Friday, July 29, 2011

Arrested in Texas, U.S. soldier "was preparing to attack fellows"

 Police in Texas arrested a U.S. Army soldier, suspected to be preparing an attack against his fellow soldiers. The young soldier, stationed at the base of Fort Campbell in Kentucky, has deserted the weekend of July 4, Independence Day the day after being accused of possessing images of child pornography on his computer, given the risks of being prosecuted before a court martial.

Anders Breivik Behring again questioned by police Friday

Anders Breivik Behring, the author of bloody attacks that Norway will again be interviewed by the Norwegian police, Friday, July 29. Investigators hope to eliminate some shadows: why was there a walkie-talkie, as provided the testimony of a survivor? And what about the "cells" which he referred to the existence? At that hearing, the second since his arrest, he will be questioned on "information received in recent days, and there are many," said Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby, an official of the investigation.

Libyan rebels announce the death of their commander

The Chairman of the National Transitional Libya (CNT) announced Thursday, July 28 death of the Libyan General Abdel Fatah Yunis, former head of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, joined the insurgents. The man directed the military operations of the insurgency Jamahiriya. According to Abdel Jalil Mustafa, the leader of the CNT, was killed by assailants after being summoned before a judicial commission in Benghazi.

Serbia threatens to end the Kosovo dialogue

The simmering border dispute for days between Serbia and Kosovo will become a heavy burden for the two countries: The government in Belgrade now considering a halt to the dialogue with Pristina, which the EU had taught. Belgrade - The borders between Kosovo and Serbia now control the KFOR soldiers, but the conflict between the two countries is so obviously far from being resolved.

The Serbian negotiators Borislav Stefanovic now threatened with an end of the talks between the two countries: "If the situation at border crossings is not returned to their previous state, there will be no dialogue anymore," said Stefanovic of the Belgrade newspaper "Blic". Already on Thursday, the Serbian negotiators had demanded that the NATO-led KFOR security force to allow re-Serb officials at the two disputed border crossings.

Pilots of Air France plane that crashed in 2009 ignored the stall warnings

The crew of the plane that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009 while covering the route Rio de Janeiro-Paris ignored the warnings of the stall and did not apply the procedures down the flight manuals, the report on the accident released Friday by the Office of Research and Analysis (BEA) of France.

This latest report from the BEA said that the pilots did not talk about repeated warnings when the Air France Airbus plummeted 11.58 miles rushed over the sea at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. The accident killed all 228 people aboard. While trying the device drivers will not crash, passengers were told what was happening.

Spain will elect a new parliament earlier than planned

Prime Minister Zapatero announced early elections for November - he will not even compete. Madrid - The € increasingly affected by the debt crisis in Spain selects four months earlier than planned a new parliament. Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero on Friday called early elections for the 20th Of November.