Monday, January 24, 2011

Serving Silvio

The eminent Harvard professor was shocked. It 's a very mild Italian-American gentleman, happy, very busy with his work (helps torture survivors to heal from the trauma). E 'husband and father dovoto. "Berlusconi has damaged me beyond repair, it took me 50 years to explain to Americans of Italian origin that we are not the maniacs ...

we do not think that just touch the girls ass and try to pick up the young ones. And 'since I was kid that I have been fighting against stereotypes that haunt us Italian-Americans. I was opposed to those who consider us all a bit macho and 'pigs (pig-male chauvinist and' the exact wording, ed.) And there I was able ...

In Tunis, the interim government's survival

Tunis, Special Envoy - despised by former president Ben Ali, who rarely left his palace in Carthage, the Kasbah, the government headquarters in Tunis, now focusing all eyes. Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, tries to stay there, while very determined demonstrators demanding daily disappearance of the provisional government he formed.

Under its walls, Sunday, January 23, walkers of Sidi Bouzid, the city's agricultural center where the uprising left Tunisia, have joined thousands of people. "We started the revolution, we came to finish it," says Nizar Faleh, a teacher of 24 years. Determination of some to change everything after twenty-three years of dictatorship, will compose the other to avoid chaos: Tunisia is torn between these two aspirations, in front of an army strong presence in the streets, but so far at least, impassive.

Pope's appeal to young people on the net "Make good use of social networks"

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - The social network, to which more and more people, especially young people, participating on the Internet, offer new opportunities for "sharing" and "dialogue, exchange, solidarity and creating positive relationships." But should "avoid its dangers," as "the refuge in a sort of parallel world, or excessive exposure to the virtual world" to deal with the internet is Benedict XVI, in his message for the 45th World Day of Social Communications, on theme "Truth, Reporting and authenticity of life in the digital age, giving children specific advice on how to behave on the network.

Meetings begin to design the new Rio de Janeiro

BRASILIA, 24 The lieutenant governor of Rio de Janeiro, located in the southeast of Brazil, Luiz Fernando Peza, has announced the start of the meetings between the authorities and employers in Nova Friburgo, Petrópolis Teresópolis and - the cities most affected by floods - to coordinate its reconstruction.

In a first step toward recovery, the deputy met with expert geologists and representatives of Nova Friburgo to identify areas in which neighborhoods should be lifted to replace those buried in the neighborhood because of the rainstorm, as well as areas where construction is prohibited. For its part, the state Economic Development Secretary, Julio Bueno, Rio announced that the Government will expedite the delivery of 400 million reais (175 million euros) to the National Development Bank (BNDES) committed to local entrepreneurs that are made with new equipment, thus speeding recovery.

German Jesuits announce a fund of one million euros compensation for sexual abuse avctimas

A fund of one million euros to ensure compensation of 5,000 euros, equal to the 205 victims of sexual abuse in schools belonging to the Jesuit order. Was announced by Klaus Mertes, president of Canisius College, the first institution to bring to light last year with allegations of abuse occurring between 60 and 80, in an interview with German radio Deutschlandfunk.

Mertes also defended the need for a new morality on sexuality for the church. One million euros is a lot of money for us, "assured the Berlin school principal, protagonist in the scandal of abuse experienced by Germany last year for having brought to light allegations of alleged crimes that occurred within the walls of school.

rotesters step up their protests back in Tunisia.

They fear that tear followers of ex-dictator Ben Ali to power itself - and set the transitional government under pressure. Before the Treasury there were street battles. Tunis - The situation in Tunisia is very tense: Protests against the transitional government has once again clashes between police and demonstrators given.

Witnesses said protesters were advanced on the grounds of the government complex in the capital Tunis, and had destroyed the windows of the Treasury. They tried to prevent officials from entering the government building. A reporter for the news agency reported that protesters had thrown stones and bottles at the police.

