Saturday, January 22, 2011

End of censorship, amnesty, political reform: an air of freedom fleet to Tunis

Tunis Special Envoy - Bookstore Al-Kitab, just reopened in downtown Tunis, attracts onlookers who flock to his shop to find, clearly shown, copies of banned books: The Regent of Carthage, The Economy obedience, The Black Book of Tunisia ... Upstairs, the owner, Selma Jabber, savoring the moment and approves the event that grows beneath the windows, demanding the dissolution of the Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) party of former President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen.

Gaza Strip: French Foreign Minister Alliot-Marie pelted with shoes

The first visit of French Foreign Minister Alliot-Marie in the Gaza Strip began with sharp protests. The demonstrators accused her of being too pro-Israel. Some Palestinians pelted the convoy with shoes. Gaza - A visit by French Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie in the Gaza Strip has been accompanied by protests of angry Palestinians on Friday.

The convoy was pelted the politician when entering the area with shoes. Alliot-Marie has attracted the wrath of a visit to the father of the kidnapped in 2006 by Palestinian extremists, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. One of the approximately 50 protesters climbed onto the car of the Minister.

Cameron's spokesman: "Guardian" captured Coulson scalp

 Which we were: Andy Coulson, spokesman for the British prime minister David Cameron comes back because of the eavesdropping scandal from his tabloid past. It is a victory for investigative journalism of the "Guardian" - and an embarrassing defeat for the Tory leader. The decision to withdraw, Andy Coulson had probably made some time ago.

His boss, the British prime minister, David Cameron, he announced on Wednesday. But he waited until this Friday to explode the bomb. For on that day, all eyes on the Labour opposition were addressed. The newspapers were full with the resignation of shadow finance minister Alan Johnson, who had the day before, flung his wife because of an affair with his former bodyguard.

Israel Labor Party: hate wave against Barak

Ehud Barak's flight from the Labor Party horrified Israel. The defense minister is showered with hate, accused of being traitors and Gravedigger: Because he sealed the end of social democracy, but in the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu remains - the further drift to the right. When the three new ministers take their oath of office, several Kadima members room sprays pull out of their pockets and spray it around.

The West boycotted Lukashenko ceremony

Minsk - A month after his controversial re-election has taken over the last 16 years, ruling with an iron hand Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko officially launched its new term. In protest against the suppression of the opposition boycotted representative of the European Union and the United States, the ceremony in Minsk.

He announced his intention to protect the security and stability of his country against "attacks from home and abroad." As the last dictator of Europe criticized president vowed on Friday to serve in the capital, about 2500 guests at the Palace of the Republic on the Constitution, loyal to his country.

Baby Doc must not leave Haiti

 Duvalier returned at the weekend after nearly 25 years in exile, returned unexpectedly to his home - and may no longer lost for now. "Against Duvalier, an exit ban adopted," said a Haitian judge who wanted to remain anonymous, on Thursday evening. Duvalier must leave the country because a court order be available towards him.

His lawyer, Reynold Georges, had previously said that Duvalier is not my intention to leave the country. He wanted to fight to be acquitted of the charges. Duvalier also will "forever" remain in Haiti and get involved in politics. This was "his right". "Baby Doc" had inherited in 1971 at the age of 19 years, the power in Haiti by his father, François "Papa Doc" Duvalier.

Berlusconi Affai: Vatican demands more moral

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi falls because of the scandal involving abuse of office and facilitation of prostitution are increasingly under pressure now switches itself one of the Vatican. We follow with concern the scandal, it was said from the Papal States - and miss the offered morality.

Rome - The sex scandal surrounding Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the Vatican has reported warning and critical to say. The Holy See follow the events concerned and call upon all who were in public responsibility, for a strict morality, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State said Thursday in Rome.

The commander Kilani, reluctant hero of the revolution

Tunis Special Envoy - Proud of its revolution, Tunisia is looking for heroes. Here's one: Mohammed Ben Kilani, 38, captain at Tunisair - the national airline - "the man who refused to board the Airbus family Trabelsi ', as Internet legend reported. But the hero, whose face vaguely recalls that of Sylvester Stallone, is voiceless and eagerly eats olive oil and seals.

