Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mebaza political break with the past Tunisia

Tunisian President Feud Mebaza transition promised to break "with the past policy of Tunisia, where thousands of people demanded the withdrawal of former regime figures in the provisional government, weakened by the departure of an opposition party. Four-three union ministers and the chairman of the Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties (FDTL) - resigned from the Government of National Unity, formed on Monday, due to the presence of leaders of the party of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

More than 5.17 million tourists visited Argentina in 2010

MADRID, 20 More than 5.17 million tourists visited Argentina in 2010, according to projections by the national authorities, a figure that, if confirmed, would mean an increase of almost 20 percent from 2009, when it exceeded 4.31 million. Between January and September last year reached almost 3.7 million visitors, up 22 percent over the same period last year, according to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism and the Bureau of Market Research and Statistics.

There are now 741 dead in floods in Rio de Janeiro

BRASILIA, 20 The death toll from torrential rains in the past eight days on the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil, has risen to 741, while 200 people remain missing, according to the balance reported by the Ministry of Health and Civil Defense. For cities, Nova Friburgo is the most affected with 357 deaths, followed by Teresópolis to 302, with 63 and Sumidouro Petrópolis with 19.

Meanwhile, the number of missing is around 200, although it is suspected that there could be more because only the latter three cities have a current record. Also grows in parallel with the data of people have fled their homes, which stood at 20,883. There are 5,190 in Nova Friburgo, in Teresópolis 5,000 in Areal 3,700 in 3029 Petrópolis, in San José del Valle de Rio Preto 2,064 and 1,900 in Bom Jardim.

China's president Hu deniesa deficit in human rights

Clear words of Chinese leaders: Hu Jintao in Washington said his country was on human rights to be done. One should not interfere in the internal affairs of China there is not. Washington - The Chinese leader Hu Jintao has declared after a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama that in his country on human rights, there is still a lot of action.

China recognize and respect that these rights are universal, "Hu said Wednesday at a joint press conference with Obama in Washington. China is a developing country with a large population and is in a "decisive stage of reform," added the state and party chief. "In this context, China continues to face many challenges in terms of economic and social development, and a lot still needs to be done in China, which human rights concerns," said Hu.

China President for Obama: Hu carried away

Barbra Streisand took care of Glamour, business leaders stood in rows, With great fanfare, U.S. President Obama has received China's president Hu. On the crucial question about the human rights of guest from Beijing was silent at first - until he finally has answered. Hu should tell you something, the whole hall waiting tightly packed crowd, the reporters in the East Room of the White House.

Great Britain: MPs during a session may no longer send messages via Twitter

 Chirping from the House: British MPs during a session may no longer send messages via Twitter. Information from the discussions should not immediately able to leak out. The Labour MP Kevin Brennan had complained about the chirping habits in the British Parliament - and was now with his complaint successfully.

As the vice chairman of the House, Lindsay Hoyle, on Wednesday said that MPs should no longer live tweet from the debates. Brennan had actually excited about the Liberal Democrats ian Huppert, his arguments will ship you using Twitter, as they tell the other members. He take them the opportunity of reply, said Brennan.

Electoral fraud: Afghanistan's parliament on hold

The Afghan parliament was elected in September, but the people's representatives have not yet assembled. President Karzai postponed the premiere meeting once again - by several weeks. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has postponed the opening session of parliament in Kabul for more than a month.

Actually the meeting was scheduled for next Sunday, now they should on 22 Take place in February, it said on Wednesday from the presidential palace. Karzai came to the decision to the recommendation of the Constitutional Court, which had requested more time to investigate election fraud allegations.

Leaders on the run: Switzerland freezes accounts of despot Ben Ali

Ex-ruler of Tunisia Ben Ali has no access to capital parked in Switzerland: The Alpine republic has eingefrn all accounts. The money Gbagbo of the Ivorian election loser is on hold. Ben Ali is in hiding in Saudi Arabia - Investigators search for his assets. Switzerland has assets and property of the former heads of state of Tunisia Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali blocked.

Access to the accounts and properties in Switzerland was closed, said Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey on Wednesday. Also, the capital of the Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo was voted eingefrn was present. Family, friends and confidants Ben Ali also could not perform banking transactions more, it was said.

The Tunisian government still in limbo

Demonstrations were still together, Wednesday, January 19, thousands of Tunisians in the capital and the provinces, particularly in Sidi Bouzid, Regueb, Kasserine and Thala. These communities in central Somalia, have been at the heart of the "Revolution of jasmine, which in a month of riots swept the autocratic regime of President Ben Ali.