Due to protests, new Bolivian cabinet

The new Cabinet should be announced on Sunday. Observers expect that Morales would be taking into account the protests, which attempted against the government in December cut in subsidies targeted for gasoline. In the past Cabinet members had repeatedly resigned to allow Morales a government reshuffle.

The outgoing cabinet of ten women and ten men had been formed a year ago when Morales began his second five-year consecutive term.

Explosive secret documents: Palstinians wanted to accept Isra

Secret documents show the unprecedented offer: In the Middle East peace process was the Palestinian leadership willing to far greater concessions than they publicly declared. The government wanted to give Abbas on land that had built in the Israeli settlers, report "Al-Jazeera" and "Guardian". Jerusalem - Almost all Israeli settlements built since 1967 in and around Jerusalem, would accept it - that was the offer of the Palestinians.

Portugal: President Cavaco wins in the first round of elections

Socrates is at the head of a minority government, since he at the parliamentary election in autumn 2009, lost its absolute majority. "We can not be satisfied," said Sócrates on Sunday evening. As the Election Commission CNE for the closure of the last polling stations in Lisbon next announced, the Socialist Manuel Alegre, 74, landed far behind in second place.

The renowned writer reached after counting more than 98 percent of the vote to only 19.7 percent. The focus of the campaign, the acute economic and financial crisis had been counted in the ten million poorest country in Western Europe. Despite his reserved manner Cavaco had criticized the policies of the Socialist minority government of Socrates with unusually sharp language.

Iraq: Six die in attack against Shiite pilgrims

An attack on believers again shaken Iraq: Due to the explosion of a car bomb near the city of Karbala six Shiite pilgrims were killed. Ten other people were injured, said an employee of the Iraqi Interior Ministry to the news agency. The blast had occurred in the early morning near a bus stop about 20 miles east of Karbala, it was said by the provincial authorities.

On Thursday were near about 110 miles south of the city of Baghdad when two suicide attacks at least 45 people were killed and 150 others injured. In other parts of the country died in recent days by people apparently religiously motivated attacks. Currently gather for Arbain hard hundreds of thousands Shiite pilgrims at the tomb of Imam Hussein in Karbala.

Tunisia: TV station chief is said to have worked on Ben Ali return

The owner of a major TV station in Tunisia has been arrested: Larbi Nasra said to have tried to allow the return of the fugitive President Ben Ali. Tunis - Larbi Nasra was accused of "treason and conspiracy against state security," reported on Sunday the Tunisian official news agency TAP. Nasra is one of the influential television Hannibal.

About him, he will reportedly have tried to allow the return of the fugitive President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Coinciding with the arrest of the owner of television channel was shut down. Nasra was trying to "deceive the revolution of the people and to sow chaos" on his transmitter, a TAP cited unnamed officials.

Hacker alters Facebook profile of Sarkozy received the message: "I do not re-apply"

PARIS - Nicolas Sarkozy will not reoccur in the 2012 presidential nominations. That the contents of the brief message appeared last night on the Facebook Wall of French President, written by a hacker. What has not been paying attention to grammar. The hoax message had several spelling errors. "Dear compatriots - it says - taking into account exceptional circumstances facing our country, I decided in my soul and conscience not to introduce myself after the expiration of my term in 2012.

Albania, Italy appeal of Rama "I condemn the violence of the State"

TIRANA - "Italy and the EU should not accept an unacceptable reality in Albania for the democratic world and condemn the state violence that kills innocent people": this is the appeal this morning by the Albanian Socialist opposition leader, Edi Rama, in a conversation with Italian journalists. "Europe - added Rama - can not accept that things can happen in Albania that would never accept in their countries, based on principles and values are not negotiable: that people die because they protest or opposition is called 'bastard 'by the government.

Dear Marchionne, should give power to workers

The group Semco in Brazil has made billions listening to the workers. Did you know? This strange company is enjoying great economic success. This is one of the largest industrial groups in the country, initially was a steel company in the industry, real industry, in short, not the creative industries on the internet.