At company headquarters, Thursday, Jan. 20, Mr. Kilani is overwhelmed by his adventure, he says piecemeal. This famous 14 January - which will go down in history as the date of the first Arab revolution and that the leak of former President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen - the day started badly: Tunis-programmed for London then a Tunis-Milan, also canceled, the commander Kilani changed at the last moment for Tunis Lyon.

Single union under Ben Ali, UGTT wants to stay close to the street

Tuesday, January 18, the direction of the UGTT asks three ministers, stamped with the union label, leaving the government. It was formed the day before. The three men were to play the role of ministers "openness". By this gesture, the union insists his desire to remain involved in the democratic process that has started in the street, Tunisia.

"The composition of the [government] is not in harmony with the aspirations and expectations of workers to meet (...) past practices and to respect the balance given the presence of massive figures of the old regime and representatives of the RCD party ... "said on Tuesday, the secretary general Abdessalem Jerad.

When Tunisians joke about their revolution

Special Envoy in Tunis - An anthology of jokes circulating in the "land of jasmine" since the fall of the regime of Ben Ali, a week ago. [The family of Leila Trabelsi, the wife of the ousted president, a former hairdresser, Tunisia has fleeced.] [Ben Ali had made this microcredit bank for the poor a source of pride.] [14 to January 16, Tunisia has seen Ben Ali and the current Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi transition, followed by former parliament speaker and current acting president Fouad Mbazaâ.] [Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi expressed regret at the departure Ben Ali that he still considered the "legal president."] [An allusion to the demonstration on January 14, Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis, which precipitated the departure of Ben Ali.] [Former President Ben Ali has found refuge in Saudi Arabia.] "Ben Ali promised us 300,000 jobs.

Battisti, Brazil The EU is silent for now: "It is a fact bilateral"

"The letter which the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano sent the links of Brazil Dilma Rousseff has been read and at this moment there is no response from the presidency." Two lines of formal statement, ANSA entrusted with which the President of Brazil says the letter sent by President Napolitano in which he asks him to deliver Cesare Battisti to Italy.

In the letter, earlier today from the Republic, it is stressed that the refusal to extradite the terrorist Cesare Battisti "is" a source of disappointment and bitterness for Italy. " "Was it not fully understood - wrote the head of state - the need for justice in my country and the families of victims of brutal and inexcusable attacks, and wounded in those attacks and barely survived." It also says Napolitano, "a need for justice-related efforts in which the democratic institutions of my country and the national community were able to react to the threat and impact of terrorism, managing to defeat him in accordance with the rule of law" .

Tunisia - Tunisia: 'Nothing is more beautiful than freedom "

Brazil .- The death toll from floods in the state of Rio reaches 785

BRASILIA, 22 The number of people killed by floods in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has now risen to 785 with the balance released Friday by the Ministry of Health and Civil Defense. The authorities had warned that this figure could increase in hours due to the high number of missing, Nova Friburgo city remains the hardest hit by the storm, for in it there have been 381 deaths.

Teresópolis balance has already reached the 316 deaths, reports Agencia Brasil. In Petrópolis Sumidouro are 66 and others 22. These populations are concentrated in the mountains of Rio. For its part, Petrópolis stands as the city with more evacuees, about 3,600. Of these, up to 2,800 are homeless.

Great Britain: Cameron loses his key advisers

British Prime Minister Cameron must continue without his PR chief commented. His government spokesman Andy Coulson resign because he was caught by his past: a wiretapping scandal, who had four years ago already cost his former post as chief editor. London - The public pressure was too great. Andy Coulson, the closest adviser to British Prime Minister David Cameron throws down his post as government spokesman.

