Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Attacks in Pakistan: Extremists killsix people

Islamabad - Bloody attacks in Pakistan: In two attacks in the northwest of the country have come on Monday at least six people died. According to police authorities and blew himself up in a suburb of Peshawar, a teenager near a police car in the air and pulled five people to their deaths. The bomber had detonated his explosives vest next to the vehicle of an officer when he was on his way to the office, said the head of district administration.

North Yemen: Living in the dust

More and more wars have devastated the northern Yemen. Help is so far only sporadically, as the battered region is hardly accessible. Now first time a delegation of United Nations Refugee Agency and European tour the area - and found child soldiers, desperate and cities from dust. The wars came here as the seasons, and people became accustomed to count them as life-years: the first war, the second, third ...

Revolt in Egypt: Israel wants to slow down Western Mubarak's critics

The Israeli secret communication from the government includes a desperate plea: a report by the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz", according to Jerusalem, the United States and several European countries to be invited to support the Egyptian government of President Hosni Mubarak. It is "in the interest of the West" and the "whole Middle East, the stability of the Egyptian regime to maintain," quoted "Hareetz" from the message.

Protests in Egypt: President Mubarak puts the responsibility now to the new head of government and calls for reform

Raiders terrorize the population, the protests continue - in Egypt is in turmoil, President Mubarak puts the responsibility now to the new head of government and calls for reform. Inflation had slowed down, new jobs are created. Cairo - For days, is Egypt's people to the streets calling for the end of his regime - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak responded with demands to which he redefined prime minister on the persistent unrest: it penetrates to "comprehensive" action to the political system and the to reform constitution, Mubarak in a televised speech on Sunday.

Argentina .- discovered three plantations of maize with workers in slavery

BUENOS AIRES, 1 Feb. The Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) in Argentina has reported the existence of three maize plantings in the Paraje Monte del Rosario, province of Córdoba (center) belonging to a multinational company, where workers were treated as slaves. "The work performed under the conditions we detected is illegal, and if the work is given in subhuman conditions, such as those detected in this field, we are talking about slavery, that in the XXI century we can not let that happen," said the director AFIP, Ricardo Echegaray.

Brazil .- There are now 860 dead by rains in Rio de Janeiro

BRASILIA, 1 Feb. The death toll from torrential rains in the month of January on the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil, has risen to 860, while that of missing stands at 429, according to the latest report released by the authorities in Rio. For cities, the most affected with 416 Nova Friburgo, Teresópolis followed with 346, Petrópolis with 71, Sumidouro with 21, Sao Jose do Vale do Rio Preto with four and one Bom Jardim, said the director of the General Department of Civil Police Antonio de Carvalho.

Egypt: the mobilization is not weakening, the economy runs out of steam

On the seventh day of an unprecedented challenge in Egypt Monday, Jan. 31, tens of thousands of protesters again gathered in Tahrir Square in central Cairo, chanting, "Mubarak outside!" and singing the national anthem. A day that ended with the intervention of Omar Suleiman television, called this weekend Vice-President of Egypt, which announced qu'Hosni Mubarak had asked him to initiate a dialogue with all political parties.

Army of Egypt promises not to repress protesters

The army of Egypt said Monday night that considered "legitimate" demands of the people, mass protest a week ago against the government, adding that he would not use force against demonstrators. Addressing the "great people of Egypt, the army deemed" legitimate "their claims and said that" not resort to the use of force against the Egyptian people "in a statement quoted by the Mena news agency and state television.

The Mexican left holds the State of Guerrero

The left and right of Mexico have found a kind of formula to remove the idea that it is inevitable return of the PRI for the presidency of the Republic next year. Sunday's elections in the State of Guerrero confirmed the effectiveness of a remedy "homeopathic", ie nothing better to win the PRI to apply for one of their own.

If there are no surprises in the electoral tribunal, and after winning a victory by nearly 14 points, Angel Aguirre Rivero Heladio rule in Guerrero from 1 April. The Democratic Revolution Party (PRD, left) can boast that it will continue in power in the South Pacific state of Mexico, despite the new ruling has not fought a single day in that organization, for 30 years left PRI militant after his party did not nominate a candidate.

In Zamalek, the Cairo bourgeoisie defends his property and keeps his distance from the regime

Cairo Envoy - There is another week, Samer Ahmed, twenty-six years, worked as a financial analyst specializing in credit risk within the Bank of Alexandria. Put on short by the revolt which engulfed his country, he always treats the question of risk, but in a radically different context. With some friends, he manages a roadblock on the ledge of Zamalek, one of the bastions of the bourgeoisie Cairo.

