Friday, August 5, 2011

Libya: NATO checks for reports about dead of Gaddafi son

The insurgents report a major success, but the reports are still unconfirmed: The information provided by a rebel leader from Benghazi, according to Gaddafi's son-Khamis in an attack by the Allies has been killed. NATO has announced an opinion. Tripoli - A son of Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi may have been killed in a NATO airstrike.

However, the reports have been confirmed so far are not independent. Neither the government nor NATO was preparing an opinion. A NATO representative in the Central Command in Naples, said the reports would be examined. In the attack on the western city Slitan total of 32 people were killed, including Gaddafi Khamis, a spokesman for the rebels said on Friday.

He referred to information from spies around and Gaddafi intercepted radio messages. Khamis was declared dead several times since the conflict began in Libya already been declared dead several times. The trained at a Russian military officer academy is a hardliner. He leads the eponymous Khamis Brigade, which is considered the most powerful fighting force in the country.

The Gaddafi's son leads the 32nd Army Brigade, which is well trained and loyal to Gaddafi. The last soldiers fought in Slitan. The city lies between the enclave held by rebel Misrata and the capital Tripoli. The alleged attack on the NATO air command center in Sliter apparently occurred just hours after authorities led foreign reporters in the city.

The visit was evidently to refute the claim by the rebels, after which their troops from Misurata from were penetrated into the coastal city, according to the government in Tripoli earlier this year, another son of Gaddafi, Saif al-Arab, was killed in a NATO attack.

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