Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene increasingly strong "Evacuation Possible in New York"

Hurricane Irene swept the approaches to the Bahamas and east coast of the United States, where it should arrive on Saturday. The Federal Emergency services have called on the population of the area between North Carolina and New England at full attention. The New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged people to prepare for the arrival of the hurricane, and said that will decide, if necessary, Friday, called for the evacuation of Zone A, which includes neighborhoods of Battery Park City in Manhattan, Coney Island in Brooklyn and Far Rockaway in Queens.

The city, Bloomberg said, is "preparing for the worst", setting up shelters and testing power generators for hospitals and more emergency response agencies. New Yorkers, the mayor said, have their part to keep a bag ready with medicines, water and basic necessities. The governor of the state of New York Andrew Cuomo has ordered the office for emergency management to keep on the alert: at risk are also the famous Hamptons, the resort of the rich and famous on Long Island.

Irene is now classified as a Category 3 storm, and after the arrival scheduled for Saturday in the Carolinas and New England, should arrive Sunday in Long Island. The Navy has ordered the ships of the Second Fleet, stationed in Hampton Roads, Virginia, of casting off and go offshore to avoid being caught by the waves in the harbor.

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