It was a successful business but the profits were verticalized when Ricardo Semler took the direction of the company. What he did is a structural revolution in the manufacturing system. A revolution that starts from the idea that workers have a great capacity for responsibility, which in private life, such as dedicating themselves to their children.

The bomb "Palestine Papers," Act 1, Jerusalem

Time is leakage. Wikileaks after the news channel Al-Jazeera, associated with the Guardian, embarks on a large scale disclosure of diplomatic notes. Those that concern us (the broadcast began Sunday, January 23 and will last until 26 January, said the chain) concern the Israeli-Palestinian and Palestinian mainly deals allegedly made [more ...]

Egypt, the democracy of the web as bloggers defeat censorship

CAIRO - I like watching the Nile, in the light of the mild winter, Levantine, and imagine the lively conversations elusive, as thick as gusts of wind infiltrated among the luxury, overbearing skyscrapers sprouted on both sides of river. You have the impression to hear the rustle of democracy. I guess what is in fact a democratic debate.

I guess what is in fact a democratic debate, passionate, uninterrupted, inaudible, the dominant authoritarian oligarchy can not silence at all. The land of the pharaohs, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, in fact all forms of communication offered by the web for Internet users to flout the imposing apparatus of repression, and to promote dialogues and projects without worrying too much censorship.

Thousands of Belgians took to the streets embarrassed by the lack of government

More than 30,000 Belgians, according to police, said yesterday in downtown Brussels to express their disgust and shame by a political class unable to agree on forming a government more than seven months after the June elections. The peaceful march in good spirits specific to the Belgians, was an expression of popular impotence against a political class unanimously described as incompetent.

Among the demonstrators was unconstitutional exits proponents as the dissolution of the parties or that the king takes power. The polls took place on 13 June a power relationship between Flemish and Francophone parties made the separatist New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) in the key of an arc that is now impossible to close.

In Brazil, the official death toll from heavy rain gets heavier over 800 dead

The official death toll from the weather on 12 January in the mountainous region north of Rio de Janeiro was Sunday, January 23 further increased, reaching 803 deaths. Of these 803 victims, the statement of Civil Defense reported 389 dead and 324 in Nova Friburgo in Teresopolis, the two cities hit hardest by torrential rains and landslides, 65 deaths in Petropolis, 22 and three in Sumidouro two localities.

Tunisia is growing popular pressure on government

The pressure of the street in Tunis to demand the resignation of the transitional government and ministers from the Ben Ali regime has taken a new dimension Sunday, January 23, with the seat of the Prime Minister's palace, begun by a thousand young people from the center the country. The continuing protests throughout the weekend in Tunis has revived speculation about the ability of the interim government to resist popular pressure, but an appeal to the indefinite strike of primary teachers has been launched on Monday, when Theoretical classes resume.

Turkey denounces the Israeli report on the attack against the fleet of Gaza

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has rejected the report of the Israeli commission of inquiry, published Sunday, January 23 and whitens Israel in the murderous attack on a Turkish ship humanitarian in May off the coast of Gaza. "What value can have a report prepared and controlled in the same country ?(...), questioned Mr Erdogan faced reporters in Ankara.

This report has no credibility." The report of the Committee on the Israeli raid murderer of May 31, 2010 in international waters against a convoy of pro-Palestinian - in which nine Turkish nationals had been killed - concludes that the naval blockade of the Palestinian and the Israeli commando assault were "consistent with international law." The commission established by Turkey in response to the Israeli commission of inquiry has also denounced the Israeli report, declaring themselves "shocked and dismayed" by his conclusions that exonerate the Israeli army, reported the Anatolia news agency.

South Korea is negotiating the delivery of Somali pirates to a third country

.- South Korea is negotiating the delivery of captured Somali pirates for the release of the freighter "Samho Jewelry" to a third country, but has met with reluctance, reported a source in the South Korean Foreign Ministry told Efe. "We are negotiating with third countries to accept the pirates captured alive, but there are difficulties, especially in the case of money, because the costs are high," said a Foreign Ministry spokesman.