Bin Laden: the positions of Sarkozy "will be expensive" to France

France is "determined" to pursue its mission in Afghanistan, said Friday the Foreign Ministry, when asked about a message attributed to Osama bin Laden. The leader of al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden has linked the release of French hostages held in Afghanistan and Niger military withdrawal from France and warned that the positions of President Nicolas Sarkozy "will be expensive" to France in a recording broadcast Friday, January 21 by the Arabic channel Al-Jazeera.

"I sessodipendente, but not gay, right?" On Foreign Policy pretended letter of Prime Minister

A 'nice guy and power' that, with hard work, managed to dispose of the seventh economy in the world from nothing and build his business communications, is now in difficulty and unable to come out of his sexual problems turns to the main commentator on American affairs related to sex to get advice. Entitled "Confessions of a sessodipendente" and is signed Confused Italian Approaching Obsolescence (or "hello"), the imaginary letter written by Dan Savage, a journalist and writer, and published by the usually earnest American magazine Foreign Policy, founded by Samuel Huntington and hours published by Slate.

Algeria: Authorities call upon citizens not to protest on Saturday

Local authorities have asked the public not to answer the call of the opposition to participate in a demonstration Saturday in the center of Algiers for a democratic opening. Saturday's demonstration was called by an opposition party, the Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD), which has 19 deputies in the 385 account that the NPC.

The demonstration must start from the Place de la Concorde in Algiers, former site of the May 1st, to the headquarters of the National People's Congress. "He asked citizens to exercise wisdom and vigilance, and not respond to any provocation intended to undermine their peace, their peace and their serenity," said a statement from the wilaya (prefecture) Algiers passed Thursday night at the Algerian agency APS.

Iran: Stoning? Here is suspended sanctions proved ineffective "

The new economic measures that abolish subsidies and replacing them with direct aid to low-income families may appear reasonable in economic terms but have given rise to very negative reactions: what do you think of the government do? "The new government's economic measures being aimed at promoting the welfare of low-and middle-income families, constitute an element of national cohesion in Iran.

The Six and Iran resume dialogue on nuclear

The major powers and Iran met Friday in Istanbul for talks that Westerners want to focus on Tehran's disputed nuclear program, but with little hope of progress. The talks, which began shortly after 10 am (8:00 GMT) and must continue on Saturday, meet the head of European diplomacy, Catherine Ashton, through the 5 +1 group (USA, Russia, China, France and Great Britain, plus Germany), representatives of this group, and the chief Iranian negotiator on nuclear, Saeed Jalili.

Ahmadinejad tries against the crisis is now a move to Robin Hood

Remove from the rich to give to the poor. So, taking to witness the Koran, Ahmadinejad said he launched the "biggest economic reform in the history of the Islamic Republic." This was announced in a speech live on television: it is clear the system of subsidies that for thirty years kept artificially low prices of petrol, gas, electricity and basic foodstuffs such as bread, water, sugar and oil.

Misunderstanding - In Gaza, MAM heckled because of a misunderstanding

The French foreign minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, was heckled, Friday, January 21, by a few tens of Palestinian demonstrators when he arrived at Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza and one of the members of his delegation, hit in the head. The protesters had earlier launched the same shoes and jeers at his convoy, just after entering the Gaza Strip to protest against statements attributed mistakenly by the Arabic service of Israeli radio to the minister.

Chavez, determined to leave the presidency of his party

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, was yesterday decided to resign the presidency of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) "to lead by example in combating the accumulation of charges, says France Presse. "Those who have the power to local and national level should not lead the party. We must find a partner for this mission, Chavez said before the PSUV militants and sympathizers.

Guerrillas in Tirana: three dead siege to the government palace

TIRANA - Tirana Day of urban warfare with the demonstrators to attack the palace and the government agents that load with water cannons and tear gas. According to several witnesses, they heard gunfire in the clashes and hospital officials said three civilians were killed. At least 20 protesters and 17 policemen were injured.

The situation on the main boulevard of Tirana, home to the palaces of power albans, today the scene of violence, has returned to calm after several hours. The police took control of the square opposite the palace of government and the demonstrators have departed. The bloody day began with a demonstration called by the opposition Socialists to demand the resignation of the center-right government led by Prime Minister Sali Berisha and new elections.

