Friday, June 3, 2011

Death of an Israeli tycoon involved in a scandal with Iran

Israeli magnate Sammy Ofer, 89, who headed the Israeli Ofer conglomerate involved in a scandal for trading with Iran, a declared enemy of the Jewish state, died at his home Friday morning the media reported Israel. According to public radio, Sammy Ofer, whose capital is estimated at more than $ 10 billion, died in Tel Aviv following a long illness.

His death comes after a series of revelations about alleged links Ofer group with Iran, fueling a lively debate on the juicy profits in the guise of espionage. The United States has placed the group on an Israeli blacklist because he sold in September 2010 a tanker for $ 8.6 million to the shipping company IRISL Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines) in violation of the international embargo imposed on Teheran for its controversial nuclear activities.

The head of the EU mission recommends "maximum restraint" to the Peruvian electoral authorities

If anything matching contributors and Keiko Fujimori Ollanta Humala is predicting that the runoff election on Sunday, June 5 will be defined by narrow margin, may vote to vote. Ignacio Salafranca, head of the EU mission sent to observe the elections, adding to the prayers that have already made the Peruvian electoral authorities and, given the doubts raised primarily by Humala reaffirms the confidence in elections clean.

Blog - Israel: former Mossad chief supports the Arab peace initiative

New outbreaks of violence in Syria left at least 67 dead

The Syrian security forces opened fire today on demonstrators demanding the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad in the city of Hama, in the framework of a new day of protests called "Children of Freedom." The balance of the violent crackdown on protesters' peaceful and unarmed "this Friday in Hama is at least 67 dead, said the Syrian opposition groups shortly after activists realized 27 fatalities.

'White Night' by Argentine Ricardo Piglia, Rómulo Gallegos Prize

MADRID, 3 Jun. 'White Night' by Ricardo Piglia (Adrogué, Buenos Aires, 1941), has won the XVII International Novel Prize Rómulo Gallegos, awarded by the Venezuelan government and considered the most important award in Latin America. The winning entry was chosen from among the twelve finalists from renowned authors in Spanish, reports Anagram.

According to the jury, Piglia has won this prize "for the aesthetic, literary engagement, universality and the strong personality of his novel, on the other hand, and received the Critics Award in Spain. 'White Night' (Anagram) tells the story of a people and the hell of family relationships.

The Chilean Supreme partially annulled the sentence of the Mapuche

Chile's Supreme Court today has lowered the sentences of four Mapuche prisoners currently on hunger strike, to three to four years in prison, compared with 20 and 25 years who had previously been sentenced for the attack a prosecutor and attacks on police in 2008. But he kept the penalties of between five and 10 years for violent robbery against a farmer.

The Supreme Court has held that the process should only be considered crimes against police officers in serious injury and less serious injuries against the prosecution, and dismissed the conviction for attempted murder. Now Jonathan Huillical, José Ramón Llanquileo have Huenuche and sentenced to eight years in prison, and Hector Llaitul, 14 years in prison.

Syria, at least 67 dead in Beirut HamaManifestazioni

A "veritable carnage." It 's the description of an eyewitness of the fighting today in the city of Hama, Syria, where at least 67 people have died. "I was to show, we would have been over 10 thousand - he said - there they shot him with great intensity. To kill. Kalashnikovs and machine guns were heavy, at least by the din of gunfire.

" The city hospital is crowded with wounded, "hundreds" according to witnesses, among the protesters against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. An event that already has a precedent in the history of the country. In 1982 the then president, Hafiz al-Assad - the father of - bombed the Syrian city for weeks.

Ratko Mladic judge "odious" the charges against him

The former military leader of Bosnian Serbs, Ratko Mladic, accused in particular the massacre at Srebrenica in 1995, refused on Friday 3 June, to plead guilty or not guilty of the charges against him, charges he has described as "odious" before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

The accused, who said he had not read the entirety of its record of conviction, shall have thirty days to make a decision. The ICTY has set the next hearing of his trial to July 4. Wearing a gray suit, a shirt and sporting a gray tie, Mr. Mladic appeared sitting, visibly thin and aged, in contrast to the stocky and massive, in combat fatigues, he was in the 1990s.

