement on its television Allibiya, saying the battle waged by NATO in Libya was "unwinnable." Three powerful explosions rocked Tripoli on the night of Sunday to Monday.

UN calls on Syria to respect international law

The secretary general of the Organization of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon, Syria recalled its obligation to respect international law, including the right to freedom of expression and assembly. Ban stressed the need to implement an effective, independent and transparent process to bring to justice those responsible for killings during the crackdown on government forces to the protests.

Urge to solve the conflict between Cambodia and Thailand

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) urged Thailand and Cambodia to engage in dialogue to resolve their border dispute and end the fighting, which in the past four days have left 12 dead. The secretary general of ASEAN, Surin Pitsuwan, who is also former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, added his call for Secretary General of the Organization of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon, who appealed to both countries to show restraint.

Moroccans from Casablanca Mohamed VI asking him to yield more power

About 100 thousand Moroccans took to the streets of Casablanca (photo) to require deep reforms and an end to political arrests, while the authorities announced changes to ease the demands, fearing that the claims end up as in Tunisia and Egypt, where citizens to overthrow presidents. The people want the king Mohammed cede more power.

Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament, but the constitution allows the king to dissolve the legislature, to impose emergency rule and hold decisive power in the appointment of the Government.

The social tension creates the risk of shortages of petroleum in Argentina

Santa Cruz province, which accounts for 20% of domestic oil production, through moments of great tension due to a severe infighting between two sectors of the labor union of the brave struggle for control of the guild and leading 24 day strike, with the risk of shortages in the market. Unemployment affects mainly wells north of the province where they operate Repsol-YPF and Pan American Energy (Argentine capital and Chinese) and has caused the reaction of the courts, the Minister of Labour and union leaders at national, trying, without apparent success for the moment, to regain control of the industry in the province.

Fukushima Today 25 years ago Chernobyl nuclear Tragedies shake the world

"We were told that we would not have had after the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy never again today and, instead, 25 years later, the images coming from Fukushima are proof that no promise on the safety of the atom is credible." While in Japan, the earth shook again, tomorrow we celebrate the anniversary of the 1986 atomic disatro in central Ukraine.

And the anti nuclear committees across Europe announce events, to ask governments to renounce nuclear power so that tragedies such as those Chernoby and Fukushima, considered by experts the most serious of world history, do not happen "never again". More than a month ago, on March 11, the earthquake and resulting tsunami damaged the nuclear power plant of Japan, causing a radioactive leak dangerous as that of Ukraine 25 years ago.

Wikileaks publishes documents on Guantanamo prisoners

According to documents of the American army on the war in Afghanistan and subsequent occupation of Iraq, published in July and October 2010, after the State Department telegrams, broadcast in November and December 2010, Wikileaks has made provision of the World and several international newspapers a set of confidential documents of the Judiciary U.S.

military on Guantanamo detainees. This is, essentially, files of more than 750 foreign nationals suspected of terrorist arrested after the attacks of September 11, 2001 and transferred to the detention camp established in January 2002 on the U.S. base in the Cuba. Each of these files detailing Vital detained, the circumstances of his capture, the results of his interrogation, his possible links with a terrorist organization, his behavior in custody, the assessment of risk it poses to the safety of United States and its allies, and includes a recommendation on the fate which must be booked by the U.S.

My successor will emerge from the polls, says Saleh

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, said it would only hand over power to whoever wins at the polls. "Whom should transfer power? To those who are trying to make a coup? No. We will do through the ballot box, "Saleh said in an interview with the BBC. Last Thursday, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) announced a plan to end the crisis which provides that Salé cede power in 30 days vice Rabo Mansour Hadi Abdi.

Authorize transfer to a military hospital Mubarak

The attorney general of Egypt ordered to move to the deposed President Hosni Mubarak at a military hospital, he considered that his condition has stabilized. The agency reported that Mubarak will be sent to a military hospital awaiting transfer to hospital of the Tora prison in Cairo, which is not yet ready to receive and which are already two children.

The hospital must have an intensive care unit to face an eventual degradation of the health of Mubarak, 82, suffering from heart problems. Mubarak is served from April 12 at the civil hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh, where he was placed in provisional detention awaiting trial.

A cheap Casio, the hallmark of Al Qaeda

Kuwait's Ali Abdallah Saleh, Ali Ismael Bakush Libyan, Tunisian Mabrouk Bin Abel, Algerian Ghalaab Bashir ... These men and fifty more have two things in common: all have been through the prison at Guantanamo and all had at the time of arrest a Casio watch which made them suspicious. The most common was the model F91W, but was also frequent another version of this watch cheap, basic and easy to find anywhere in the world, the A159W.

Wikileaks, the prisoners in Guantanamo "was enough to wear a Casio"

Demonstrators protesting in London about the detention of British citizens in U.S. prisons to be locked up in maximum security prison at Guantanamo U.S. have done enough, "a trip to Afghanistan for any reason after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001." Or wear a precise model of Casio, "often delivered to the students of explosives in Al Qaeda in Afghanistan." Thus, at least 150 people were detained even if innocent.

