Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brazil renews its Army to guard the border

Brazil has a whopping 16,000 km of border which end up being a sieve for arms trafficking, drug smuggling and prostitution. An estimated 90% of the violence wracking the country comes from drug trafficking and weapons, and this goes across borders because Brazil does not produce drugs: all comes from abroad illegally, mostly from Bolivia.

For the hard scrutiny of a border area as impressive, the new Government of Dilma Rousseff has decided to invest a fortune to the creation of the Integrated Border Surveillance (Sisfron), beginning with the modernization of the Armed Forces on a budget U.S. $ 6,000 million (4659.27 million), according to published diarioFolha of Sao Paulo.

Political battleground Arizona: "We are the grave stone of America"

Tough immigration laws, lax gun laws, anger at Washington - the U.S. state of Arizona, site of the massacre of Tucson, is considered the focal point of heated policy debates in the United States. Above all, Democrats were there last many threats. John Roll knew only too well that he was living in dangerous times - and worked.

Already last year he received death threats. "They insulted him. They threatened to kill his family. They said that they would kill him," one colleague. "They really wanted him dead." Roll, chief of the District Court in Tucson, Arizona, was involved in one of the most violent disputes in the U.S.

Massacre Tucson, slide the vote against Obama's health care reform

There is already a first political repercussions of the massacre of Tucson. The speaker of the House Republican John Boehner, has decided to postpone the vote, set for Wednesday against Barack Obama's health care reform. "One way to svelenire the political climate," said Boehner. The decision of the speaker still has not calmed the protests of the democratic people, through thousands of messages on the Internet Tea Party accuses of having armed the hand that killed six people and seriously injured the Democrat Gabrielle Giffords (surveys immediately rejected by many in Conservatives, who in turn accuse the Democrats of "looting").

The Giffords made: "Communication" Murderess piece of Suprematist

TUCSON (ARIZONA) - President Barack Obama calls America a minute's silence to be observed on Monday at 11 (New York time, the 17 in Italy) in memory of the six victims of the shooting in a supermarket in Tucson, Arizona. The seventh would be the democratic parliamentary Gabrielle Giffords, the real target of the attack, the 22 year old Jared Loughner, which now hang on five counts of formal charges in Federal Court in Tucson, including murder and attempted murder of Member.

Shootout: The Tea Party on the dock

The shooting in which a parliamentary democrat, Gabrielle Giffords, was seriously injured and killed six people Saturday in Arizona, has outraged the American left. Without knowing if this act is political, Democrats have denounced the "poisonous rhetoric" of the ultraconservative. Democratic Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois said Sunday 9 January, on CNN, that some hardline movement's slogans "Tea Party" parliamentary elections in November could cause "unstable people to think that Such violence is acceptable.

The virtual frenzy Jared Lee Loughner

The author of the shooting that left six dead and twelve wounded, a Democrat member of parliament on Saturday in Arizona, was a young man who seemed particularly excited to swim in full mental confusion, says the American press. Jared Lee Loughner, 22 years old, living in Tucson, a city in southern Arizona desert near the Mexican border, had adopted "a behavior more and more curious in recent months" and had posted videos "disturbing" on the Internet , one with a gun, reports the New York Times.

A plane with over 100 passengers crashes in northwest Irn

A plane of the Iranian national airline Iran with more than 100 people aboard crashed today in northwestern Iran, apparently due to the wind and snow storm that hit the area. State television said the plane traveled 156 people, while the semi-official news agency Fars reduced that number to 105 and said at least fifty of them have been rescued.

The plane, owned by the state-owned Iran, covering the route between Tehran and the city of Urumiyeh, near the border with Turkey.

An airliner crashes in Iran

An airplane of the national airline Iran Air Iran crashed Sunday, Jan. 9 near the city of Orumiyeh in northwestern Iran, announced the website of state television, quoting an official Provincial. According to the news agency, citing Iranian state television, the aircraft was carrying 156 people on board, was announced in the evening.

AP, citing the agency Fars, evokes the figure of 105 passengers. According to Fars, fifty people have been released alive. The disaster occurred near the city of Urumiyeh.

Westerwelle in Afghanistan: Minister on the run

In Afghanistan and Pakistan tried Guido Westerwelle to have his worst political crisis behind it. About the FDP and the fierce attacks on his person he wants to speak absolutely do not - instead, he is the statesman of the world. But the debate will be so hard to stop. Those who bring money into the Afghan capital, always very welcome.

