Wednesday, January 5, 2011

House moves to the right, the reforms of Obama in its sights

The Republican opponents of Barack Obama have taken, Wednesday, Jan. 5, the control of the House of Representatives committed to backtrack on reforms of the President, in the crosshairs with the resumption of the White House next year. Unsurprisingly, they elected their leader John Boehner, the new chairman of the meeting, following their victory in parliamentary elections on 2 November.

At 61, Republican and will embody the opposition to Barack Obama at least until the 2012 presidential election. Elected on Wednesday by 241 votes out of 432 voters before being cheered by MPs from both sides, he succeeded Democrat Nancy Pelosi, to roost since 2007. John Boehner said that what the people wanted, "is an honest government that is accountable and who is sensitive to his needs." "Our goal is to make government the people," he added, setting the tone of the new majority that has garnered over 63 new seats in parliamentary elections on 2 November.

Tunisia: new threat and attempted suicide

After the death of Mohamed Bouazizi, the young fruit and vegetable vendor who gave himself a wife and three children climbed an electricity pylon threatening to kill themselves for employment and housing, according to witnesses. This scene took place in Sidi Bouzid, home of social protest. "A mother, her two daughters and her son aged 12 years or are mounted on a tower high voltage near a government building, they demanded to meet with government officials to find a solution to their precarious condition," Slimane Rouissi told, "They are seeking employment and housing," said the teacher union, who said he witnessed the scene.

Tension in Lahore by the Punjab governor's funeral

Thousands of Pakistanis have gathered today in Lahore to attend the funeral of Salman Taseer, Governor of the province of Punjab shot yesterday. This political crime, the worst since the attack that killed Benazir Bhutto to three years, highlights once again the political divide in a country gripped by Islamist extremism.

Almost at the same time Taseer were buried in a military compound, his murderer was hailed at the gates of the courthouse in Islamabab and a significant association of clergy praised his action. Taseer, 66 years and one of the few Pakistani politicians who had dared to speak out against Islam, died on Tuesday at the hands of one of his bodyguards.

A man threw an explosive outside the Embassy of France in Bamako

A man threw an explosive outside the Embassy of France in Bamako, Wednesday, January 5, wounding two people of Malian nationality, before being arrested by security sources. "A man threw an explosive outside the embassy of France. Two Malians were injured. The man was arrested, he was interrogated," he simply stated the source.

A heavy security was deployed around the embassy.

Ouattara lowers the risk of civil war in Ivory Coast

Alassane Ouattara, the winner of the elections on November 28 and recognized by the international community as president of Ivory Coast, has downplayed the possibility that there is a civil war in the country, amid the clash for power with the outgoing president, Laurent Gbagbo. "Military intervention should not necessarily trigger a civil war," said Ouattara to the French channel France 24, in the first interview he offers from his confinement in a hotel in Abidjan.

UN urges 1 000 to 2 000 more peacekeepers in Côte d'Ivoire

The CEO of peacekeeping UN, Alain Le Roy said Wednesday, Jan. 5 he would ask the shipment of 1 000 to 2 000 additional peacekeepers in Cote d'Ivoire in the throes of a severe political crisis. He explained that the UN mission in the country was faced with increasing hostility of the population, because of misinformation disseminated by public television, controlled by President Laurent Gbagbo.

Controversial censorship law: Hungary braces itself against pressure from the EU Commission

 Hungary holds stubbornly to his controversial media-control law. The right-wing conservative government announced that it will at the upcoming meeting with EU Commission President Barroso "readiness for dialogue" shows - everything one could expect, however. Budapest - Hungary's severe criticism of the censorship law is sharp: as "de facto one-party rule" called the British "Guardian" the country just in a comment.

Vertical Post: Obama moves from closest colleagues

Chairs back in the White House's closest circle of people Barack Obama is to be replaced soon. According to reports, the U.S. president wants to fill several key positions again. At least eight items are free - including that of his main man for the public. Washington - "change" became the buzzword in Barack Obama's campaign - are volatile times now in the White House.

