Thursday, January 13, 2011

EU condemns violent attitude against the UN Gbagbo

United States strongly condemned "the incitement to violence" of the regime of outgoing President of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, and his followers against the forces of UN peacekeepers deployed in the African country. "We are increasingly concerned about the incitement of the Gbagbo regime against peacekeepers of the UN," said State Department spokesman, Philip Crowley.

In his daily briefing, the spokesman also announced that the Government of President Barack Obama has given his "blessing" to the next candidate for ambassador to the White House appointed by ALßAN Ouattara, recognized by the international community as the elected president of Coast Ivory, but declined to reveal his name until the diplomat did not get to Washington.

Greece: Arrested bomber Mutmaliche package

Anti-terrorism operation in Athens: The Greek police have arrested four suspected terrorists. They belong to the underground organization that had claimed responsibility for the letter-bomb attacks against European politicians - even the German Chancellor's Office was the aim of the group. Athens - The Greek police are a new blow to the domestic terrorism succeeded.

Officials of the anti-Terri unit participated on Thursday in Athens and other cities, four suspected members of the anarchist group "conspiracy of fire cells", determines how the state radio reported. In early December, six alleged members of the same group were arrested. Their trial is on 17 January start.

Brazil .- Rousseff covers the areas devastated by the rains in Rio de Janeiro where 419 people have died

RIO DE JANEIRO, 13 The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has come on Thursday the areas affected by heavy rainfall in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, where some 419 people have died from floods and landslides land, as reported by local media. Rousseff has flown over the mountainous area first, about 100 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, which has been devastated by heavy rains that have fallen in the last three days before reaching the town of Nova Friburgo, one of the most affected by temporary 168 dead.

Gettete French: Al-Qaeda is committed to the hostage crisis in Niger

The terrorist organization Al-Qaida has admitted the two to have kidnapped in Niger killed French. Meanwhile, the speculation will continue to their death - the hostage-takers and Niger and the French government push each other to the responsibility. Paris - You should be freed by the French military, but after the action they were dead Now the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) on the kidnapping of two Frenchmen in the West African state of Niger has announced that on Saturday killed in a rescue operation life had come.

Riots in Tunisia: Clinton warns Arabia

The anger of the demonstrators in Tunisia can not be tamed, thousands have been days on the road. U.S. Secretary of State Clinton shows understanding for the angry young people and criticized Arab governments - in an unusually sharp tone. Doha - Thousands walk in Tunisia against President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali on the barricades, dozens have died in the riots.

Now U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke up and criticized the Arab leaders sharp. "The people of the corruption in the authorities and in the rigid political systems have had enough. They demand more effective reform and opening," she said to the participants of the conference "Forum for the Future" in the Qatari capital Doha.

Brazil .- They amount to 336 dead by the rains in Rio de Janeiro

SAO PAULO, 13 At least 336 people have died as a result of heavy rains in the mountainous region of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, according to the latest balance sheet that reports O Globo. The previous balance of 257 dead spoke. In addition there are hundreds of displaced. Teresópolis and 146 are dead, while the worst hit has become Freiburg, where there are already 155 dead, including three firefighters are involved in the rescue effort.

Amounted to 336 dead by the rains in Rio de Janeiro

SAO PAULO, 13 (World Daily Buzz) At least 336 people have died as a result of heavy rains in the mountainous region of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, according to the latest balance sheet that reports O Globo. The previous balance of 257 dead spoke. In addition there are hundreds of displaced.

Teresópolis and 146 are dead, while the worst hit has become Freiburg, where there are already 155 dead, including three firefighters are involved in the rescue effort. In Petrópolis there are 35 dead. This Thursday is scheduled to visit the new president, Dilma Rousseff, to Rio, where they fly over the areas hardest hit by heavy rains in recent days.

Brits The police arrested two men attempting to enter Buckingham Palace

Two men, which the British press are student protesters have been arrested while trying to enter Buckingham Palace, the residence of Queen Elizabeth in London. The men, aged 20 and 26, were arrested yesterday morning while trying to sneak through a checkpoint of the palace, but were stopped and searched.

