Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yemen clashes leave 84 injured

Yemeni security forces used ammunition and tear gas against protesters demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, injuring at least 84 people, according to activists. Protesters in the city of Taiz in the south of the country, said 80 people were injured there and another four in the capital, Sanaa.

The official media did not mention the incidents. The Government page on the Internet September 26 said that there were demonstrations in major cities in support of Saleh and his offer of political reforms, including not to seek reelection in 2013. The state of the Arabian peninsula, the oil giant neighbor, Saudi Arabia has been rocked by weeks of protests to try to topple Saleh, who has 32 years in power.

The Dalai Lama recognizes tiredness

The Tibetan Parliament in exile a historic session opened with the reading of the letter in which the Dalai Lama asks to be freed from his political duties in the Tibetan movement, said in Dharamsala, India. In the letter, addressed to parliamentarians, the Dalai Lama, 75 years old, says that any postponement of the decision of the Assembly on his retirement could pose a political challenge "overwhelming" in the future.

Gadhafi is threatening to take over tonight Benghazi

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi announced that government forces attack on Thursday night the city of Benghazi, a stronghold of the rebellion located a thousand kilometers from the capital, in a televised message. "The decision has been taken. Get ready, we got tonight, "he said in a speech to the inhabitants of the city.

"We will expel the traitors from Benghazi," he added. Moammar Gadhafi's regime, in power for almost 42 years, lives a revolt not seen since mid-February. Benghazi is the headquarters of the National Transition Council, the governing body built by the insurgents. While the Committee on Safety of United Nations prepares to vote this afternoon (16:00 hours Mexico City time) a resolution authorizing the use of force in Libya to protect civilians and stop the Allied forces Gadhafi .

.- Honduras Honduras deny that is to close its embassy in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina

TEGUCIGALPA, 17 Mar. The Government of Honduras has denied it will close its embassy in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina, because countries do not recognize the government of Porfirio Lobo, and reiterated that his desire is to "establish relations diplomatic and trade relations with all countries in the world.

" In a statement, the President explained that "at no time" the Government of the Wolf "has ordered the closure of embassies in South American countries, where previously there were diplomatic representatives of Honduras." The official statement was issued hours after local media statements disclose Honduran Foreign Minister, Mario Canahuati, on the supposed intentions of Tegucigalpa to close its diplomatic missions in several countries and allocate these resources to open trade offices in India, Singapore, China and Canada.

In the central Fukushima, the loneliness of "fire" of nuclear

How are they? "The fifty Fukushima," as the British press has christened the following statements by the Japanese government? Seventies, as assumed in the Guardian, or even one hundred and seventy, as finally said TEPCO, the operator of the Japanese nuclear plant where more accidents since the earthquake of Friday, March 11 raised fears of a major disaster .

What strikes first is the loneliness of these men. It was only Wednesday that an army helicopter was mobilized, unsuccessfully, to try to cool the reactors, and it has been proposed to use water cannons by the police. Most of the eight hundred employees of the plant was evacuated Tuesday when the radioactivity has increased the country's fate depends heavily on a small number of employees and subcontractors, the Prime Minister has accused the company while paying tribute to these individuals.

Radiation soars in Japan 16 times more than allowed

After the explosion in reactor number two at the Fukushima nuclear plant, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), operator of the complex, acknowledged that fears a radiation leak from a possible meltdown. The blast caused radiation levels reached 217 mark eight thousand microsievert (measuring unit of absorbed radiation dose) per hour, ie 16 times the amount recommended for health, which is 500.

Before yesterday's explosion and there were two more blasts in the same plant, though on different days and reactors, but the radiation levels had not been fired much. Also in the province (state) of Ibaraki, southern Fukushima, also detected an increase in air ionization. Despite this, Japan's ambassador in Mexico, Masaaki Ono, said the government has everything under control.

U.S. tries to convince the UN no-fly

The U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said his country is trying to "convince" the Security Council authorized the UN to further action against the regime of Muammar Gadhafi, including "the imposition of a no-fly zone." "If Gadhafi will not now pose a serious threat to Tunisia and Egypt," Clinton said at a press conference after his first visit to Tunisia since the fall of former President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali on 14 January.

