Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gaddafi and the opposition launched the battle of diplomacy

The Leader of the Libyan opposition, Abdeljalil Moustapha, called with the international community in an interview with the German press. "If there is no international intervention, Gaddafi will destroy our country. That he does not care if people die," said the leader of the National Transitional Council (CNT) formed by the opposition to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi In an interview with Die Welt newspaper.

Tucson Shootout: Jared Loughner pleads not guilty

Jared Loughner, accused of being responsible for the shooting of Tucson, Arizona, during which six people died and a Democratic representative was injured, pleaded not guilty Wednesday of the 49 charges brought against him. Jared Loughner pleaded himself at a hearing before a court in Tucson. In the U.S., plead not guilty is not to declare himself innocent.

It is a legal procedure that gives the accused greater flexibility in its defense. Jared Loughner was charged last Friday with a total of 49 charges. Previously, he was prosecuted for three charges, including attempted murder of the elected, for which he had pleaded not guilty in late January.

The Dalai Lama withdrew from the Tibetan government in exile

The Dalai Lama's announcement Thursday that he plans to relinquish his position as head of the Tibetan government in exile, saying it was time to make way for a new leader "freely elected". "My desire to pass the authority has nothing to do with wanting to give up responsibility," said the Dalai Lama during a speech in Dharamsala, northern India inhabited by Tibetans in exile.

"It's for the long term good of Tibetans. This is not because I feel discouraged," he added. The leader of Tibetans in exile, aged 75, Nobel Peace Prize, said he would seek an amendment allowing him to relinquish his duties during the next session of Tibetan Parliament in March. A spokesman for the Dalai Lama had announced in November its intention to leave his position as head of the Tibetan government in exile to lighten his workload and reduce its official role, without abandoning his spiritual role.

Berlusconi launches the law to limit the power of prosecutors

The government led by Silvio Berlusconi today approved an extraordinary Council of Ministers the draft constitutional law of judicial reform, in essence, limit the power of prosecutors and researcher reduce the independence and autonomy of the judiciary. The chief executive, accused in four half-dozen trials for crimes, presented the initiative as the fulfillment of a promise made when he entered electoral politics in 1994, and said he has "nothing" to do with their own judgments.

Libyan Foreign orders .- Rousseff take "urgent measures" to liberate the Brazilian journalist detained in Libya

BRASILIA, 10 Mar. The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff on Thursday ordered the Foreign Ministry of that country to take "urgent measures" to safeguard the lives and freedom of journalist Andrei Netto the newspaper 'O Estado de Sao Paulo' arrested in Libya. Rousseff "following closely the situation of Brazilian journalist Andrei Netto" and called on Foreign take "urgent measures to ensure their physical integrity and freedom", reports the Ministry of Social Communication of the Presidency.

Forbes: absolute record number of billionaires in the world

The United States and Old Europe continue to decline in 2011 of the Forbes list, confirming that Mexico's Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) show an increase insolent. Among powerful nations, the crisis is forgotten: the total number of billionaires is 1 210 in 2011, a record since the twenty-fifth anniversary of this classification, and 214 more than last year .

Suman 25 dead and 250 injured in China quake

The death toll left by the earthquake of 5.8 magnitude on the Richter scale that struck Yingjiang County in southwest China rose to 25 dead and 250 wounded, according to the latest official figures. Civil Affairs Department of the Yunnan province in a statement updated death toll of the quake and reported that about a thousand buildings were destroyed and more than four thousand suffered damage of varying magnitude.

Freeze assets of persons linked to the Mubarak regime

The Crimes Court in Cairo confirmed the freezing of assets and funds requested by the attorney general, six former Egyptian ministers and 14 businessmen linked to the regime of president Hosni Mubarak. The affected former ministers include former prime minister Ahmad Nazif and Finance extitulares Yusef Boutros-Ghali, the Interior Habib al Adli, Housing and Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Suleiman the Maghreb, and Tourism Zuheir Garana, besides their wives.

Guantanamo, the unfulfilled promise of Obama

"The prison that will never disappear" the editorial in the New York Times sounds like an admission of failure. "The prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has long been the epitome of arrogance and lawlessness of the Bush era, and Barack Obama has raised the hopes of millions of people around the world when, in 2008 he has campaigned around the promise to shut up.