The U.S. president wants to occupy in the coming weeks at least eight posts in his new leadership circle, reported the Washington Post on Wednesday. Among other things, spokesman Robert Gibbs is considered part of the possible disposals. We give consideration to replace the 39-year-olds, the paper said.

Image care of a superpower: Beijing turns on his smile

China is investing millions in image advertising - you do not want to rely solely on its political and economic power. The superpower is on hospital ships, grants and public relations campaigns of world stars. It is white and gorgeous, and she went across the sea to bring healing. It is also called "Peace Ark," the State "China Daily" tenderly.

The rear admiral of that "Peace Arch" says you wanted to inform people about "China, the Chinese military and the Chinese navy." End of November 2010 came the first Chinese Hospital ship returns from his mission, 15 537 patients were treated Chinese doctors in Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Bangladesh and the Seychelles, 97 operations, as accurately lists the medium of the rising superpower to the good deeds.

He resigned the spokesman for Obama "will work for his re-election"

WASHINGTON - Robert Gibbs, spokesman for President Barack Obama, announced that it will leave the White House to devote himself full time to the campaign to reelect the president in 2012. Gibbs is Obama's side for six years, as political adviser and as a spokesperson, that is, even before Obama was elected to the U.S.

Senate. Gibbs has always been much more than a spokesperson for Obama has always been in the inner circle of advisers to the president along with David Axelrod and a few others. President Obama has confirmed today that Gibbs, while outside the White House, "will continue to shape the political dialogue in the years to come." "We are together in this adventure for six years since the Senate primary in 2004 - said the president - in this period he worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in return for modest pay." ibbs said that it will not create a private consulting firm.

Release of Hungarian employee of the UN in Darfur removed

The Hungarian civilian employee of the mission of UN-African Union peace kidnapped in October in the Darfur region of western Sudan, was released Wednesday, Jan. 5 "Healthy", according to peacekeepers. Istvan Papp, 56, a civilian employee of the peace mission, was kidnapped in early October in el-Fasher, the historic capital of Darfur, in his home by armed men just hours after the start of the visit of a delegation Ambassadors of the Security Council of the UN in this area.

Berlusconi: "The communists used to exist and judges close to eliminate"

"The Communists are, if you go there, and I want to do away with the help of prosecutors." It said today Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister in a telephone interview with a television program that has served as the beginning of the political. Berlusconi has used a tone between lively and fierce, that seems to predict that the hypothesis of an early election is closer than it has admitted publicly in recent days.

The Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr back in Iraq after four year hiatus

He is both revered and reviled Shiite disadvantaged American authorities. After four years spent abroad, the radical Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr returned home, Wednesday, Jan. 5, to the cheers of hundreds of his supporters gathered in his stronghold of Najaf. "This is not just a visit. It will remain at Najaf, 150 kilometers south of the capital, said an official of his powerful political movement, the Sadrist current, recalling that his boss had left Iraq the end of 2006.

Republicans take control of U.S. Congress and announce decisions difficult

As of this afternoon the Republicans will control of the House of Representatives and already predict that the work will focus on the economy and the growing federal deficit. "At 112 Congress be required hard work and tough decisions," said John Boehner, the replacement for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, according to excerpts of the speech offered to begin the new legislative period.

In his view, U.S. government spending "has taken its toll, and our debt will soon eclipse the size of our entire economy." "We can no longer put off decisions. The people voted to put an end and today we begin to carry out his instructions," says another part of speech. His words set the tone of the new House, with the majority obtained by winning 63 more seats in the parliamentary elections on 2 November.

La Russa: "Miotto insurgents killed by a sniper was not isolated"

KABUL - arrived in Herat for a visit to the Italian troops committed in Afghanistan, Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa reconstructs the death of the Alpine Matteo Miotto, which took place last December 31 in the valley of Gulistan. "It 'was killed by an insurgent group in a real gunfight and not isolated by a sniper," said the minister told reporters.