Wednesday night, about thirty protesters defied the curfew tonight despite requests from police and military displays restraint ever seen. But the Tunisian government of national unity is still in turmoil. Wednesday, January 19, the Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties (FDTL), which provided the Ministry of Health, has announced to withdraw definitively and asked for negotiations to form a new cabinet.

France-Tunisia politics: Old friend, new problem

The overthrow of dictator of Tunisia Ben Ali crashes, the French government in a dilemma. For years, Paris celebrated the sole ruler of friends, now regrets the praise President Sarkozy - and has to rethink his course in North Africa complete. Misunderstood, she feels, "misinterpreted" and - if you please - it is nigh "shocked" Michèle Alliot-Marie, recently crowned French Foreign Minister, announced in Parliament recently, the role of innocent victim.

Four complaints for "crimes against humanity brought against Duvalier

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, heard by the court Tuesday, January 18 in Port-au-Prince and in particular accused of corruption, since Wednesday is the subject of four complaints of crimes against humanity. One of these complaints was filed by the Haitian journalist Michele Montas, a former spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

"We have complaints of crimes against humanity before the government commissioner," said Michele Montas, adding that the case would be forwarded to a judge. Other plaintiffs include two former political prisoners, Alix Fils-Aime and Claude Rosiers, jailed for ten years during the dictatorship, and Nicole Magloire.

Revolt on the cadet training ship dies, it's mutiny

BERLIN - Mutiny, almost like on the Bounty. But it happened not centuries ago but last fall, aboard the tall ship Gorch Fock, German laVespucci, that is the training ship of the Navy Federal. The military commanders had put everything to rest, the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry has uncovered the scandal.

It seems like a centuries-old history, the Germans told the media online for hours. And the beautiful three-masted white symbol and pride of Bundesmarine so far, the ship becomes the nightmare and shame. It 'happened in November. The Gorch Fock was cruising course for cadets to Latin America.

The convening of the new Afghan Assembly postponed a month

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has postponed Wednesday, January 19 a month, as requested by a court, the summons, scheduled for Sunday, following the Assembly elections in September, the results are disputed, the Chair announced . "The Afghan presidency, acceding to the request made by the court rejects the call by the (new) Parliament on 22 February this year," indicate the services of Mr.

Karzai in a statement. Chairman of the Special Court to review the results of litigation related to elections in September were called Wednesday morning during a press conference, President Karzai to reject "at least a month," the convening of the new Assembly time to consider the 400 complaints received.

Hu Jintao in Obama's triumph but the struggle for human rights is

WASHINGTON - "Human rights are a universal value, America must speak in their defense." In the summit meeting between the two most powerful leaders of the world, Barack Obama is generous attention to protocol his Chinese counterpart, but his tone hardens on the most sensitive. "We support the need for dialogue with the Dalai Lama, to protect the cultural and religious identity of the Tibetan people": The U.S.

Belgium: scandal over rigged quiz shows

Brussels Correspondent - Maxime De Winne, a presenter "spy" active for four months on two private channels in Flanders, has managed to prove that game show broadcast by VTM and 2BE were rigged. Aided by a production team working for a satirical program, Basta, aired by public broadcaster VRT, he proved that viewers calling VTM and 2BE supposed to solve puzzles were systematically cheated.

A young researcher working with Mr. De Winne is particularly able to drill, after six months of work, the mathematical key used by Endemol Belgium, producer of the broadcasts in question. These complex formulas made it almost impossible for ordinary mortals the logical solution to the issues raised in the air.

Portugal fears a difficult cohabitacinanms

Political differences between the spirit and Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva (conservative) and the Socialist government of José Sócrates will widen from Sunday if, as polls indicate, the acting head of state is re-elected in presidential elections more than 50% of the votes, a runoff would be unnecessary.

A possible second term will test Cavaco difficult cohabitation between the two powers in a new context of economic crisis. The aggressiveness of messages during the nomination campaign between cavaquista and the Socialist candidate, Manuel Alegre, predicts a more confrontational stage. Cavaco reiterates in every speech that the situation is serious and worrying ", and aware that the Government of Socrates is weakened by the crisis and the lack of a parliamentary majority, has warned of the risk that the country enters a crisis serious policy after the elections.

Tunisia to the shelter of a "Greek crisis"

The rating agency Moody's downgraded the rating of Tunisia to Baa2 to Baa3, Wednesday, January 18, to signify an increased risk due to "unexpected change of regime." His sisters Standard & Poors and Fitch have warned they may well do the same. Thence to imagine that Tunisia may know the fate of Greece, that is to say, suffer from a distrust of investors panicked by the degradation of the note leading to a near-bankruptcy, there has only a step which should not be crossed.

