Tuesday, January 25, 2011

North Africa: Tunisia revolution is forcing Europe to rethink his positions

The revolution in Tunis has overtaken the European Union - and France reveals contradictory policies. In other North African states now threatening further protests. The Europeans need to rethink their attitude: they focus on democracy and stability? Hamburg - It is not his favorite subject. French President Nicolas Sarkozy puts his head fixed, the piece of paper on his podium.

France had "underestimated the extent of the desperation of the Tunisian" that reads it. There had been in Tunisia "intolerable corruption." Sarkozy had at the press conference on Monday to limit damage. For years, France and the European Union, the Tunisian dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben have courted Ali - and damaged her reputation.

Court stops candidacy of Obama's former Chief of Staff

Embarrassing setback for a confidant Barack Obama: Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff of the U.S. President, may a court decision, not a candidate for mayor of Chicago. Emanuel did not last long enough before the election, resident in the city. Chicago - He wants to be mayor of Chicago - now he has a court allowed to stand even for the post: Rahm Emanuel, a former chief of staff at the White House, his residence before the election, 22 have February shall not be compliant for a year had in the city, an appellate court in Illinois ruled on Monday.

Prostitution Scandal in Ital: Catholic Church criticized Berlusconi

Rome - In Italy it lonely at the tangled in a prostitution scandal, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. After the Industrial Association and previously neutral media on Monday, the influential Catholic Church moved significantly from the conservative head of government. The chairman of the Italian bishops' conference, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, said in a speech that politicians who acted immorally harm, the reputation of the country and polluted its future.

Palestina secret papers

 The Palestinian leadership of President Abbas is weak and increasingly desperate. It offers the Israelis concessions that many Arabs regarded as treason. However, they can claim in the Middle East peace talks were unsuccessful, because they are against politicians who have no interest in compromise. The U.S.
also act impatiently in their intermediary role and unhelpful. This is the frightening picture painted by the so-called "Palestine Papers" of the Middle East peace negotiations in 2008. Over 1600 meeting minutes and documents are the pan-Arab channel al-Jazeera was passed on Wednesday he wants to make them jointly with the British newspaper "Guardian" public.

Middle East Papers: Palstinians accuse al-Jazeera from sabotage

The data leak in the Middle East conflict poisons the climate in the Arab States: Palestinian President Abbas, the Gulf emirate of Qatar is accused of wanting to cripple the peace negotiations. Which the channel al-Jazeera has published the secret documents - and announces further revelations. Jerusalem - Following the spectacular revelations Middle East has accused the Palestinian Authority, the Gulf emirate of Qatar, headquarters of the Arab news channel al-Jazeera, targeted sabotage.

Attack on Moscow airport: Medvedev hunt the terrorist planner

 Yet another attack, at least 35 dead, dozens injured: The suicide bombing on Moscow's biggest airport shocked Russia. President Medvedev fueled by Twitter message to the hunt for those behind - is also self-critical. Moscow - his schedule is waste, Dmitry Medvedev, has called off his opening speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

After the suicide attack on the Moscow airport Domodedovo is Russia's president now in demand as a crisis manager in the country. "According to our preliminary data, it was a terrorist attack," Medvedev said on state television on Monday evening. He ordered the country for all security personnel alert.

Russia: target for terrorists

 Kidnappings, bombings, kidnappings: Russia is again attacked by terrorists, the fear is in front of an assassination for many people to everyday life. Daily Buzz World provides an overview of the most serious attacks in recent years. Moscow - Twelve, eight, 17, dozens - at the end is always a number: The of the dead, the number of people who have come to one of the many terrorist attacks killed.

Anti-government protests: Sarkozy admits his misjudgment of the situation in Tunisia

Paris - Paris is for his links to the regime of former dictator Ben Ali in the criticism - now French President Nicolas Sarkozy for the first time publicly his misjudgment of the situation in Tunisia given. "France has underestimated the extent of the desperation of the Tunisians," Sarkozy said in Paris.

There had been an intolerable corruption in Tunisia. "If one is so near, you do not always have the necessary distance to understand the feelings of others really," the President continued. Sarkozy had fallen to the Tunisian President Ben Ali 2008, certifies progress in respecting human rights.

RCD: the uncertain end of a party-state

"RCD, go away!" The slogan was replaced spontaneously "Ben Ali released!" the day after the departure of former president, evidence that the Democratic Constitutional Rally party beholden to Ben Ali, is inextricably associated with the former regime. Maintaining the power of some ministers also continues to raise the ire of some opponents.