The killing of Miotto, La Russa added, is by "a group of terrorists, 'insurgent' I do not know how many, who attacked the outpost." "The attack - says La Russa - who was on guard responded with small arms and other operations: these joined by Miotto," which - according to a first reconstruction - was part of a "rapid reaction force "and went up on the tower (where he was shot) to give a hand.

General Vincent Desportes was listened to by the DCRI

General Vincent Desportes, former head of the French War College, who spoke often over the past two years on strategic issues, was tapped by the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI) on the orders of the Elysee, Le Canard Enchaine revealed, Wednesday, Jan. 5. For giving an interview to Le Monde, July 2, 2010, a few weeks of his retirement, he was summoned by his superiors.

She had claimed the Minister of Defence severe punishment. A few days earlier, on June 22, the Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Edouard Guillaud, however, was reached before the last class of the War College to encourage senior officers to speak: "The Reserve duty is not an excuse for a reserve mute who, by dint of being silent, becomes cowardly and irresponsible! We have our place in the policy debate, "he told the trainees.

The spokesman for Barack Obama, Robert Gibbs, left the White House

The spokesman for Barack Obama, Robert Gibbs, decided to leave the White House, but will continue working for the U.S. president for his re-election in 2012, he said Wednesday, Jan. 5. Confirming a report in the Washington Post, he told the he would work outside the White House in preparation for the next campaign for re-election of Mr.

Obama in 2012 for a second term. According to an official White House cited by, he will leave his post in early February, and the name of his successor will be made public within next two weeks. Robert Gibbs, spokesman for Barack Obama since the latter took office at the White House, there are nearly two years, is considered one of the closest collaborators of the president, a political tactician and an expert media.

Gibbs is stepping down as spokesperson for Obama

Robert Gibbs has personally confirmed today that leaves his post as spokesman for the White House to prepare for re-election campaign of President Barack Obama from a position outside consultant. Gibbs, who was responsible for communications of the president since the beginning of his administration, is one of the leading men of trust Obama, whose hand was from the beginning of his candidacy.

The beer victim of the crisis and the "pint" becomes smaller

LONDON - "A pint." There was never need to say more in an English pub, ordering a drink: it was clear to us what he meant. At best, the bartender behind the counter asked to specify the type of beer you want: light, dark, bitter, frothy. But now things change: the British government decided to put an end to 300 years of history and tradition, which authorizes the public places to reduce the size of the jars, which served the most popular alcoholic drink, and drank more, the subjects of His Majesty.

Global food prices are experiencing a record surge

Global food prices have hit a new record in December, announced Wednesday, January 5 The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), surpassing the highs reached in 2008 when their outbreak had caused riots in several countries. Food prices in December 2010 recorded their sixth consecutive month, boosted by higher prices for sugar, cereals and oilseeds.

The monthly index of the FAO measure price changes of a basket of products including cereals, oilseeds, dairy products, meat and sugar. It stood at 214.7 points last month, against 206 in November, and above its previous record of 213.5 points in June 2008. The sugar price index soared to 398.4 points against 373.4 points in December the previous month.

Egypt, new threats to the Copts "Soon there will be another attack"

The Islamists, from the website 'Mujahideen', today launched a new warning to the head of the Coptic Church, Shenouda III and his faithful: "The next explosion will take place very soon." He added: "We have already warned, God is my witness." The site had already published a list of churches to be hit, including the Saints of Alexandria, which later became the scene of the massacre of Christians on January 31 last year.

The litany of unpunished crimes

Monday afternoon, in Petare, popular district of Caracas, Venezuela. In the church of Sacre-Coeur de Jesus, before the 18-hour Mass, Father Erick Tovar reads a prayer for the deceased of the parish. Jose Antonio Rodriguez Alegria, 23, and his fiancee spend in front of the church when three unknown men on a motorcycle approached the couple: "It's him!", Launches one of them.

José Antonio took refuge in the building, runs in the nave before being mortally wounded in the head a few meters before the altar. The blasts spread panic. The faithful, including several children, rush to the doors. The priest behind a table. The office will not occur. Monday night in the San Andres.

