Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marine Le Pen, officially proclaimed the new president of the National Front

As leaked on Friday, Marine Le Pen is the successor to his father as head of the far-right National Front (FN). This morning, the 42-year policy has been heralded as new president of the controversial match in place of his father, the historic leader of the movement that gave the baton to his 82 years.

Pending that delivers his first speech, at three in the afternoon, the only novelty in regard to guided and managed is the percentage of his victory: the new president of the group has been imposed in internal party elections to 67, 65% of the votes to another candidate, Vice President Bruno Gollnisch movement.

The winner of the election, he has heard his name from the lips of Jean-Marie Le Pen, has climbed on stage at the Tours congress hall with open arms in victory and almost embracing the public, a gesture he borrowed from his father. At 42 years, the heir to the historic leader of the French extreme right, which is currently MEP, also emerges as the party candidate for president in 2012.

Despite the continuity in the name, the choice of Marine Le Pen is interpreted as a renewal, because the new president of FN has shown its intention to change the discourse of the party to reach a greater number of potential voters. That strategy, criticized by some historical extreme right movement, persuaded a large number of the 22,403 militants who were eligible to vote.

This afternoon is expected to serve his first speech to dispel doubts about whether these changes will introduce or follow a party line. The party welcomed the high turnout in the primaries, a 76.45% of the militants. During the election campaign several months, Marine had the firm backing of his father and many of the major party leaders.

Born in 1968 in the exclusive town of Neuilly-sur-Seine, outside Paris, the third daughter of far-right leader took his first steps into politics in 2002 in an election campaign in which his father failed to qualify for second round Presidential ousting the socialist candidate Lionel Jospin.

But finally was defeated by the conservative Jacques Chirac by a wide margin, this election marks the ceiling of the FN, which Marine Le Pen has sought to improve.

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