Monday, August 8, 2011

The crash of the U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan due to trap Taliban

The U.S. helicopter that crashed Saturday in Afghanistan was shot dead by the Taliban who have set a trap for U.S. Special Forces by giving them false information. Thirty-eight Afghan soldiers and American were killed in the operation. "It is confirmed that the helicopter was shot down and he fell into a trap set by a local leader of the Taliban, Qari Tahir," said a government source under the condition of anonymity.

The information was confirmed immediately by either NATO or U.S. military. According to this source, the Taliban leader "gave false information to the Americans, telling them that there was a meeting of Taliban insurgents in a complex of houses. He knew what route would follow the helicopter and took position with his men each side of the valley.

" In total, thirty-eight Afghan soldiers and American were killed in the crash, the deadliest incident for the coalition since the start of the Afghan conflict, there are nearly ten years.

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