Egyptians prepare 'march of one million'

Tens of thousands of Egyptians turned to defy the curfew Monday in Cairo to demand the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak on the eve of a great day of demonstrations, in which opponents hope to reach a million people in the streets of Egypt and Alexandria. The aim of the demonstrations in the streets has ceased to be the realization of reforms and new changes of government, the demonstrators only demand the ultimate downfall of President Hosni Mubarak.

Chat - Egypt: what room for maneuver for Western diplomats?

Protests force Mubarak to renew his cabinet

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak swore in the ministers of the new government, headed by new Prime Minister, General Shafiq Ahmed, according to footage shown on public television. Among the ministers who were sworn in are the holders of Foreign Affairs, who is in charge of Ahmed Abul Gheit and Defence, General Hussein Tantaui, who also continues to lead the ministry.

Among the new Ministers stress the Interior, General Mahmoud Wagdi, former Head of Penitentiary Institutions, who made a military salute after being sworn in before Mubarak and the justice minister, Mahmoud Mohiedín, and Finance, Samir Raduán. In addition, the known head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Zahi Hawas archaeologist, until now Deputy Minister of Culture, has been promoted to minister of state for antiquities.

The Egyptian uprising videos

Despite the ban on his party, Islamist leader returns to Tunisia

After being held 20 years in exile, Rachid Ghanouchi, leader of a Tunisian Islamist party, has long banned, was received on Sunday a crowd at the airport in the capital, in the event, said critics should not compare it with the father of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and that they must accept that their views are more moderate.

In his first interview after returning to Tunisia, Ghanouchi said his political movement wants to strengthen the rights of women. Party leader Ghanouchi Ennahdha ("Renaissance"), same as at the time was described as terrorist by the still President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, and therefore was expelled.

Racial hatred: Russia's nationalists bitterly against rushing Foreigners

Terrorist attacks such as the Moscow airport to give the ethnic hatred in Russia new food: Every week it comes to extremist attacks by nationalists against Caucasians. The victims include but especially those who have the misfortune not, "Slavic" look. "Fresh herbs, fresh herbs", the seller calls from the right.

"My dear, buy my juicy oranges," it comes from the left, with that southern accent that sounds in the ears of many Russians to crime, lack of civilization, even after the Mafia. Under the curved roof of the Danilov-market in central Moscow are stacked up on that cold winter feet high Kiwis, dozens of varieties of fresh herbs, pickled melon, nuts and spices from all over the world.

Egypt prepares for the big protest today against Mubarak

The balance seems distinctly Egyptian decanted. A military spokesman said last night that the Army considers "legitimate" popular demands and not repress the revolt. Significantly, the statement was issued yesterday by the official Egyptian television on the eve of mass demonstrations planned for today in Cairo and Alexandria where it is expected that more than one million people in the street demand the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak .

Tension in Egypt: the febrile markets

The Tokyo Stock Exchange finished Monday's session down 1.18% as investors worried the situation in Egypt and the rise of the yen. At the close, the Nikkei 225 index of blue chips lost 122.42 points to 10 237.92 points. The broader Topix index of all titles of the first table has in turn yielded 9.61 points (1.04%) to 910.08 points.

Business was sluggish, with 1.97 billion shares traded on the primary market. The day before, most exchanges of Arab Gulf countries, have plunged as a result of tensions in Egypt. At the Dubai Financial Market, DFM index closed down 4.32%, after opening down more than 6%. Other Gulf markets were also down.

Latin American governments in Egypt oversee

Mubarak raises more jobs to reduce protests

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who faces a protest against his government, ordered his new cabinet to maintain subsidies, controlling inflation and creating more jobs, state television reported. The demonstrations in Egypt, 80 million people, are made not only to demand a new political system, but also against price hikes and the thick gap between rich and poor.

Mubarak changed his cabinet on Saturday, days after the unprecedented events in the country and appointed former Air Force chief, Ahmed Shafiq, as his new prime minister. But Shafiq has yet to name his team. "I need to bring back confidence in our economy," Mubarak said in a letter read on television Shafiq.

Burma: The first Parliament met in 22 years

Opening session behind barricades and under strict security precautions: In Burma, meets for the first time in 22 years of a parliament. 80 percent of MPs are loyal to the regime. Rangoon - After the first elections in two decades has come together in the military dictatorship of Burma, a new parliament.

