Sunday, April 24, 2011

The police fired into the crowd again in Syria

The tension is growing in Syria, more than a month after the start of the protest movement of the regime of Bashar el-Assad. On Friday, the repression of demonstrations against the massive scheme has cost the lives of more than 80 people. Saturday, while tens of thousands of Syrians buried their dead in mourning of yesterday, the police were again fired on the crowd, killing at least thirteen people dead, witnesses said.

Gaddafi's forces bombarded the town of Misrata

.- Moammar Gadhafi forces shelled on Sunday with mortars and rockets the western city of Misrata a fact that contradicts the government's claim that Libya had stopped the fire. Although artillery attacks have left 32 dead and dozens wounded in two days as doctors, the rebels claimed to have driven government forces from the center of the third largest city.

The Gadhafi troops fighting in Misrata have lost the moral and several of them left their battle stations, said a Libyan captured soldier. The battle for Misrata that has claimed hundreds of lives over the past two months, became the main theater of armed rebellion against Gaddafi Libya to the stagnation of the struggle in other parts of the country.

Haiti: Martelly application does not recognize the outcome of legislative

The president-elect of Haiti, Michel Martelly, formally requested Friday, April 22, the international community "not to recognize the results of legislative" tainted by fraud in favor of the ruling party. "The president-elect Joseph Michel Martelly calls for legislative results as published by the Electoral Council (CEP) are not recognized by the international community.

These results are unacceptable and do not reflect the popular will," reads in a statement from the office of Mr. Martelly. While parliamentarians should take office on Monday, Mr. Martelly has asked the Organization of American States (OAS) to send an emergency mission "for the immediate creation of a commission independent review to evaluate and shed light on these results with the support of other international bodies ".

Yemen suspicious about output power Saleh Pacific

The distrust came over Yemen on Sunday, a day after opposition president and approved in principle the plan of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for a peaceful transfer of power. Opponents do not trust Ali Abdullah Saleh who will leave office, while the environment of the agent required to accept the entire agreement before submitting it to your signature.

Thousands of activists in Sana'a and other cities in Yemen demonstrated that output against ensuring the immunity of Saleh and his associates. "We, the youth of the revolution, reject any proposal that does not give Saleh responsible for the deaths of at least 140 protesters," said the organizing committee of the Youth Revolution in a statement.

Libya: the bombing continues on Misrata

The situation in the besieged city of Misrata is very confusing, Sunday, April 24, the day after Tripoli's announcement of withdrawing its troops. The EXTRA city of Libya, where the day before the rebels celebrated the withdrawal of government forces, is always subjected to intense bombing Gaddafi forces, according to a spokesman for the insurgents.

Government soldiers captured by the rebels said Saturday they had received orders to withdraw from the port city after a siege of nearly two months, and insurgents demanding the departure of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had claimed victory. Despite this apparent withdrawal, fighting has intensified its strength Saturday and Sunday.

Group calls for investigation of UN legal experts on deaths in Syria

"The Security Council United Nations should investigate the" mass deaths "at the hands of Syrian forces that could lead to open court proceedings in the International Criminal Court said on Sunday a prestigious group of lawyers. More than 330 people have died in five weeks of protests at the hands of security agents who fired on crowds, and activists are being arrested, said the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ for its acronym in English).

U.S. Republican senators call to the pressure on Gadhafi

.- Several U.S. senators today called for strengthening the pressure on the Libyan leader, Muammar Gadhafi, and one of them was even in favor of launching a direct attack on his compound in Tripoli. "My advice to NATO and the Government (U.S.) is that his head off the snake, to go to Tripoli, begin to bombard the inner circle of Gadhafi, his residential, military headquarters in Tripoli," said Republican Lindsey Graham told the CNN television network.

Afghanistan: a peace of paper

Good thing there are the Northern League. To which the principles do not give a damn, but a lot of Danee. It is the Northern League that Berlusconi is pushing to scale back our involvement in so-called "peacekeeping missions". But Knight has put his finger on the lens further from the truth on the only real strong UN peacekeeping mission in recent years, in the presence of an international force to Lebanon between Hezbollah and Israel, thereby preventing the massacre of these two communities to each other.

What will the "liaison officers" French in Libya?

They are a "tiny number" ten, at most. But these "liaison officers" sent by Paris in Benghazi were the first French soldiers to set foot on Libyan soil since the beginning of the insurgency against Colonel Gaddafi. Their arrival date is fuzzy: the government has not communicated about it, but Bernard-Henri Levy explained in an article in the World, dated April 19 that French officers would be "these days (...) admitted in the Control Room of the Staff of free Libya.

Saleh said he will step down, protests continue in Yemen

.- The President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, agreed to resign within weeks in exchange for immunity from justice, but protesters said they would continue on with their protests until the president leaves office. The protesters, who took to the streets in groups of tens of thousands to demand the end of term of 33 years of Saleh, fear the plan is a ploy by Bush and official opposition parties to share power.

