Friday, January 28, 2011

Unrest in the Middle East: of Egypt uprising fueled protests in Yemen

The protest movement in the Arab world is spreading to the Yemen. In the capital Sanaa thousands of people against the government and social injustice have demonstrated. So far, the demonstrations were peaceful - in Egypt, protests escalated again, however. Sanaa - First Tunisia, then in Egypt - and now the Yemen in the capital Sanaa have demanded on Thursday thousands of demonstrators a change of government.

Australia will fund the reconstruction in the flood areas with a tax increase

Australia will fund the reconstruction in the flood areas with a tax increase: high earners to pay a special levy to offset the damage of the floods. Prime Minister Gillard speaks of the "most expensive natural disaster in the history of the continent. Canberra - Australia's government plans a multibillion dollar reconstruction program in the flood areas.

Part of the cost will be financed with a special tax. Citizens with annual incomes of more than 50,000 Australian dollars (the equivalent of 36,000 euros) will pay a special levy in the future of 0.5 percent, announced Prime Minister ia Gillard on Thursday. Of 100,000 Australian dollars runs at the rate one per cent.

Unrest in Egypt: Police hunt protesters through the night

Despite a curfew, tear down the protests in Egypt on coming: In the night, police and demonstrators delivered a cat-and-mouse game in the streets of Cairo and Suez. New protests have been announced. Cairo / Suez - massive threats to the Egyptian leadership in spite of people go in Cairo, Suez and other cities next to the road.

In the Wednesday night small groups of demonstrators gathered to protest against President Hosni Mubarak, corruption and oppression. Policemen tried to disperse them. On Wednesday thousands of people in Cairo and other cities took to the streets. They demanded the resignation of Mubarak, the ruling authoritarian since 1981.

Blog - "Sputnik Moment" Washington should no longer fund Big Oil, "said Barack Obama

"Instead of subsidizing energy yesterday, they are investing in tomorrow," Obama said in his speech on the state of the Union address Jan. 25.

Chile: first investigation into the death of President Allende

For the first time, the Chilean courts will investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Salvador Allende. The politician, elected president in 1970, died during the coup of General Augusto Pinochet that toppled his government, September 11, 1973. It is one of the 726 cases for violations of human rights during the dictatorship (1973-1990), hitherto never treated because of complaint, that the Crown has decided to open Wednesday, January 26.

France wants to give new impetus to the Union for the Mediterranean

France called Thursday, January 27 "all governments and peoples of Europe and the Mediterranean to give new impetus to the Union for the Mediterranean" (UFM), following the resignation Wednesday of its secretary general, Ahmad Massa'deh , which has invoked the need for "clear direction". Founded in 2008 on the initiative of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the MFU comprises 43 countries: 27 EU, Turkey, Israel and Arab countries bordering the Mediterranean.

Retrying immolation by fire in Algeria

A 34 year old man tried to set themselves on fire in Algeria after suffering several refusals of appointment of local administrative services, said Thursday, January 27th the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights. It is the ninth attempted immolation known in Algeria since the start in January with a movement of social discontent that triggered riots in the wake of the "jasmine revolution" in Tunisia.

Protests: Mubarak's opponents want to mobilize the masses

The use of corporal police can not stop the demonstrators in Egypt. There have been repeated in Cairo and other cities to protest against President Mubarak. The opponents hope for new mass rallies on Friday. Who will win the power struggle is still completely open. At first glance, Cairo has peacefully on Thursday.

The buses, the shawarma spits are turning, giggling school girls strolling on the "road of liberation." But even a second glance reveals how much tension is in the air. Behind the school girls, two policemen standing on a rickety ladder and paint over with thick, black color is a critical government grafitto.

Egypt asks ElBaradei's departure Mubarak

It had earlier demanded the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak and expressed his willingness to "lead the transition" policy if people asked. "To serve the country for thirty years and it's time he retires," he told Mr ElBaradei in Vienna, where he spent several weeks. Mohamed ElBaradei does not have a recognized party or solid support in Parliament.

With his movement, the National Association for the change, it calls for democratic reforms and social and constitutional amendments limiting the power almost pharaonic exercised by the president. Since leaving the IAEA, he tries to return to Egyptian political game by posing as an alternative to Hosni Mubarak.

YouTube, Obama responds to the Americans "In Egypt, the violence is not the answer"

WASHINGTON - From its involvement in Afghanistan in the protests that are shaking the Arab world. And still unemployment, the challenges to be resolved to revive the country without losing sight of the importance of investment in culture, technological innovation and research, the necessary spending cuts.