This Monday came along upper and lower houses of the junta in the newly created huge parliamentary complex in the capital, Naypyidaw. A quarter of the representatives appointed by the military regime, three-quarters had been determined in the disputed election in November last year. The appointed members and pro-regime parties together have more than 80 percent of the seats.

Live: The evolution of the situation in Egypt

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In Sudan the 98.83% voted for the secession of the South

.- The election commission in charge of the independence referendum in Southern Sudan announced Sunday an overwhelming majority of 98.83% in favor of secession, according to complete preliminary results of this consultation will lead to the partition of Africa's largest country. In contrast to the joy that this news came in the south of the country, in northern Sudan hundreds of students participated in a day of protests inspired by the popular revolt that shook the neighboring Egypt despite an impressive array of security forces.

Discontent with the fight against narco

Last week was filled with news in relation to drug trafficking and drug consumption in Mexico. In brief visit to Mexico, Hillary Clinton said "fan" of President Felipe Calderon for his fight against drug trafficking, thereby contradicting the views filtered by Wikileaks in which from the U.S. government puts into question the ability of the Mexican State to address the problem.

According to the poll this week, six of every 10 Mexicans believe that the latter is what actually does the secretary of state. Later we learned that a study of the U.S. Congress concluded that the Mexican cartels are "having a demoralizing effect on deep discredited and local governments, state and federal levels in Mexico" and "may take years to build stronger institutions before violence is markedly reduced, "and warns that" if we continue with the current attacks and ineffective oversight of leaders, "violence will continue without a short term solution, which could be public pressure to return to the policies "accommodation" that worked in the past.

Thousands in the square, now the army general strike: "We will not use force"

CAIRO - President Hosni Mubarak is increasingly under siege in Egypt, the army also claims to find just the demands of the people, and ensures that it will not use force against the demonstrators. Attempts to appease the revolt does not seem to yield results: the seventh day of demonstrations Tahrir Square, the heart of the protests in Cairo, was once filled with tens of thousands of people, defying the curfew (which has been brought forward to 14, 13 in Italy), calling for the end of the regime.

Embassies and tour operators: between emergency measures and caution

While the protests continue day by day in Egypt, facing a challenge unprecedented regime of Hosni Mubarak, embassies and tour operators worldwide are organizing to repatriate, in an emergency, citizens, while seeking to limit the presence of foreign tourists there. In Europe, except Greece and Switzerland, governments have not yet called to leave Egypt or organized repatriation, while discouraging to go and following the situation closely.

Mubarak calls on new government to maintain subsidies, lower prices

.- Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who faces a protest against his government on Sunday ordered his new cabinet to maintain subsidies, controlling inflation and creating more jobs, state television reported. The demonstrations in Egypt, 80 million people and key U.S. ally in the Arab world, are made not only to demand a new political system, but also against price hikes and the thick gap between rich and poor.

Brazil .- Survival denounces the danger of a Brazilian Indian tribe threatened by illegal loggers

MADRID, 31 NGO Survival International has published on Monday new pictures of Indians who have had no contact with the outside world and living in a jungle in Brazil, on the border with Peru, to denounce the danger to these tribes by threats illegal loggers working in the area. The Indians who appear in the images are part of the episode "Rain" of the new BBC series "Planet People" and were taken by the Department of Indian Affairs of Brazil, which has authorized Survival to use them as part of its campaign to protect their territory.

"Morocco will not be the exception"

Prince Moulay Hicham, 46, third in line of succession to the throne of Morocco, believes in a telephone interview from Paris, the swell that runs south of the Mediterranean come to your country. Author of scholarly articles on the Arab world, the prince has a strained relationship with his cousin, King Mohamed VI.

Question. Is it 2011 for the Arab world that was 1989 for communism? Response. The course of history and changed with the fall of the regime of Ben Ali, whatever the outcome of the Egyptian crisis. The old regime may no longer be maintained as is. The verb "change" is conjugated in the present tense, not future.

Sudan, fighting between police and students dead and five injured

KHARTOUM - A student died in Sudan from his injuries after being beaten by security forces, who have forcibly suppressed the protests inspired by those that broke out in neighboring Egypt. The reports of some protesters. The protests went on throughout last night, and many students at the University of Khartoum were rejected by the tear gas inside the dorms.

