Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Iraq, a double bombing kills at least 12 people in Tikrit

Twelve people were killed and twenty-eight injured Thursday, July 28 in a double bomb attack in Tikrit, according to a first assessment of the head of health services in the province. A car bomb exploded outside a first bank, then a suicide bomber has driven his explosives belt at the arrival of aid.

"Among the dead, there are police and military," said the head of the health department of the governorate of Salaheddin. A security official in the province confirmed the death toll, but spoke of thirty-three wounded. The bank is located near Adala place, where a busy market in a time of shopping for Ramadan.

Tensions on the border between Serbia and Kosovo

The UN Security Council has accepted the request of the Government of Serbia for an urgent meeting to discuss the escalation that there is a few days in northern Kosovo, where it is concentrated in the remaining Serb minority in the province after the war 1999 and the unilateral declaration of independence in 2008.

The Reuters news agency reports that London and Washington would have preferred to wait for the quarterly meeting already scheduled, but the pressure from Moscow, a historic ally of Belgrade, have obtained an immediate meeting, but behind closed doors. The decision of the Security Council is circulating a sign of concern that the international community to the increased tension between the Kosovo Albanian government-led by Hashim Thaci, former leader of the KLA, the armed group that in 1999 led the guerrilla war against the Government of Serbia of Slobodan Milosevic, obtaining the support of NATO.

Last survivor of plane crash in Morocco dies

The final number of dead after the accident last Tuesday a military plane near Guelmim, in southern Morocco, rising to 81 after the death of the last survivor, said the Moroccan government. Communication Minister Moroccan government spokesman Khalid Naciri, said in Rabat during a press conference that "now there is no survivor." The last survivor, a soldier in his thirties, was under intensive care at a military hospital in Guelmim, near the Western Sahara, while the other passengers were killed immediately or hours later.

Accident in China is due to a failure signal

Train accident that has killed 39 people  in eastern China is due to a problem of signaling equipment hit by lightning, said Thursday the office of Shanghai railway, quoted by Xinhua new. The signal system "could fairepasser the green light to red", causing the train crash that has shaken confidence in the reliability of Chinese high speed trains, said An Lusheng, head of the office.

Attacks in Norway: the killer has sent thousands of emails before the attack

Barely an hour and a half before the killing, and Oslo on the island of Utoeya Anders Breivik Behring has sent his manifesto by email to nearly one thousand people, according to one of the recipients, the Belgian deputy Tanguy Veys, the far-right Flemish party Vlaams Belang. The elected ensures had never heard of the killer before the attacks.

"There were people from Italy, France, Germany, but I think the UK had the largest number [of recipients]," he told the Guardian, identifying two hundred and fifty British. According to Le Point, seventy-four French were also part of those recipients. "It's a low estimate. There are places like 'hotmail.

Torrential rains in South Korea left 32 dead

Torrential rains caused landslides on Wednesday throughout the South Korean capital and a northern village, killing at least 32 deaths, including 10 university students who volunteer. University students who died in the landslide occurred in the morning, had stayed in a cabin in Chuncheon, about 68 miles northeast of the capital, Seoul, when the flood of mud and debris crushed them, said Byun In -soo of the fire station in the town.

Ways to eliminate famine in the Horn of Africa

Emaciated children, long lines of refugees in search of food on land desperately dry: it is the stigma of going through dramatic humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa, experiencing an unprecedented drought. A crisis worse today than some years ago, and could worsen in the coming months, while the next rainy season is expected in October.

In the meantime, nearly 12 million people at risk of malnutrition. Wednesday, July 27, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) had to meet the ambassadors of donor countries to take stock of the situation in Somalia, which suffered the brunt of drought and two regions which were reported by UN famine.