Japan announced a first step to restore electricity in Fukushima

Japanese engineers have managed to connect an external power cable to the reactor 2 of the Fukushima nuclear plant, but have not yet returned the flow of energy to the plant, as reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The IAEA has added is to "reconnect power to the unit 2, after spraying water on the reactor building of Unit 3 is complete." The return of electricity would be a positive step in starting the pumps to the cooling system of the complex that was damaged after elterremoto and tsunami of last Friday, Efe reported.

Libya, Born: "Ready for Action". Gaddafi: "strike any target"

The UN Security Council met again to discuss the resolution to impose a no fly zone on Libya. The vote is expected in the evening, but rumors emerged that the new draft resolution provides for the protection of civilians "by all means", except "employment land". Yahya Mahmassani, the Arab League's observer at the UN, confirmed that the Arab countries will participate militarily to impose a no fly zone on Libya if it is approved by the Security Council of the United Nations.

"The coming hours will be critical"

The government feared Wednesday, March 16 the "worst case" in the nuclear catastrophe underway in Japan, with an impact "superior" to Chernobyl, but Nicolas Sarkozy has reaffirmed the "relevance" of the French nuclear option and rejected any referendum on his future. In the afternoon, Sarkozy chaired an interministerial meeting on the nuclear accident in Fukushima, with François Fillon, Christine Lagarde, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and Eric Besson.

Logged nuclear plant fire, increases radiation

Fire now affects a building that houses the reactor number four of the Fukushima nuclear plant (northeastern Japan) due to combustion of hydrogen, according to the Japanese Government. This adds to the problems that have occurred in reactor one, two and three of the number one plant in Fukushima (Daiichi), which has caused three explosions on Saturday, the last of them today, because of the devastating impact Friday's earthquake in Japan.

The IMF rules out rescue of Japan

The triple disaster facing Japan for a week-by the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear crisis, will certainly have a major impact on the Japanese economy and public accounts. But despite the heavy debt the country is suffering and uncertainty, the International Monetary Fund does not intend to come to the rescue.

Japan, as the international organization "is a strong economy and his government" has the financial resources to meet their immediate needs. " This was explained by Caroline Atkinson, spokesman for the IMF, during the weekly press conference offered by the institution. "There may be a very quick economic recovery after these disasters," he said.

The speeches of the emperors

At noon on August 15, 1945 Tokyo time the divine voice of 44 year old Hirohito was heard for the first time in history by the subjects of the Empire of the Rising Sun: the radio message (recorded and broadcast on disk) informed acceptance of the Japanese surrender against the Americans. The military caste Japan tried to prevent the transmission, which he considered humiliating.

But the descent to earth through the ether of the divine figure of the Tenno was used to hold together and united the people defeated, including the reference to "cruel and new type of bomb that the enemy has decided to employ, and whose power of destruction is incalculable "(ie the atoms).

Japan: snow rescuers complicates the search

Growing risk of nuclear leak in Japan

Airbus accused by the crash of Flight Rio de Janeiro-Paris on Air France in 2009

The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has been charged with manslaughter today by Sylvie Zimmerman judge investigating the crash of Air France in June 2009 that crashed while en route Rio de Janeiro-Paris which killed 228 people. The airline, which has been convened on Friday in connection with the investigations, could also be indicted.

In a statement, the president of Airbus, Tom Enders, has confirmed the processing of your company as a manufacturer of A330 suffered the accident. Enders was unhappy and stressed "the absence of facts" in his view support the accusation. Airbus maintains that the purpose of the hearing would be to find the cause of the accident and ensure that it can never happen again, "he said.

Libya: Benghazi in the crosshairs forces Gaddafi

The Libyan government forces continued to pound the insurgents Wednesday and were close to their stronghold of Benghazi, a city in the East, after the promise of Muammar Gaddafi to "crush the enemy," the West is powerless to stop the repression . At least twenty-six people have been killed since Tuesday in the strategic town of Ajdabiya, in air raids and heavy artillery, according to a doctor at the city hospital.