Al Qaeda: "Soon new attack" alarm in Italy for the Coptic Christmas

ROME - The Islamic website 'Mujahideen' today launched a new warning to the head of the Coptic Church, Shenouda III, and his faithful: "The next explosion will be very soon," announcing a new attack, they write on their website. He adds: "I have already informed and Allah is my witness." The site had previously published a list of churches including one hit by the Saints in Alexandria.

The threatening messages have multiplied in recent days. The latter, posted by a surfer who calls the Islamic emirate 'Grozny'. Alert in Italy. The sensitive targets out there, even in Italy. After the massacre at Alexandria and the threat of Al Qaeda, must be considered of potential interest to the fundamentalists also Coptic Orthodox Church.

Wages increased in Bolivia after a surge in oil prices

Bolivian President Evo Morales, announced Wednesday, January 5 a series of measures, including a wage increase of 20% in "police, military, health and education," to cushion a sharp rise in prices fuels, a source of social mobilization since Monday in the Andean country. In a televised speech on the eve of new events and transport strikes, planned in major cities across the country, Morales said it had already signed the decree establishing the 20% wage increase for 2011 for these four professions.

City of Mafia. "Cosa Nostra" arrives in Britain

The Italian Mafia is stretching its tentacles upon the UK economy, especially in the financial sector, using the City of London as a strategic base for operations of money laundering. The alarm is launched by Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero, co-director of the Centre of Crime and Conflict Middlesex University, and Robert Fort, director of FLARE (Freedom, Legality and Rights in Europe), the European NGO that fights against organized crime.

For Alassane Ouattara, there is no risk of fire in Côte d'Ivoire

Alassane Ouattara, recognized by the international community as the elected president of the Ivory Coast, said Wednesday, Jan. 5 prefer a peaceful solution to the crisis in his country. In an interview with France 24 television channel, he denied any risk of fire or civil war after more than a month of deadlock caused by the refusal of the incumbent president, Laurent Gbagbo, left office.

To the question "The time did she come from a military option?" Alassane Ouattara said: "No, I'm for peace in my country. (...) I prefer a peaceful solution, a negotiated solution." Should there be military action, he said, it would be to "pick Laurent Gbagbo and leave the presidential palace.

Firming Rousseff General and Minister of National Security of Brazil

The image of the first Brazilian woman and former guerrilla, Dilma Rousseff, President of the Republic, reviewing the army the night of his inauguration is still in the eyes of the people as a sign that the country has broken a new taboo. With a reputation of strong woman, Dilma often accuse politicians of being too weak and often also say that when a man is hard to say about him, positively, that has character, and that when a woman is accused of being a man .

Rhymes Pay for German children

Berlin Match - The announcement cut the desire to sing to thousands of educators, while the concert season of toddlers in full swing in Germany. In late December, GEMA, the German equivalent of the SACEM, summoned by letter 36,000 nurseries and kindergartens to meet quickly the copyright on the songs and rhymes reproduced or performed in public without permission.

To not quibble, GEMA provides educators lovers arranging a tariff: for 500 copies of texts or partitions, a public kindergarten will have to pay 56 euros per year, a garden run by a church 44.80 euros, excluding taxes . Provided that the prescribed form duly filled: for each song title, composer, publisher of the work and release date should be carefully identified, all of which must be monitored regularly.

The long road to power, Li Keqiang

Li Keqiang, Vice Premier of China, has built his career over a political career that has come in much contact with the current president, Hu Jintao. The leader is ranked number seven in the Chinese hierarchy in the Politburo Standing Committee, the highest organ of power of China, composed of nine members, "and if the script is fulfilled, will become the first March 2013 Minister's second largest economy in the world, replacing Wen Jiabao.

Use, for the Republicans the grain is now keeping promises

Difficulty in sight for the American Republicans. The U.S. Congress reopens, and the old Grand Old Party is grappling with the many promises and hopes scattered to the midterm elections last November. Now the Republicans control the House and will have a stronger presence in the Senate. But they will honor commitments made: the federal deficit reduction, reduction of the U.S.

government, opposition to abortion and gay rights. These are the themes that have mobilized a large and complex array of movement conservatives - liberals, Tea Party, nostalgic for the Cold War, religious fundamentalists - who have contributed to the Republicans. That have to face some grain.

