Friday, January 14, 2011

Tunisia ': "The velvet revolutions can take place in an Arab country"

A month of unrest and finally to shake twenty-three years of a reign unchallenged. Driven by the pressure of the street after a final day of particularly violent riots in Tunis on Friday 14 January, the Tunisian president, Zine El-Ali AbidineBen, ended up leaving the country. Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi will become the interim President, with the support of the army.

The latter launched Friday night on television, a call for national unity. His mission now is to form a transitional government until general elections to be held in six months. Larbi Chouikha, political scientist and activist of the Tunisian League of Human Rights, discusses the day's events and opportunities that lie atop the Tunisian state.

Tunisia back on a month's revolt

Social unrest to the "jasmine revolution" back on a month of demonstrations and clashes with police, amid a social crisis. Despite announcements of political openness, the regime of President Ben Ali has fallen.

Vandalism creates panic in Rio, where 538 people have died

RIO DE JANEIRO, 14 The chaos of the storm has unleashed a wave of vandalism in the cities of Freiburg and New Teresópolis, the most affected by heavy rains that have fallen in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where in the last four days 538 people have died. The streets of New Fribourg Teresópolis Friday dawned full of mud and debris washed away.

This same picture was the one who could feel about the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, during his visit Thursday to the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, devastated by torrential. The lack of electricity, clean water, food and disruption of telephone services has been the breeding ground for crime that has harnessed this contingency to dock stores.

France "has not received any request for host" Ben Ali

Just hours after the departure of Ali Zine El-AbidineBen, the French government initially refused to comment on reports of a coming of former Tunisian president in France. According to information from the World, a flight from Tunisia landed at Le Bourget, Friday, January 14 to 19 h 30, carrying a daughter and a granddaughter of Mr.

Ben Ali accompanied by a governess. A second plane arriving in vacuum was asked not to land on the national soil. A third plane was en route to Paris. At the highest level of the French state, it says do not wish to bring Mr. Ben Ali in France. The Foreign Ministry said that France "has not received any calls home" the Tunisian president at large and would consider any possible request "in accordance with the constitutional authorities of Tunisia." The Elysee Palace, who spoke from a situation of "extreme complexity" in Tunisia, "noted the constitutional transition" and "wants to healing and an end to violence" in the country.

Riots: Tunisia President leaves after mass protests government

After days of bloody protests in Tunisia, President Ben Ali has dissolved the government. The announced national television. In the capital Tunis thousands demonstrate against Ben Ali's rule - now the country is facing new elections. Tunis - Tunisian President Zine El Abidin Ben Ali has dissolved the government of the country.

This Friday a spokesman with the state television. Previously, it was with mass demonstrations in the capital of Tunisia came again to violent conflict. During the protests several protesters scaled the roof of the Ministry of Interior in Tunis, the police threw tear gas grenades into the crowd.

Tunisia unrest: Police fire on protesters

 The protests in the capital of Tunisia escalate again. Several protesters have climbed to the roof of the Interior, the police fired tear gas grenades into the crowd. Thousands of European tourists to be flown from the country. Tunis - Tunisia's capital in case of mass demonstrations on Friday is to come again to violent conflict.

Despite an acclaimed speech by President Zine El Abidin Ben Ali, the protests continued in the center away from the Tunis. As one reporter told the news agency, were far from the Ministry of Interior shots heard. Before the buildings are police have fired tear gas grenades, as protesters clambered onto the roof of the building.

Clinton: "Beijing is not a threat" but "continued pressure on rights"

NEW YORK - A few days from the meeting in Washington with Chinese leader Hu Jintao, planned for January 19, Hillary Clinton reiterated the strengths of the relationship between the United States and Beijing. He did it in a speech at the State Department, during which he said that a prosperous China is "good for the U.S." as well as the reverse is not true.

For these reasons, Clinton reiterated during his visit, the United States intends to pursue "a comprehensive report, positive and cooperative." This will not prevent the U.S., however, continue to press China on human rights, even to secure the release of Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaobo. The emergence of China is still a threat to the interests of the U.S.