President Barack Obama YouTube chooses for his first interview after the State of the Union speech, emphasizing once again his special relationship with the Internet, half Prince to reach younger voters. Responds to questions from the audience - they have arrived in recent days and over 40 thousand more than a million video messages - to more serious topics, like the demonstrations in Egypt ("Violence is not the answer," says the president) to the most private: gift to his wife Michelle for Valentine's Day or video watching with her daughters Malia and Sasha.

Blog - The Revolution seen with Facebook Facebook

Rabat takes steps to avoid infection

With the exception of the four people who have been slain, the last on Tuesday, "Morocco is, for now, the North African country least affected by the blast of revolution in Tunisia. Even in Benghazi (Libya) produced larger riots in Morocco. Still, the Moroccan authorities do not have it all and take costly measures to prevent a social explosion, at the risk of jeopardizing public finances.

Morocco has a long tradition of spontaneous revolts like the bread, in 1981, which left 66 dead in Casablanca, to which the then interior minister, Driss Basri, called "martyrs of the loaf." The last and most recently, in 2007, was the Sefrou, violent, but no fatalities. Unemployed graduates, 27% of emerging from the universities often also manifest in the large cities.

The Chilean judiciary will investigate the purpose of Salvador Allende

For the first time the Chilean justice will investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of former President Salvador Allende overthrown by the coup of 11 September 1973. The aim of the investigation will be to verify the official who gave his time on the military's suicide president dell'Unidad Popular.

For several years, the death of Allende was a real enigma because his family and activists of the left did not accept the possibility that he had killed and accused Pinochet and the army to have summarily executed in the Moneda Palace, seat of the Presidency Santiago. There is even a famous article by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a few months after the fact, reconstructed the circumstances of death and ruled that the President had been killed while fighting desperately against the onslaught of the army.

All Tunisians, all Ivorian ....

It's more a contagion or a gale, it's a trail of fire that captures the minds across Africa. Tunisia has expelled its tyrant, and the desire to do the same spreads ... and not only in Arab countries. It is not quite certain that the "jasmine revolution" is indeed a revolution. It is undeniable, however, it was held on African soil.

Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali belonged to that category of head of states represented both north and south of the Sahara - and elsewhere in the world - ruling on systems rotten to the core, protected by a combination of authoritarianism and good macroeconomic figures. As if the rate of growth (about 4% in 2010) to be the envy of Europe had the opportunity to feed the hungry and quench their thirst for freedom, this non-negotiable commodity that does not change its value according regions or local custom.

Uganda, killed gay activist newspaper had reported homophobic

KAMPALA - The Ugandan leading activist for gay rights was killed in Kampala. His name and his picture had appeared last October alongside those of 100 other homosexuals on a sort of black list developed by a homophobic newspaper, the Rolling Stone. David Kato, 43, was killed "around 13", said his lawyer, John Francis Onyango.

A man would enter her home and was shot in the head. Kato, told Human Rights Watch, died while being taken to hospital. The organization for the respect of Human Rights has asked the Ugandan government to undertake "an urgent and impartial investigation into the murder" of one who gained the homophobic hatred for opposing the bill providing for the death penalty for the crime of "aggravated homosexuality", a text called "hateful" by Barack Obama.

Cuban police released the opponent Guillermo Farinas

The Cuban police released Thursday, January 27, the Cuban opponent Guillermo Farinas, 2010 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought by the European Parliament and a score of opponents after a detention of seven hours in Santa Clara, in central Island. "We are free. They had arrested us for coming to the aid of a family they wanted to remove.

The opposition should devote themselves to peaceful protests of citizens such as we have done," Farinas said. This psychologist cyberjournalist and defender of human rights, 48, who had observed a hunger strike for 135 days last year, was released around midnight. The government accuses him of behavior "antisocial" and considers it, like other opponents as "mercenaries" of the United States.

Tirana, the eve of high-voltage Police: "We do not guarantee safety"

TIRANA - "We will make a great event. Mass and peaceful. The world will look and show how we can continue our battle of opposition without resorting to violence." It 's a tense and hectic day before the one you live in these hours to Tirana. The Socialist Party, Edi Rama, Mayor of the Albanian capital, confirmed the appointment for tomorrow afternoon exactly one week away from the famous Black Friday during which 20 000 people clashed with police and three protesters were killed by soldiers Republican Guard.

Sarkozy announced a law on conflict of interest. But his majority protest

Paris - a sincere desire for "clean"? Or a sinister maneuver election? In France, the comments are wasted on the ad (surprise) by Nicolas Sarkozy, a law on conflicts of interest by the end of the year. Not only that the measure is looming very severe. Both have already started the controversy within the UMP, the center-right party, currently in power.