Thousands of Moroccans call for change and the release of political prisoners

Thousands of Moroccans today turned out peacefully to the streets to demand profound social and political reforms and demanding the release of prisoners, although King Mohammed VI announced a constitutional remodeling last week granted pardons to 190 prisoners. "No secret detention centers" was the wording of one of the banners that read in the manifestation of Casablanca, which could prove Efe as 5,000 people attended, representing a much smaller share than that recorded came in March when 15,000 Moroccans.

Diary from Israel - Mourning for Livnat and Arrigoni

I was in Nablus in the northern West Bank, only a few days ago and now I learn of the tragedy of last night. Ben Yosef was killed at dawn Livnat, grandson of the Israeli Minister of Culture Limor Livnat. Four other Israelis were wounded. A shot was a Palestinian policeman, the PA has been informed of Tel Aviv.

The policeman, as the statement said Palestinian shot "after noticing suspicious movements." That place, Joseph's Tomb, the PA is under Palestinian administration must give permission to the Jews who come on pilgrimage since the Oslo Accords (1996). In the last period there have been tensions and what happened this morning does not leave any good to think about the future.

"The World Magazine" In Misrata besieged

Killed 13 people during funerals repression in Syria

At least 13 people were killed by gunshot wounds during the funerals of the victims of brutal repression against opponents of the Syrian regime on Friday, which left over 80 dead, witnesses and human rights activists. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reported that Mexico called on the authorities to respect human rights, prevent the use of force and favor an inclusive political dialogue with citizens.

Nigeria deploys the military to vote next regional violence

.- The Government of Nigeria will deploy more troops to ensure the safety of regional elections next Tuesday, after the escalation of violence in the Muslim states of the north for the reelection of President Goodluck Jonathan. Police commanders and the Army said that the presence of troops and agents will be more visible in the streets and polling stations, while bomb disposal teams deployed at major risk areas.

Gypsies expelled from the temple

A group of around 150 Romanian Roma citizens, evicted this week from their shacks Casal Bruciato by the City of Rome, took refuge on Good Friday at the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, in the territory of the Holy See. This morning, as the Pope from St. Peter exhorted Europeans to welcome refugees from Libya, Africa and the Middle East, Gypsy families were divided, and about thirty women and Roma ethnic Romanian children recovering from last night the open, in the rain, the park adjacent to the Basilica of San Pablo.

London, the great escape from the royal wedding

Who can afford it goes away. The bridge of the Royal Wedding, the longest in the history of the British Empire, began yesterday with the Good Friday, that the Good Friday and ends Tuesday, May 3, because it is Easter Monday, April 25, and Monday, May 2 is a Bank Holiday , another day of celebration like the 29, the date of Royal Wedding.

A Filotto exceptional for these latitudes, where they are not used to attack our cabalistic calculations holidays, weekends and holidays. This strange combination then allows himself to Albion 11 days of vacation with three days off (Tuesday, Wednesday and next Thursday). And since the City more or less stops, even the London office is more or less the same.

In India, termites eat 10 million rupees

Salé hand over power in exchange for immunity

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, agreed to a proposal to give Arab mediators in 30 days and hand over power to his deputy provided immunity from prosecution, in a radical change of opinion in the ruling for 32 years in power. A coalition of seven opposition parties, which do not represent the hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding the deposition of Salé, said he also accepted the plan but with reservations.

Thai and Cambodian troops are still facing

.- The clashes between Thai troops and Cambodia, which have caused eleven dead, continue today at the border despite the ceasefire call by the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. Thai army spokesman Col. Sansern Kaewkamnerd, said that for the third consecutive day the soldiers of the two countries exchanged rifle fire and artillery fire in the same area in previous days.

This was confirmed by the second in command of troops from Cambodia deployed in the area, general Suos Sothea, who on the phone told Efe that "Thai troops have begun firing, first with guns and then with his artillery." These clashes were raging in the vicinity of the temple of Ta Kwai (Buffalo Eyes) was built during the splendor of the Khmer Empire in the twelfth century, and situated on the border strip that defines the Thai province of Surin in northeastern the country with the northern region of Cambodia.

Misrata fighting despite the announced withdrawal of the scheme

The fighting erupted on Sunday in Misrata despite the announcement by the regime of a pause in operations against rebels in the besieged city of western Libya, where the humanitarian situation of concern to the international community. Misrata, theater of a genuine urban guerrillas between insurgents and troops of the Gadhafi regime, 200 km from Tripoli, recorded Saturday "the worst balance in 65 days of fighting, with 28 dead and hundreds wounded, according to the doctor Khalid Abu Falra.

Saleh's announcement does not stop the protests in Yemen

Yemen protests continued today despite the initiative to end the crisis in the Gulf, which provides time for the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the end of the demonstrations. This plan, which was accepted yesterday by the Yemeni ruling party, has yet to receive approval from opposition groups and the president himself.

But the tension in the country is far from abating. At least five soldiers and two Yemeni tribesmen have been killed in an ambush against a military convoy Lahech province, in southern Yemen, according to security services. The clash erupted after the attackers fired automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades at the troops on a road in the area Yafe mountain, near the port city of Aden.

