Monday, August 8, 2011

Iran arrested 17 boys "were playing with water guns"

Seventeen young people, girls and boys, were arrested for participating in a "battle" with water guns in the park at Bandar Abbas in southern Iran. He said the Chief Justice of the province, quoted by the ISNA news agency. Of the 17 boys arrested "five were released immediately, while the other 12 were released on bail today," he said, explaining that young people could weigh on charges of participation in an "haram" (forbidden by religion) and "insult security forces.

Even in Tehran last Friday, several hundred girls and boys had participated in a giant water park, the battle 'Ab-Atash-o' (water and fire), after finding himself a 'tom-tom' on Facebook and sms. A game ended with the arrest of 10 young people, then released on bail, reports the local press also showed pictures of young girls soaking wet and wearing the veil (which is required under Islamic law) broken.
Atabaki Behnam, head of the park, had also apologized for not being able to block what he called "immoral behavior and contrary to the rules." According to his story "A large group of girls and coordinated - many with his head covered in an inappropriate way - and young people has sparked a battle with guns and water balloons.

We could not stop them, nor the military police. After three hours we decided to turn off the water. " Many conservative media have taken on the images of battles with the water, especially those where you see girls with wet clothes on him. Iran is one of the countries with the highest youth population.

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