Horror Chinese disabled people kidnapped by slave traffickers and sold to entrepreneurs

A group of smugglers who were kidnapped disabled then sold as slave labor to a company of construction materials. E 'occurred in the northern Chinese province of Xinjiang, a Chinese media report the news that, yesterday, denounced the latest case of slavery and labor camps in the territory of the Asian giant.

The newspapers speak of 11 men, eight of them with learning problems, sold as slaves in a factory and was kept in prison for three years, and atrocious living conditions without pay. Victims tell stories of hunger, grueling shifts, nonexistent sanitation and harsh punishment for those who could not stand the pace.

Power struggle: Tens of thousands flee from Ivory Coast

More than 22,000 people, according to the UN in Ivory Coast have fled into neighboring Liberia. Most refugees are women and therefore children from the west of the country in which raged for weeks, a bitter power struggle. The international community now sends relief supplies. Geneva / Nairobi - In view of the power struggle in the Ivory Coast, around 22,000 people fled into neighboring Liberia.

Agenda of the U.S. Prsident: What Barack Obama needs in 2011

Golfing, snorkeling, eating ice cream - in Hawaii has spent U.S. President Obama in the New Year holiday days here. Back in Washington, it now expects a tough year: the strengthened Republicans want to block important reforms, he also run away from the main consultant. Berlin / Washington - In the category "President relaxed with his family" makes Barack Obama so easily not what is before: What was involved in many predecessors in the U.S.

Côte d'Ivoire: "Uncertainty plagues the daily lives of the people"

Has expired since the ultimatum set by the Gbagbo camp - Charles Ble Goude (Young Patriots leader, pro-Gbagbo) had threatened to resume the Hotel du Golf, where the government has cut Ouattara - the situation seems have calmed down in Abidjan. But "fear of an explosion of violence is latent. Abidjan is the capital of the rumors," said a French UN employee (who wishes to remain anonymous) returned in late December as a result of the many anti-UN statements Laurent Gbagbo.

The new U.S. Congress launches its challenge to Obama

NEW YORK - Forty thousand teachers laid off, fewer medical research, fewer police on the streets: it is an Armageddon scenario according to the White House that opens today in the inauguration day of the new Republican majority in the Chamber of Deputies. A right which has declared "total war" to public spending.

The new Speaker of the House John Boehner, today will confirm the target of 100 billion public spending cuts, down 20% from current levels. And the first vote high political value is already defined in class January 12: the agenda for the repeal of the entire health reform Barack Obama.

Buried in the governor of Punjab Lahore between samples of pain

The governor of the eastern Pakistani province of Punjab, Salman Tasir murdered for his outspoken opposition to Islamic fundamentalism, was buried today in a ceremony attended by the staff of its formation, the ruling Popular Party (PPP), and hundreds militants. A crowd rushed PPP flags outside the governor's residence in the city of Lahore, capital of Punjab, "to bid farewell to Tasir, in images broadcast live on Pakistani television.

Baptists and France militant ignorance

The letter more difficult, ticklish, Bernard-Henri Lévy would not write it due to President Lula, but inquire about the history of the Italian President Napolitano. I am not aware he did it. The gesture would have been more difficult and thorny to visit, as well as Cesare Battisti, its victims. I am not aware has done that either.

Or who have done similar things Philippe Sollers, Daniel Pennac, Fred Vargas, and the many French who look to Italy as a country of monkeys, no decent judges: beautiful incivilissimo, Stendhal said. The French are concerned aesthetes and very selective: the mafia culture of lawlessness or dilated by Berlusconi, never raising their voices.