Côte d'Ivoire: EU decided to freeze the assets of the Gbagbo camp

Alassane Ouattara, called Friday, January 14 to use force to make from his rival Laurent Gbagbo. During a videoconference with a think tank in Washington elected President of Côte d'Ivoire has also offered to form a government with Gbagbo's supporters "I do not want bloodshed," but Laurent Gbagbo must know that things are getting worse, pleaded Mr.

Ouattara. He accused his rival of having once had recourse to force and be in the process of importing ammunition and about 3,000 mercenaries. "They come for the money," observed Mr. Ouattara. If they realize that things are changing to their disadvantage "they will leave," he predicted.

Ben Ali dismisses the government and call new elections

After the promise of President Zine Abidine Ben Ali Eal not reapply more, the protests that have shaken this week in Tunisia have achieved another important result. Ben Ali has announced the decision of wanting to overthrow the government and called early elections. Announcing the decision was the Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, who added that he had received the task of forming a new government directly from the President Ben Ali.

After the riots of Sidi Bouzid, follow the live situation in Tunisia

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Tunisian President dissolved the government and anticipated elections

Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on Friday dismissed the government and decided to call early legislative elections within six months, after weeks of protests that left dozens dead, the official news agency TAP reported. Before the presidential announcement police fired tear gas at a demonstration on Friday found the AFP journalists, when medical sources announced the death of 13 civilians on Thursday, although the President requested that no bullets were used against demonstrators.

Tunisian Thousands take to the streets shouting "Out Ben Ali!"

Thousands of people have taken today the streets of downtown Tunis, the Tunisian capital, calling for the output of which is the country's president for 23 years, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. With shouts of "Out Ben Ali," "Thank you, but enough is enough", "Either we kill or leave, but here is not negotiable", tens of thousands of people have marched and concentrated outside the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior, Habib Bourguiba Avenue.

Haiti: barricades and shooting in Port-au-Prince

A dozen people were arrested Friday in Port-au-Prince after incidents in Haiti's capital early in the morning. Witnesses reported gunfire, burning tires and barricades, when the country is facing a serious political crisis. The spokesman of the National Police announced the arrest of "tens of people," without specifying who was behind the unrest.

He added that two vehicles had been confiscated. These incidents occurred after the submission of a long-awaited report of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the disputed first round of presidential elections from November 28 to Haitian President Rene Preval out. According to a copy of the report by the experts recommend to dismiss the government candidate Jude Celestin, who came second after the first round in favor of the popular singer Michel Martelly.

Tunisia: Alliot-Marie has to "apologize or resign," said Besancenot

France encourages Ben Ali, who announced Thursday, January 13, liberalization measures after a month of bloody riots and repression, to "pursue" the path of "openness," said the spokesman Foreign Affairs, Bernard Valero. "We listened carefully to the measures announced by President Ben Ali to restore calm and back to violence.

We listened to the measures announced for the opening. We encourage them to continue in this way," he said, Friday, January 14. The French government had slightly raised his voice against the regime of Tunisian President worrying about the "disproportionate use of violence" after the worsening of human balance and under pressure from opposition critics and NGOs felt Paris's position too cautious, even accommodating.

Killed a policeman and four of his family in an insurgent attack in Pakistan

.- A police officer and four of his relatives were killed in an insurgent attack at dawn recorded at his home in northwest Pakistan, Efe said one police source. A group of "terrorists" attacked the residence of the agent, identified as Shamshad, killing two children, a man and a woman in the town of Tutka, located in the district of Hangu, the source said.

The officer served in the neighboring Orakzai tribal regions and Kurram, where the Taliban insurgency stars continued attacks against security forces. Attacks are common both in the mountainous tribal areas and in the adjacent river. Two days ago, at least 22 people were killed and 35 wounded in a suicide attack against a police station in the northwestern district of Bannu.