Go up to two thousand 414 the death toll in Japan

Japanese authorities today increased the dead two thousand 414 thousand 118 and three missing in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on Friday in the Northeast, according to the latest count of the police. However, it is believed that the final number of victims may be much higher, since some municipalities concerned have provided data to several thousand missing or dead.

Still not been located since Friday to nine thousand residents Minamisanriku 500 inhabitants, half of the population of people of the province of Miyagi swept by the tsunami, but neither is possible that they have taken refuge in nearby villages. On the coast of that province were found about two thousand dead and another 200 or 300 bodies were found in the capital, Sendai, according to Kyodo.

WikiLeaks-dispatches: massive security holes in japanese nuclear plants

International nuclear experts have pointed out Japan in 2008 to massive security holes of its power plants - that emerges from a US-Dispatch, published by the WikiLeaks. The reactors were no match for strong earthquakes, it says. Perhaps the Japanese government were glaring security risks of its power plants years before the dramatic sinking of the Fukushima-Reaktn known. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) warned Japan in December 2008 of possible problems with the seismic safety of its nuclear power plants.

The worst case scenario: release comparable to Chernobyl

Faced with uncertainty, experts are forced to develop scenarios. They speak of hypotheses, probability, are meant careful. But do not hide their concern. While the situation is still not controlled in Fukushima, the area around the plant is already exposed to significant radioactive releases. To date, the radioactive particles in the atmosphere around the plant comes mainly from the No.

2 engine, including the containment has been damaged. It is also focusing on the case of this reactor as the Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) conducted a simulation to try to understand the extent of possible contamination. On the plant site, the dose of radiation that would be exposed in this scenario a person would remain outside without protection achieved more than 1000 mSv.

Failure to nuclear "dirty water into Lake Ontario

MONTREAL - A breakdown of a Canadian nuclear power plant led to the release in the waters of nearby Lake 73mila liters of demineralized water. The Canadian nuclear agency immediately reassured the public that the dispersion of water does not pose a danger to the health of the environment and people. The incident occurred in a nuclear Pickering, Ontario, apparently due to the malfunctioning of the seals of a pumping system.

Add another Fukushima nuclear plant explosion

An explosion occurred in the reactor two of the Fukushima nuclear one, damaged by the earthquake followed by tsunami that occurred on Friday in northeastern Japan, announced the government and the company that manages the enclave. "There was a big explosion," between 06:00 and 6:15 am in the reactor two, said a spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), the electric company that manages the plant.

Several passes of Japan prepare the evacuation of its nationals

International warnings by the nuclear crisis that threatens Japan shoot by the hour and are causing an exodus of foreigners from the country. Governments and embassies in Tokyo from several European countries have recommended that their citizens to leave the Japanese capital and the country's northwest to the emergency center of Fukushima, after the earthquake and tsunami of last Friday.

Many embassies have started today to organize operations to assist those wishing to leave Japan. Some governments such as USA, UK, France, Colombia, Mexico and Spain have announced the shipment of aircraft to Tokyo to repatriate their nationals who want to voluntarily leave the capital, though without formal talk of an evacuation.

Libya: fighting continues, France urges UN to act

The uncertainty still reigned in Libya, after the thirtieth day of a bloody insurgency. Rebels and loyalists clashed in the eastern city of insurgents, Benghazi, while on the diplomatic front, the international community was still divided on how to stop the violence. Qaddafi Muammar Gaddafi confident gave an interview to Le Figaro in which he says he does not talk to the rebels, which he likened to al Qaeda.

Gaddafi battle to Misurata Benghazi Raid, the insurgents: "Do not spring"

TRIPOLI - The forces loyal to Gaddafi link to Misurata. It 's the day of the "decisive battle" to retake the city, as announced yesterday by Gaddafi, and subtracted to the rebels. Indeed, the state television, in the name of the pro-government propaganda, has announced that it would in fact already back in the hands of the army but the insurgents deny.

Continues the march toward Benghazi: the army would be at 160 kilometers from the city, and meanwhile the airport in Benin has been subject to air raids, even if the insurgents announced that they have shot down two aircraft Mitar. New draft resolution to UN Security Council, if approved, it would be possible in the next few hours, a military intervention in the country.