And the president himself. Let's step back. Until summer 2010, one of the most difficult for Sarkozy, Woerth that the scandal-Bettencourt, a tangle of rivalries in one of the richest families in France (Bettencourt, owner of L'Oréal) and connections with the world political, with a lot of suspicions of bribery in favor of Sarkozy and his party.

Ghanuchi is committed to free elections

.- The Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghanuchi, which will remain at the head of a government without the weight that kept the old guard of the deposed president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali today pledged to lead the North African country to free elections supervised by international observers. After several days of negotiations and uncertainty, Ghanuchi announced on state television today a new government without the presence of the most hated ministers of Ben Ali and integrated operators essentially detached from the old regime.

U.S. and Brazil initiated a new approach

The announcement of the upcoming visit to Brazil of U.S. President Barack Obama in late March, marks the beginning of a new stage in relations between the White House and the Planalto Palace. The landing of President Dilma Rousseff, his public condemnation of the violation of human rights in Iran and the twist in the bidding for a multi-million purchase of fighter jets to the Brazilian Air Force has cleared the way for a rapprochement between two countries so far maintained a cordial diplomatic relations, but also expressive differences on various issues on the international agenda.

Yunus, the Nobel Prize in court "His yogurt injurious to health"

Dhaka - Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize for having given access to microcredit to poor people, he appeared before a Dhaka court on charges of producing, through his bank and in cooperation with Danone, a yogurt injurious to health. It 's the third investigation involving these days the "banker to the poor: Yunus has also appeared before the Court last week, a complaint for defamation for some of his statements on politics in Bangladesh.

Not die in war, but war

For two years here, the friendly fire kills more than enemy fire in Afghanistan and Iraq, not on the front line, where the error lies in wait, but far from the din of the fighting in the darkness of their room, in depths of his soul, where fear and guilt, anxiety and distress, do not let you escape. In 2010, the U.S.

military in permanent service actual suicide deaths were "at least 468", against a total of 462 killed in action, not to mention accidents and diseases. And, in 2009, the military had been 381 suicides, even then a bit 'more of those killed in action. The suicides have increased by about one quarter, in the bloodiest ever for the troops at the front in Afghanistan since the conflict began on 8 October 2001.

Deadly attack at a funeral in Baghdad

At least 48 people were killed and 121 wounded in a suicide car bomb, Thursday, January 27, in the Shiite neighborhood of Shula in northern Baghdad. The attack occurred around 13 pm local 30 (10 h 30 GMT) against a tent where a family was receiving condolences from relatives, according to officials of the ministries of defense and interior.

Lack of space in their homes, many Iraqi families, when they are hit by a death, set up a tent where neighbors and relatives can come for several days to present their condolences. Baghdad was the same day the scene of at least four other attacks, which left five dead and 21 wounded, an official of the Ministry of Interior.

Nelson Mandela in recovery from collapsed lung

Former South African president Nelson Mandela is recovering in a hospital in Johannesburg in a collapsed lung, according to a source close to the former president quoted by the newspaper The Star, Mail & Guardian in its website. The source said that the landmark anti-apartheid leader is recovering and could be discharged on Friday.

The former president was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital on Wednesday for what his foundation described as routine tests. The current South African president, who is at the World Economic Forum in Davos, said he did not shorten his visit in Switzerland but will be kept abreast of developments in the health of the Nobel Peace Prize 1993.

Moscow attack victim: "Before the airport, I had always been afraid"

She survived the terrorist attack at Moscow's Domodedovo airport - now tells the German Diana Stotz Interview with the dramatic minutes and says, as a happy coincidence, probably saved her life. Daily World Buzz: Mrs. Stotz, you are after the terrorist attack in Moscow's Domodedovo airport in a hospital.

In the explosion 35 people were killed and hundreds injured, including you. Did the security forces failed in your opinion? Stotz: I always think of Israel, which is such a dangerous country. But there, the airports are well guarded. So you can protect an airport against such an attack.

Netherlands to send a new Misina Afganistn

The Netherlands has decided to send a police mission in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, in order to train local forces of order. To gain the support of Parliament in this plan, the center-right coalition in power has been forced to require guarantees Kabul over the "civil" the work of Dutch troops. Specifically, liberals, Christians, Calvinists and "green" have asked the Prime Minister Mark Rutte, to ensure that the future police will fight no Afghan Taliban fighters.

Car bomb in Shiite wake at least 35 dead and 65 injured

BAGHDAD - At least 35 people were killed and 65 were injured in a car bomb today in Baghdad against a tent where a Shia family held the wake for a relative, in the northern district of Shula. This was announced by an official of the Ministry of Interior.

