Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nuclear Iran: the U.S. announced sanctions against companies

The United States has imposed, Tuesday, May 24, new sanctions against seven "foreign entities" as part of the effort to contain the nuclear program of Iran. By this decision, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "sent a clear message to businesses around the world: those who continue to support irresponsibly Iran's energy sector and help Iran to escape U.S.

sanctions may face consequences serious, "said a statement from the State Department. Referred the company Petroleos de Venezuela (Pedevesa), PCCI (Jersey / Iran), Royal Oyster Group (UAE), Speedy Ship (UAE / Iran), Tanker Pacific (Singapore), Ofer Brothers Group (Israel) and Associated Shipbroking ( Monaco).

The judge considered the defendant incapable of Arizona shooting

The judge investigating the shooting case against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, which killed six people, has decided on Wednesday that the defendant, Jared Lee Loughna, is mentally incompetent to stand trial, which paralyzes the legal procedures until September 21 when a hearing will decide whether the defendant understood the 49 charges made against him and if you are able to actively participate in his defense.

Télézapping - A Kirkjubaejarklaustur a "moonscape" covered with volcanic ash

Lula Rousseff he defends in the first scandal of his Gestin

"I started to hit me after the first year and a half of Government. Dilma bombing government has begun too soon." With this reflection launched in the intimacy of a meeting with senators Workers Party (PT), former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, drew an unflattering horizon for its successor. The extornero, which retains a very strong influence within his party, has unexpectedly left the political arena to tackle a fire that threatens to spread, reaching the Planalto Palace.

The Tunisian government maintains the elections to July 24

The transitional government of Tunisia has decided to maintain the crucial July 24 election for a Constituent Assembly, against the advice of the electoral commission, which proposed to postpone it until October for technical and logistical reasons, he announced Tuesday, May 24 "The cabinet discussed at length the proposal from the highest authority for the elections and decided to meet the deadline set by the government and the president, that is to say the organization of elections on July 24" said the spokesman of the government, Taieb Baccouche.

Libya: for Juppe, the intervention will be completed in a few months

The intervention in Libya should be completed within a few months later by Alain Juppe. During the current issues in the National Assembly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has in fact ensured that the regime of Muammar Qaddafi suffered many defections and that the opposition was organized. The head of French diplomacy reiterated that the other objective of the coalition assembled under the leadership of NATO was to "increase the military pressure" after two months of intervention.

Dwell order against the former president of the Congress of Colombia

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) in Colombia today ordered the arrest of the former president of Congress, Nancy Patricia Gutierrez for alleged influence peddling and conspiracy in the alleged illegal wiretapping scandal, judicial sources said. Gutierrez was a senator and chaired the Colombian legislature in July 2007 and December 2008, was apparently illegal surveillance informed the congressman also Piedad Cordoba.

Palestinians committed to seeking recognition of their state at the UN

The Palestinians have always ask the UN in September to recognize their state on 1967 borders but not proclaim it "unilaterally", said in Moscow Tuesday, May 24 an official of the Fatah party of President Mahmoud Abbas, ensuring that Russia There was favorable. "We go to the UN calling for the accession of the State of Palestine and its recognition on the 1967 borders, but we do not consider this as a unilateral action," said Azzam Al-Ahmad, head of file reconciliation with Hamas in Fatah.

Kim Jong-il's visit to China

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il visited on Wednesday the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, setting the stage for discussions expected to be a sign of China's support their isolated state. Neither China nor North Korea have openly confirmed the secretive Kim's visit, but after the arrival of his train, a convoy passed through central Beijing's Chang'an Avenue under police protection especially harsh, suggesting that it was in China's capital.

Cameron and Obama are committed to exert more pressure on Gadhafi

U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, today expressed their commitment to "increase the pressure" on Libya to force the ouster of Col. Moammar Gadhafi. "The president and I agreed that we should increase the pressure on Libya. The regime is under pressure and is something you see that the rebels have freed much of Misrata and its success in other parts of the country," Cameron said.