One man wore a sheet painted with political slogans, according to a police source said. The Sky News has said he believes the protesters are students who sought to protest against government plans to raise university fees. The Metropolitan Police confirmed the arrests and said that the men detained on suspicion of invasion of a protected location.

Tunisia: Paris worried about the "disproportionate use of violence"

The French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, has alarmed Thursday, January 13 for "the disproportionate use of violence" in Tunisia. He urged "all parties to exercise restraint and to choose the path of dialogue." The statement came after the death of a Franco-Tunisian university, the first French victim of the riots that shook Tunisia for four weeks.

Juqu'à far, France has remained rather silent on events in Tunisia. "We are extremely concerned about this situation, the violence that has developed over the past few days," said Fillon, in response to a question during a press conference after a meeting in London with his British counterpart David Cameron.

Brazil .- More than 230 dead in Rio de Janeiro because of flooding

BRASILIA, 12 At least 237 people have died in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro as a result of floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains, as reported by local media on Wednesday, which is constantly increasing balance victims. For cities, the most affected in Teresopolis, where they killed at least 122 people, while 97 have died in Freiburg, following an increase of 59 from the previous report.

Security undress Netanyahu ordered foreign journalists

The security services of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to members of the foreign press to undress, including a pregnant Arab-Israeli correspondent, during a press conference in Jerusalem on Tuesday, according to testimony from journalists. Security agents subjected to "humiliation", and sometimes a body requisition, several journalists from the international press in Israel who had been invited to participate on Tuesday night at the annual press conference Netanyahu in a large hotel of the city, the witnesses reported.

Brazil .- Increase to 170 the death toll due to rains in Rio de Janeiro

BRASILIA, 12 The heavy rains in the state of Rio de Janeiro have caused 170 deaths in at least three cities, according to a new assessment released Wednesday afternoon by local authorities. The brunt of the storm's taken the town of Teresopolis, which have killed at least 114 people. The authorities have registered 38 dead in Freiburg, which remains isolated, reports O Globo, which also confirms 18 deaths in Petropolis.

Camorra import food with bacteria and poisons "The new revelation in a file of 2008 U.S.

ROME - The site continues to hit Assange. Following the new revelations published yesterday on Italy, ranging from the mafia to threaten some provinces of Afghanistan under Italian control, today, it's the Camorra. The file posted by WikiLeaks back what was said by the U.S. Consulate General in Naples, J.

Patrick Truhn in June 2008 in Campania the Camorra does business with "cheap imports" which are "full of apples from the halls of pesticides in Moldova Morocco infested with E. coli, the dangerous E. coli, with" labels made in Campania ". In the telegram, the diplomat cited the statements of a "commander of the Carabinieri in Naples.

A dandy in The Presidency

Abidjan is bleak and warm, the night smells of decay of the lagoon and cocoa, with traces of fear. Fear of tomorrow, uncertainties. Fear of "authorities", uniformed men who blocked the roads, remove the recalcitrant Gbagbo camp or those they do not like nasty little soldiers of this interminable crisis where two chairs facing each other in the same city for the same power.

Alassane Ouattara Laurent Gbagbo. Nearly 20 million Ivorians are watching them argue the presidency, in an atmosphere of disintegrating more and more insistent. In the middle of the night, a door opens to enter the Presidency. Music, lights whirling, dizzy. The President then is not so easy to take, it offers everything that Abidjan has an elegant, crazy dancing, the miraculous style of designer glasses.

Joe Biden arrives in Pakistan for talks with civilian and military leadership

Joe Biden, Vice President, landed in Islamabad for talks with civilian and military leadership of the country after two-day visit to Afghanistan. A Pakistani official source said that Biden is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, the president, Asif Ali Zardari and the army chief, Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani.

On the table are several issues that have strained relations between the two countries in recent months, as pressure from Washington to the Pakistani army launched a military operation in the Taliban stronghold of North Waziristan, a frontier with Afghanistan. In this demarcation seek shelter Afghan and Pakistani Taliban factions, so that the United States considers fundamental the offensive to improve the situation on the ground in Afghanistan.