Egypt, El Baradei returned home: "I'm here for a change"

Mohammed El Baradei, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the leader of the most popular opposition Third day of fighting in Egypt. After the seven deaths in Cairo, two more protesters were killed in the clashes taking place in a small town in Sinai. This is Mohammed Atef, a young man of 25 years by a bullet in his mouth and crushed by an armored police Zouayed El Sheikh.

To date, nearly a thousand arrests. Meanwhile, Mohammed El Baradei, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and one of the most popular Egyptian opposition leader, has denied a summary of his statements made by Al Arabiya television that he attributed his intention to "seize power" in Egypt.

Global Demographics: Growth slows

In January, well-established tradition, the pollsters we bombard a battery of surveys pessimistic about the morale of the country, more than ever at half mast, it seems. The French have no confidence in the future. They think their children will live worse than they. They believe that the economy is bad, the youth unemployment haunts them, and rightly so.

However, the barometer of national mood, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) has put a positive, very positive: France - just under 65 million inhabitants - is the European champion in the birth rate. Low morale, increased libido? Everything has been excellently said by our colleague Anne Road (Le Monde, 15 January) about the reasons that can explain these figures.

Mandela's hospitalization on health is controversial

Former South African president Nelson Mandela, 92, was hospitalized to undergo routine medical tests, reviving concerns about the health of the fragile symbol of the struggle against apartheid. Mandela admitted on Wednesday night at a Johannesburg hospital for what his foundation described as routine tests, but the station Talk Radio 702 reported that the former president had been examined by a lung specialist treating the respiratory system.

Argentina Argentina/Brasil.- tune the last details to receive the next Sunday Rousseff

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina 27 tuned to receive the final details on Sunday to President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, who will meet with its counterpart in Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, this being his first trip abroad since taking office last January 1. Rousseff reach the military sector Jorge Newbery in Buenos Aires to coordinate with his counterpart Argentina Mechanism Bilateral Integration and Coordination, as confirmed by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry told local media.

Berlusconi's party-Defense: No sex, just food and karaoke

Italy's controversial Prime Minister goes on the offensive with bundled witnesses tried to persuade Silvio Berlusconi, the Parliament of the harmlessness of his parties. The reasoning: He had held only dinner theater, karaoke - no wild orgies. Rome - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi can now be in parliament against accusations of abuse of office and dealing with underage prostitutes defend.

The heirs of the paramilitary

The criminal gangs of drug traffickers? BACRIM, as the Colombian government called?, Are now "the greatest threat to the country," said this week the police commander Gen. Oscar Naranjo. Almost half of the more than 15,400 murders in Colombia last year? 47%? are the responsibility of armed groups, the result of a failed demobilization of paramilitaries, which terrorized for two decades.

Official figures indicate that the BACRIM operate in 21 of the 32 Colombian departments (75% of the territory) and are led mostly by middle of the front demobilized. But while some officials insist that, with few exceptions, their crimes are related to the drug business, the reality is that undermine social leaders, threaten and impose rules in areas they control.

Clashes in Sinai, killed protester's back El Baradei: "I'm with the people"

CAIRO - The tension is growing by the hour in Egypt, where the contagion of the popular uprising that forced Tunisia to escape the former President Ben Ali threatens the regime of Hosni Mubarak after 30 years of absolute power. And tomorrow with major demonstration of El Baradei, who returned home, to lead the opposition.

Today, one protester was killed in the violent clashes taking place in a small town in Sinai, El Sheikh Zouayed, a few miles from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheik. His name was Muhammad Atef, was 22. E 'was reached by the projectile exploded by a police officer, died instantly. Local sources speak of "battlefield", closed shops and exchange of gun shots between demonstrators and police.

Where new graduates can not find work

Catherine Soft * After two years of graduation, a young Englishman in five is still in search of work. The Times today reports the National Bureau of Statistics data with concern and explain how the economic crisis affects more graduates than other workers. Since 2008, the year of the beginning of the great recession in 2010, it doubled the number of unemployed graduates.

Before, they were one in ten, are now twice as high. We try to bring the same figures in Italy: on us, after two years after graduation, four out of five young people had a job, it would be toast and celebrate for months.

A gay activist "denounced" by the Ugandan press assassinated

David Kato, 43, an activist of the association Sexual Minorities in Uganda, was murdered at his home, amid homophobic campaign in this country of East Africa where homosexuality is severely repressed. The name and picture of David Kato had been published in October 2010 by a homophobic tabloid called his readers to "hang" gay activists.