India, who died at 86 years the guru Sai Baba

Sri Sathya Sai Baba is dead. The Indian guru who had at least six million members worldwide has died in hospital of Puattaparti, where he had been hospitalized a month ago. Sai Baba 86 years, and was spiritual reference point for Indian politicians, movie stars and music moguls. The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to be termed "bridged" the gap that leaves.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the president of the Congress Party government, Sonia Gandhi, and one of the top leaders of the opposition center-right (BJP), LK Advani, today presented their condolences for the death of Sai Baba, one of the most important spiritual figures in India. Singh described the illustrious deceased as "a spiritual leader and an icon that has inspired millions of people around the world." For her part, Gandhi sent a private letter to the family whose content has not been disclosed.

Christians to honor the Syrian protest

Yemen's ruling party accepts initiative for the handover

Yemen's ruling party has accepted an initiative of the Persian Gulf countries that sets deadlines for the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Efe reported political sources. The initiative, however, it is difficult to apply because President Saleh has not yet given its formal approval and the main opposition parties refuse to form a national unity government, a cornerstone of the proposal.

Japan and the U.S. prepare new search operation

.- Japan and the U.S. military will begin tomorrow a new joint search operation to try to find the bodies of nearly 12 thousand missing persons in the northeast by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, NHK reported today. The operation will last two days and will involve approximately 25 000 Japanese and U.S.

military, in addition to 90 aircraft, ships and fifty troops from the Police Coast Guard and Japan. The search will focus on the coast of the provinces of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, the three most affected by the disaster, which left 14 000 11 000 300 dead and 999 missing, according to police last count.

At least 26 dead and 100 wounded in Misrata

.- The new wave of violence in the besieged rebel city of Misrata caused this Saturday at least 26 dead and 100 wounded in the "strongest balance" since the start of the fighting, medical sources said, while listening to Tripoli loud explosions. Three loud explosions rocked the Saturday night the Libyan capital, targeted air strikes since the beginning of the night, reporters found.

Three powerful blasts rocked the capital at 22:40 local (20:40 GMT), one of which shook the hotel where journalists are staying, not far from downtown. Previously, two explosions near the center of the Libyan capital were heard at 19:45 (17:45 GMT), followed by other more distant explosions, reporters found, unable to determine the targets of the bombings.

Brabo informed his family that est "physically well" from his captivity in Trpoli

The Spaniard Manu Brabo photographer, detained by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi in a military prison in Tripoli, has been able to telephone his family to reassure them and inform them that you are "physically well" and that "there has been no abuse," according to Sunday explained the reporter's father, Manuel Varela.

"He called us yesterday, at nine in the evening and was a little worried about their isolation and because we know as we would," said Varela. "We explained that there was no problem, we try to encourage and charge the batteries," stated Varela noting that his son "told us he was physically well, which had not been abused and was in the company of other journalists detained in a prison Tripoli military.

At least ten killed by rains in southern Brazil

SAO PAULO (Brazil), 24 Abr. (Reuters) - At least ten people have died in southern Brazil because of landslides and other incidents caused by heavy rains in the last hours, as reported by sources of emergency services in Brazil. According to these same sources, eight people died several landslides, which buried many dwellings in the cities of Novo Harmburgo Igrejinha and in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (south).

Trump and Berlusconi, the pied pipers

Luckily, the bear in a few. Less than those who still bear Mrs. Sarah Palin, increasingly unpopular and put into a corner by his own creations, like Michele Bachmann, similar to preparation (not received) but still more than the usual monotonous refrain in the President. Basically to make policy, it takes a little 'common sense, preparation and ideas, right and left.

On that discussion and he is facing. Yet the temptation to be charmed by the "pied pipers" who, with the unique gift of their wealth, they promise easy and painless solutions (do not do it nor the Democrats nor the Republicans with common sense) is always around the corner: in Italy, in United States and probably anywhere in the world.

In Benghazi, an unquenchable thirst for freedom

Hosni Mubarak will stay another two weeks in detention

The detention of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been extended by two weeks, until mid-May, while continuing the investigation into the suppression of protests that led to his downfall. His two son Gamal and Alaa are also within the scope of prosecution. Members of the public prosecutor went on Friday 22 April at the hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh resort on the Red Sea, to continue the examination of Mr.

Killed at least 12 at funeral of Syrian demonstrators killed

The Syrian security forces opened fire today on thousands of protesters taking part in the burial of the 100 victims of the repression of protests yesterday. The authorities use force again the day after the bloodiest day of protests since they began demonstrations against President Bashar Al-Assad on 18 March.

At least 12 people were shot dead on Saturday, when the mourners were concentrated in different parts of Damascus, the capital and the southern city of Dara for burial, according to reports in the Arabic news network Al Jazeera. With the deaths of the day, the number of people killed by the army crackdown in the last two days amounts to about 125, and 200 since I started the demonstrations against the government.