Brazil .- They amount to 114 killed by rains in Rio de Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO, 12 The death toll from rains rose to 114 on Wednesday in the state of Rio de Janeiro, as a result of torrential rains that have struck in the last hours southeast Brazil causing flooding and dozens of landslides land in mountainous areas. Teresopolis, located about 80 kilometers from the city of Rio de Janeiro, is the hardest hit area of northeastern Brazil with 89 killed as a result of landslides and overflowing rivers, local media reported.

Identified 66 dead in riots in Tnez

While the city of Tunis is taken by the police after the curfew imposed, the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) has reported that there are 66 known dead and because of the unrest since mid-December. As reported today the president of FIDH, Souhayr Belhassen, those 66 deaths, of which the FIDH has the names have to add eight more bodies that have come to hospitals and are awaiting identification.

Niger: Al-Qaeda claims abduction of two French nationals killed

Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of two French hostages in Niger and said they had been killed during the assault of French special forces to liberate them, in an audiotape broadcast, Thursday, January 13 , by Al Jazeera. According to sources Malian, French helicopter gunships fired, Saturday, Jan.

8, the convoy of vehicles from the kidnappers in northern Mali, about fifteen kilometers from the Malian town Tabankor (35 km south of Menaka) where charred wreckage had been found. Among the wreckage, "a big 4 × 4 vehicle registered in Benin," according to an administrative authority in northern Mali.

Government of Lebanon is reeling from the resignation of 11 ministers

The national unity government in Lebanon collapsed on Wednesday after several ministers from Hezbollah and its allies resigned from the cabinet, disclosed after a UN-backed investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The state news agency reported that 11 ministers quit the cabinet of 30 members headed by Saad Hariri, son of assassinated prime minister.

Hezbollah was backed by more than a third of the ministers to overthrow the government, backed by the West.

An earthquake measuring 6.5 degrees shakes Japan's Bonin Islands

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.5 degrees on the Richter scale jolted the region of the Bonin Islands, southern Japan, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) U.S. ruled out shortly after the earthquake tsunami hazards exist on the coasts of the states of Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington, in the U.S., or British Columbia in Canada.

Violence continues in Côte d'Ivoire: AI

.- Amnesty International (AI) today warned of a new outbreak of violence in Ivory Coast in Abidjan following clashes between supporters of President Laurent Gbagbo in office and his rival Alassane Ouattara. 'This morning there was more serious confrontation in Abidjan since the presidential elections of November 2010 and could plunge Ivory Coast in an armed confrontation, "said Salvatore Sagués, AI researcher for West Africa.

Brazil .- The rains left at least 57 dead in Rio de Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO, 12 The heavy rains that have fallen in recent days have killed at least 57 people in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, while 180,000 people are homeless in southeastern Brazil result of flooding and landslides. Teresopolis, located about 80 kilometers from the city of Rio de Janeiro, is the most affected area of that state with a total 48 killed by floods and mudslides in recent hours, according to Civil Defense reported by the newspaper ' Folha.

The monsoon causes the displacement of over one million people in Sri Lanka

Floods in Sri Lanka last week made more than a million displaced in the Indian Ocean island said Thursday the national center for disaster management. "Some 533,000 people were displaced in the Batticaloa district alone we have installed 225 camps to accommodate them," said a spokesman for the center, adding that 1.066 million people in total had to leave their flooded homes.

More than 250,000 people found refuge in government camps while others have moved temporarily relocated on their own, "he added. Intense monsoon rains have fallen in recent days, especially in eastern and central regions, causing landslides and rising sea levels. Sri Lanka, tropical island of 20 million people southeast of India, is scanned by two seasons of the monsoon between May and September and December to February.

The Constitutional Court decides today on Berlusconi immunity

The Italian Constitutional Court, meeting in secret session from 09.30 today, will decide in a few hours on the Law 51 / 2010, known as Legitimate Disability Act, the immunity shield that has allowed the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, escape from the three judicial proceedings are pending in Milan.

