Thursday, June 23, 2011

Power Struggle in Iran: Ahmadinejad confidant arrested

Mohammed Sharif Maleksadeh is considered one of the allies of the president, the former Secretary of State is now apparently been arrested in Tehran. Corruption allegations had arisen against the politicians.

Conservative politicians had accused him of being part of a movement that would weaken the power of the cleric in the country. There were also allegations of corruption, which was rejected by the Secretary of State.

After the United States, France announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan

One year before the presidential election, and shortly after the announcement of Barack Obama's withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, France also began the end of his engagement in the country. L'Elysée, which "welcomes" the U.S. decision, has announced a "gradual withdrawal" of reinforcements sent to Afghanistan "in proportion and in a schedule similar to the withdrawal of American reinforcements."

New Exodus on the border between Syria and Turque after an offensive in the border

Syrian troops continue their offensive against the people critical of the regime of Bashar al-Assad on the border with Turkey. Today they have entered the Shogur Jisr, a town besieged by the army for days.

Released on bail, Ai Weiwei forbidden to leave Beijing

Between the artist Ai Weiwei, released on bail Wednesday, June 22, after more than two and half months of solitary confinement, not allowed to leave Beijing "without permission", said Thursday the spokesman of the Ministry of Chinese Foreign. The deposit has a term of one year and "during this period, Ai Weiwei is still under investigation.

It is not allowed to leave the country without permission," said the spokesman , Hong Lei, during a regular news briefing. "He must respond promptly to appear before the court ... without destroying evidence," said Mr Hong.

The leaders of the EU darn a message of unity to the Greek crisis

The Heads of State and Government of the European Union (EU) today started a two-day meeting in Brussels that will devote to try to project a message of unity to the Greek crisis and growing popular discontent generated by policies austerity. No formal decisions about the critical situation of Greece's finances will dominate the discussions of the leaders in this first day of European Council, which will begin with a working dinner.

Obama urges immediate cease-fire in Sudan region

President Barack Obama urged the leaders of Sudan and southern Sudan for an immediate ceasefire in the disputed region of South Kordofan, after signing an agreement to reduce tensions in that area. Obama warned that if the government of Sudan continues its campaign of bombings against civilians and harassment of UN peacekeepers (UN), this will result in greater international isolation.

Japan earthquake of 6.7 degrees records

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale shook northeastern Japan at 6:51 pm local time on Thursday (21:51 GMT Wednesday), Meteorological Agency of Japan, with no reports of injuries or damage. It said it was canceled a tsunami warning issued for coast of Iwate Prefecture.

The strong quake was felt in the city of Hashikami, Aomori Prefecture, and coastal areas of northern Iwate Prefecture, including the city of Morioka, reported Kyodo news agency. The earthquake was felt with less intensity in some parts of the prefectures of the region, Miyagi and Akita.

Brazil granted a residence permit to Cesare Battisti

The Italian Cesare Battisti was obtained Wednesday, June 22, a permanent residence permit in Brazil, a decision expected in early June after the denial of justice to extradite former activist of the extreme left to Italy, which continues to claim it.