Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Syrian government announced the "end of the military offensive" in major cities

Syrian security forces as "finished" the military operation in two of the main rebel-held areas of the country, Deir el Zor (east) and Latakia (on the Mediterranean coast in the northwest), say the official media . The offensive of recent days against alleged "terrorists", according to official VERSION in these areas have caused scores of deaths.

A group of international journalists on a visit organized by the regime, claims to have witnessed the withdrawal of soldiers and armored vehicles, while local media broadcast images of people singing and smiling as the soldiers away. The activists, however, contradict the official version.

A few hours after the official announcement, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights denounced the death of an activist army gunfire during a demonstration against President Bashar Assad in Latakia. According to the television channel Al Jazeera, the security forces remain on the outskirts of Deir el Zor.

The protests against the regime have not stopped in the other major cities. Residents of Homs, on the outskirts of Damascus and Binish (North) once again take to the streets last night to demand the resignation of President al-Assad. The wave of riots to end 41 years of Baath Party dictatorship has caused over 1,800 deaths since March.

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