Fukushima Reactor number two remains unsettled, says government

The reactor number two in the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan again today to be unstable despite the injection of saltwater into the secondary container to try to cool the core and prevent a merger that emit radioactivity. According to government spokesman Yukio Edan, the reactor "is not yet stabilized, but there has been a dramatic increase in ionization.

The operator of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), said that during the early pressure was reduced within the housing that protects the heart and hopes to have raised the water level after the fuel rods remain partially uncovered yesterday. If the core starts to melt, it will cause an emergency situation due to leakage of radiation outside.

Gadhafi does not let

(17/MAR/2011) .- The Libyan army issued an ultimatum to residents of Benghazi, a stronghold of the opposition, warning them to leave areas controlled by rebels and weapons storage areas. Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi dismissed "dialogue" with the rebels, who equated with al Qaeda, at a time when forces loyal to regain control regime in Libya.

This he said in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro. " The Security Council UN vote today a resolution to enact a no-fly zone in Libya after reaching a tentative agreement, according to diplomatic sources.

The rebels resist Gaddafi offensive pending the decision of the UN

Although troops Muammar Gaddafi, a stone's throw from Benghazi, the city cradle of the uprising, maintain the military initiative and bomb the people who still control the regime's opponents, the rebels holding out in hopes that the shift in the U.S. position in the Security Council to achieve the international intervention in order to help avoid a feared bloodbath.

The main battles are taking place in Misrata, Libya's third largest city, located about 200 kilometers east of Tripoli and the last of the West under insurgent control, and Ajdabiya, city to be retaken by troops loyal to Qadhafi would open the door to ground assault the rebel stronghold, Benghazi, 150 kilometers further east.

Fukushima Is another Chernobyl?

A Fukushima, what we feared - and that is already taking place - it's a meltdown accident, that is to say that the heart of central or spent fuel located in hot pools because they are no longer cooled and eventually melt. Yes. In Chernobyl, the accident involved a single reactor in Fukushima, there are six reactors potentially hazardous: three of whom were active during the earthquake and have been shutdown by the quake, and three were already shut for maintenance.

I want to smile again

At the time of the earthquake was going to take my son to school. He drove my husband and the strength of the shock forced him to pull over and stop. From the car window I saw the swaying skyscrapers in the distance and I thought "It will be a big trouble." Luckily my son was safely in school and we went home with him without any problems.

There was some minor damage in the home, such as picture holders to pieces and books from the shelves fell to the ground, but fortunately nothing serious. Now a friend who lives in our neighborhood came to offer help. I went to people who could not return home by public transport stopped.

Continuing aftershocks of an earthquake in Japan

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.1 shook the Tokyo area at about 5:00 local time Tuesday (20:00 GMT Monday), public broadcaster NHK said. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage and not issued any tsunami warning. Japan has been beaten by a series of aftershocks from Friday's devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Australia calls for creating a no-fly zone in Libya

Australia today called on the Security Council of the United Nations to create an exclusion zone to prevent aerial bombardment of civilians by government aircraft of Muammar Gadhafi. Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, urged the representatives to the Security Council not to remain indifferent to civilian deaths in Libya, as in the conflicts in Darfur, Rwanda or the Balkans.

"Look what it did in Rwanda: Failure. Look at Darfur: failure. Look at the Balkans: partial failure," said Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, ABC television channel. "I hope the international community to learn from history, because if one, two or three months Gadhafi began to gain ground and starts the killing of civilians, will affect the entire international community," said Rudd.

The European Union recommends the monitoring of food imported from Japan

The European Commission has recommended that EU countries to monitor food imported from Japan, to determine whether they are radioactive, according to today hadeclarado Community Health spokesman Frederic Vincent. The Commission has recommended that countries carry out special tests on food products that have reached the European Union from March 15 to monitor whether they are affected by radioactive contamination.

A blog that crystallized the emotion

Jean-David Morvan, accompanied by Sylvain Runberg and Community Team CaféSalé, has set up a blog called Tsunami and therefore brings together illustrations by illustrators and designers recognized (or not) but definitely talented.