Over 500 dead in the post-election violence in Nigeria

Over 500 people were killed in northern Nigeria, mostly Muslim, in the violence that followed the presidential election on April 16, said Sunday, April 24 NGO Nigerian civil rights. Civil Rights Congress, based on figures collected in the field by his team, had previously reported about 250 dead. The Nigerian authorities have refused to provide a balance sheet, ostensibly to avoid aggravating tensions between communities.

Repression in Syria and 352 total deaths

Four people died and several were injured by the police Jable (Latakia), while continuing the wave of arrests of opponents of the regime of President Bashar Al Assad. With these four deaths, reported by a spokesman for the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in London, the death toll since the start of the motion on March 15 rose to 352.

Shortly after the announcement of the deaths in Jable, about three thousand inhabitants of Banias, a town some 50 kilometers, blocked the highway from Latakia to Damascus. So far, the bloodiest day since the beginning of movement is March 23 in Deraa, during which over 100 people died. Yesterday thousands of Syrians took part in the funerals of victims of repression demanded the departure of Bashar Al Assad.

Search for human remains start in Japan

About 25 000 Japanese soldiers searched a swamp on Monday with the help of thin poles and cleared debris in a massive operation to find the remains of some 12 000 people missing in the earthquake and tsunami last month. This is the third military search operation from the March 11 disaster, which destroyed buildings, wiped out entire villages and would have left 26,000 dead along the northeastern coast of Japan.

Libyan infants, forced to believe in the system

In Tripoli, teachers fall strictly to the school and teach them, besides the courses, "the good word of the regime," the Green Paper (the "bible" of Col. Moammar Gadhafi) as a defense against the enemies of Libya. At the first whistle, the children descend from their classrooms at school Zahrat el-Fatah and in the yard, the director Souad Sultan's expected to make a guard of honor and sing together "Allah, Muammar and Libya, is everything," with his fist skyward.

Princeton says the firing was coming Calvo

The request for information campaign initiated by a group of students from Spanish teacher at the University of Princeton Antonio Calvo, who committed suicide on April 12 in New York, four days after being fired, now has its first official impact . After nearly two weeks of silence, the president [leadership] of the University, Shirley M.

Tilghman, sent a letter to the academic community by ensuring that, in the case of dismissal of the teacher, six weeks before the end of the semester and before the expiry of its five-year contract was complied with appropriate regulations and the fact that the university did not give more information due to the desire to protect the privacy and honor of Calvo.

Dilma Rousseff, "greatly concerned" about rising inflation in Brazil

BRASILIA, 25 Abr. (Reuters) - The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has confessed on Monday he was "very worried" about inflation, which almost reaches the top of the official target range for this year and said the government will act to prevent that prices continue to rise. "We are extremely worried about inflation and there is no situation under which the government lower its guard when it comes to controlling inflation," said Rousseff told reporters in Brasilia.

Repression continues in Syria

Dera is the capital of the revolt that has shaken Syria, the last country to have been invested by the Arab spring. That 's where the Baathist regime of Bashar al-Assad is focusing more violent repression of dissent and, day after day, the reports coming from the city are increasingly dramatic. Some witnesses report that this morning members of the security forces, backed by tanks and armored vehicles, entered the city, firing in all directions.

Thousands of Moroccans in the street for more democracy

Christians celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

.- Christians from around the world celebrate Easter Sunday to commemorate the day of the resurrection of Jesus in the holy city two millennia ago. Orthodox and Catholic Christians paths made ceremonies in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is revered as the place that tradition marks as the site of the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

The calendars of the various churches coincide this year. The clerics in robes decorated processions made by the old place, where the ceremonies are coordinated carefully each faith to avoid conflicts. The protesters made their own Easter ceremonies outside the walled Old City, the Garden Tomb, which some consider the burial of Jesus.

Nuclear power in highly seismic zone

If a country likely to suffer a major earthquake that is Japan. And in Japan, the Tokai region, south of Tokyo. Well, right there on the confluence of three tectonic plates and Japan where the government places the highest risk of major quake in the next 30 years, is one of five nuclear reactors. Hamaoka called to the accident and Fukushima was proud to challenge seismology.

The emerging Japanese anti-nuclear movement requires closure. The visitor center is Hamaoka nuclear as a theme park for children. A yellow cartoon called Yuyu explains to small MOX fuel (using uranium and plutonium) is a "fuel of dreams", which qualifies as a clean and recyclable. There are water slides and colorful to explain the fission of the atom as a game.

In Libya, the NATO attacks Gadhafi's residence

.- The office of Col. Moammar Gadhafi, the vast residence of Tripoli, was completely destroyed on Sunday night to Monday's air attack, as a journalist found. In the bombing, 45 people were injured, 15 seriously, said a Libyan official who led the journalists to the site and said he was unaware if there were more victims under the rubble.