The seven hostages of AQIM kidnapped in Niger have been separated

The five French, Togo and Madagascar in the hands of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) since mid-September and were held in northern Mali, are no longer on the territory of Mali, said, Sunday, January 23, Malian source familiar with the matter. "Seven hostages have been dispersed and are no longer on Malian territory.

We're confident," said this source to the condition of anonymity. "There are good intentions in Mali and Niger who do everything to obtain satisfactory results, but it is not easy," she added. France "has no comment" to make on this statement, responded the French Foreign Ministry. "As you know discretion is an important parameter of our work and effectiveness of it," said Bernard Valero, spokesman for the Quai d'Orsay.

Attack of Alexandria: Egypt accuses Palestinian group linked to al-Qaida

The Egyptian government says have technically had a Palestinian group linked to al-Qaeda is behind the bomb attack perpetrated in a Coptic church in Alexandria that killed over 20 people on 1 January. "We have compelling evidence of their involvement in organizing and carrying out this despicable terrorist act," said Interior Minister Habib el-Adli in a speech broadcast on state television, during The Day of the police.

Southern Sudan: nearly 99% of voters voted for independence

Nearly 99% of South Sudanese have voted for independence in the referendum on self-determination which took place in mid-January, according to provisional results released Sunday by the electoral commission website after the counting of 98.7% of ballots. This election was planned in the 2005 peace accords that ended decades of civil war.

"So far, 100% of ballots in the North and abroad and 98.7% of South Sudan have been robbed," said the commission on its website. According to provisional results, 98.7% of voters voted for secession, confirming the trend drawn in previous estimates. Ballots will be sent to the office of the Commission in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, to be validated before the announcement of final results in February.

An opponent Yemeni arrested after calling for protests against the pouvoirr

About 200 Yemeni journalists have called on Sunday for the release of activist Tawakel Karman, arrested overnight by police in Sanaa where clashes occurred at the university. Parties of their union headquarters, journalists staged a march towards the floor of Sana'a, demanding the release of Ms. Karman, who heads the local organization "Women Journalists without chains," reported a correspondent of the.

Hundreds of Tunisians are protesting against the Government Street

Hundreds of Tunisians are tonight in the street protesting against the transitional government and skipping curfew imposed in the country since the popular revolt that led to the departure of the despot Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. The protesters are rural dwellers who had come to the capital to join the protests and now have nowhere to go.

Provided food and water have camped in the center of the city before the prime minister's office. At 7.30 am on Sunday began to hear the cries of demonstrators arrived from the countryside, many of them in Sidi Bouzid, the city where Mohamed Bouazizi blew up and sparked the revolt-which habín traveled about 300 kilometers, some sections walk, to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Mohamed Ghanuchi, and members of Government who served prior to Ben Ali, who was deposed on October 14.

The head of the West African bank, in favor of Laurent Gbagbo resigns

Philip Henry Dacoury-Tabley, the Ivorian governor of the Central Bank of the States of West Africa (BCEAO), close to President Laurent Gbagbo out, resigned Saturday under pressure heads of state met in West Africa Summit in Bamako. Philip Henry Dacoury-Tabley resigned himself, said a statement issued at the end of the summit of leaders of the eight member countries of the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa (UEMOA) in Bamako, the BCEAO the issuing bank.

China's GDP will grow by 9.8 percent in 2011

.- China's economy will grow by 9.8 percent in 2011, according to forecast the China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS English), an institution that advises the Beijing government, reported the semi-official China News Service The Institute of Economic Forecasts the CASS also indicates that inflation, one of the indicators of most concern to the government and population in China this year will reach 3.7 percent.

The organization of elections in Central Africa, a challenge

Bangui, Special Envoy - Twice postponed, long uncertain legislative and presidential elections in Central African Republic (CAR) must ultimately be held Sunday, Jan. 23 amid protest before the vote is to be held. This is not a surprise in this country of 4.8 million where political violence is recurrent since independence in 1960 and where all social economic indicators are in the red.

