Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yemen: Government rebels exchanged against Militrfahrzeuge

Sanaa - The Yemeni government has released more than 400 captured Shiite rebels. She received ten of the rebels captured back military vehicles. This confirmed the Houthi rebels in the north of the country on Thursday in a statement. A spokesman for the Houthi rebels, Mohammed Abdel Salam, said the release was mediated by Qatar.

Qatar had reached a truce last February between the government of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the rebel group. The rebels of the Shiite Houthi clan had fought six years against the central government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. It had been hundreds of rebels and government soldiers killed.

Israel uncovers a vast deposit of natural gas

It is with Tamar, one of two very promising offshore fields discovered in recent years off from Israel. It is probably the most important discovery in energy since the establishment of the State of Israel. The U.S. group Noble Energy, the main operator of an offshore natural gas field off the coast of Israel, called Leviathan, said Wednesday, December 29 that its reserves were estimated at 450 billion m3, which will enable Israel to become an exporter.

Reassuring set of indicators for the U.S. economy

The unemployment claims fell in the week before Christmas to their lowest level in nearly two and a half years. On indicators published Thursday, December 30, the U.S. economy ended the year in better shape than expected, boosting optimism among analysts for 2011 despite persistent obstacles to stronger growth.

According to the department of labor, unemployment claims fell in the week before Christmas to their lowest level in nearly two and a half years, falling 8% in one week. The housing market also appears on the mend. For the National Association of Realtors, the promise of increased sales in November and the increase in this indicator "advanced" in four of five months portend an increase of 8% of sales in the former in 2011.

Lukashenko's opponents threatened years in prison

Minsk - The opponents of president Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus should expect a long stay in prison. The Justice brought charges against seven opposition presidential candidates. Overall, is investigating 22 people who had organized the massive protest on election night, said the interior ministry in the capital Minsk.

The Belarusian Criminal Law provides for the "organization of violence" against up to 15 years in prison. The lawyers of the accused fear for even long prison sentences. Lukashenko dismissed international calls for the release of government opponents back sharply. The authorities would not accept any demands or ultimatums from the West, the dictator said, according to Belarusian media.

At least four dead and 22 wounded in several attacks against Christians in Iraq

At least four people were killed and 22 others wounded in several attacks in Iraq, six of which were aimed at houses of Christians. At least two Christian citizens were killed and three wounded by the explosion of a device near his home in the neighborhood of al-Gadir, southeast of Baghdad, which also caused extensive damage materials.

In a similar attack at least three Christians were injured in the central area of Al-Karrada, in the capital. Moreover, at least eight Christians were injured in four attacks with explosives which exploded in the gardens of their homes in western and southern Baghdad. Iraqi churches have decided to cancel this year's Christmas celebrations because of the security situation following the recent attacks against Christians in the capital.

Turkey, Kurdish journalist sentenced to 138 years in prison

Turkey does not seem to accept, to say the least, the newspaper that gives voice to the Kurdish minority. Emine Demir, former editor of the newspaper Azadiya Welat Kurdistan (in Kurdish, which means 'independence from the motherland'), was in fact condemned today by a court in Diyarbakir, the main town in southeastern Turkey, a Kurdish majority, to well 138 years in prison for 'propaganda in favor of Kurdish rebels'.

Trkei: 138 years in prison Fri Kurdish journalist

A series of newspaper articles that proved fateful: A court in Turkey has sentenced a Kurdish journalist to 138 years in prison. The texts had been classified as propaganda for the terrorist group PKK. Diyarbakir - Journalist Emine Demir was sentenced for a series of newspaper articles that were considered by the court in Diyarbakir as "pro-terrorist propaganda" on the banned Kurdish terrorist group PKK.