Mexico arrested in the alleged murderer of the son of Sicilian poet

On the brink of two months of the murder of seven people in Morelos, five of them young, the Federal Police yesterday arrested the main accused of multihomicidio that gave birth to a national group that demands peace and justice. Radilla Jesús Hernández, alias Black, was arrested with two others in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, 700 kilometers southeast of Morelos, a place in the March 27 killings occurred.

"Unworthy you!" Stéphane Hessel will be published in China

The best-selling Stéphane Hessel indignation you! will be published in China in June, along with several pieces, said Tuesday, May 24 Native, the French publisher of the book by former diplomat, co-editor of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "The contract regarding the publication of indignation in China you! Is signed between the company and Indigenous Media Co.

Ltd Beijing Fonghong., Is headquartered in Beijing," says Jean-Pierre Baru, who with the Sylvie Crossman small publishing house, founded in 1996 in Montpellier. The book will be available in China include, besides translating the text of the former resistance of 93 years, ten new notes from the hand of the translator and the call appeared in Le Monde, signed by Michel Rocard in particular, for recommending Stéphane Hessel Nobel Prize for peace.

The Colombian Senate approves a law to compensate the victims

A large majority of the Colombian Senate has approved this morning Victims Act to repair the millions of people affected by the internal armed conflict entrenched in this country for over 50 years. The law recognizes as a victim to anyone who has suffered an attack since January 1, 1985, regardless of who has been a guerrilla, paramilitary or an agent of the State.

Also includes the replacement of land lost by the displaced since 1991. It is estimated that there could be more than four million beneficiaries. After a debate lasting more than nine hours and a consensus that had become entangled in recent weeks, the agreement was reached by surprise.

Yemen: Violence continues between police and supporters of tribal leader

In Sanaa, the home of Sheikh Al-Ahmar Sadak, a powerful tribal leader rallied to the opposition, has been affected, Tuesday, May 24 in the early evening, by a missile, with several killed and wounded in a tribal source. "Among the injured include the General Ghaleb Gamache, head of a mission of mediation" between the government and Sheikh Sadek al-Ahmar, "she added, without being able to give a more accurate.

New data suggest Iran's military nuclear aspirations

The United Nations nuclear agency has received new information on possible military aspects of Iran's atomic program, reinforcing fears that the nation may be working to develop a missile armed with nuclear material, the agency said in a report. The new information covers operations in Iran "until relatively recently," including in 2010, said an official with knowledge of the investigation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA for its acronym in English), who declined to give details.

Kim Jong Il arrives in Beijing to meet Chinese president

.- The North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, arrived this morning in Beijing from Nanqing on the sixth day of his visit to China, presumably to meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao, South Korean news agency Yonhap. The communist leader's armored train reached the station in Beijing early in the morning and later the North Korean delegation headed possibly to the guesthouse Diaoyutai State in China's capital.

Eight bombs detonated near the home of Moammar Gadhafi

Eight loud explosions shook the area of Bab Al Aziziya, where the residence of Libyan Col. Moammar Gadhafi, which came under heavy bombardment from the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). At dawn NATO had carried out a series of attacks on Tripoli that were rated as the most intense since he arrived in Libya, the balance left three dead and 150 wounded.

NATO said those bombings pointed to a popular guard headquarters, volunteer units support the Army.

Argentina .- The Argentine dancer Iñaki Urlezaga presented on Wednesday and Thursday, three shows in Bilbao

BILBAO, 25 May. The Argentine dancer Iñaki Urlezaga presented on Wednesday and Thursday in the artery Fields Theatre Bilbao La Traviata Verdi's Don Quixote Suite and Ravel's Bolero, with forty dancers. The first one, La Traviata by Verdi, will be staged at 20.30 pm in ballet choreographed version of Urlezaga own orchestral arrangements of Luis Gorelik.