In many ways, the RCD recalls the communist parties of former dictatorships of Eastern Europe. With its two million members claimed - in a population of eight million people - the party has long been indispensable in Tunisian society. "To have access to free health care card, a credit to the bank, a school near his home, join the party helped a lot," reflects Bensedrine, journalist and opponent's historic return to Tunisia on January 14 after being forced to leave the country in 2009.

Tunisia: according to the spokesman of the executive, a reshuffle is imminent

A cabinet reshuffle is imminent in Tunisia, "maybe by tomorrow," announced Monday, January 24 at the channel and Al-Arabiya spokesman of the transitional government, Taieb Baccouch, also Minister of the education. This redesign, however, may only cover the replacement of ministers who have resigned already, not the start of the transitional government of former executives of the team of Ben Ali.

The army warned against the risk of vacancy policy

The Chief of Staff of the Army Tunisia, General Rashid Ammar, spoke on Monday 24 January, for the first time, promising the crowd that the army was "the guarantor of the revolution" and that it "will not leave the framework of the Constitution." "The national army has protected and protect the people and country," he said during an impromptu intervention before hundreds of demonstrators in the Casbah district, the seat of political power in Tunis.

Europe receives the Uzbek dictator red carpet

Islam Karimov, the Uzbek autocrat responsible for the Andijan massacre, in which hundreds of people were killed in 2005, according to human rights organizations, joined yesterday in evidence to the European Commission and NATO with a visit to Brussels on which both organizations tried to run a veil. Karimov's arrival occurs when the EU commends the popular uprising against President of Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, a close associate of the Union until his flight to Saudi Arabia.

Brussels wants a commission of inquiry common in Albania

The European Commission supports the principle of a "joint investigation" in Albania, bringing together government and opposition, after anti-government demonstration in Tirana on Friday, January 21, that left three dead, killed by bullets. "We fully support the principle of an investigation," said a spokesman for the Commission, Natasha Butler, stressing that the investigation should be "common and comprehensive".

Brussels ultimatum to Hungary on his media law

The European Commission has given two weeks by mail to Hungary for its commitment to change its controversial media law, on pain of a possible infringement of the Treaty of the EU but also, and c ' is new to the charter of fundamental rights. In a letter sent late last week the Hungarian government, which the copy was obtained Monday, January 24, the European Commissioner responsible for administration, Neelie Kroes, said that after review, the services have "serious doubts" about the according to law with European legislation.

The latest attacks in Russia

Afghanistan: new parliament installed Wednesday

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Wednesday, January 26 will install the new Parliament after the September general elections, whose results remain in dispute, the president announced Monday night. President Karzai, "following the letter (addressed to him) members elected in accordance with the opinion of the Supreme Court (...) and in view of national interests, will install the National Assembly" January 26, said a statement from the presidency.

In Tunisia, the army is 'guarantor' of Revolution

.- A Cabinet reshuffle is imminent in Tunisia, said Monday the government spokesman, while thousands of protesters continued to demand the departure of the chiefs of the Ben Ali regime and the military broke its silence, declaring "guarantors of the Revolution ". A senior U.S. envoy, Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East Jeff Feltman, arrived Monday in Tunis for talks with the transitional government on their plans for democratic reforms and elections, "said State Department spokesman, Philip Crowley.

"The palace of the Casbah is the Bastille in Tunisia"

After a few hundred to a camp outside the prime minister's palace to demand the departure of the chiefs of government of the RCD, the demonstrators again Tunisian saw their ranks swell to several thousand on Monday afternoon.

The world condemns the terrorist attack in Moscow

The terrorist attack at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, Moscow, killing at least 35 dead and 150 wounded, sparked condemnation from world leaders. The U.S. president, Barack Obama condemned "tight" the attack in the Moscow international airport and showed their solidarity with the Russian people. The White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said Obama was informed of the attack by the adviser for combating terrorism in the White House, John Brennan.

Witnesses of the attack in Moscow: "There are body parts"

The attack took Moscow during rush hour: At the airport Domodedovo is extremely busy, as in the arrivals hall exploded a bomb. Eye witnesses tell of harrowing scenes at the scene. Also a German should be among the injured. It was the Twitter user Likhtenfeld Ilya, who reported about 16:30 clock time first: "horrible terrorist act in Moscow explosion in the building of the airport dozens of bodies torn apart people!" Take the first videos came out of the terminal, also commonly via Twitter.

