Sunday, June 26, 2011

The EU is launching a new anti-smoking campaign: "Former smokers are irresistible"

The European Union launches new anti-smoking campaign. Objective: To help ex-smokers not to fall into the trap of the cigarette and the youngest ever to not turn it on. In the viewfinder also new products such as "smokeless cigarettes" sold airplanes, flavorings added to the tobacco and advertising. The European Commission has no doubts: "Former smokers are irresistible." This is the title of the ambitious three-year campaign carried out with a budget of 16 million only for the first year, he wants to deal a blow to smoking in Europe.

Chavez reappears after 12 days on Twitter

Hugo Chavez spare sunrise today. After 12 days of silence, and after having undergone emergency surgery on June 10 in Havana, Venezuelan President reappeared through the social network Twitter. "Good day my candangueros! Today is my Army day dawned bright and the sun! What a huge hug to my soldiers and my people loved you" Chavez wrote in the early hours of Friday morning in his account @chavezcandanga.

New York Senate approves gay marriage

In a historic vote, the Senate of the State of New York legalized gay marriage. The Republicans still had need for change, but then the Senate voted on the Act: The U.S. state of New York is poised to legalize gay marriage. It would be the sixth and most populous state, are allowed to marry in the same-sex couples.