What to expect from the Istanbul meeting on the Iranian nuclear?

The appointment of permanent members of Security Council UN and Germany with Iran, Jan. 21 in Istanbul, he will begin a thaw nuclear issue? Several clues suggest this time for a little optimism. First sign, the tone of exchanges has recently softened: less invective, less hurtful to both sides. This raised hopes that talks were useful discrete prepared the planned meeting.

Ahmadinejad's remarks of last spring on the other hand the desire to reconnect with America and Europe. The Iranian leader has come a third of his second and final term. He still has two and a half to go down in history as anything other than the beneficiary of a heavily contested election, as the denier of the Holocaust, as the President under which the economy has deteriorated further and Punishment cured.

Pope's admonition: "Weakened ethical and moral attitudes"

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - The Pope denounced the "sense of insecurity" due primarily to the "social and economic insecurity," but is "exacerbated also by a certain weakening of the perception of ethical principles that underpin the law and attitudes personal morality, which in those systems always give strength.

" "The companies and public institutions rediscover their 'soul', their spiritual and moral roots, to give new substance to the ethical values and legal reference, and then practical action," said Benedict XVI during an audience with officials and leaders of the Police Headquarters in Rome.

Tunisia: weapons seized from a relative of the wife of Ben Ali

Weapons were seized in the house of a family member of the wife of deposed President Ben Ali, according to images broadcast on public television, Friday, January 21, the first day of a three-day national mourning decreed day during the first cabinet of the transitional government. Sniper rifles precision, pistols, shotguns and cartridges were hidden under sand in the garden of a villa belonging to a family member Leila Trabelsi, wife of the ousted president who fled the country a week ago under popular pressure.

Bin Laden threatens France "will pay dear presence in Afghanistan"

DUBAI - The leader of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, has returned to be heard with an audio message addressed to the French nation. In the recording, broadcast by Arabic television Al Jazeera, the Saudi terrorist was addressed to President Nicolas Sarkozy and the French people, saying: "You will pay dearly for your presence in Afghanistan." Bin Laden also said that the release of two French hostages kidnapped in Afghanistan depends on the withdrawal of French troops from the country.

Tony Blair will be reheard by the commission on the war in Iraq

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair arrived Friday at the convention center that houses the London committee of inquiry into British involvement in the war in Iraq in 2003 for his second appearance in a year apart, that s advertisement tense. Lord Goldsmith reportedly told the inquiry they felt "uncomfortable" with the statements made by Tony Blair before the Iraq war in 2003, says the British TV.

The cold kills seven Vietnamese and 20 thousand head of cattle

.- A cold wave has killed over the past three weeks at least seven people and over 20 thousand head of cattle, including cows and buffaloes, according to an official and state media. Hoang Kim Giao, director of the Livestock Breeding Department, said that calves account for more than 70 percent of cattle died from cold in 18 northern provinces.

The Vietnam News daily said on Friday that seven people have been killed either by cold or by carbon monoxide due to coal-burning braziers and people turn to warm. Children and the elderly have overwhelmed hospitals, mostly with respiratory ailments. The cold snap will last at least another two weeks.

The UN calls unacceptable vehicle registrations in the Ivory Coast mission

.- The United Nations today called "unacceptable" that supporters of Ivorian leader, Laurent Gbagbo, stop and search vehicles for the agency's mission in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI), in another apparent attempt to force the departure of the " peacekeepers. " The UN spokesman, Martin Nesirky said that this practice is a violation of Security Council resolutions and the agreement with the Government of Abidjan, which regulates the presence of UN troops in Ivory Coast soil.

First casualty in the government of Dilma Rousseff

Within a month of his inauguration, President Dilma Rousseff has dispensed through the Minister of Justice, José Eduardo Cardozo, Pedro Abramovay, Secretary National Drug Policy. In a controversial interview with the newspaper O Globo, had built a nest Abramovay public opinion to defend the prison to leave the "little drug dealers," ie, those who had been convicted of retail sale, generally to meet vice itself.