Yemen attack presidential palace, according to several wounded, including the president

The president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, was wounded, four of his guards were killed and the Speaker of Parliament was in critical condition after the presidential palace was attacked on Friday, the television channel Al Arabiya. "The prime minister and parliament speaker and several more political figures who attended Friday prayers at the mosque of the presidential palace, were wounded by fire from mortars," said spokesman General People's Congress (GPC) Tarek Shami.

Spain / Argentina-The Secretary of State for Foreign and his Argentine counterpart agreed to further deepen the relationship

MADRID, 3 Jun. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Latin American, Juan Antonio Yanez-Barnuevo, and Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Alberto Pedro D'Alotto, have held this Friday in Madrid a further meeting of the Political Consultation Mechanism in which they agreed on the desire of both countries to further deepen their relations.

The meeting, as reported in a statement Affairs, is part of the Strategic Partnership Plan (SAP) between the two countries in 2006. The two secretaries of state have agreed on the same "to continue working to further the objectives defined therein, bearing in mind the current challenges and opportunities facing our countries and those of global and regional common interest." In this sense, have signed the consignment of PAE 2011-2012, which sets the framework for action for the next two years, strengthen cooperation and dialogue and giving special emphasis to cooperation in matters related to science and Innovation and renewable energies, considering them strategic delivery.

Awaken the Popocatpetl

The volcano Popocatepetl, located 55 kilometers southeast of Mexico City, has raised today by issuing a column of ash three miles high after a slight tremor. The giant started its business at 06.37 hours (13.37 CET in Spain) with a giant smoker and his ashes were moved to the states of Mexico, Morelos and Puebla, as reported by the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred) in a statement.

Yemen, the chairman SalehAlmeno wounded 50 dead in Sanaa and Taeza

The Yemeni president, Ali Abdallah Saleh, is in "good condition" and had only suffered "light injuries" after clashes in the capital Sanaa involving the presidential palace. This was reported during a press conference on the Yemeni Information Minister, denied reports disseminated by the local TV that Saleh was killed as a result of artillery shells fired on the building.

Tareq al-Shami, spokesman for the government, stated that at least seven senior officials were injured, among them, the prime minister, the speaker of parliament, the deputy prime minister and the governor of Sanaa. Hurt also the imam of the mosque in the presidential compound. "Officials were praying when the mosque was bombed - said Shami - Some wounded are in serious condition." Three guards were instead the victims of the attack, reported the news agency of the country.

Six dead in shooting in Yuma, Arizona

Five people were killed Thursday in Yuma, a city of 200,000 residents of Arizona, during a shootout with the author, a 73 year old man was found dead, apparently having committed suicide by turning his weapon against him. The man's body was found near a highway with a gunshot wound that seems self-inflicted, according to a police statement, which states that the investigation continues to determine what were the circumstances of the shooting.

Yemen president calls for mediation of Senegal

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, called on his Senegalese counterpart Abdoulaye Wade to mediate with the United States and France to obtain a ceasefire and set an election to which the Yemeni president is not present, said the president of Senegal. The call was made in the midst of another violent day in which nine people died in the capital of western Anbar province due to a series of explosions, officials said Iraq and noted that the victims are no lifeguards who went after the first bursts.

Pakistan clashes leave 71 dead

At least 71 people were killed in a gunbattle between Pakistani security forces and Taliban militants who stormed a checkpoint in the Upper Dir district on the border with Afghanistan. About 300 heavily armed Taliban militants, including rebels who crossed from the other side of the border, attacked a security checkpoint in Upper Dir in northwestern Pakistan, sparking the shootout.

