Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene... at the end only a shower

Irene is gone. New York takes a deep sigh of relief. The hurricane accelerated its course and now focuses on Boston. Irene lost gallons of storm, after being downgraded from category two to one hour is just a poor tropical storm. Manhattan has been spared by the powerful winds that swept the other hand, New Jersey and North Carolina before the hurricane hovering over Long Island and eventually New York City.

Tourists in hotels in Manhattan, now that Irene has passed, they seem disappointed. The airlines canceled their flights, made them pay dear for hotels in Manhattan center for supplies for weeks. The have closed for two days all the shops in the city, the metropolitan airports.

No broken windows, no skyscrapers tremble, nothing stuck elevators, no flooding of the hotel lobbies, on the streets. A look around feel inclined to agree with those who think the hurricanes, as well as a threat, are a big business. Especially for the press and television. The Weather Channel, CNBC, CBS, devoted a direct much followed the river - and full of spots - in the event.

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