Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anonymous, 21 arrests in the U.S. and Europe

Sixteen people in the United States in Europe and another five were arrested by the FBI as part of investigations aimed at blocking the famous hacker group Anonymous. The arrests were made in several states of the union. In Europe, an arrest took place in Great Britain and four in the Netherlands.

According to CNN, federal agents also raided several houses in the district on Long Island and the Bronx in New York, where they confiscated computers and other materials. In all the searches have been 35. After a first moment in which the FBI men had refused to confirm or deny the arrests today about just the Anonymous group, the bureau has also confirmed that the investigation relates to a cyber attack against the website claimed by Paypal group 'Anonymous'.

Japan: supplementary budget for reconstruction

The lower house of the Japanese Parliament voted Wednesday, July 20 a supplementary budget of 2000 billion yen  for the reconstruction of the country after the earthquake and the resolution of the nuclear accident in Fukushima. The upper house is expected to also approve Friday the allocation of additional funds, the voices of conservative formations of the opposition (Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito) in addition to those of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ, center left), the power.

Tokyo banned the sale of beef from Fukushima

The Japanese government has banned the sale of Fukushima beef after the discovery of radioactive meat, a sign of further contamination, although the nuclear accident seems to being controlled. The spokesman of the government, Yukio Edano, said farmers would be compensated "appropriately".

This announcement follows the publication of reports of higher rates of radioactive cesium from the norm in the beef raised in this prefecture suffered a nuclear accident since March 11. These animals have apparently been infected by eating hay stored outside for several weeks. A total of at least 550 cattle fed on this forage Fukushima were sold in Japan and have already been partly eaten.

Murdoch in the Commons: "I betrayed and humiliated"

 - "We are deeply sorry for the victims of wiretaps and put things in place to ensure that nothing similar could happen in the future," begins James Murdoch. "It's the most humiliating day of my life," interrupted the father Rupert, and then let it go. Begins with a public mea culpa to the expected testimony before the House of Commons Culture Committee of the Australian media tycoon and heir, at the center of the scandal that is shaking the interception of Great Britain and the premier David Cameron.

Happy Birthday: U2 and 93 years of Mandela

Nelson Mandela, a living symbol of the struggle against racism, leader of the revolt against apartheid has celebrated 93 years last July 18 but not in good physical condition: in January, in fact, was hospitalized for three days in the hospital for an infection acute respiratory failure. The rock band U2 during a performance at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia paid tribute to the old lion, urging the audience to sing Happy Birthday to Mandela, called for the occasion by his nickname conferred by Madiba Xhosa tribe.

Arrested Goran Hadzic The last Serbian war criminal

Goran Hadzic, the last Serb war criminaledi still in hiding, was arrested. The B92 television reported. Hadzic, a former political leader deiserbi of Croatia, was the last Serbian war criminal still on the run after his capture on May 26 last year in Serbia Ratko Mladic, former Bosnian Serb commander arrested after 16 years on the run.

Hadzic, 52, a Serb born in Croatia. During the Croatian War of Independence became President of the Republic of Serbian Krajina. In 2004, the Hague International Criminal Tribunal for the former Jugoslavaia accused him of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed between 1991 and 1993.

Netanyahu says he is ready for peace talks "in Jerusalem, Ramallah or anywhere"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was prepared to commit "immediately" in peace talks with the Palestinians' home in Jerusalem, Ramallah or anywhere ", in an interview broadcast by the English channel Arabic television Al-Arabiya. "Everything is on the table, but you have to go to the table," he added.

The head of the Israeli government accuses the Palestinian leadership to have caused the blocking peace talks. He said the Palestinian leadership in the past refused to conclude the discussions by an arrangement, and will not now resume the peace dialogue. Suspended for nearly two years, peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians were revived early in September 2010 under pressure from the United States and were again blocked a few weeks after a partial moratorium of ten months construction in Jewish settlements that Israel has refused to extend.