And so were Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and his Afghan counterpart, Zalmai Rassoul on Sunday in the gleaming marble-lined hall of the Foreign Ministry in Kabul. Just now the two leaders put their signatures to a large contract in elegant blue leather portfolios. Germany renounces debt by a total of about 17 million U.S.

Born on 11-S, who died in the killing of Arizona

Christina says her mother was very interested in politics, everything can be concerned a girl of nine years, although it had an invisible mark of birth: reaching the world that fateful September 11, the day that changed the way function of the planet. "Christina was very aware of what was happening in the world, problems and concerns of people," said Roxanna Green told The Arizona Star Christina was a patriot, his mother recalled televisions, with a strength that almost painful to hear.

Iranian plane crashes to the ground with 156 passengers on board

TEHRAN - New air disaster in Iran. A company of Iran Air flight with 156 passengers on board has crashed at 19.45 local time (17.15 hours Italian) near the city of Urumiyeh in the northwest of the country. The state television reported quoting an official of the West Azerbaijan province. In the region a raging storm of rain and thunderstorms.

According to the Iranian authorities, at least fifty passengers were pulled alive from the wreckage of the aircraft. In July 2009, in the same area, another plane, a Tupolev's Caspian Airlines, crashed to the ground for a fire engine. On board were 168 people: all were killed on impact with the agricultural land on which the aircraft crashed.

Tunisia: "We walk into the unknown"

The disturbances are amplified in Tunisia where the government acknowledged in a statement Sunday, January 9, the death of eight civilians killed by gunfire in clashes with police, five in the town of Thala and three others in the city Kessarine. The opposition, which met urgently in Tunis, for its part, the advance figure of twenty dead.

"We walk into the unknown," said Le Monde's former presidential candidate Ahmed Brahim, first secretary of Ettadjdid, a post-communist party which has two MPs in parliament. "We need the power to act together and withdraw forces from cities they surround. These "clashes were continuing this morning [Sunday]," said Ahmed Nejub Chebbi, head of the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) without parliamentary representative.

Niger: French commandos took part in Operation

French commandos took part in the attempt to free two French hostages in Niger Friday during an army operation in Niger, explained in Paris to several sources who say that the two hostages were executed by their captors. The political class has expressed his deep emotion and indignation following the killing of two hostages and the opposition has asked to be received by the government to be informed of the circumstances.

Bread riots in Tunisia, 20 dead

E 'revolt across the Maghreb. It aggravates the death toll from clashes broke out against the economic crisis and unemployment. In Tunisia, between Saturday and Sunday twenty demonstrators were killed in two cities, Tala and Kasserine, in clashes with security forces. Many of the wounded. According to a witness to the victims of Tala - between 17 and 30 years - were killed by the police who opened fire on demonstrators in the city center.

Long queues at polling stations in the south clashes in the Abyei region

KHARTOUM - After a 27-year civil war that has caused two million deaths and displaced four million people, Sudan is at a crossroads. The Christian population of the South are voting en masse on the first day of a referendum that could rule the division in two of the African country. Clashes are reported in the oil region of Abyei, on the border between North and South, where at least one person was killed.

Pope: "The family is now in danger and calls for" Christian names given to children "

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - Today, in the current social context, "the family institution is threatened" and "is to face many difficulties in its mission to educate the faith," said Benedict XVI during the Mass in the Chapel Sistina, adding that this "collaboration between the Christian community and family is more necessary than ever." For the Pope is due to look into the "disappearance of stable cultural references" and "rapid transformation that is continually subjected the company that make it difficult commitment to education," so, he added, "it is necessary that the parishes strive ever more to support families, small house churches in their task of transmitting the faith.

U.S. politician Giffords: Obama's Inconvenient friend

Who is Gabrielle Giffords, which has now been shot down in Arizona? For the Democrats it was considered a great political talent, ready for high office - even though they represented other postal ions than their party colleagues. No, it is not a member, they abnickt everything. And none that it can be established so easily.

Gabrielle Giffords, which has now been shot down in Arizona, represented always different positions than the majority of Democrats, even on fundamental issues. Thus, the 40-year-old vehemently defended the right to bear firearms - and also has their own. It takes strict border controls on the border with Mexico right - but criticized the new, extremely harsh immigration laws in Arizona.