On Thursday, at the same time, be offered Don Quixote Suite, choreographed by Marius Petipa and original music by Ludwig Mol, and then Ravel's Bolero, choreographed by Miguel Angel Elías and original music by Maurice Ravel. Iñaki Urlezaga (Argentina, 1976) began his career in 1991 as principal dancer of the Teatro Argentino de La Plata, in July 1993, joined by international competition at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, with the same responsibility, and in March 1995 joined the Royal Ballet as principal dancer, where he performed until 2005 in all annual seasons at Covent Garden Royal Opera House.

Second death by intestinal bacteria in Germany

The outbreak of intestinal bacteria and Escherichia coli O157: H7 strain that has spread throughout Germany has claimed a second victim, a 89-year-old woman who died in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Iraq , health authorities have confirmed. In addition, suspected death, also in northern Germany, two other women by bloody diarrhea, a symptom of infection in severe cases, may be related to the outbreak, while the number of possible infected germ now exceeds 600.

Killed in Brazil to the Amazon rainforest activist and his wife

BRASILIA, 25 May. (Reuters) - An activist in the Amazon jungle and his wife were shot dead on Tuesday in northern Brazil, at a time when Congress was debating a proposed land division that threatens to drive deforestation in this important area natural. Claudio Joao Ribeiro da Silva, rubber tapper and forest conservation leader, and his wife, Maria do Espirito Santo, were ambushed and killed in Para state, reported the Federal Police and government officials.

India will pay $ 5 billion to Africa over three years

India will lend five billion dollars (about 3.55 billion euros) to Africa over the next three years, announced Tuesday, May 24 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's first day of a summit between the two partners, held in Addis Ababa. "We will offer 5 billion dollars in loans for the next three years. We will provide an additional $ 700 million [approximately EUR 497 million] to establish new institutions and training programs," Singh said during This summit scheduled until Wednesday at the headquarters of the African Union.

The "Dr. Twitter" the Tunisian government resigns

U.S. sanctions Venezuela's petroleum negotiate with Irn

United States expanded sanctions yesterday against companies that do business with Iran and whose transactions end up funding the nuclear program of the regime of the ayatollahs. In the list of companies reprimanded, the administration of Barack Obama included seven new companies including Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and the Ofer Brothers Group Israeli shipping.

The Venezuelan government expressed "strong repudiation" of the U.S. decision and announced that it will consider the implications of this measure to give "the appropriate response," Efe reported. Moreover, other sanctions imposed on 16 persons and companies involved in some way traffic ballistic technology and weapons of mass destruction, revealed yesterday the State Department.

In Missouri, as close to deadly tornadoes

UN calls again to allow access to inland cities of Syria

.- The Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Valerie Amos, today again urged the Syrian authorities to allow access into the country to UN officials. "If you are concerned about the reports that are taking place about what happens inside should allow access to check on the ground," Amos said in a meeting with reporters at the UN headquarters.

According to estimates by human rights activists, since last March when protests erupted against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, died nearly a thousand people, mostly civilians, and thousands more have been arrested. In that sense, Amos today reiterated its concern about the violence in Syria, lamented the lack of authoritative information and criticized the international organizations remain without access to provide humanitarian assistance.

NATO increases pressure on the Qaddafi regime

Undersecretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, announced Tuesday in Benghazi, a stronghold of insurgents in eastern Libya, the rebels have handed an official invitation to open a representative office in Washington. "I submitted on behalf of the President [Barack] Obama a formal invitation to the National Transitional Council [CNT] to open a representative office in Washington," Feltman said during a news conference.

Netanyahu does not return to 1967 borders

In a speech in Washington Monday, May 23, at the annual meeting of the main pro-Israel lobby in the United States, the American IsraelPublic Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu assured: "[Peace] is guarantee security for Israel and thus Israel can return to indefensible borders of 1967 "while President Barack Obama spoke out Sunday for a Palestinian state based on a revision of borders from the war Six Days.