Hariri's supporters call a "Tuesday of anger" in Lbano

Supporters of Lebanese Prime Minister in office, Saad Hariri, have been at war. After starring in Saturday demonstrations in several cities, for today have been called a "day of rage" to protest what they consider a "Hezbollah coup" to bring the country under Iranian control after the candidate supported by Shiite party, former Prime Minister Nagib Mikati, was outlined yesterday as the replacement for Hariri after the first day of talks with President Suleiman to form a new government.

Death of a second Algerian who had set himself on fire

An Algerian, 37, unemployed and homeless, who had set himself on fire on Jan. 15 in Tebessa, a town near the border with Tunisia, died Monday morning from his injuries, it was learned medical source. Mohcin Bouterfa has died of his burns, "said Mohamed Salah Boudjelakh, anesthetist serving Burn Hospital in Annaba, where he was admitted after being doused with gasoline and set to be fire in front of city hall mining Boukhadra, east of Tebessa.

Course are remains of the bomber in Russia

The head of a suspected suicide bomber was found in Moscow's Domodedovo airport, where today was carried out an attack that has killed at least 35 dead and 150 wounded, according to Russian security. "It was found the head of an Arab-looking man, between 30 and 35, possibly triggered the explosive device," the source said, quoted by the Interfax news agency.

For its part, the official spokesman of the Committee of Education of Russia (CI), Vladimir Markin, confirmed that this is a suicide bombing. "It appears that the explosion was the work of a suicide bomber. Now he is trying to establish their identity and how they arrived at the airport," said Markin, who said that the attack was perpetrated "in the center of the arrivals area international.

In Tunisia protesters defy curfew

Thousands of protesters defied the curfew in Tunisia and maintain their protest at the government palace in the capital demanding the departure of all ministers of former executive transition. This is the second night that defies curfew in the capital, which began at 20:00 local time (19:00 GMT), hundreds of people in Tunisia and elsewhere have joined the protest who arrived on Sunday from inside the country.

Missile defense: Medvedev calls on NATO response "clear"

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called on Monday, NATO to provide answers "clear" on his proposal to involve Russia in its anti-missile system in Europe, otherwise Moscow would be forced to deploy nuclear missiles. "We expect our NATO partners a clear and unambiguous about the role they see for Russia" in its proposed missile defense system in Europe, Medvedev said, according to comments broadcast on Russian TV .

New balance rises to 35 dead in attack in Moscow

The Domodedovo airport spokesman, Yelena Galánova, updated the death toll of the terrorist attack killed 35 people, but acknowledged that only 46 were injured in the blast in Russia's largest airport. Before the balance of the spokesperson, Ministry of Health, through Maliávina Sofia, had placed the dead in 31 and wounded about 130.

According to the Emergency Situations Ministry, more than fifty people, including 35 in serious condition, had to be hospitalized. "The Committee on Instruction (CI) of the Office has described the explosion as a terrorist Domodedovo," said his spokesman, Vladimir Markin. According to police sources quoted by the Itar-Tass news agency the explosion could have been caused by one or more suicide bombers.

Advisers of former President Ben Ali were arrested

After the 14th of January, the now former president of Tunisia, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, to leave the country by increasing social tension, some of his associates have been detained. Former Interior Minister and current Senate President Abdullah Kalel and Abelaziz Bendhia, former head of defense and chief adviser of the deposed president, was placed under house arrest.

In addition, Abdelwahab Abdallah, former Deputy Chief of Ben Ali, known for his control over the media in the country, "is being investigated," the official Tunisian news agency TAP. The two advisers Ben Ali await the results of the inquiry commission established by the interim government to investigate the crimes committed in the popular revolt in early January, during which about 120 people were fatally shot by police or guard former president.

A suicide bomber killed at least 30 dead in a Moscow airport

A suicide bombing at Domodedovo International Airport, one of the largest airports in Moscow, located an hour's drive south of the Russian capital, killing at least 29 dead Monday, January 24. Monday night, a certain confusion about the effect on balance, the Ministry of Health reports of 29 deaths, the emergency of 31, while the airport gives a figure of 35 dead.

According to a representative of the department, twenty wounded were in serious condition. The Department of Emergency counting 152 injured, 58 hospitalized. The attack was not claimed, but there is no doubt that the explosion was a "terrorist act," said the spokesman of the Investigation Committee Vladimir Markin.

Exceeding the 30 killed by terrorist attack in Russian airport

At least 31 people were killed in a terrorist attack in Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport, according to the Ministry of Health of Russia. A result of the blast, registered in the international arrivals terminal, injured over 120 people, 20 of whom are in serious condition Maliavina said Sophia, spokesman for the ministry.