UN raises to 247 the dead by violence in Ivory Coast

.- The United Nations today raised to 247 the number killed in Ivory Coast by the violence prevailing in the country since disputed elections last November 28. "The latest figures we have spoken of 247 dead, ie 37 more than last week, and 49 disappeared", said Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay.

Colville also referred to reports that suggest the existence of a new mass grave in Ivory Coast, which would be the third after the two discovered last December, and said the UN still has been unable to confirm this. "The UN mission in Ivory Coast received the January 10 telephone information about the existence of a new mass grave in the town of Issia" said Colville, "but after traveling to the scene could not find it, or by both confirm its existence, "he added.

Case "Ruby": Justice proceeds against Berlusconi

 The young woman named "Ruby" Silvio Berlusconi could now still be fatal. Against Italian Prime Minister is now being investigated for abuse of authority even in the prostitution case. He should have kept the then 17-year-old person in front of a prison sentence. Milan - although he should not have sex with the girl have had, this is called Ruby Rubacuori.

But Milan prosecutors investigate a prostitution case, the escort girl but against Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi - because of abuse of office. For the Prime Minister should have taken care of last fall personally, that the then 17-year-old to jail. The prosecutors confirmed on Friday a report on the website of the newspaper "Corriere della Sera.

Mass demonstration against Ben Ali

The number of protesters grew from minute to minute: A large crowd of furious Tunisian has gathered in the capital of the country and calls for the resignation of the Head of State Ben Ali. He had tendered his resignation and reform, his people is not enough. Tunis - call "No to Ben Ali," "Ben Aki, go" or "Ben Ali, thank you, but it's enough." In Tunisia's capital Tunis on Friday thousands of people took to the streets.

Cameron: Labour triumphs at the House-election

It is a lesson for the conservative-liberal coalition of Prime Minister David Cameron: When a by-election to the House in northern England, the candidate has won the opposition Labour party - well behind its two rivals from the ruling camp. London - After the victory in the constituency of Oldham East and Saddleworth, the opposition Labour Party called it a wake-up call for Prime Minister David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.

Argentin President Kirchner's capture Ruber Travel Fund

The journey began unlucky: With a total of 70,000 € was the Argentine President Cristina Kirchner embark on a state visit. But armed men raided an assistant, who was transporting the money to the airport - but never arrived there. Buenos Aires - Argentine President Cristina Fernández Even the de Kirchner is not protected from thieves.

Armed stealing on Wednesday its full coffers, which was intended for a state visit to Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and Turkey. An assistant to the head of state conveyed $ 68,000 and 17,000 € in cash at the airport in Buenos Aires, when two men attacked him. One of the perpetrators had given him a gun to his head and forced him to surrender the money, said the officials from the police.

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev Until 2020, no choice in power

For over 20 years, Nursultan Nazarbayev, in power in Kazakhstan. Thanks to a constitutional amendment, the 70-year-old can now be kept even up to 2020 head of state - without elections. Federal government and the EU criticized the process as undemocratic. Astana / Berlin - Both chambers of the Kazakh parliament in the capital Asana nodded from the constitutional amendment: They agreed that the next presidential elections turn out in 2012 and 2017, should be discussed in which a new head of state.

Floods in Sri Lanka: EU releases EUR 2 million

The European Commission on Friday decided to release 2 million euros to assist flood victims in Sri Lanka. Heavy monsoon rains have battered the island for a week, killing more than a million displaced and 27 dead. Twelve others are still missing in the floods, which caused landslides and rising sea levels.

More than 250,000 people found refuge in government camps, while others have moved temporarily relocated by their own means, said Thursday said a spokesman for the center. "It is the duty of the European Union to allow thousands of people to receive emergency assistance. Our aid is the most vulnerable victims of these storms," said Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, Kristalina Georgieva.

Sri Lanka floods leave 27 dead

.- At least 27 people and displaced over one million is the balance of the severe flooding and landslides in Sri Lanka. The Disaster Management Centre (DMC, for its acronym in English) said Friday that 12 people were missing after a week of torrential rains that caused flooding and landslides in the eastern, northern and central.