Rome, the funeral of the Alpine killed Berlusconi remains at Palazzo Grazioli

ROME - The Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome this morning surrounded by a gray stain. These are the currencies of the mountain waiting for the coffin, Luca Sanna, the last Italian crashed in Afghanistan, was killed last Tuesday in Bala Murghab. I'm serious, quiet, dignified. Also proud that Corporal Tolmezzo Battalion, Brigade, Julia, died in a distant country for a "peace mission" in which too many do not understand.

Motherhood and work, Italy and UK compared

We publish the letter Ilaria Marinoni, Italian reader who lives near London, and to follow the response of Catherine Soft. I now read the article by Catherine's dad on the UK fortunate that I was shot by my mother, desperate online reader of the newspaper ... Done and Italian now living in London for 10 years and a British passport from 2 I can say that perhaps maybe 'Italy is still made better.

China - China's Lunar New Year celebrations are compromised by snow

Koreas agreed between military dialogue

After the military tension between South Korean and North dePyongyang attack the island of Yeonpyeong, both nations agreed to hold high-level military talks. The pact between the two arises hours after U.S. President, Barack Obama, and his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, criticized the nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

A Unification Ministry official said Pyongyang North Korea bowed to South Korea to discuss specifically the collapse of one of its warships last year, plus an attack on a South Korean island. Deputy Spokesman U.S. State Department, Mark Toner, said that despite the efforts between the two Koreas, the United States will not resume the six-party talks (with Russia, China, Japan and the Koreas) until the communist regime does not show their willingness to seriously address its denuclearization.

Grief in Tunisia by the demonstrators killed in protests

.- The Tunisians on Friday put its flag at half mast and state television broadcast readings from the Koran in memory of the dozens of people killed during protests that led to the ouster of a president for over two decades, ruled with an iron hand . The government declared three days of national mourning from Friday.

The Interior Minister said that 78 civilians were killed in protests that lasted nearly a month, many of them because of the shooting in the street demonstrations against unemployment, corruption and repression. A French photographer, and some members of the security forces were also killed during the protests, and many people were injured.

Iraq bombings kill 50 pilgrims killed

Two suicide bombings carried out in North and South of the city of Kerbala, Baghdad, killed at least 50 people dead and 150 others wounded, sources with the Iraqi Interior Ministry. The victims of the attacks, which allegedly were launched with two car bombs, would be pilgrims to participate in the celebrations of "Arbainiya", the holiday that commemorates the forty days after the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of the prophet Muhammad and third most important magnet for the Shiite community.

Tunisian minister officially asked to cease

Protests were held in Tunisia after the overthrow of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, because the citizens are crying not include members of the old regime in the interim government. On the streets, at least a thousand protesters, complaining about the presence of many ministers of the ousted regime of Ben Ali.

"The people want the government to resign," chanted the demonstrators, who had signs that read: "Traitors, and we are not afraid." "I'm with you. We will not shoot, it is essential that the concentration is peaceful, "said an Army colonel. During the first Council of Ministers after the overthrow of Ben Ali, the interim president, Mohamed Ghanuchi, decided that the State will take possession of "movable and immovable property of the Democratic Constitutional Assembly (RCD) party of ousted president.

Evo Morales Bolivia .- meets this Saturday, 5 years at the helm of the presidency

LA PAZ, Jan 21 (Reuters) - The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, begins Saturday its sixth year presidential term, with the need for measures favorable to foreign investment although this could cause political difficulties. The political and economic situation of the country depend largely on how the president will continue his relationship with the unions, indigenous people and other social organizations, which has promised to consult economic measures after the failure suffered by the increase in fuel prices that have cost harsh protests.

Amounted to 764 dead on the balance of the floods in Rio de Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO, 21 Brazilian authorities have risen to 764 Friday to official figures of people killed by floods in recent days in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where the death toll could rise in the coming hours, the extent that about 400 people remain missing. The State Public Prosecutor has indicated that nearly half of the missing have been reported in the town of Teresopolis, where he seeks to 195 people.