Berlusconi said yesterday that he is "totally irrelevant" the decision taken today, the 15 judges of the Constitutional Court, because, he said, the stability of government and is not affected in any case, the charges against him (corruption, tax fraud and embezzlement) are "ridiculous." "The judges are a disease, illness, and I have sworn in the past for my children and grandchildren that I am innocent," he added.

Young people defy the curfew and clashes in the capital dead

TUNIS - Hundreds of young people defied the curfew and took to the streets in Tunis. Also tonight, the capital of Tunisia was the scene of fights and shots were fired firearm. A taxi driver was killed in the suburb of Ettadhamen, where the riots have been particularly violent. In the districts of Le Kram and Salambo, only two kilometers away from the presidential palace, the protesters have poured into the street, while in La Marsa, in the residential area of La Soukra and in the university Mannouba have heard sounds of gunfire and breaking glass .

Lebanon, the UN tribunal on charges of causing the collapse of government Hezbollah

Fall of the government of national unity that would heal the fractures of the civil war in Lebanon. Yesterday afternoon, while Prime Minister Hariri was in Washington, received from Barack Obama, 11 ministers of the Shiite party Hezbollah and its allies have resigned. The reason for the decision is clear and explicit Minister Gibran Bassil: everything comes from domestic disputes to the UN tribunal, which means Hezbollah accused of the murder of Rafik Hariri.

Obama Speaking in Tucson to the nation

Tucson - It was a speech that deeply moved - again and again surged to applause: after the bloody attack in Arizona, U.S. President Barack Obama called on Americans to greater tolerance and unity. The tragedy had to be used as a chance to deal with each other to the test, Obama said Wednesday at a memorial service for the victims in Tucson.

"At a time polarize in our debates so strong, it is important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we talk to each other in a way that is healing, not offensive," said Obama at the ceremony in the University of Arizona. Only a "civil and honest" public discourse could help Americans tackle their problems, the U.S. president said in his highly emotional about half-hour speech.

In Glock We Trust

"Down Arms, pleading in his blog the lovely Angela Vitaliano, telling the sad and emblematic story of Christina, born September 11, 2001 - in New York when the Twin Towers collapsed - and died nine years later in Tucson, while witnessing the meeting between the deputy Gabrielle Giffords and her constituents, trying to understand how democracy works.

And I'm of course, body and soul, the part of this heartfelt appeal. The problem, however, is that the good citizens of Arizona (Arizona and beyond) do not seem to be of the same opinion. I read, in fact, in a dispatch agency Bloomberg, as follows: "There are growing after the carnage, sales of the Glock." The Glock - or, more exactly the Glock 19 - is the semi-automatic pistol used by Jared Lee Loughner (the pazzerellone that last Saturday, has renewed the very American tradition of the massacres of madness) to kill Christina and other 5 people and injured more seriously 14 (including, of course, the same Gabrielle Giffords, still hanging between life and death).

Burst Government: Hariri, Lebanon is to continue governing VRST

Hezbollah has to burst the coalition in Beirut, Lebanon threatens chaos. , pending a new government, Prime Minister Hariri but VRST should remain in office. The international community calls on all parties to resolve the political crisis peacefully. The purpose of the fallen by Hezbollah and its allies, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri took office to continue until there is a new government from at least the next few weeks are now to be regulated - Beirut / Istanbul - As the political future of Lebanon looks like the long term is unclear There.

Wikileaks, USA: "Bridge over the Strait of great benefit to the Mafia"

The Mafia could be "between IPrincipal beneficiaries" of the construction of the bridge over the Straits of Messina, however, that "will serve to little without massive investments in roads and railways in Sicily and Calabria. Italian politicians "do little" in the fight against organized crime, while the Catholic Church must "cooperate more." E 'analysis of U.S.

diplomat J. Patrick Truhn, Consul General in Naples, contained in five telegrams dated between 2008 and 2009 and published by Wikileaks. The U.S. diplomat also mentioned Roberto Saviano, calling it "a compass for the fight against the Mafia," saying the U.S., organized crime there is "lack of commitment at the national level." In the most recent of 15 June 2009, Truhn analyzes the situation in Sicily, after a clash between political Raffaele Lombardo and "the party of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, political uncertainty, among other things has" stuck to an American operation and gas drilling threatens to postpone a major satellite communications system of the U.S.