"Water levels have started to decline, but the number of people moving to the state relief camps is increasing," said a spokesman for the DMC, the site reported the news via internet Sinhala ColomboPage. com. He noted that more than one million people have seen their homes flooded, so the vast majority have been mobilized some of the 633 relief camps provided by the Colombo government.

The keys to the crisis in Tnez

Tunisia in recent weeks has the greatest wave of protests in the past 24 years, since 1987, when President Zine Abidine Ben Ali came to power. Clashes between protesters and police have succeeded. The North African country has experienced since December 17 days of violence that have left dozens dead (23 according to the Government, 66 as human derefchos organizations).

He announced yesterday he will not run again for another term in 2014. What caused the crisis? On December 17, 2010 Mohamed Bouaziz, an unemployed youth aged 26, blew himself up outside City Hall in the village of Sidi Bouzid. It came after police confiscated his peddler of fruits and vegetables because they lack the necessary permission.

Ben Ali, engineer to dictator

Son of a dock worker, Ben Ali was educated at the military school of the Academy of Saint-Cyr (France) and studied electrical engineering in the United States. He came to power in 1987 through a coup which deposed Habib Bourguiba. Was unanimously elected for an initial term of five years in 1989 and reelected as the only candidate again in 1994.

In 1999, Ben Ali won a new five-year term with 99.4% of the vote despite the introduction of a multiparty system, a figure that generated suspicion by Western human rights groups. It has been widely recognized by political stability and strong economic growth, two of its main assets to date.

Brazil .- Barroso passed his "great sadness" for the victims of floods in Brazil

BRUSSELS, 14 The European Commission president, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, today expressed his "great sadness" about the devastating impact of heavy rains and floods in the State of Rio de Janeiro and that has left at least 500 dead and thousands have fled their homes. In a letter to the new Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, Barroso has expressed "great sadness at the destruction caused by rains in the state of Rio de Janeiro and unfortunately deaths have occurred," said a spokesman President of the EU executive told a news conference.

The Pope against de facto unions "changed the nature of the family"

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - The Pope condemns the new rules that guarantee certain rights to de facto unions. "To approve forms of union that distort the essence and purpose of the family, penalizing those who, not without difficulty, emotional ties are committed to live stable, legally recognized and publicly guaranteed," said Benedict XVI, getting administrators Rome and Lazio, with the mayor and the presidents Aleman and Polverini Zingaretti, for the traditional exchange of greetings beginning of the year.

Ben Ali's speech appeased no protests Tnez

Thousands of people have taken today the streets of downtown Tunis, the Tunisian capital, calling for the output of which is the country's president for 23 years, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. Shouting "Out Ben Ali," "Thank you, but enough is enough", "We either kill or leave, but here is not negotiable", tens of thousands of people have marched to the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior, Habib Bourguiba Avenue, to demand an end the regime of Ali, who yesterday made a new attempt, unsuccessful, to what is seen, containing a month of protests against corruption and unemployment that has claimed dozens of lives.

John Paul II beatified on May 1, 2011

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - Six years after his death on April 2, 2005, Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II will be beatified on May 1 this year. Benedict XVI has in fact departed from the canonical norms which provide for five years after the death expect to open the canonical process of beatification. The conclusion in 2011 of the beatification process for John Paul II indicates that there was a lot of work, addressing an immense mass of documents and listening to many witnesses, to analyze a reign of almost 27 years and the life of a character that has marked the history of the Church and not only of the twentieth century.

Killing of Tucson: America celebrates the youngest victim

Tucson, correspondent - In black families. White, the "angels". In the sky, a huge American flag that obscures the church. The youngest victim of the killing of 8 January in Tucson was the first buried, Thursday, January 13, the day after the tribute paid by Barack Obama in 6 dead and 13 wounded in the shooting, one of which is still under subject of intensive care, even if it started moving his arms and legs, Democrat Gabrielle Giffords House.