Monday, this promise has been reduced to dust, victim of congressional cowardice and inability to capture Obama's political support for moral quagmire created by his predecessor. " On Monday, the U.S. president has ordered the lifting effect, after a hiatus of two years, suspension of military trials of detainees suspected of terrorism and supervised by an order of indefinite detention of 47 Guantanamo detainees - the 172 who are still in prison (Article Subscribers edition).

Gadhafi's son announces crackdown on rebels

Libya is preparing a large-scale military action to crush a rebellion and will not give up though the Western powers involved in the conflict, said the most prominent son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam. "This is the time of release . It is time to act. We are moving now, "he said in an interview.

Asked if the Government was prepared to intensify its military campaign, he emphasized: "The time is now. It is time to act (...) We gave them two weeks (for negotiations)." "Never, ever surrender. We will never surrender. This is our country. We are fighting here in Libya. The Libyan people, we never will be welcomed into NATO, never again will welcome the Americans here." Libya is not a piece of cake, "he said.

Gaddafi launches an offensive military and diplomatic

The Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi launched Wednesday, March 9, a vast military and diplomatic offensive against the insurgents who threaten his power. On the ground, the forces of Qaddafi seemed to gain ground against the rebels on the eastern front. They control the eastern oil and some localities in the West, while near Tripoli and its region are in the hands of pro-Gaddafi.

By late evening, the BBC has announced that three of its journalists had been "arrested and beaten" by loyalist forces while traveling in the city of Zawiya. The forehead is frozen in the East after coming under artillery fire and air strikes by loyalist forces, large numbers of rebel fighters, collected in dozens of vehicles, retreated to Ras Lanuf (East), held strategic oil city by insurgents.

Barack Obama opens up for a no-fly zone over Libya

In a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Cameron both discussed openly of that option. But still scares the President returned from a solo run of the U.S. - and infuriated not only political opponents.

Kmpfe in Libya: Gaddafi ordered bloody offensive against his people

The opponents of the dictator put a 72-hour ultimatum: Impunity, if he is going. But Muammar Gaddafi responds with a serious offense. He can throw bombs, tanks advance - and debated whether the West to intervene and how it should. The day began with the howl of jets and it ended with the detonation of bombs.

The Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi led war against his own people this Tuesday with great severity. The opposition had tried again to persuade him to return. If he hiring within 72 hours, the bombing and is ready to leave declare they would refrain from prosecution, announced the chairman of the National Transitional Council, which had defected to the rebels, former Justice Minister Mustafa Abdul Jelil.

Gadhafi armed forces attack rebel stronghold

Libyan tanks fired on rebel positions around the oil port of Ras Lanuf and warplanes bombed another oil center in the east, in a counterattack by the forces of Muammar Gadhafi on insurgent strongholds. In the West, Gadhafi's army maintained a site in order to wear down the rebels who hold on to parts of the devastated city of Zawiyah, a strategic location due to its proximity to his power base in the capital Tripoli.

"We, Muslims and Copts, need to stand together" in the Egyptian revolution

On the night of Tuesday 8 Wednesday, March 9, clashes erupted between members of two communities in the deprived area with high population Moqattam Coptic Cairo, officially making ten dead and 110 wounded. The clashes followed the events in recent days by the Coptic community to protest against the fire Saturday from the church in Al-Chahidaine Helwan governorate south of Cairo.

Already, during the New Year's Eve, an attack against a Coptic church had killed 23 people. Youssef Sidhom, editor of the weekly newspaper of the Coptic égyptienneWatani, discusses the circumstances of the violence and outlines the expectations of this strong community of 8 million people - representing 10% of Egypt's population - in the era post-Mubarak.

The press room of the White House open to the public

Anyone with internet access and a Twitter account from today may ask questions at White House spokesman, a privilege that for decades has been reserved for a select elite journalists in Washington. The spokesman, Jay Carney, who took office a few days ago to replace Robert Gibbs, wrote yesterday a tweet their followers with the following: "My press conference today is at 1:30 pm.