Khodorkovsky verdict: Fri Putin New Year's gift

No mercy for the Putin-opponent: A Moscow court has sentenced the ex-oligarch Khodorkovsky, to a total of almost 14 years in prison. The judge's decision destroyed the hopes of Russian liberals to radical reforms and the enforcement ability of President Medvedev. The hopes of the defenders on a mild punishment was Judge Victor Danilkin destroyed even in the morning: was for an improvement of the indicted ex-oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky necessarily need an "isolation from the society." Then the judge announced the Moscow Chamowniki-court, the penalty for Russia's once richest man and his partner Platon Lebedev: 13.5 years in prison for embezzlement of 218 million tons of crude oil and money laundering.

Prisin for four of the five arrested in the plot against the newspaper of the vignettes dans Muhammad

A Danish court has charged three people with attempted act of terrorism and possession of weapons by planning an attack against a Danish newspaper, reported Thursday Lykke Sorensen, a member of the Security and Intelligence Service (PET), told reporters in Glostrup city. Police on Wednesday arrested four men in Denmark and one on suspicion of trying to attack the offices of Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in 2005.

Copenhagen Plot: Verdchtige are in custody

 Three of the arrested suspected Islamists have denied at a hearing A trial on the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten. A court is not impressed by the: against the men was a four-week trial detention imposed. Copenhagen - The prosecution has taken three of the suspected Islamists in Denmark are still suspicious.

After a preliminary hearing ordered by a court in Glostrup, west of Copenhagen, a four-week detention. The men are said to have planned an attack on the Copenhagen newspaper "Jyllands-Posten, which was published in 2005 the controversial Muhammad cartoons. At the hearing, the alleged Islamists rejected all accusations while back.

57 journalists were killed in 2010, says RSF

In 2010, 57 journalists were killed in the exercise of their profession against 76 in 2009, according to a report published Thursday, December 30 Reporters Without Borders (RSF). This record is much lower than that delivered by the NGO Press Emblem Campaign, based in Geneva, which reported 105 journalists killed, down from last year.

For RSF, the journalists are killed primarily victims of criminals and traffickers. In 2010, 51 journalists have been abducted, 535 were arrested, 1,374 were attacked or threatened, 504 media were censored and 127 journalists have fled the country. For the Internet, 152 bloggers have been arrested, 52 assaulted and 62 countries are affected by network censors.

Attack plan against Jyllands-Posten: Terror investigators prfen related to "Mickey Mouse Plot"

The suspected terrorists reject the allegations, but the security authorities are sure: the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten should an attack be committed. The plot is reminiscent of the foiled plans of Pakistan's extremist Kashmiri and his follower Headley. Berlin - published since the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten "In 2005 his series of cartoons of Mohammed goes by, hardly a week goes by without al-Qaeda or another militant organization calling for vengeance.

The Vatican enacts laws to fight money laundering

Pope Benedict XVI today issued a document to combat money laundering in financial institutions in the Vatican, three months after the Vatican Bank to be investigated. Benedict XVI stresses through an apostolic letter, his commitment to the adoption of the principles and legal instruments promoted by the international community to combat the phenomenon of money laundering and terrorist financing and indicates that it adopts a rule for this purpose.

The rule of law in Rome and Kabul

This is a telegraph post inspired by two reports in the media almost simultaneously. The first concerns the reasons for the sentence to 14 years imprisonment imposed at first instance the Carabinieri General Giampaolo Ganzer, commander of the ROS, in relation to some chores unedifying in narcotics operations.

The judges of the Court of Milan wrote that the senior officer "did not scruple to agree with the fact dangerous traffickers to whom he gave Italy the opportunity to sell in tens of kilos of drugs by providing them with absolute impunity. Ganzer has betrayed the state interest and all its duties, including to respect and enforce the law.

Katsav ruling unprecedented in Tel Aviv's former president convicted of rape

Former Israeli President, Moshe Katsav, who has been convicted of two rapes and several cases of sexual violence. This was decided by a district court in Tel Aviv, after an investigation and a trial lasted four years and a source of great controversy in the country. Katsav has been convicted of two rapes of an official from the Ministry of Tourism, at the time when the former president was charge of the department, between 1996 and 1999.