Besides the pain of hell Minamisoma "But now we have to start"

MINAMISOMA (JAPAN) - On the beach Minamisoma black, red fire melts a thin layer of white snow, which fell to cover the destruction of the tsunami. They get up columns of gray smoke, but they are not the signal for ships and houses that glow in the mud. I survived some of the city, just over half of the 75 000 inhabitants, have resigned this morning.

They burn the corpses of their loved ones and strangers, using the windows of the buildings destroyed. It would require special permits, but the police see the pyres and does not disturb hundreds of people parading in front of the fire, bowing and kneeling. In most of the prefectures of Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate, overwhelmed by the wave, a persistent lack of electricity, fuel, gas and water.

Israel regrets that AL does not understand the situation in the Middle East

.- Israel's ambassador to the UN, Meron Reuben, said today that the recognition of nine South American countries of the Palestinian state is a sign that the region "does not understand the complexity" of the situation in the Middle East, something he called "a little sad." The diplomat, who until next August also holds the position of his country's ambassador in Colombia, said in an interview that the position of the region in this matter "has not done nothing" to the peace process.

France believes that nuclear risks are more serious in Japan

The president of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) from France, André-Claude Lacoste, said the nuclear plant accident in Fukushima Japan might be level 5 or 6 on a scale of 7, ie over Level 4 has admitted Japan. "I have a feeling we're at least at level 5 and maybe 6" which has exceeded the level of the U.S.

central "Three Mile Island without going to the Chernobyl" Lacoste said in a press conference in noting that one can not "exclude" is attained top step of a disaster. French expert on nuclear security said there was "no doubt that there has been a core principle of fusion reactors 1 and 3 of the plant, and also the number 2, and predicted that" we are at the beginning of a crisis that could last weeks.

Fighting in Abidjan shore refugees to leave the country

.- The fighting is widespread today in Abidjan, which was turned into a ghost town where few people ventured out into the street while gunshots were heard in several neighborhoods. While the self Abidjan Invisible Command, which supports Alassane Ouattara, President-elect considered by the international community gives the reply to the attacks of the forces of Laurent Gbagbo, who refuses to leave power, tens of thousands of refugees leave west of the country.

U.S. suggests measures to be "most all" of the area in Libya exclusinarea

The United States believes that the UN should consider actions "that go beyond" no-fly zone in Libya, a move that seeks to protect civilians from the bombing of Muammar Qaddafi and France, the U.S. and UK claim to be submitted today to vote in the Security Council before the Libyan dictator's troops crush the rebels.

Statements of U.S. Ambassador to UN, Susan Rice, are the clearest sign that Washington will support a resolution establishing a no fly zone in Libya, after the caution shown before, against the doubts about the military effectiveness measure and its possible political repercussions. "We are discussing very seriously and leading efforts in the Council towards a set of actions that we believe can be effective in protecting civilians," Rice said last night (this morning in Spain) after several fruitless hours at the UN meeting.

The reverse of head nuclearists

Only four days ago thundered on television: "The plants have been shown to keep knock, who was inspired by the tragedy of Japan to create a political controversy is a jackal. We will see in the coming days, but I'm confident. " Then, overwhelmed by the criticism, even the former president of Legambiente Chicco Testa, president of the Italian Nuclear Forum, the most fervent supporters of the return of the atom in the beautiful country, made a reverse and "was inspired by the tragedy" for a healthy debate.

The Japanese count their dead

Fukushima, the alarm of the U.S. Clinton: "Reviewing the costs and liabilities from the U.S."

ROME - In the hell of Japan numbers are in despair, as the solutions. The budget has twenty thousand dead and missing, but no one can say with certainty whether this will be a figure close to reality. The fear is that it is much higher. In Fukushima, the fight against global reactor with water cannons and airplanes without a pilot.

The tragedy of the tsunami that nuclear and adds the bad weather over the area of \u200b\u200bFukushima strong winds near the coast, causing snow and increases the risk of avalanches. In Sendai, a thick a thick blanket of snow covers the sea of \u200b\u200bruins, and the temperatures drop below freezing, reducing, hour after hour, the hopes that someone is still alive under the rubble after the miracles of recent days.