It aggravates the budget of the first federal aid floods and controversy

RIO DE JANEIRO - At least 271 people have lost their lives in floods and landslides that are developing in the knee region Serrana, in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. And the weather does not foresee an improvement in the short term. According to experts, in the last hours in the area have fallen 84% of the predicted rainfall for the entire month of January.

The places most affected by the floods is Teresopolis, a hundred kilometers from the state capital: the city budget is at least 130 deaths. Other 107 victims were registered in Nova Friburgo, 140 km north of Rio. Among the latter there are at least three firefighters, were swept away by a landslide while engaged in rescue operations.

A University of Oise killed in the violence in Tunisia

One civilian killed Wednesday by gunfire in the town of Douz, Bettahar Hatem, a professor of computer science at the University of Technology of Compiègne, said Wednesday evening at a teacher unionist. Stephane Tassel, Secretary General of Snesup-FSU, the first union of higher education, said that Mr.

Bettahar, 38, was over ten years professor at the Joint Research Unit heuristic and diagnosis of complex systems (Heudiasyc) of the UTC in Compiègne. "The death, in addition to others, is unbearable and intolerable," said Tassel. "I vehemently denounces the repressive policies of the Tunisian government, I support and assure the support of our struggles over the Tunisian territory.

USA: Man arrested for death threats against MPs

Arrest in California: A few days after the assassination of Arizona taken by the police in the neighboring state of a man who allegedly threatened a U.S. lawmakers on the phone with death. Los Angeles - In California, make death threats against Democrats in an uproar: According to police, a 32-year-old man was taken in Palm Springs.

He had previously threatened in two telephone calls to the democratic parliament of the State of Washington, Jim McDermott, in vulgar language. The federal prosecutor in California said that the general statement of Palm Springs suspects had threatened in his first call to kill McDermott, his family and friends.

I, prisoner of student blogger Ben Ali

We publish the testimony of a Tunisian university student who signed with a pseudonym: the text has been posted on the blog collective Nawaat, located close to the opposition I am part of the new generation lived in Tunisia under the absolute reign of Ben Ali. In high school, college, you are always afraid to talk about politics.

"There are spies everywhere," he said. No one dares to discuss it in public. Nobody trusts. The neighbor, friend, the grocer may be a spy for Ben Ali. Want to take you away by force, you or your father, in some undefined place in the evening or four in the morning? We grow up with this fear of commitment, and we continue to study, you go around, you come out at night without caring about politics.

Tucson, the appeal of Obama "America finds itself"

NEW YORK - From Tucson, Barack Obama's appeal to Americans: If America really wants to honor the six victims of that massacre in Tucson, then find himself. The must Gabrielle Giffords, "that this evening for the first time he opened his eyes," and Christina Green, 9 years old girl killed last Saturday and that "America deserves a worthy example that she had imagined." America is capable of doing so.

Flooding in Australia: the worst is over for Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, hit by the worst flooding in decades, offering a landscape of desolation Thursday, with 30,000 homes damaged, while at least one resident was killed. People evacuated from their homes during the last two days trying to assess damage, just hours after the floods reached their peak on Thursday at dawn.

According to the weather, the water rose to 4.45 meters in the downtown, while the forecast predicted a rating of 5 meters. During the catastrophic flood of 1974, the river reached 5.45 m. Entire neighborhoods were submerged yesterday, and electricity was cut as a precaution to 116,000 subscribers to avoid electrocution.

Spiritual Bubbles

If you get up from a satellite map of the bulldozers and cranes now in action on the entire planet's surface, something entirely possible we could see that in large swathes of the earth's crust does not move a handful of soil or building a small wall of stone. Just would detect any movement in the United States, Ireland and Spain.

Something, but without exaggeration, in emerging countries: Russia, China, India or Brazil. Everything is stopped, however, in large mammoth projects of oil-rich Persian Gulf emirates, full of empty skyscrapers and vast sea for millionaires now ruined. Only two foreign territories and peculiar, about two cities in the same geographical region, still roaring cement, new feathers are lifted and removed the land.