At least five, according to activists, young people injured. Some witnesses rifesiscono the police surrounding the university in Khartoum and other cities. "You are our martyr, Mohammed Abdelrahman," is written on Facebook, a group called 'Youth for Change' which has over 16,000 members and calls for an end to the government of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

Frattini: slipping on the snow

The expression of his face, set by the photographer in a moment of total bliss, appeared happy and confident about the world like a child. He was smiling and happy oblivious Franco Frattini on Saturday after the exhilarating slalom ski run with great skill, because, as we remember his biography on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister was "master of alpine skiing, sports practice winter and has deep knowledge of the mountains and the natural and geomorphic mountain.

Tunisian Islamist Rachid Ghannouchi will not be presidential candidate

After twenty-two years of exile, Rached Ghannouchi, leader of the Islamist movement Ennahda, returned to Tunisia on Sunday, where several thousand people awaited. At Tunis airport, he was greeted by a packed crowd who sang the national anthem and shouted his "pride Islamic recovered. "I'm not going for the presidency, and there will be no (candidate) member of al-Nahda," said the leader of the Islamist movement, in an interview with the.

EU calls for 'orderly transition' in Egypt

.- The United States Sunday called an "orderly transition" in Egypt, but remains silent ally openly against President Hosni Mubarak, amid massive protests to demand his resignation. The U.S. president spoke about the crisis in Egypt with Turkish leaders, Israelis, Saudis and British, reaffirming their desire for a "transition to a government that responds to the aspirations" of the Egyptians, said Sunday the White House.

Argentina/Brasil.- Rousseff and Fernandez say they play an "important role" in the rights of women

BUENOS AIRES, 31 The presidents of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, have argued on Monday in Buenos Aires a historic meeting in which they acknowledged that both play a "key role" in advancing the women's rights and gender equality in Latin America. Both Fernandez de Kirchner Rousseff are the first women elected president by a vote in their respective countries and the few that have managed to hold office on the continent.

Mexico offers up to 480,000 euro reward for information about the slaughter of Tamaulipas

MEXICO CITY, 31 Mexican authorities offer up to eight million dollars (480,200 euros) reward for information on the whereabouts of those responsible for the slaughter of 72 immigrants last August in the state of Tamaulipas (north), near the border United States. The Attorney General has identified as potential murderers to Roman Corners, alias' El Coyote '; Juvenal Burciaga, alias' El Alacran,' and Jose Guadalupe Reyes Rivera, alias "The Sasi '.

Power struggle in Egypt: Diplomat against despot

Egypt's rebellious opposition seizes power. They also agreed on Mohamed ElBaradei as a leader? The Nobel laureate will try to form a government of national unity. But even President Mubarak is not chased out of office. Mohamed ElBaradei, longtime head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and Nobel Peace Prize was trying, in the evening to make history.

For years he has positioned himself as a possible spearhead of the opposition, now he was on the "Liberation Square in the heart of Cairo, the center of raging for nearly a week of unrest, demonstrators outside the tens of thousands. "What we have reached can not turn back anymore," he shouted to the crowd.

Berlusconi offers to the opposition pact beset by scandal

Through a letter to Il Corriere della Sera, Silvio Berlusconi has offered today Pierluigi Bersani, opposition leader and secretary general of the Democratic Party (PD), a "joint work plan" and a parliamentary pact to boost growth Italy's economic reforms inspired by liberal German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In what seems a desperate move to cling to power, Berlusconi called now after rejecting it for months, the collaboration of the opposition saying it is necessary to "whip" the economy to address the consequences of a "debt monster" and resume the path of growth. In his letter, Berlusconi said that the country can not afford to go to early elections and says it is "so concerned or more" that President Giorgio Napolitano for the "aggressive" political climate, without reference to the Ruby case, in which is about to be prosecuted for abuse of power and prostitution.

The other side of the revolution back on the scene Islamic parties

Egypt is in revolt. A nothing is worth the effort to Mubarak to change everything so that nothing will change. Little is served to appoint a new government, Suleiman Shafiq vice president and premier. Under the request for resignation of the man who ruled the country for thirty years, the protest spreads.

Turning his hand to the army, Mubarak pointed to introduce themselves to the United States as the only element of continuity as possible in a transition that may become land-based. The specter of political Islam is always for a spirit which ensured U.S. support to Saddam well before September 11.

A report from the night of the regime

Cairo - When darkness falls and the screams of anti-government protesters calm down, make their appearance the "night patrols". Districts of the capital is completely blocked by armed citizens. Moreover, the police, around Cairo, you can not see for days. Even in those neighborhoods to the west of the river Nile, ever touched by the wave of protests against President Mubarak.