Tunisia: death of a young street vendor who was slain in Sidi Bouzid

Bouazizi Mohamed, the young fruit and vegetable vendor who tried to immolate himself on December 17 in Sidi Bouzid, city in west central Tunisia, died of his injuries Tuesday, January 4 to 19 hours, according to his family. Aged 26 years, unemployed graduates had poured gasoline outside the prefecture after his goods confiscated by local police because he lacked the necessary permits.

His gesture of despair is behind a wave of unprecedented protests throughout the country. Parades and rallies were held in many cities including the capital, Tunis. On Monday, the new high school students clashed with police and Thala, a town east of Tunisia. December 28, Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali visited the bedside of Mohamed Bouazizi, transferred to the trauma center and burn Ben Arous, near Tunis, before receiving the family.

Haiti: the second round of presidential elections postponed

The second round of presidential elections in Haiti can take place until February at the earliest, experts of the Organization of American States on the contested results of the first round had failed to submit their findings, announced Tuesday an official provisional electoral council (CEP). "It is physically impossible to hold the second round on 16 January," said Pierre-Louis Opont, CEO of CEP.

Growing social protest in Tnez by the economic crisis

More than a hundred students joined social protest yesterday in Tunisia by the economic crisis and rising unemployment. The demonstrations that began in the village of Sidi Bouzid few weeks ago when a young man blew himself up in front of City Hall after police confiscated his peddler of fruits and vegetables, have intensified and spread to several cities in the North African country.

While students are organized through online social networks to keep alive the protest, several trade associations have called strikes for the next few days. The opposition to the government of Ben Ali has reported numerous arrests of protesters and a heavy police repression.

Chavez does not raise VAT and stops the university reform

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is not known to rectify. However, on this occasion has used the last cabinet meeting to announce that, listening to the positions and criticisms from various sectors, has decided to veto the Universities Act and not to increase VAT. "I have decided to veto the law has come here (...) I've been talking to former rectors, presidents, ministers (...) and the law has its strengths, I am among those who think you have your weaknesses" , the president said at a council broadcast by Venezolana de Television.

The assassination of the governor of Punjab political crisis worsens in Pakistan

The ruling Pakistan People's Party (PPP), which two years ago suffered the assassination of its leader Benazir Bhutto, yesterday received another blow when shot dead one of his most influential men: the governor of Punjab, Salman Tasir. One of the bodyguards Tasir fired nine shots at close range when the governor of Pakistan's most populous province of 82 million inhabitants, more than half the population was approaching his car in a downtown market in the capital.

The nine largest U.S. Congress opens an investigation on Wikileaks leaks

The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives in the coming days will open an investigation into the secret documents from the State Department revealed by Wikileaks, as announced by California Congressman Darrell Issa, who on Wednesday sworn in as president of the Committee Control and Government Reform of the House, within the group of opposition lawmakers who come to occupy more important positions in Congress.

International Study mood: France is the nation of pessimists

France is leading the foul mood: The mood led to an international study. Nowhere else is pessimistic in the new year. The Germans, however, before bursting confidence. And the most optimistic citizens of the world? Live where one would not necessarily expect it. For the Germans, the neighbors across the Rhine is a life artist, a man of pleasure and promoted - particularly by UNESCO as a World Heritage excellent - fine food culture.

Imprisoned Reporter: Iran warns against pressure from Germany

Tehran - The leadership in Tehran is susceptible to an appeal from Germany on the release of two detained in Iran German reporter: "Our judicial system is totally independent and take their decisions under pressure," said the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Ramin Mehmanparast. "Our German friends should know that the application of pressure to change the opinion of the court, will backfire." Mehmanparast warned against "politicizing" a legal question.

Offers tour of Germany has no nuclear invitation from Iran

Washington - Which countries have offered the Iranian regime to inspect its nuclear facilities? The regime claims to have sent just before new negotiations on its nuclear program invitations. But apparently not important to all States. According to Iranian representatives information from "some of the six major powers" were written, would negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program.

This was announced by a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry. The offer is directed to Ambassador of EU countries, representatives of non-aligned States and representatives of the so-called 5 +1 group, which includes the UN veto powers, the USA, Russia, China, Britain and France and Germany.