The rains caused more than 250 dead in Rio de Janeiro

Floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains have left at least 257 dead and 180,000 homeless in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro State. Another 13 people had died from torrential rains on Tuesday in the State of São Paulo, whose capital's transport systems were severely affected by the storms.

In the State of Rio, the city hardest hit was Teresopolis, a city about 100 kilometers north of the capital of the state in which at least 130 people died. Another 50 were missing last night. Within 24 hours fell in the area an amount of rain equal to the average of a month. The rivers overflowed their banks and caused serious landslides.

Brisbane is saved from the worst after the second flood of the river

The inhabitants of the third largest city in Australia, and Queensland state capital, have awakened with relief after the flooding of the Brisbane River tonight is not at its highest level anticipated when the rise of the river joined high tide. Even so the heaviest rains of the decade have left behind a huge trail of destruction.

The day began in sunshine, and the Australians early risers could see the sun after many days. But then came the rain. Even so, according to police and meteorologists River has experienced the time of maximum flood. Official sources have reported that the water level was one meter below the 5.5 that forecasters were predicting a figure that would have jeopardized the entire metropolitan area by the floods that have killed at least 12 people and 200,000 homeless in the eastern half of the country.

Obama participates in Tucson in a memorial to the victims

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, participate tonight in Tucson (2.00, Spanish CET) in a ceremony honoring the six dead and 14 wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, gunshot wound to the head. Obama, who is traveling with the First Lady, Michelle Obama, and that after the funeral will return immediately to Washington, meet with the families of some victims and participate in a ceremony at the University of Arizona.

Tucson, Obama at the funeral of the victims Palin: "Blood libel"

TUCSON - U.S. President Barack Obama will attend the funeral of six victims of the massacre carried out last Saturday in a shopping center in Tucson by 22 year old Jared Loughner formally charged with multiple murder and attempted murder of Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, who in the parking area business was holding a rally.

Obama arrives in Arizona with his wife Michelle, the Minister of Justice Eric Holder and the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona. Before the ceremony - in the sports hall at the University of Arizona at Washington 20 hours, 2 am in Italy - the U.S.

Tragic floods At least 237 dead in Brazil in the Rio

SAO PAULO - At least 237 dead is terrible the last budget of the flood that hit the area of Rio de Janeiro after days of torrential rains that caused flooding and landslides. The most affected area of Brazil is the mountainous region of Serrana, north of Rio. Only in the town of Teresopolis, 100 km north of state capital, at least 122 victims have so far.

According to the mayor, another 50 people are still missing. The city is described by witnesses as "a sea of mud." A thousand people are homeless and have taken refuge in shelters set up by the city. The local civil defense (the Defesa Civil) has called on residents of homes threatened to take refuge in safe buildings, schools and churches.

Wikileaks, new files on Italy "Politicians do not fight mafia

ROME - From Afghanistan to the Mafia, new sensational revelations about Italy from the files of Wikileaks. Poor effort against the Mafia. "Although business associations, citizen groups and the Church, at least in some areas, are showing promising commitment to the fight against organized crime, the same can not be said of Italian politicians, particularly at the national level," writes J.

Patrick Truhn, U.S. Consul General in Naples, in a dispatch of June 2008. "As we pointed out Roberto Saviano, the theme (the struggle against organized crime, ed) was virtually absent from the electoral campaign of March-April" continues Truhn. The diplomat suggested to Washington to "work to make this the new government that the fight against organized crime is a major priority of the U.S.

Lebanon faces a severe political crisis

The resignation Wednesday, January 12, eleven Hariri government ministers, including ten members of the coalition led by Hezbollah, Lebanon plunged back into a period of political tension. Since 2008, the Doha agreement between the majority and the opposition, the country had never experienced a serious crisis.

The block of 8-Mars, composed of Shiite parties Amal and Hezbollah and supporters of the former Christian General Michel Aoun, has been waiting several weeks for the Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, stands out of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. This court, which should shed light on the assassination of Rafik Hariri in February 2005 to launch these coming days of the charges that may apply to leaders of Hezbollah.