"The health and education systems are nonexistent or nearly so, says an official of the NGO Action against Hunger. Because of malaria, AIDS, malnutrition, tuberculosis and displacement of tens of thousands of people caused by rebel groups, life expectancy fell below 40. " According to the Human Development Index published in 2009 by the United Nations, the country ranked 179th out of 182.

32 people die after calcined in Pakistan bus crash

.- At least 32 people were killed today when a bus hit a gasoline tanker truck that caught fire near Nooriabad, Pakistan. Police said the accident happened near the town of Nooriabad, in the province of Sindh, where the bus was traveling between Karachi and Sukur. At least 20 to 23 passengers escaped the bus, but 32 others were hit by fire, Geo TV said.

So far the cause of the accident is unknown, but presumably was due to the negligence of the driver. It is estimated that about 50 passengers were aboard the bus at the time of the collision with the tanker, carrying about 40 thousand liters of fuel. Meanwhile, hospital sources said that the identification of those killed will not be possible due to the state of decomposition of bodies.

Failed negotiations in Istanbul on the Iranian nuclear program

The issue of Iran's nuclear program can not be resolved in one or two meetings, said said Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wu Hailong, according to a statement posted on the website of the Ministry, following the failure of negotiations between Tehran and Western powers. The two days of talks in Istanbul between the Group of Six - Germany, Britain, France, Russia, China, USA, and Iran ended in failure.

Six killed by the explosion of five car bombs in Iraq

.- At least six people were killed and 31 injured when five car bombs exploded in and around Baghdad, police said. The first car was parked in the neighborhood of Al Elam, southwest of Baghdad, exploded as a police patrol, the sources told Efe. The explosion killed two people, one an officer, and wounding eight, including four officers.

In addition, a convoy of vehicles was badly damaged, the sources added. A second car bomb exploded in the Al Tayui, 30 miles north of Baghdad, and caused two deaths and four injuries. Several cars were parked nearby, and some buildings and shops were damaged. The third car bomb exploded near the Diana hotel in central Baghdad, causing one dead and six wounded, while the fourth vehicle laden with explosives exploded at an intersection, also at the heart of the capital, while a police patrol, wounding five people.

Al Jazeera WikiLeaks reveals its "enormous concessions from the Palestinians"

LONDON - The Palestinian National Authority has secretly offered to Israel "huge concessions" on Jerusalem in 2008 and 2009, that the Jewish state has also declined. Al Jazeera writes publishing some of the 1,600 secret files called "Palestinian Papers" that the TV claims to have obtained, which publishes the Guardian.

In a trilateral meeting of June 15, 2008, writes Al Jazeera, the former Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei PNA proposed - in the presence of Condoleezza Rice, the then U.S. secretary of state, and Tzipi Livni, Israeli Foreign Minister of the time - the annexation by Israel of "all the settlements in Jabal Abu Ghneim except Jerusalem (Har Homa).

In Portugal, "the magnitude of the victory in the first round is the only issue of the presidential"

Attacks by U.S. drones in Pakistan leaves six dead

.- Six suspected rebels were killed Sunday in an attack by U.S. drones apparently conflict in the tribal area of North Waziristan, in Pakistan near the Afghan border, Pakistani intelligence officials said. This military action took place at a time when at least two thousand tribal people, many of them students, were holding a protest in Mir Ali, one of the main towns in North Waziristan.

The protesters demanded an end to attacks because they said drone kill innocent civilians. The rebels have effective control in North Waziristan and whether they were active in organizing the protest. United States publicly acknowledged the drone attacks that launched the CIA, but officials privately insist that these actions are mostly accurate and rebels have destroyed the Taliban and al Qaida.

Hundreds of protesters from reaching the interior of Tunisia's capital

.- Hundreds of protesters from the interior of Tunisia began to arrive today in a motorcade to the capital of the country to join the protests demanding the departure of the ministers of former transitional government, according to Efe found. About a thousand people from the region of Sidi Buzid in the Midwest, arrived in the central avenue Habib Bourguiba of capital and focused at the Interior Ministry headquarters, shouting slogans against the executive transition and rupture asking with the previous regime.