Ben Ali's speech appeased no protests Tnez

Thousands have taken to the streets today in downtown Tunis, the Tunisian capital against President Ben Ali, who yesterday tried, apparently without much success, to appease the revolt against his regime and in pursuit of greater freedom and democracy . The president, in his second speech popular in 23 years, announced he will not seek re-election in 2014 for a sixth term, which guarantees freedom of the press and no censorship.

The floods in Rio de Janeiro, Dilma Rousseff first test

Brazil is in mourning. At least 500 people have died in torrential rains that have lashed the three mountain towns of the State of Rio Teresópolis, Petrópolis and Nova Friburgo, in the early hours of Tuesday. The severity of floods and landslides that caused the most deaths forced the president Dilma Rousseff to move into the area from Brasilia in what is his first test since assuming office on January 1.

Those paranoid myths of America that excite the right

TUCSON - "In the days immediately after the massacre on Saturday - announcing the FBI - the arms sales throughout Arizona have increased by 60%. And people do buy up shippers' killer of 33 bullets as used by Jared Loughner: for that type of ammunition the increase in sales came to 300%. " Business is good for Greg Wolff, owner of two gun shops in Tucson Glockmeister (the brand of gun used by the killer on Saturday), yet he himself admits that he is exaggerating, "People act as if the government were about to invade their houses and seized weapons, this is paranoia.

The words of a father

"If there are puddles in paradise, now that's where Christina is jumping. And here, on earth, we put our hands on their hearts and pledge, as Americans, to forge a country worthy for his gentle spirit and always happy. " With these words, uttered with evident emotion, Barack Obama, concluded Wednesday evening, speaking at the memorial service for victims of the massacre of Tucson.

The words of a father directed, first of all, another father and a mother sitting there a few meters away, without even more tears. For 34 minutes Obama was the father of Christina and at the same time, the father of his father as president of that country that gave life and death to small Green.

Chaos Tunisia, strike confirmed "possible government of national unity"

TUNIS - Despite yesterday's speech of President Ben Ali, has confirmed the strike called for this morning at 11 in Tunis from the central trade union dell'Ugtt. The city meanwhile, after the party yesterday on the Avenue Bourguiba, seems to have recovered its normal. But still there are reports of demonstrations against the government inside the country, as happened last night at Kasserine, one of the poorest cities, and where recent clashes have claimed many victims.

Silvio Berlusconi does not resign despite the partial lifting of his immunity

Silvio Berlusconi said on Friday 14 January, that the questioning of some of his immunity by the Italian Constitutional Court is not likely to affect the functioning of the government or to provoke early parliamentary elections. "The decision by the Constitutional Court yesterday [Thursday] has absolutely no influence.

The government will continue to move forward because the last thing Italy needs is an early election," he said on Canale 5 television. The Constitutional Court Thursday struck down a law that protected the chairman of prosecution for charges of bribery and tax evasion relating to his media group Mediaset.

Brazil .- rises to 506 the death toll from rains in Rio de Janeiro

BRASILIA, 14 fatalities due to heavy rains in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro (southeast) has now reached 506. The Institute of Legal Medicine has identified a total of 470 corpses. The city of Freiburg brings together the largest number of victims identified: 225. Teresópolis are just two less, while this figure falls Petrópolis at 39.

In Sumidouro already has name to 19 bodies. The Civil Police is having problems sending the list of names. Carioca government data set that more than 5,000 families who have lost their homes in the Mountain Region: 2,500 and 3,000 Teresópolis equally divided between Petrópolis and Teresópolis, reports the newspaper 'O Globo' The Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, already in the area to examine firsthand the situation on the ground.

Tunisians express their joy in the streets after the speech of Ben Ali

The challenge of youth humiliated by the old dictator can now shake the Maghreb

On both sides, on the Western (Maghreb) as on that of the East (Mashreck), the Arab world is experiencing a troubled season. Blood flows and old dictator threatened his job. The Muslim regimes between the Atlantic and the Red Sea, many of whom lined up on the southern coast of the Mediterranean, are much more stable, or long-lived, however, of what has generally led to believe.