Process: Rape Convicted ex-Prsident Katsav of Israel because

The sexual offenses against three women occurred during Katsav tenure as tourism minister from 1996 to 1999 and during the presidency of 2000 to 2007. Because of the allegations Katsav resigned in 2007 as head of state, but had always protested his innocence. The first trial of an Israeli president had begun last year.

The judge stressed that the applicant, who accused Katsav rape in two cases, have spoken the truth. Katsav had however, caught up in lies. The former president was stunned by media reports that he heard the verdict. "No, no," he muttered. Before the Court demonstrated women's organizations, demanding a severe punishment for Katsav.

Former Israeli President Katsav guilty of rape

Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav arrives at his trial for rape, December 30. / JACK GUEZL'ex-Israeli President Moshe Katsav was convicted Thursday, December 30 two rapes. The verdict of the District Court of Tel Aviv was made after a trial of more than four years. The former head of state, 65, was convicted of raping two of his subordinates to reprisesune when he was tourism minister in the 1990s.

A court convicted of Violation former President Moshe Katsav israel

A district court in Tel Aviv on Thursday declared guilty of violation of former Israeli President Moshe Katsav, as reported by local media. Katsav, president between 2000 and 2007, had denied the charges of rape and harassment filed by three of his former advisers. His lawyers can appeal to the Court Supremoel verdict has been issued after four years of investigation and judicial process surrounded by a great political controversy.

Greece: Bomb Explosion erschttert Athens city center

 The explosion was heard in much of Athens: In the center of the Greek capital, there has been a stop. From the ground from burning cars and a cloud of smoke that rose from a courthouse. Previously, at a TV station and a newspaper a warning had been received. Athens - The explosion was triggered by findings of the first unofficial police with a bomb.

It should have been installed on a motorcycle which was parked in front of the court in central Athens. An unknown man had been warned by eye witness accounts about 45 minutes before the attack by calling a TV station and a newspaper before the explosion. Details of casualties were not at first.

Diplomacy: United States remove Venezuelan ambassador residence

The tensions between the U.S. and Venezuela intensify: Washington now has the Ambassador of the South American country deprived of the visa - in response to the refusal of the Chavez government to accept the proposed U.S. ambassador in Caracas. Washington - It is no longer desirable in the United States: Washington has withdrawn the Venezuelan ambassador for the visa.

As a reason the State Department called the refusal of President Hugo Chavez, the nominated U.S. Ambassador Larry Palmer to start its work can be. The U.S. had an appropriate, proportionate and based on the reciprocity measure taken, said a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. Palmer accused the government of Venezuela to Colombian rebels to maintain close ties.

Evo Morales protests recoils

The Bolivian government expects the city mood, very disturbed by the substantial increase in fuel prices effective from Monday, will appease the offer of a wage increase of 20% and other social measures announced in last night (early morning Today in Spain) by President Evo Morales.

Ensures China has 450 million Internet

 An Internet cafe in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China. China announced Thursday, December 30 starting with 450 million Internet users. A record in the world, which has jumped 20% in one year. More than a third of the 1.3 billion Chinese people surf the Web, creating a potential market of consumers highly promising for major players in e-commerce.

The official number of Internet users has soared to 30 million from July to November 2010. "In late November, the number of Internet users reached 450 million, an increase of 20.3% over the same period last year," said Wang Chen, a government official. Although censorship is very active in China to prevent any criticism of the government or mention of the issue of human rights, the Chinese are increasingly using the Internet to denounce the potential favoritism or corrupt local officials what 'they see as miscarriages of justice.

