Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The massacre of the Navy Seals "A Taliban trap"

NEW YORK - It is perhaps fallen into a trap of the Taliban shot down the helicopter of NATO in Afghanistan in the night between Friday and Saturday with thirty-eight soldiers on board, including 30 Americans? It may have been a vendetta against the Navy Seals, the special units of the U.S. Navy who murdered Osama Bin Laden and who now, in one fell swoop, have lost twenty-two of their super-Rambo? The Pentagon denies any such hypotheses.

"It was just an unusual incident," he said yesterday Colonel David Lapan, spokesman for the defense, pointing out that an investigation is under way and that in the ten-year Afghan war had never killed so many soldiers of ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), the international force led by NATO.

But in Kabul circulating a different version of the massacre: it is not an accident that may happen as so many on the battlefield, but a well-designed trap. And the staff of President Hamid Karzai not hesitate to tell the French agency AFP and other organs of the press details of how Seals U.S.

would fall into the trap set by Qari Tahir them, a local Taliban commanders in the valley of Tangi , at about eighty kilometers from the capital. According to these reconstructions, Qari Tahir "has come to the Americans false information about a meeting of eight prominent Taliban leaders in the area of the province of Wardak." Were immediately sent to the place of the U.S.

Army Rangers, who, realizing the number of insurgents, demanded reinforcements to the base. And immediately he rose a transport helicopter CH-47 Chinook carrying 38 men: 5-man crew, 22 Seals, of which many of Team 6, which is the team that killed bin Laden (even if no one participated in the helicopter that mission), the Air Force Rambo 3, 7 Afghan commandos and an interpreter.

To get to that point in the Tangi valley, the Chinook was flying over the mountains and down through a sort of openness that was well known to Qari Tahir. The leader of the insurgents would lie in wait for his men on both sides, hover the helicopter, having no real ground to air missiles, the insurgents have used the RPG (rocket propelled grenade), which are suitable for tanks but even this proved to be suitable.

Impressed by his side, the Chinook has exploded, falling to the ground in a cloud of fire and smoke. The spokesman of the Taliban has been published the news. And the Rangers do not feel it has remained the base and begin collecting the remains of their comrades. A Virginia Beach and other places where live the families of the Seals is an atmosphere of mourning.

Local newspapers published pictures of the commandos were killed, often with children in their arms. The thirty corpses will be returned tonight with all the honors at the ceremony at the military airport of Dover, in addition to family members, will attend the Defence Minister Leon Panetta and has not ruled out the arrival of the same Barack Obama yesterday in a speech to the country , paid tribute to the courage, patriotism and spirit of sacrifice of the soldiers killed.

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