Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama announces plan to regain employment

With an eye toward the 2012 elections, the U.S. president, Barack Obama is expected to announce new measures today in Iowa to boost job creation, on the second day of his trip to the Middle East that began yesterday in Minnesota and conclude tomorrow in Illinois. High levels of unemployment in the country (over 9%) could hinder their re-election in presidential elections next year, what has motivated this mini tour in three states in which his party won in the 2008 election .

The White House explained that the reason Obama's trip is to listen to citizens concerns about the economy and explain how it intends to boost job creation. In this sense, the president is scheduled today to explain his plan to earmark a portion of $ 350 million to finance small businesses over the next five years.

Moreover, given the place you visit, will discuss other measures to boost the rural economy and improve access to private capital, expand services and job search training and improve rural access to public health services. Obama plans to enhance a specific plan for job growth when Congress resumes its activity in September after the summer recess.

The president has repeatedly asked Congress to approve the extension of tax cuts payroll, completion of free trade pacts and the promotion of infrastructure projects to create new jobs in construction. But Republicans who control Congress oppose any measure that involves heavy spending, if only to stimulate growth.

Obama's tour also allows the president to confront the angry voters with their decisions, as indicated by surveys. Despite this, the citizens who attended the meeting yesterday in Canon Falls (Minnesota) were kind to the president, and most of the interventions were to encourage him to take a harder political line against the Republicans.

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