Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nearly 100 Kurdish rebels killed by Turkish aircraft strikes in Iraq

The Turkish air strikes in northern Iraq have "neutralized" between 90 and 100 Kurdish rebels and wounding 80 others, announced Tuesday, August 23 the Turkish army on its website. The military uses the term "neutralized" to refer to the rebels killed. Turkey took over the August 17 air strike Kurdish rebel positions in the mountains of Iraq, a process which she had not used for over a year.

The renewed fighting followed an attack by members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in south-eastern Turkey, bordering Iraq that killed nine members of its security services. Turkey estimates that about 2000 the number of rebels holed up in the area under Iraqi Kurdish administration.

Rebels announce a reward of $ 1.7 million on Gadhafi

Libyan rebels announced Wednesday a reward of nearly $ 1.7 million (two million dinars) for the head of Moammar Gadhafi, dead or alive. This initiative, funded by Libyan businessmen, with the approval of the National Transitional Council (CNT), political arm of the rebellion. "Inner circle members (Muammar Gadhafi of) that will kill or capture a guaranteed amnesty by the people, "he told reporters the president of the CNT, Mustafa Abdeljalil." Moammar Gadhafi's regime will not be finished until it is captured dead or alive ", he said, adding that" we do fear behavior catastrophe "without give further details.

Opened four programs to combat famine in Somalia

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) today announced that, given the rapid increase in the number of mothers and malnourished children in southern Somalia, has launched four new outpatient therapeutic feeding clinics regions Gedo and Bakool. "About 20 percent of Somalis suffer from acute malnutrition, which is really worrying," said the president of the Somali Red Crescent, Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, in a statement released in Geneva.

Moody's down one notch the rating of the long-term debt of Japan

The rating agency Moody's announced on Wednesday, August 24, she dropped one notch to Aa3, the note of the long-term debt of Japan because of the massive debt the country, aggravated by the earthquake March 11 in the northeast. Japan is in debt to the tune of about twice its gross domestic product (GDP), and the burden grows each year through the issuance of treasury bills to fill much lower income to spending.

The EU could vote an oil embargo on Syria

The member countries of the European Union could agree on an oil embargo against Syria before the end of next week, said, Wednesday, Aug. 24, a European diplomat quoted by the agency. Discussions took place on this subject in Brussels on Monday and no penalty has objected, he said. The bloc has already imposed yesterday a series of sanctions against the Syrian regime, accused of leading a bloody crackdown against his opponents, but none so far was oil.

Libya released the four Italian journalists

The four reporters kidnapped yesterday by loyalists were released. Two young men stormed into a private house in Tripoli where they were prisoners and have them freed.