District authorities confirmed the shooting death of 22 security officers, 45 Pakistani and Afghan Taliban militants and four civilians, including two infants and two women, who were caught in the crossfire. The sources stressed that the Taliban also destroyed two schools and several houses, while a police vehicle was severely damaged in the fighting.

Argentina .- 'White Night' by Argentine Ricardo Piglia, Rómulo Gallegos Prize

MADRID, 3 Jun. 'White Night' by Ricardo Piglia (Adrogué, Buenos Aires, 1941), has won the XVII International Novel Prize Rómulo Gallegos, awarded by the Venezuelan government and considered the most important award in Latin America. The winning entry was chosen from among the twelve finalists from renowned authors in Spanish, reports Anagram.

According to the jury, Piglia has won this prize "for the aesthetic, literary engagement, universality and the strong personality of his novel, on the other hand, and received the Critics Award in Spain. 'White Night' (Anagram) tells the story of a people and the hell of family relationships.

The final death of U.S. doctor

In 1998, the verdict against Dr. Jack Kevorkian has forever changed the way the United States contemplates euthanasia. On 17 September of that year gave him an injection to Thomas Youk, 52, who suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Normally, I let patients inject a lethal dose of liquid themselves.

As Youk could not, by his immobility, he did the same doctor, after asking his consent. He recorded it on video and allowed the program 60 Minutes on CBS to broadcast the incident. Prosecutors filed charges and brought to trial. Kevorkian has died today in Detroit at age 83. The jury found him guilty of manslaughter.

Chavez and Lula Venezuela/Brasil.- talk about the "attacks" on U.S. oil countries

CARACAS, 3 Jun. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez held talks on Thursday at the seat of government with the exmandatario Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva about the "assault" from the U.S. to oil producing nations, just days after Washington sanctioned state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) for doing business with Iran.

Before the meeting, Chavez told reporters that the meeting would address issues outside the government. "The themes of the new left, are things to talk about today: the issue of Libya, the item you have to talk, the subject of constant aggressions against oil-producing countries," he said.

Farewell to the legendary fish traps

The Corporation of the City of London revoke licenses for the discharge of old Billingsgate fish market after 135 years. The Labour Party is split, between the reformists and those who uphold the tradition of "working class" in Britain. Constantinos Camilleri works at the fish market of Billingsgate, London, for 52 years.

Half Italian and half greek, proudly displays a medal on his battered white uniform. Plays its historical profession - trap - and his license number. Like the other traps on the market, about 100, Constantinos is at loggerheads with the Corporation of the City of London has decided to revoke their business licenses.

Three Mexican parliamentarians visiting Florence Break

A group of three Mexican members of different parties visited Thursday in a French prison in Florence Break, who is serving a sentence of 60 years in prison for kidnapping. They pledged to review the case thoroughly. The group included Arturo Garcia of the National Action Party (PAN) of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Antonio Benitez's Institutional Revolutionary Party (center, opposition) and the member Noron, Workers' Party (PT, opposition) representing the coalition of leftist parties in the House of Deputies.

Sex, politics and rumors in France

The sexual-political scandals in France is happening with alarming frequency. First came the arrest of planetary resonance Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) in New York on charges of attempted rape, a few days ago, two former employees accused the Secretary of State for Public Service, Georges Tron, of harassing them while working with him in the Draveil City Council, on the pretext of giving them a foot massage.

Jinan, the epicenter of the conflict between Google and Beijing

Shanghai, correspondence - In a new revolt against China, Google has terminated, Wednesday 1 June, on its official blog, attacks to access email content hundreds of users, including senior administration officials U.S., Chinese political activists, officials from various Asian countries, including South Korea, soldiers and journalists.

This campaign of "phishing" was, according to Eric Grosse, responsible for the security team of Google, enabling them to harvest passwords of users to forward their email addresses malicious. These attacks "appear to come from Jinan, China," said the U.S. firm, adding another layer to open conflict that opposes the government in Beijing.