If you were a member of the press corps at the White House, what question form? " The body of White House press office in Washington is no less than others competing for influence and glory in this particular Bonfire of the Vanities, as the political class, the Pentagon, intelligence services and foreign diplomats.

Egypt: Tahrir Square demonstrators attacked

According to Egyptian state television, the pro-democracy demonstrators occupying Tahrir Square in Cairo have been attacked by Egyptians armed with knives and machetes. The television images show stones and hundreds of protesters chased the square, scene of massive protests that ousted Hosni Mubarak in power.

The clashes, which we do not know the origin, took place in a climate of growing tension, including clashes between Muslims and Coptic Christians in the capital, which left 10 dead and 110 wounded. The transition period is difficult in Egypt, where the police are disorganized. The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, the largest opposition party in Egypt, accused of holding up the former Egyptian president Mubarak of inciting violence, a view widely shared in the population.

NATO "is ready to act" in Libya

The NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said today that "NATO is united and ready to act" in Libya and has announced to send more ships to the Mediterranean to support and strengthen the arms embargo. They are the first conclusions of the meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels, where the Danish announced that the allies would discuss their support "long term" to the region of North Africa, Middle East and especially Libya, as "very tense" is internal to the Allies "many challenges" but also "many opportunities." Before the meeting of foreign ministers, Rasmussen stressed that "every day, every hour," the allies receive information "of violations perpetrated by the Libyan regime against civilians" and made clear that NATO will intervene in Libya if it finds "a demonstrable need for NATO to act, "if it has" a clear legal basis "for doing so and if it has" strong regional support.

Feature - On the front of Libya, "Freedom or death"

5.8 degrees quake shakes China

A 5.8-magnitude quake killed at least 22 dead and 200 injured, and demolishing houses and damaged a hotel and a supermarket at the southwest corner of the country near the border with Myanmar, officials and news media. Several witnesses said that several people were trapped under the debris and damage caused by the quake, centered in Yingjiang County in Yunnan province, reported official news agency Xinhua.

The Dalai Lama leaves: the king dead, long live the king!

I've said here, but repetita iuvant: If the Dalai Lama left his role as political leader of Tibetans, the situation of his people would be an advantage. And so it happened just now. The XIV Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso has just announced that he will abdicate and leave the power to the leader who will be elected.

Will of course remain the spiritual leader of Buddhist Vajrayana. I formally propose to the 14th session of Tibetan Parliament in exile, which will begin March 14. The announcement was made today because it is a special date. It is the celebration of the 52nd anniversary of the uprising in Lhasa against China's repression of the uprising of 1959 and 2008.

Morocco: Mohammed VI will address the nation

The king of Morocco, Mohammed VI, will address the nation on television Wednesday, March 9 at night, announced the Ministry of the royal household, protocol and chancellery in a statement. The sovereign should attempt to reassure the people, while several demonstrations took place in the country, including February 20, demanding political reforms "deep".

Tuesday, March 8, 300 young people staged a sit-in in Casablanca, both dedicated to the fight against corruption and to demand reforms in employment, education or health, but also for the rights of women. The kingdom, richer and more dynamic economically than its neighbors, has so far been little affected by the "Arab spring" that hit Tunisia, Egypt or Libya.

The regime in Libya bomb oil targets

Colonel Moammar Gadhafi pledged to give battle if the international community imposes a no-fly zone over Libya, and harassed by air and land to the rebel forces of Ras Lanuf, which burned oil wells and facilities. Gadhafi and the National Transitional Council (CNT) that formed as parallel power in Benghazi (thousand kilometers east of Tripoli) also waging a diplomatic war with the sending of emissaries to various cities before vital meetings of NATO and the European Union (EU) in Brussels, and the Arab League in Cairo to discuss the Libyan issue.

Argentina/Italia.- Telecom Italia Telecom increases its stake in Argentina to 21.1%

Rome, 10 Mar. The operator Telecom Italia has increased its stake in Telecom Argentina from 18.3% to 21.1%, after acquiring 10% of Sofora Telecommunications holding an amount of $ 145 million (105 million euros), according to the company said in a statement. The Italian operator reports that it has completed the acquisition through its subsidiary Telecom Italia International, a 10% stake in the capital of Sofora Telecommunications, the holding company that controls Telecom Argentina, Argentine partner Werthein.