And now, even for the advanced age of the owners, they know the troubles of old age, that does not save the policy, especially when the older governing society young, very young indeed. The most warm, even hot, is that of Tunisia, to some arm of the sea from our islands to the South's portrait of 75-year-old president, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, is burned on the streets, between Bizerte and Sfax, from young people born in the (almost) twenty-four years when he dominate unchallenged, uninterrupted, on all public walls and walls of the Republic.

Government reshuffle in Japan to facilitate the adoption of reforms

Japan has a new government Friday in slightly modified, under the direction of the center-left Prime Minister Naoto Kan, aiming to boost growth and reduce debt. The new team of Mr. Khan, who succeeds the one named fewer than four months, is composed as the previous 17 members, four of whom are entering the government.

Holders of key ministries - foreign affairs, defense and finance - have retained their portfolios. The only real novelty is the arrival of a former finance minister of the opposition conservative Kaoru Yosano, 72, favors a tax increase on consumption, the post of Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy .

Brazil, more than 500 deaths in the floods Joussef The President: "We are in the drama"

RIO DE JANEIRO - Heavy rains that have devastated the region of the State of Rio de Janeiro have killed more than 500 deaths, a situation described as "very dramatic" by the same president Dilma Rousseff, who flew over the region to see for myself the extent of disaster. According to the latest budget of Civil Defense, the tragedy has left over 10 thousand homeless and a still unspecified number of people missing.

Twitter JFK and now lives in the digital archive network

There is a message to us from beyond the grave, a "tweet" from the shadows of myth, sent by an American president killed forty years ago and now writes. Ted passed away six months ago, the last "real" Kennedy, born instead in the technological miracle of digitization, the more "real" of them, John Fitzgerald, who lives, moves, speaks, or even send us your "tweet" , his text messages directly from the past, through his daughter Caroline, a sort of technological medium to communicate with the dead.

Tunisia: Two dead in clashes in Kairouan

Two civilians were killed by police gunfire in the city of Kairouan in central Tunisia, at the very moment when President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali delivered a speech in which he ordered the late fire at the demonstrators, witnesses said. Sayed, a 23 year old electrician, was shot in the chest near the premises of the police during clashes that erupted after a peaceful demonstration at the union's appeal in this regional city center, said one of the witnesses.

Brazil faced its worst natural disaster in 40 years

The mountainous region near Rio, devastated by rains that have already claimed over 500 lives, waiting anxiously for heavy rain Friday when she faces the worst natural disaster in history, according to media reports. According to a statement made by the site G1 of the media group Globo, floods and landslides caused by torrential rains on the night of Wednesday, 506 were dead.

Website UOL, meanwhile, cited the figure of 501 dead. From G1, quoting the relevant municipalities, there were 225 deaths in Nova Friburgo, 223 in Teresopolis, 39 and 19 in Petropolis Sumidouro. The media have stressed that this tragedy was considered "as the greatest natural disaster in the history of the country." Indeed, it exceeds that of Caraguatatuba on the coast north of Sao Paulo, now given up as the most murderous and who had been 436 deaths in 1967.

Bangkok Police enacts curfew for minors

Bangkok Police detain children under 18 who are outside the home after 10 pm as part of its new campaign to tackle crime among young people, local media reported Wednesday. "Patrolling the streets to ensure that these youth are not involved in improper activities," said the newspaper "The Nation" municipal body's spokesman, general Piya Utay.

Uthai said that if a child wanders along the sidewalk or in front of the cafes, will be arrested and taken to a police station until their parents come to pick you up, provided they have not committed any crime. In this case, young people will be jailed and will face criminal charges for their actions.

Obama regains the lead policy with his speech in Tucson

The country was in need of comfort and the president came to the rescue at the epicenter of a tragedy that promises to alter the political landscape in America. Barack Obama not only came to Arizona to join the pain of the victims of the shooting, which made the more convincing. The president crossed the country from snowy Washington to sunny Arizona to call all Americans to civility, the moderate and peaceful debate of ideas.