A bomb exploded outside the Greek Embassy in Buenos Aires

A bomb exploded early Thursday, December 30 at the Greek Embassy in Buenos Aires, causing damage but no casualties. "There was an explosive device outside the Greek embassy," said a spokesman for the police stressed that the damage was not substantial and that an investigation was underway. Almost at the same time, a bomb exploded in a court in Athens, causing damage but no casualties, less than three weeks of the trial of suspected members of a radical anarchist group suspected parcel bomb attacks that have targeted embassies in Greece in November.

Study: North Korea's army increased

More tanks and more specialized units: North Korea has developed a South Korean study found that its armed forces along the demilitarized zone. The paper Pyongyang as an "enemy" - and thus aggravated the tone toward the communist neighbor. Seoul - South Korea feels increasingly threatened by its neighbor North Korea: a study by the South Korean Defense Ministry, according to the communist country has deployed along the demilitarized zone, new tanks and increases the strength of its special forces to 200,000.

Explosion outside a court in Athens

A bomb exploded outside a court in the Greek capital, Athens, Thursday, December 30. A phone call warning sent to a TV station and a newspaper had allowed the evacuation of the area. Police said the bomb exploded at 8 h 20 local time (7 h 20 to Paris). Television images showed smoke rising from the building before the trial court in Athens, several windows were shattered.

There was no immediate information on possible casualties. According to initial findings, the equipment was placed on a motorcycle. "The explosion was quite strong. I'm 100 meters and just fell of my shelves," said a business district on TV Alter Channel that received the warning call about forty minutes before the blast and alerted police.

Moscow would pay 1.37 billion euros for the two ships Mistral

Russia has bought two warships Mistral in France. / FOCKE STRANGMANNLa construction by the French shipyards of two warships Mistral for the Russian army in Moscow will cost a total of 1.37 billion euros, according to a source familiar with the matter. The Mistral is a versatile warship able to carry helicopters and tanks, to host a field hospital or a staff on board.

The French presidency announced December 24 that the French shipyards DCNS and STX and Russian OSK would build two ships together like Mistral, under an agreement between Paris and Moscow, which could be "extended" by the construction of two ships Extra. "The cost of the first vessel will rise to 720 million euros, while the second will cost 650 million euros," the source told the Russian agency RIA Novosti.

East Machiavelli

It is a huge mine. Size and value but certain, but unknown dimensions. There are seams of varying sizes and qualities and exploited, at least partially. Then there are the veins that are known. As much as many governments have wanted to minimize the value of the unique findings, are abundant in number, quality and size of gemstones found so far.

No one has found, indeed, the philosopher's stone and the secret of world power. Nobody has received the revelation able to reverse the history of the world. But these are merely the result of inflated expectations, which have contributed to the further effect minimizer objectively. The mere revelation, and their ratio, is the event which in itself leads to change many parameters of diplomacy, the shield of the secrets and can even reach the case law on the prosecution of those responsible.

Washington revoked the visa of Venezuela's ambassador

U.S. revokes visa Venezuelan Ambassador

The United States has revoked the visa on Wednesday Venezuela's ambassador in Washington, Bernardo Alvarez, as reported by the Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Temir Porras through Twitter. "I confirm. USA revoked the visa of Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez," stated Porras. In a moment, and of great tension between the two countries, the decision to temporarily suspend diplomatic ties since the appointment of Larry Palmer as U.S.

U.S. envoy in Syria: Obama occupied orphaned new ambassador

President Obama has named Robert Ford ambassador to Syria. The post had been vacant since February 2005. With the appointment of Ford during the holiday recess of the Senate Obama bypasses the resistance of the Republicans in Congress - at least for now. Washington - The U.S. has an ambassador in Syria again.

Barack Obama called on Congress by the experienced Middle East diplomat Robert Ford to the post that was vacant for more than five years. Ford was former deputy U.S. ambassador in Iraq. Obama used the current holiday recess of the Senate to move beyond the continuing opposition of the Republicans in Congress.