School shooting in Arizona: "We have become a Mecca of hatred"

Washington - The multiple murder of an apparently politically confused offender shaken the United States. A 22-year-old in the state of Arizona violated a congressman targeted by a shot in the head hard. At a gathering point at the politician he also shot and killed six people, including a little girl.

Twelve people were injured, according to the police, some of them seriously. The exact motives of the perpetrator, who was overpowered and is in custody are still unclear. Contrary to initial information includes the police does not mean that he had an accomplice. "There are reasons to assume that he and another man came here," said Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

Fighting continues in Tunisia

The voltage does not drop in Tunisia. The government reported violent clashes between demonstrators and police force to Thala in the west, on the night of Saturday 8 to Sunday, January 9. An official death toll reported two dead and eight wounded. A report prepared by the local population with the reported four dead and six wounded.

The news agency gave the names of victims, obtained from people who requested anonymity: Jomni Marwan, 20, Boulaaba Ahmed, 30, Mohamed Omri, 17, and Boulaaba Nouri, 30. The government said the police acted "in self-defense" at Thala. "Several people were injured among the police, three seriously," the government statement, which asserts that the police opened fire after conducting fire warning shots to stop protesters away to make government buildings.

The revolt of those who have nothing to lose

The head of state of Tunisia, Ben Ali, is a former police officer, and apparently his wife, Leila Trabelsi, who plays an important role in the shadows, has a history of hairdressing. One day while I was in Tunisia, irritated and uncomfortable due to the presence of the police, I complained to a friend of that climate of high surveillance.

And he, smiling, replied: "What else did you expect from a country ruled by a former policeman and a former hairdresser?" But beyond dell'aneddoto, Ben Ali, in power since 1987 after a coup d'etat "soft", it was first launched in a merciless battle against the Islamists, and later dedicated to the growth of the country.

Blood on the eve of the referendum Six dead in various incidents of violence

There is a growing expectation and the tension just a few hours in seven days of the referendum that will decide the future of the largest African country. After 22 years of civil war, fourteen months of difficult negotiations, a peace agreement that has held a real genocide with two deaths and four million refugees, Sudan is preparing to live the most important stage in its history.

Signed on 9 January 2005 in Nairobi between the Sudanese president Omar Hassan Al Bashir and John Garang, the founder and leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement / Army (SPLM / A), the Comprehensive Peace Agreement had set for January 9, 2011 a referendum in which 8 million southern Sudanese, mostly Christian and animists in Africa and 40 million of the north, Arab Muslims, would decide how to continue to live in the future.

Explodes the bread riots in Tala killed four demonstrators

TUNIS - While continuing clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Algeria, the bread riots explodes in Tunisia. At least four people were killed and six others were seriously wounded by shots of firearms incidents in the night in the city center-west of Tala. Yesterday, a street vendor had set fire to Sidi Bouzid and four protesters were injured in clashes with security forces in Rgeb, a town 210 kilometers west of Tunis.

Southern Sudanese vote for secesin

At twelve o'clock, the digital timer installed on a roundabout in Juba for several months, the countdown ended. A few hours later, about four o'clock, and there were queues of people waiting for the polls open to vote yes to the birth of a new country: South Sudan. The referendum for secession of the southern right now is being held without major incidents.

Under the heavy African sun, thousands of people waiting for hours for their turn to put his fingerprint on a ballot with two circles, one for yes and one for the no. "I do not know anyone who will vote no," said Ngong Atak, 20. "For the first time voting and I'm very proud of it. Whether you have to stand for hours in the sun.

Those battles in the no man's land border that fuel hatred

It was just past noon, nell'Arizona where blood boiling faster than the tea and guns speak louder than the law, when Gabrielle Giffords, a parliamentary democracy, was struck by a bullet in the head at point-blank shot outdoors, during a rally. At least 17 other people present were reached in the storm of bullets fired from a submachine gun.

Six were killed and among them a child of nine years. Hours and hours of brain surgery desperate Mr Giffords in the hospital of the city of Tucson, they left in critical condition, the first date for dead, then dying, then with good prospects of survival according to the announcement of surgeon.