Maliavina said "the wounded and dead data are still being confirmed, as the enclosure is covered by dense smoke." The Committee on Instruction (CI) has described the explosion as a terrorist Domodedovo, according to his spokesman Vladimir Markin said. Police sources quoted by the Itar-Tass news agency said the explosion could have been caused by one or more suicide bombers.

Somalis threaten to attack South Korea

Consequently the release operation of a vessel held last Friday by the Navy of South Korea, Somali pirates have threatened to burn their boats Asian and killing their crews. Adam Jama, head of a band of pirates, said they had held an extraordinary meeting at Gaan, on the coast of the autonomous region of Puntland, northeastern Somalia, and had decided "to kill any Korean navy captured and burned their ships." To avoid further rescue operations, said Adam Jama land take several crew members of each of the boats that are currently holding hostage.

The accused of killing pleads not guilty Tucson

Jared Lee Loughna, the accused of perpetrating the January 8 shooting that killed six people in the U.S. city of Tucson (Arizona), has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and two of his assistants. His hands and feet and a smile on the face, the accused remained silent during the hearing while his lawyer, Judy Clarke, the allegation was reading yesterday in federal court in Phoenix.

Palestine The papers reveal the background of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Huge concessions were made under the table by the Palestinians in Israel. This was revealed by the Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera, in collaboration with the British newspaper The Guardian, in possession of over 1,600 secret documents. The so-called 'Palestinian Papers' recount in detail the progress, and the many setbacks, made in the negotiations for the peace process in the Middle East.

Thousands of memos, emails, maps, transcripts of private meetings and strategic agreements occurred between 1999 and 2010. Among the most sensational revelations, the documents are evidence of how the PNA (Palestinian National Authority) has secretly endorsed the Israeli occupation of almost all the Palestinian territories in East Jerusalem, apparently without asking anything in return.

Sarkozy: "The more we want to interference, the less we will be influential '

Sporting a grave and sober tone of speaking - two signs that he seeks "représidentialiser her image - Nicolas Sarkozy spoke at his news conference, Monday, January 24, international issues of the moment. Repeating that France would be "close" to terrorism, he also reiterated the support of Paris' sole legitimate government of Cote d'Ivoire ", that of Alassane Ouattara.

He also discussed the situation in Lebanon, hoping for "positive" European "to leave the block", which he attributed to "outside interests", namely the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He felt it was "essential to involve Syria" in the discussions. The Head of State also expressed his "emotion" facing the death of two young French hostages of AQIM in Niger, "cowardly murdered" in the operation to free them, promising: "It is not our soldiers who fired first ", but assuming the transaction.

Explosion at airport in Russia kills at least 10 people

Several people were killed and others injured after an explosion at Domodedovo International Airport Moscow, said the Russian Research Committee. The blast occurred in the international arrivals terminal, according to agency and Russian radio stations. "Dead and wounded in attack in Moscow's Domodedovo airport," said an urgent dispatch agency Novosti.

(EFE and Notimex Information)

Egypt accuses Palestinian attack

The attack on a church glass of Alexandria, which took place last December 31 and that took the lives of more than 20 people, was won by Egypt to the Palestinian radical group. "The Palestinian group Army of Islam, linked to Al Qaeda, is behind the attack on the Church of Saints in Alexandria, said Sunday the Egyptian Interior Minister Habib Al Adli, in a speech broadcast on state television, during the time of the police.

Tnez Sarkozy: "We were not able to see their despair"

Nicolas Sarkozy, French president, spoke today for the first time of the revolt in Tunisia. And the reserve has apologized, silence and support that his Government gave the dictatorial regime of Ben Ali until his last moment. The head of state of France - Tunisia's leading economic partner and former colonial power, said that just this past colonial ties its hands in a sense: "The colonial power is always illegitimate to pronounce an opinion on the affairs of the former colony.

Attack at the airport in Moscow Over thirty dead, hundreds injured

MOSCOW - An explosion enormous. A force to drop all the snow from the roof of the building. The explosion in Moscow Domodedovo Airport, occurred at 16:32 local time (14:32 in Italy) has killed at least 35 people and injured hundreds (130, including 20 in serious condition), but the budget is uncertain and likely to rise .

Among the injured there were also an Italian and a Frenchman. A suicide bomber wearing between five and seven pounds of TNT, blew himself up in the VIP rooms, restaurant next to Cafe Asia, the airport largest in Russia. The area, accessible to the public, there is no metal detector. The attack was made at a time of big crowds, while 30 incoming flights were referred internzionali 15.