Brazil .- Increase to 803 the number killed by floods in the state of Rio de Janeiro

BRASILIA, 23 The number of people killed by floods in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has now risen to 803 according to the balance reported on Sunday by the Ministry of Health and the state Civil Defense. The authorities had warned that this figure could increase in hours due to the high number of missing.

Nova Friburgo city remains the hardest hit by the storm, for in it there have been 389 deaths. Teresópolis balance has already reached the 324 deaths, reports Agencia Brasil. In Petrópolis Sumidouro are 65 and others 22. These populations are concentrated in the mountains of Rio. In addition, authorities have reported that there are 417 missing, most also Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo, while the number of homeless or who have lost their homes reached 20,000 people.

Morales changed three ministers to tackle the second year of the Multinational State

Three new partners, two females and one male, on Sunday joined the Cabinet of President Evo Morales, at the beginning of the second year of the State of Bolivia, inaugurated on January 22, 2010. Early on Sunday, the former Cabinet collective resignation submitted to the office to facilitate the management of Morales, however, preferred to keep most of the equipment, except energy minister, Luis Fernando Vincenti, replaced by José Luis Gutiérrez , Teresa Morales Olivera happens in the post of Minister of Plural Economy Productivity and Antonia Rodriguez, and the Ministry of Environment and Water has produced over from Maria Ester Udaeta by lawyer and human rights activist from the city of El Alto, Villa Julie Monk.

Berisha, "Rama punished if new coup attempt" Opposition to the streets again Friday

TIRANA - The streets of Tirana has returned to calm, but tension remains very high throughout Albania. Both the government and the opposition have already organized new events, while continuing exchange of accusations over responsibility for the clashes last week in which three civilians were killed.

Prime Minister Sali Berisha said that the opposition leader, the socialist Edi Rama, "attempted coup" and warned that "if we try a second time will make an example, one that deserves every bandit." This and next week are already planned two demonstrations opposing the opposition on Friday afternoon and one organized by the government on Saturday (it was originally announced for Wednesday, but postponed the then Prime Minister).

Arrive in Tunis of the "caravan of liberation"

A thousand demonstrators from the province and demanding the resignation of the Tunisian government transition arrived Sunday morning in downtown Tunis. "The people just bring down the government," chanted the demonstrators, including many young party Saturday in the center of the country and moved to the capital by alternating walking and car travel, in a motley convoy called "caravan release.

State of the Union: Obama fight for jobs

- In a short video message has given Barack Obama a preview of the themes of his State of the Nation. As expected, the long-term economic growth and job creation at the heart of the speech will be available. Given an unemployment rate of nine percent and a slow start be economic recovery in the U.S., he will give the annual speech on Tuesday in Washington before Congress Member and Senat.

Unrest among Muslims of three nations

The Tunisian capital, the Yemeni and Algerian demonstrations paths flaunted the Government claims infected by the demands the Tunisian regime. The protests against the continuation of the chief ministers of the regime of deposed president, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, in the transitional government continued throughout Tunisia, where for the first time in the history of the country hundreds of police took to the streets capital.

Brazil .- The death toll from flooding has already exceeded the 800

SAO PAULO, Jan. 23 (Reuters) - The death toll from floods and landslides that devastated the mountainous region of Serrana (near Rio de Janeiro) has now reached 803, said on Sunday the Brazilian authorities, while Rescue teams were still searching in the mud for hundreds of missing people. The disaster is the second largest in the history of Brazil, according to UN data published Sunday in the newspaper 'Estado de Sao Paulo', exceeded only by a meningitis outbreak that killed 1,500 people in 1974.

Thousands of Belgian politicians beg to forming government after

About 30,000 Belgians, according to police, have spoken this afternoon in downtown Brussels to express his disgust with a political class unable to agree on forming a government more than seven months after the June elections. The peaceful march and the good spirits that are integral to the Belgian, has been an expression of popular impotence to a political class unanimously described as incompetent.