With insurgents on the road between Ras Lanuf and Ben Jawad

"Jesus has separated religion and politics in the church today is a boat in a storm"

ROME - With its announcement, Jesus made a departure from the religious dimension of politics, a separation that has changed the world and that truly belongs to the essence of his new route "is one of the main points of the new Pope's book dedicated Jesus, presented today at the Vatican. A text that focuses on the period "from the entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection", connecting to the previous volume published in 2007 which covered the period from his baptism to the transfiguration.

7.2 degree earthquake shakes northern Japan

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the northern Japan Wednesday, shaking buildings in Tokyo and leading to the meteorological agency issued a tsunami warning for the northeastern coast. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, but authorities continue to assess the possible mishaps. The meteorological agency said the quake struck at 11:45 am local time and was centered 300 kilometers north of Tokyo at a depth of 10 kilometers.

Gadhafi defies the world and bomb rebel areas, burning wells and refineries

Colonel Muammar Gadhafi .- promised Wednesday to fight back if the international community imposes a no-fly zone over Libya and harassed by air and land to the rebel forces of Ras Lanuf (east), which burned oil wells and facilities. Gadhafi and the National Transitional Council (CNT) that formed as parallel power in Benghazi (thousand km east of Tripoli) also waging a diplomatic war with the sending of emissaries to various cities before vital meetings of NATO and the European Union (EU) in Brussels, and the Arab League in Cairo to discuss the Libyan issue.

Qaddafi's planes bombing spread to several cities in eastern Libya

The offensive by troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi in Libya is putting this on the ropes to the rebels. In addition to Ras Lanuf back to bomb the planes of the dictator have ventured into rebel territory and attacked the oil city of Marsa el Brega, which took several days without suffering harassment from the military.

Brega is 90 miles west of Ras Lanuf on the road leading to Benghazi, the capital of the rebel government of transition. "There was a bombing in Brega, two fighters, two bombs", summed up the rebel Mohamed Otham in telephone conversation. Hours earlier, Ras Lanuf again placed in the target of the missile system.

Algeria: Five people killed by the explosion of a bomb

Five people, including three members of one family were killed Tuesday, March 8, by the explosion of a homemade bomb at their vehicle in the region of Djelfa (270 km south of Algiers) reported Wednesday the Algerian press. This attack, not claimed, is the deadliest in Algeria for more than five months.

The last major action attributed to armed Islamist groups in Algeria dates back to October 2010, when five soldiers were killed during a sweep of Islamist maquis in Kabylia. A local leader of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb, alias Abou Mourad Bouh Turabi, was also killed Monday night by the Algerian army in Bordj Menaïel, according to several newspapers.

The Dalai Lama: "I leave my political role" Beijing attack: "Just a trick"

NEW DELHI - The Dalai Lama announced his intention to resign from his role as political leader of Tibetans to make way for a successor elected by parliament in exile. E ', according to a message on the occasion of the 52 / anniversary of the popular uprising against the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The Tibetan spiritual leader's decision to transfer its liability policy does not come entirely unexpected.

There is a possible nuclear weapons program in Iran

.- A senior U.S. envoy on Wednesday supported UN statements that could keep secret its nuclear weapons program. Statements made by Glyn Davies posted are similar to those recently made by Yukiya Amano, director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (), whose attempts to investigate whether Iran has conducted clandestine experiments have been rejected by Tehran.

Last month in a confidential report, Amano expressed concern about the possible existence of "true undisclosed nuclear activities ... related to the development of a burden on missile" and other works related to a weapons program. The revelations were important because they differ from what they have said publicly the U.S.

Two new earthquakes are reported in Japan

.- Two strong, one of 6.6 on the Richter scale occurred on Thursday morning off the coast of Japan, so the China Meteorological Agency said a tsunami warning. According to Japanese news agency Kyodo, so far there are no reported casualties or damage because of these new quakes, which occurred a day after another of 7.3 struck the same region.

Early reports indicate that the tremors were recorded on Thursday some 130 kilometers east of Miyagi Prefecture, the first at 6:22 am local time (21:22 GMT Wednesday) and the second two minutes later. According to preliminary data, the first quake had a magnitude of 6.6 on the Richter scale, while the second further information was inaccurate.