"This is an attempt to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi," he said. A meeting room opposite the office of Gadhafi, was hit by the wave of the explosion and was destroyed in part, noted the reporter. Earlier, fighting had resumed on Sunday in Misrata despite the announcement by the regime of suspension of operations against the rebels in the besieged city of western Libya, where the humanitarian situation of concern to the international community.

Argentina .- Casa Sefarad pay tribute to the Jewish poet Pizarnik Argentina during the Night of the Books

MADRID, 25 Abr. Casa Sefarad pay tribute to the Jewish poet Pizarnik Argentina on Wednesday, during the celebration of The Night of the Books in Madrid, with a presentation and the presentation of a book by the writer, as reported by the institution in a statement. At 19.30 am on Wednesday will begin this double homage to a poet who, 75 years after his birth and 39 of his tragic death, continues to attract the interest and admiration of critics and readers.

Nearly 500 prisoners escaped from a prison in Kandahar

About 500 prisoners have escaped today from a prison in Kandahar in southern Afghanistan, through a tunnel dug 360 meters for five months. The inmates, mostly Taliban, were in the prison block housing the convicted politicians. "A tunnel several hundred feet to escape served to 476 political prisoners," said the prison director, Gen.

Ghulam Dastagir Mayar, information confirmed by the Governor of the province, Tooryalai Wesa. However, the Afghan police confirmed the leak only 400 of these prisoners. For its part, the Taliban have claimed the leak, which as it has allowed out of prison inmates to 541 (106 majors), in a statement.

Brazil .- EUR 12 deaths due to the rains in southern Brazil

BRASILIA, 25 Abr. The death toll due to rains in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Iraq has risen to 12, according to an updated official figures also raised to 36,500 the number of victims. The most serious incident took place early Saturday when seven people died because of a landslide occurred in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, Brazil Agency reported.

Another three people have died in Harmburgo Novo, while in the towns of Sapucaia do Sul and Vila Nova Fazenda two people have died. Since the beginning of April, a total of 23 prefectures have declared the emergency, while ten cities have asked the Civil Defense disaster area declaration.

Libya, Italy to bombardamentiLa Russa: "But only on clear objectives"

And 'yes Italian arrived in Libya in the bombing. "Do not indiscriminate bombing," explained the defense minister, Ignazio La Russa, but "missions with precision missiles to precise targets." With the go-ahead by the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, Italy approved the request of NATO to take part in "actions".

After a telephone conversation with U.S. President, Barack Obama, the premier will call soon, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, and NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, to inform them. The Italian decision will also be at the center of tomorrow with the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, at the intergovernmental summit planned in Rome.

Libya: Heavy shelling Misrata

Although they announced their departure from the city, armed forces loyal to Colonel Qaddafi Misrata bombing, Sunday, April 24. "The situation is very dangerous," said a spokesman for the insurgents "brigades Gaddafi began bombing in the early hours of the morning. The shelling continues. They are the center of the city mainly street in Tripoli and three residential neighborhoods, "he added.

Explosion at "Big Brother" wounded a security guard

Mysterious explosion on the set of "Big Brother" Russian in the Moscow region: one was hurt an agent who tried to move an abandoned backpack. The backpack was found by security guards, who were identified within the area from where they are filming morning of reality TV, popular in Russia. When they tried to move it, it exploded, injuring one of them.

"One of the officers suffered multiple injuries and is currently in hospital," said a spokesman for the authorities responsible for investigation, Goumennaia Irina, the Russian news agency Itar-Tass. The TV channel TNT DOM 2 (House # 2) was shot near the capital. Now studies have been undertaken to ensure that there were no other bombs in the area.

Immersed in the virtual world of neo-Maoist China

Beijing correspondent - The tension of the authoritarian Chinese regime is accompanied by a resurgence of nationalist movements, often neo-Maoists. If there for several years while a current of thought represented by intellectuals called the New Left, is on the Internet that are expressed tendencies the most virulent of these often disparate movements.

These sites, which take some of défouloir are not sanctioned by the regime. They are most often available in China, unlike many sites yet harmless. Their members are less worried by the police than are the pro-democracy activists. Are they handled or manipulated by the security organs? Some clues suggest, as the appearance of a blog "anti-Ai Weiwei", March 27, a week before the arrest of artist by Chinese police on 3 April at the Beijing airport.

Mubarak to be taken to a military hospital in Cairo

The Egyptian prosecutor ordered Sunday that the ousted President Hosni Mubarak is transferred to a military hospital in Cairo after attending the doctors ruled that he is able to travel. The exmandatario will be admitted to this facility, whose location is not specified for safety reasons, pending his transfer to hospital in the Tora prison outside Cairo, which is not yet prepared to receive him.