At sunset travel becomes difficult, almost impossible. Offices with satellite connection, in the district of Guizeh, where we can send our articles, Piazza Thar, the heart of the protest, there are less than two kilometers. But to reach the square is a business. The Egyptian driver was stopped by armed men for every 100 meters.

Egypt: revolt continues, confusion reigns

Hosni Mubarak's opponents have spent another night in downtown Cairo on Monday and vowed to protest until the departure of the Egyptian president, whose fate now seems to depend on the army. "The army must choose between Egypt and Mubarak," said a banner deployed on Tahrir Square in the center of the capital, where protesters shared food with soldiers deployed to restore order.

In the morning, the army had deployed en masse in the streets of Cairo when no policeman was visible - until they were ubiquitous. Once the place was filled with helicopters and fighter planes flew at low altitude instead. According to Le Monde journalist present there, the army fired on the crowd, touching many people who were evacuated by ambulance.

March in India against corruption

Thousands of people demonstrated in New Delhi and other Indian cities in protest against corruption in government bodies in the country, various local media reported. There were demonstrations in the capital of India, as well as the financial center, Mumbai (West), and business and technology centers in Bangalore and Pune, demanding stronger action against political corruption.

Featured participated in the demonstration leaders, as the police officer Kiran Bedi withdrawal, Swam Agnivesh activist or lawyer Prashant Bhushan, including banners with messages such as "Enough." They are part of a campaign dubbed "India against corruption."

Economic activity in Egypt amid protests

.- The security forces and citizens trying to prevent looting on Sunday in major Egyptian cities after five days of massive protests against the government. Following a review of economic activity in Egypt - The Suez Canal was operating normally, an official told Reuters the channel. - The head of the Port Authority in the Red Sea said the 10 ports under its supervision, including Suez, operated normally and said he had not received any cancellation of ships bound for Egypt.

Temporarily Suspended Brasil/Chile.- LAN-TAM merger because it can create effects "harmful" in the competition

MADRID, 31 The Court of Free Competition in Chile (Competition Tribunal) has decided to temporarily halt the merger between the Chilean airline LAN and TAM, because the complaint filed on Thursday 27 January by the National Consumers and Users of Chile (Conadecus) alleging that the merger "can have serious and harmful effects on competition", according to the report submitted by the association before the Court of Chile.

The court did not delay the trial of Chirac corrupcin

Jacques Chirac, president of the French Republic, will ultimately be judged on 7 March by a corruption scandal that haunts him for years. His lawyers had sought a delay in the trial based on a procedural question. The Paris criminal court has rejected the demand. From 1992 to 1995, Chirac, then mayor of Paris, created on account of their spending as mayor, 21 jobs for alleged collaborators were in fact members, assistants or associates of his party.

The chance that we will lose

Egypt is a chance that we will lose. The occasion was historic in more strategic to break the vicious circle Arab country of misery, frustration, police and terrorist regimes - often fueled by the same schemes to obtain money and status from the West - which is destabilizing the Middle East and North Africa to the Gulf and beyond.

The success of the revolution in Egypt would bring the transition to a "normal" with a political power legitimized by the people. After the spark of Tunisia, a sign that our south-eastern border can change. The better. Closer to our standards of freedom and democracy. Seizing the development opportunities lost to the greed of the post-colonial elite, committed to grow their revenues, indifferent to a young and demanding.

Use, print, and associations of citizens: "We do not know Sarah Palin"

"In every relationship twisted, miserable and disastrous moments are so unpleasant that offer both parties an opportunity to take a step back and realize that now is the time of separation." To write it, in his column for The New York Times is the conservative Ross Douhat comparing the relationship between the media and Sarah Palin to a failed marriage.

And here's the proposal: a separation contributes to a prolonged silence on the former governor of Alaska and the Republican leader of the right wing. Douhat is aimed at journalists and colleagues suggests: "Sarah Palin cover if you want but please stop behaving as if it were the most popular conservative politician in America.

Egypt: The ISP in turn disappears Noor screens

Noor Internet, the latest Internet Service Provider (ISP) Egyptian still in office, seemed to have started cutting its connections to the network, late Sunday afternoon. Shortly before eighteen hours, no more connection to the World. en Noor were from the network, according to the traffic monitors. Sites hosted by ISPs, including that of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, were still operational, but most ISP advertises its routes, preventing the traffic carried to its network.