Tucson, Gabrielle Giffords is better off you're dead, you are looking for accomplices of the aggressor

ROME-Gabrielle Giffords, Member of the wounded yesterday by a deranged man in a supermarket in Tucson, Arizona, is awake. The 40-year old, hospitalized in serious condition after being hit in the head by a bullet, does not appear to be life threatening. Stretches, however, the list of victims of the mad attack of 22 year old Jared Loughner: the budget speaks 6 people killed (there is also a federal judge and a girl of nine years) and 12 people injured.

Algeria: The government lowers the price of oil and sugar to calm tensions

The Algerian government decided Saturday, January 8, temporarily remove some taxes on sugar and cooking oil, hoping to curb rising prices and protests in several cities in Algeria. Since Wednesday, the country is plagued by violent riots sparked by high unemployment and a recent rise in prices of basic foodstuffs.

At least two people were killed and 400 others injured in the protests, according to a government report. Cetet first response from the Algerian executive takes the form of an exemption of 41% of the burden on importers, producers and distributors of oil and sugar. These measures apply retroactively from January 1 until August 31, 2011, are intended to "deal with the surge in prices of some basic foodstuffs," the government said.

The author of the attack is a person "unstable"

The sheriff of the State of Arizona, Clarence Dupnik, has confirmed that the young man suspected of firing indiscriminately on a crowd at a political act of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, identified as Jared Lee Loughna, had made death threats in the past, but none against the lawmaker. It has also suggested that the authorities do not believe it has carried out the attack on his own, and looking for a second suspect.

53rd A French soldier killed in Afghanistan

A French noncommissioned officer of the regiment of infantry-tank diving (RICM) Poitiers died in Afghanistan Saturday, January 8, during an operation in the Tagab area, announced the Elysee. This is the 53rd French soldier killed since the start of the international military intervention in 2001, and first in 2011.

In its statement, the French presidency said that the military "was hit by an explosion while he was near his armored vehicle." Two other soldiers were injured in the explosion, said Matignon, not as we know the seriousness of these injuries. Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirmed on this occasion "his support for the Afghan people and Afghan authorities," and expressed "France's determination to continue working within the International Security Assistance Force security".

Arizona, "capital" of "anger, hatred, intolerance"

Police still do not know the reasons behind the shooting to the elected Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, who has killed six people Saturday in Tucson. It could even be that it is not political. But it comes at a heavy climate for several months in the State of Arizona, where a controversial bill on immigration reform and health insurance have exacerbated tensions.

During the midterm elections in November, Ms. Giffords had retained his seat after a particularly bitter battle against a Republican candidate from the Tea Party. Alfredo Gutierrez, a former elected parliament of Arizona, said the election battle "had never been fired" in his state. Arizona is one of the U.S.

The outbreak of violence in Algeria, causing two deaths and 400 injuries

Police in Algeria and Tunisia are trigger happy. Proof of this is that the manifestations of the night from Friday to Saturday claimed the first killed in Algeria in Tunisia while four other gunshot victims were added to the list of victims. The violence of the clashes of the last four days in Algeria balance gives an idea offered yesterday by the head of the Interior, Dahou Ould Kabli, the station Chaîne 3: two dead and 400 wounded, of which 300 are police and gendarmes , which must be added many detainees, the minister refused to give a number of youth arrested for vandalism, and damage to property.

Death: France's Socialist Mitterrand on pilgrimage

Financial scandal? Eavesdropping? Oh! glorify French Socialists at the grave of former President Mitterrand to stylite the party. The Celebrities of the Socialists want to distinguish themselves as the legitimate successor to the legendary head of state. The pilgrimage has high symbolic value, the participants are recruited from the elite of the Socialist Party (PS) and the ceremony leaves little room for a critical historical assessment: France's Socialist leadership will meet on Saturday the 15th The death of François Mitterrand in his hometown Jarnac.

Stop in Arizona: U.S. lawmakers shot at event

It was a bloodbath in the State of Arizona: A young man has been shot in front of a shopping center in Tucson many people. Among the victims is the Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, there held a political event. She was hit at close range in the head. Washington - In a heavy gunfight were injured on Saturday at least twelve people in the U.S.

state of Arizona. Among the victims is the congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The Democrat was apparently shot at close range in the head. According to initial reports, they will shortly in the University Hospital in Tucson have succumbed to their injuries. Meanwhile, according to hospital reports, "They will be operated to live.." Her condition was critical.