About twenty people were thus "condemned" by the readers of the magazine. David Kato had indeed committed publicly against a bill that would multiply the number of crimes related to homosexuality. The new law, introduced in October 2009 by a parliamentary debate and still provides the death penalty for the rape of a minor by a person of the same sex or an AIDS patient.

Car bomb explodes in Baghdad

A car bomb ripped through a funeral tent in a Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad and left nearly half a hundred deaths as well as causing clashes between police and protesters angry about the lack of security. The big bang and three children were the latest in a week of attacks that have killed more than 200 people and raise fears about increased violence as U.S.

forces prepare to leave the country. The violence is aimed mainly at Shiite community, the majority in the country and the security forces and represents a major challenge for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his fragile coalition government that took office last month. Baghdad has highlighted improvements in security in its campaign to host an Arab League summit in March, while trying to improve relations with its Arab neighbors, many of whom fear Iran's growing influence.

It was two days of protests against the government in Egypt

Egyptian activists defied an official ban with a second straight day of protests in Cairo to demand an end to the nearly 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak, but police quickly responded with tear gas and clubbed to suppress dissent. The largest protests in years, inspired by events in Tunisia, threaten to destabilize the leadership of the most important ally of the United States in the Arab world.

New Dinosaur Discovered in Argentina

MADRID, 27 Researchers from the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) of Argentina have discovered a new dinosaur, the Leonerasaurus taquetrensis, according to the organization. Thus, a recent study published in the journal PLOS One shows the discovery of the remains of new dinosaur to complete one of the gaps "most important" in the evolutionary history of Sauropodomorpha and which is the transition between the primitive and the giants prosauropods sauropods.

.- Brussels EU claims to have "clear" what the "limits" in the negotiations with Mercosur

BRUSSELS, 27 European Commissioner for Agriculture, Dacian Ciolos, has assured that it is "clear" what the "limits" that can not exceed in the negotiations for an FTA with Mercosur countries, relaunched in 2010 after several years stalled. "I assure you that these negotiations do not think there is a lack of consistency between what the EU does and what we will negotiate.

I know there are limits," said the commissioner in the full Committee of the Regions of the EU, advisory body without decision-making, in which regions have passed the doubts raised by an agreement with the Southern Cone countries. The European Commission relaunched contacts with the South American side in 2010, under the Spanish presidency, despite criticism of countries like France and the Gauls and Spanish farmers, among others, who fear losses in their sectors if the market opens Mercosur.

Anonymous detained five young people from attacks by defending WikiLeaks

British police have arrested five people between 15 and 26 belonging to the organization allegedly Anonymous attacks by the end of the year against several multinational companies that had ceased to provide services to WikiLeaks. The arrests took place early in the morning in London and the regions of West Midlands, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London.

Those arrested are 15, 16, 19, 20 and 26. The department of the French gendarmerie charged with crimes related to the Network also announced today that in December arrested a 15 year old but kept it secret to avoid prejudicing the investigations in the UK. According to the London Metropolitan Police, the arrests are part of "an ongoing investigation about Anonymous that began last year due to criminal charges of distributed denial of service (DDoS, its acronym in English) by a group against several companies.

Free arrested dissidents among them also Farinas

HAVANA - After seven hours of detention, they have released along with another dozen dissidents. It 'was the same Guillermo Farinas to break the news release. The activists of the opposition to the Castro regime were arrested while protesting against the eviction of the house where lives a young pregnant woman.

Psychologist and journalist of 48 years, Farinas had put in place last year on a hunger strike that lasted 135 days, picking up the baton from Orlando Zapata, who died after a long fast to protest the lack of freedom of expression on the island. "We are free. We were arrested for coming to the aid of a family who wanted to evict.

Obama and Cuba

On 13 January, without much fanfare in the international press, President Obama has announced new measures regarding the conditions of travel and sending the U.S. currency to Cuba, to increase contacts between the two countries despite the embargo. Which has resulted now in a first disposition of the President is sent to the Department of Homeland Security and the Ministry of Treasury and State Department, which contains significant reforms.

"Rubygate": a second minor involved

Her name is Iris Berardi. She was born in 1991 and regarded by police as a "known prostitute". It took part in celebrations at Silvio Berlusconi, near Milan, according to documents sent to Parliament by the prosecutor in the investigation of sex scandal "Rubygate. She was underage when she visited at least two residences Cavaliere in November and December 2009, the agency said Anas.

The documents are based on the location of the mobile phone of the girl. Mr Berlusconi is the subject since late December in a survey called Rubygate paid for sexual services of Ruby, whose real name Karim El Mahroug, a Moroccan minor at the time of occurrence, which is a crime in Italy .