Gadhafi envoy meets with Minister of Portugal

The Foreign Minister of Portugal, Luis Amado, met with an envoy of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to explain the point of view of Tripoli on the conflict in the country in North Africa, the Foreign Ministry reported. Portugal president since this week the Security Council of United Nations sanctions on Libya.

"The Foreign Minister, Luis Amado, held an informal meeting at a hotel in Lisbon with a Libyan emissary to the latter's request, to receive information on the situation in Libya," said a statement from the Foreign Ministry. The ministry did not release the name of the envoy and would not give details about the meeting saying it was just "part of the preparation of special meetings of the Council of Foreign Affairs of the European Union and the European Council to be held in coming days ".

Several videos showing the torture of prisoners from a jail in Mendoza

BUENOS AIRES, 10 Mar. A series of videos, recorded with a mobile phone and circulated via the Internet, showing the tortures prisoners from the prison of San Felipe, in Argentina's Mendoza province (west-central). The officer who shot these scenes and seven of their comrades have been arrested. In one of the tapes, a group of officers beating a prisoner who is handcuffed and lying on the ground.

Old methods for new revolutions

For some time now has dawned in Cairo, a city that takes in going to sleep, despite the curfew, and is lazy waking up. In Garden City, an upscale neighborhood, near the Place de la Liberation (Tahrir), you hear a click and then a crackling screams followed by two separate (see video and photo). Several military police helped buffeted by a man naked from the waist up when they hit him with a whip, while asking: "Where are you from?" Who are you? "Thief!" Bully! " From time to time you close an electric baton.

Ras Lanuf, Gaddafi bombard Paris from the sea recognizes the insurgents

In Libya, Gaddafi forces loyal to the sea from the air and pound rebel positions around the oil city of Ras Lanuf el'offensiva ventures further to the east, while in the Tripoli regime claims to have regained Zawiya. France meanwhile, first, has now officially recognized the National Transitional Council (CNT), the interim government rebel Benghazi.

On the outskirts of Ras Lanuf ANSA noted an invitation in person air strikes, which hit, among other things, a rebel checkpoint. A witness quoted by Reuters said that a house in Ras Lanuf civilian was hit and the AFP that a bomb fell on a residential district that many residents have fled in recent days, and where a hospital was evacuated immediately.

An Interview with Gaddafi puts "JDD" an embarrassment

The discomfort is palpable to the editor of the Journal Sunday. In Focus: the role of a Lebanese intermediary in obtaining an interview with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi by the French weekly. A reporter and a photographer from JDD have indeed taken place in an airplane chartered by Tripoli, and in which was also the Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine.

Now it was arrested Saturday at Le Bourget airport in Paris on his return from Libya, in possession of 1.5 million euros in cash. Tuesday, March 8, a general assembly attended by about thirty journalists held for nearly an hour at the headquarters of the JDD (Lagardère Group), to discuss the circumstances of the interview published this weekend by journalist Lawrence Valdiguié , which sparked an early debate.

Emissaries of Gaddafi in Libya in Europe, but the war continues

ROME - It 's the one that started Muammar Gaddafi has called the' diplomatic offensive. " Three private jets belonging to the family took off from Tripoli. Cleared the initial entries that talked about a flight of rais, led by Colonel emissaries in the capital cities of the Mediterranean. The first of three aircraft landed in Cairo with General Ben Ali Abdel Rahman al-Sayyid al-Zawya, with a message to the head of the Egyptian Supreme Council of the armed forces, Houssein Tantawi, a possible meeting with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa.

Libya conflict: political coalition called no-fly zone

It sounds simple: The West could impose a no-fly zone over Libya and would preserve the insurgents, arguing the British and French. The federal government is skeptical of the plan - but the rejection front in Germany gets first small cracks. It is a debate that many governments want to avoid.

But the prolonged civil war in Libya, the greater the pressure on Western governments to intervene. While the dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi again began combat aircraft against insurgents in western capitals, the call for a no-fly zone will be stronger. In Europe, there is movement. France and Britain are clearly thinking about it and might want to bring this week in the UN Security Council a draft resolution on the common fly.