Moscow suicide bomber blows himself up at the airport

At least 35 people were killed in suicide bombing in Moscow airport Domodedovo. The injured are 130, including 35 in serious condition. The explosion occurred in the baggage claim area of international arrivals. The explosive used may be between five and ten pounds of TNT. Witnesses speak of two blasts, which occurred at 16:32 (14:32 to Italian).

Stronger safety measures have been placed in other Moscow airports and subways, where last year unattentatore Chechen suicide blew himself up causing 40 deaths. Three people are currently wanted by Russian authorities as possibly responsible for the attack: were taken by surveillance cameras as they entered the arrivals area after passing through an area free of metal detectors.

Disclosure of documents on the Middle East: "Israel had a partner for peace"

After the publication by the television channel Al-Jazeera documents constituting the "most important flight in the history of Israeli-Palestinian conflict", the international press comments on these documents that show a Palestinian Authority "weak" but "ready to go after peace "and Israel" rude "that rejects" the most generous compromise that the Palestinians have ever done.

" The British daily The Guardian, which has been "independently authenticate and overlap much of the 1600 confidential documents" is one who shows the most pessimistic about the significance of these revelations. "Confidential documents reveal the slow death of the peace process in the Middle East" and is titled the article journalists Seumas Milne and Ian Black, who said that the texts "provide an overview of the extraordinary and alive within the decay a peace process than twenty years old.

China qualifies as a success of Hu's visit to Washington

After the return of Chinese President Hu Jintao, his country after a four-day visit to the United States, the official press unanimously called the trip a success not to mention the instances that was to respect human rights. For the newspaper Global Times, "Hu's visit opens a new chapter in relations between the first and second economic power." It is generally believed that in this new era, China and the United States need to strengthen their political and economic relations "says the paper, noting that" during the visit, the two countries agreed to build a cooperative partnership based on respect and mutual benefit.

Ivory Coast denies "forced resignation"

The government of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo appointed and not recognized internationally, rejects it considers "forced resignation" of the governor of Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO), Ivorian Philippe Henry Dacoury Tabley and one of its allies . The cabinet spokesman Gbagbo, Ahoua Don Mello said in a statement read on Ivorian Radio and Television, described as "hasty and inadequate," the decision taken yesterday in Mali at a meeting of the BCEAO, Central Bank of the countries of the Economic and Monetary Union West Africa.

A double bombing in Karbala caused 18 dead and 55 injured

At least 18 people have died this morning and another 55 were injured by exploding two car bombs in the Iraqi city of Kerbala, 100 km south of Baghdad. The most serious attack, which caused 12 dead and 21 wounded, was to a tour of Shia pilgrims who were in that city, to visit the holy sites for the religious community.

Among those killed in the explosion are Iraqi soldiers, Iraqi officials said. Earlier today, a car bomb exploded in a parking Karbala has killed 6 people and injured 34 others. These days thousands of visitors are in the Shiite holy city of Karbala to participate in Al Arbainiya, the holiday that commemorates the forty days after the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of Prophet Mohammed and the third most important for this community.

Massacre of pilgrims in Karbala are two car bombs killed 18

BAGHDAD - Two car bombs in quick succession have a massacre in Karbala, the Shiite holy city in this half hour of a great pilgrimage for the recurrence dell'Arbain. At least 18 dead, hundred mathematical injured. The first car bomb exploded in a parking lot at the eastern outskirts of the city, shortly after seven.

According to security sources claimed the lives of six people and injuring at least thirty others. A few hours later there was a second explosion not far from the first, which has killed 12 people and wounding 21. Sources quoted by Nina speak instead of 25 dead and 40 wounded. A third car bomb was intercepted and defused in time, they added the same sources.

In America's increasingly strong antiabortistisono

It 'was the weekend of remembrance, protest, of celebration. In the United States was the weekend that marked the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark ruling in which the Supreme Court in 1973 established the right of women to abortion. And now as then, America is divided. Many have gathered in churches and prayed for a total ban on abortion.

Others asked to defend and expand women's rights. The culmination of the mobilization will be today, Monday, with the traditional "March for Life" in Washington and the arrival of tens of thousands of anti-abortion. The divisions and wounds that still mark the United States with regard to termination of pregnancy were back out in the Declaration of Washington politics.

Lebanon: Hariri's supporters denounced a "coup" by Hezbollah

Hundreds of supporters of the incumbent Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, demonstrated Monday, January 24 in Lebanon against Hezbollah, accusing it of conducting a "coup" by trying to impose its candidate as head of government. These events occur after Najib Mikati, Hezbollah candidate for prime minister, has emerged as the favorite to be named as future prime minister, instead of Saad Hariri.