Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Brazilian government launched a plan to defend the industry

The meeting of the government of President Rousseff with the cream of the business, which introduced its new industrial policy is perhaps the most important moment of his first seven months in office. "The domestic industry has in me an ally, a partner aware of the difficulties, but also the potential of our productive sector," he confided.

According to her, "has launched a crusade in defense of the Brazilian industry." Among the measures Finance Minister Guido Mantega and Development Minister, Fernando Pimentel, provides a tax exemption of about 16,000 million dollars.

In addition, credits will be given immediate 3% on exports of manufactured goods, a tax expenditure estimated at 5,000 million dollars. "It's unprecedented.'s Capital injected into the veins of the industry. A developed country is a country with industry," said Pimentel. "A dose of boldness" Mantega defended the protection of the Brazilian market, which should be "used by the Brazilian industry and not by adventurers from outside." Miriam Leitão columnist wondered what he meant foreign adventurers, since one of the sectors that will benefit most from the new industrial policy are the automotive companies to generate innovation, most of whom are foreigners.

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