Stop trying to "Jyllands-Posten: Danische editorial narrowly avoided a bloodbath

Again Northern Europe, apparently again Islamists: Swedish and Danish investigators have arrested a suspected terrorist group. The men were heavily armed, the newspaper Jyllands-Posten in Copenhagen attack - probably in revenge for the Mohammed cartoons. Copenhagen / Berlin - The alleged assassin of Copenhagen had not yet arrived in Denmark, since they already came to the attention of investigators: a gray Toyota Avensis should have hired three Swedish men with roots in the Middle East at a gas station in the Stockholm suburb of Kista on Tuesday with which they are then arrived in Denmark in order to make their accomplices.

Denmark: Mohammed cartoonist convicted Anschlagsplne

The cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has been shaken over the attack plans on the Jyllands-Posten. The threat is not over, "he warned. The Danish newspaper had published five years ago, his controversial drawings. Berlin - "The foiled attack is a direct attack on democracy and press freedom," said Kurt Westergaard "Bild"-Zeitung.

"The threat from Islamist terror is not over." The Danish intelligence service said earlier that he had prevented a terrorist attack on Jyllands-Posten. In Denmark and Sweden a total of five suspects were arrested, at least one of them is a radical Islamist. Westergaard was convinced "that the threat from violent Islamists tackled with a policy of appeasement" was, but only with fortitude.

China: Death Brgerrechtler-lst Wutwelle from the Web

 Photos from the cruel death of a civil rights authorities in China to bring Erkl√§rungsnot. More and more indignant subjects denounce the web arbitrariness, corruption and excesses of many officials. The censors did not come with the deleting everything after. Beijing - Qian Yunhui died in a cruel way: His body was crushed on Saturday under the wheel of a truck - Now the death of 53-year-old Chinese triggered a wave of protests in Chinese-language Internet.

Cuba's Supreme Court commuted the last death row inmate

In Cuba's prisons, there is no more death row inmates. The Supreme Judge of the communist state walked to the punishment of execution last candidate in a long prison term. Abolished the death penalty is not so. Havana - Cuba's recent death candidate, Humberto Eladio Real Cuban Americans Su√°rez escapes an execution.

The Supreme Court of the communist state was transformed according to the Cuban human rights organization CCdHRN the death penalty against Real Suarez on Tuesday in a 30-year prison sentence. The man, a member of an exile organization of Cubans in Florida, was convicted of murder 16 years ago.

Bomb alarm deterred Verdchtiges Pckchen U.S. embassy in the Vatican on

 Bomb alert at the U.S. Mission to the Vatican: There was a suspicious package discovered. Defusing a command was in use - and was little clear later. Rome - excitement at the Vatican: A suspicious package on Wednesday has triggered a short time in the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See in Rome alarm. Bomb experts determined, however, that the suspicious envelope is harmless.

Only last Thursday, had exploded in Rome in the Swiss and the Chilean embassy letter bombs. In both cases, embassy staff suffered injuries to his hands. An anarchist group had known about the attacks and sent a letter bomb to the Greek Embassy. This could be rendered harmless.

Arrests in Scandinavia investigators thwart attack on Jyllands-Posten

With the Mohammed cartoons, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten famous - you now need the sheet to have been target of an attack. Five suspects were arrested. Denmark's Justice Minister said so far the most serious assassination attempt in the country. Copenhagen - Danish police have arrested four people for an alleged planned terrorist attack against the newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

In Sweden, a person had been arrested. As the Danish intelligence service PET on Wednesday announced that an armed attack was imminent against the Copenhagen offices of the newspaper. Three of the four suspects were arrested in Denmark who live in Sweden and traveled in the early hours of Wednesday after Denmark.

Carlos Andres's remains repatriated to Venezuela SERN Prez

The remains of former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez, who died Christmas Day at age 88 in Miami, will be repatriated to their country to be buried there. His second wife, Cecilia Matos, who never married and with whom he had two daughters, has accepted his transfer after his wife and six children of this marriage, living in Venezuela, presented Tuesday a lawsuit to prevent outside buried in the United States.