Unpublished photos of Hiroshima unveiled

In the years that followed the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, August 6, 1945, Americans have drastically limited the circulation of images reflecting the effects of the explosion. An exhibition brings together for the first time many declassified photographs.

Saud Arabia plans to build 16 nuclear reactors by 2030

The Government of Saudi Arabia plans to build 16 nuclear power reactors by 2030 could cost some 70,000 million euros, according to a Saudi newspaper reported, quoting an official of a state research center. Saudi Arabia, the biggest oil exporter in the world, is trying to manage the growing energy demands of its population, so it is considering improving its energy capacity using nuclear reactors.

Brazil .- Rousseff presents 'Brazil without Poverty', a plan to end extreme poverty

BRASILIA, 3 Jun. The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, presented on Thursday, the program "Brazil without Poverty ', with which it intends to draw from extreme poverty to more than 16 million people. This plan is considered the main project of the Brazilian Government. Rousseff believes that before the term of his immediate predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, had not paid enough attention to the issue of poverty.

The Syrian opposition attempts to organize

Antalya (Turkey), Special Envoy - "Freedom!" Freedom! ". Under the palm trees of the garden of a luxury hotel in the resort of Antalya in southern Turkey, dozens of Syrians protest improvise a fist or forefinger, watched dumbfounded tourists Russian or British. Slogans hostile to the regime in Damascus and its leader, Bashar al-Assad, are the same as those that undermine Syria for more than two months.

Japanese Prime Minister than censure motion

Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, survived a censure motion in Parliament on Thursday to offer his resignation once it has overcome the worst nuclear crisis in the country in a last-minute deal with the rebels in his party that threatened to topple him . Kan's offer of giving you time to prepare an extra budget to fund the cost of reconstruction of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, but surely not solve the country's prolonged political paralysis.

The children of the Duea de 'Clarin' DNA tests are someterna

The National Chamber of Criminal Appeal (which performs functions similar to the Supreme Court) ordered yesterday that the adopted children of Ernest Noble, owner of the largest media conglomerate in the country, including the newspaper Clarín, are subject to extraction of DNA samples (blood, saliva, hair) to be checked against other samples stored in the National Genetic Data Bank (BNDG) and determine whether they are children of people "disappeared" during the military dictatorship.

Hassan said the bloody crackdown in Lattakia

Antalya (Turkey), Special Envoy - Arriving at the border between Syria to Turkey, Hassan was ready to die. "I showed my passport. I was stuck. I was expecting to be arrested. The Syrian cop looked at me in a terrible manner. I told him: 'Either you let me pass, or you kill me here. But if you want to kill me, let me make one last prayer.

" The cop threw me my passport and said, 'Get out and do not come back! "So Hasan said to be out of Syria, hounded, harassed, considered one of the leaders of the uprisings in the city of Latakia in the north-west. In a soft voice, this young 29 year old Syrian, who attended the meeting of the Syrian opposition of Antalya, said his flight.

The army opened fire on demonstrators in Yemen

Yemeni security forces have used bursts of live ammunition to disperse a demonstration on Thursday evening in the capital, Sanaa, according to reports from witnesses of this repression, however, no casualties were initially reported. The city has seen in recent days of violent clashes between the militias of tribal leader Sadeq al-Ahmar and forces loyal to President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Syrian security forces accused of crimes against humanity Deraa

"Crimes against humanity were committed in Syria during the repression of demonstrations in the town of Dera, according to the NGO Human Rights Watch. In a statement, HRW said that information about "systematic killings and torture by Syrian security forces in Dera since the protests began there March 18, indicate that these can be described as crimes against humanity ".

The organization published a report entitled "We've never seen such a horror," based on over 50 interviews with victims and witnesses. She says these stories are largely unpublished and yet very difficult to confirm because the information flow is blocked by the authorities. They describe systematic killings, beatings, torture with electric shocks and detention of people when they needed medical care.