Monday, August 29, 2011

Gb, the new uprising against the British tea-mix change

The brand that popularized for three hundred years the national drink of the United Kingdom has changed the formula, altering the taste, and it is as if the revolution had broken out in London. The Twinings, which opened in 1706 founded the first "tea rooms" a stone's throw from Trafalgar Square, has changed the ingredients of his most popular blend, the Earl Grey, became so famous that for many has become synonymous with the tea.

The idea was to please the consumer, of course, after market research, giving them even more pleasant flavor packets - and increasing sales, which is always the goal in similar operations. Except that it had the opposite effect: an insurrection. The new flavor, writes a most faithful to the Daily Mail, as "a detergent with lemon." Another compares him to a "soap dish."

The new Earl Grey contains a greater amount of bergamot and other citrus fruits, but it was enough to upset a lot of people. "Every time you change, a reaction is inevitable," a spokesman for Twinings reply, "but the new flavor is a favorite in the judgments of consumers in numerous market research."

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