First formal accusation against the murderer of Arizona

A federal grand jury in Arizona has issued an indictment Wednesday against Jared Lee Loughna for the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and two of his assistants, who starred in the shooting on 8 January in the city Tucson. These charges represent the "initial indictment" against this young man of 22 who killed six people and wounded 14 others in the midst of a public event, has informed the Attorney Dennis Burke in a statement.

Algeria: the former number two of the Islamist party accused of "security breach"

The former number two hello Islamic Front (FIS), dissolved, Ali Belhadj, was charged Wednesday, 19 January in Algiers of "endangering state security" and "incitement to armed rebellion" according to sources familiar with the matter. Riots against soaring commodity prices have caused five deaths and over 800 injured in the country between 6 and 9 January.

The government then ordered to lower prices on basic foodstuffs. Seven people, often in a very precarious social situation, tried to set themselves on fire since, mimicking the gesture of the young street vendor Tunisian who caused the riots that led to the downfall of the regime of Ben Ali.

Israel: arrival of two new ministers after the departure of Labor

The government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Wednesday, January 19 endorsed the entry of two new ministers in a Cabinet more strongly anchored to the right, following the departure of members of the Labour Party, center-left coalition. The ex-general and deputy Labour minister of Defence Matan Vilnai appointed to the position of Minister for Civil Defence, while the Labour MP Orit Noked takes the agriculture portfolio.

Human Rights in China: there is "much to do," admits Hu Jintao

The state visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao greeted with great fanfare by his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama, was an opportunity to discuss the delicate issue of human rights. Obama immediately raised a subject of contention between the two countries. "History has shown that companies are more harmonious, they thrive more and that the world is more just when the rights and responsibilities of all countries and all peoples are respected," he said Wednesday January 19.

Tunisia - Tunis, the "anger" and "indignation" of protesters against the RCD

Southern Sudan: massive vote for independence, according to preliminary results

Southern Sudan has already obtained the necessary majority of votes in the referendum to become an independent state, according to preliminary results compiled by Wednesday, January 19 '. The population of the southern capital, Juba, 97.5% voted in favor of the secession of southern Sudan. The heads of ten states of Southern Sudan colligation Wednesday the results of different local counties for the referendum leading to the partition of Sudan, Africa's largest country divided between north, Muslim and mostly Arab and South Afro-Christian.

The sky is not the only fault

The deluge in the night. Skies let loose. A thundering rain. The din of the storm and raging water. Sections of hill collapsed. The rivers of mud that nothing can resist: trees, houses, pets, cars. Cries of despair in the darkness. And then, at dawn, desolation. An enchanting devastated. Lacerated the mountain, its red raw wounds.

The bodies buried in a shroud of clay. The startling discovery of the deadliest natural disaster in the history of modern Brazil: 677 victims, according to a latest report, which always gets heavier. The vast majority of surprise in their sleep. Some rare footage of comfort. One child from 6 months, Nicolas, escaped unharmed from the mud with his father who had hugged him for fifteen hours.

The shock wave of the revolution in Morocco Tunisia Yemen

Tunisia: Ben Ali's fortune under close surveillance

The former president Ben Ali, a refugee in Saudi Arabia, sees his actions and his property more controlled, both in Tunisia by the international community. Tunisia opened a judicial inquiry Wednesday, January 19, a judicial investigation for "illegal acquisition of movable and immovable," "illicit financial investments abroad" and "illegal export of currency" was opened against the ousted president and his family .

Ivory Coast: UN to send peacekeepers additionnal 2000

New York - The United Nations show force against the president was voted out of Ivory Coast and his followers. The Security Council decided on Wednesday a considerable strengthening of UN troops in the West African country of crisis. Already more than 9,000 soldiers, police officers and civilian employees will once again be increased by 2,000 infantrymen.

There are also two transport helicopters. The resolution also threatens to sanctions if the UN continues to be attacked. Order of the soldiers is to protect civilians. A welcome side effect is that the pressure on President Laurent Gbagbo will be strengthened. The 65-year-old refused for weeks to clear, despite election defeat in the presidential headquarters in Abidjan and relinquish power to the victor Alassane Ouattara.

Niger: Challenges before the presidential candidates

Nine of ten candidates in the presidential election scheduled on January 31 in Niger have requested a postponement of the vote, rejected a request by the head of the junta, Djibo said the presidency Wednesday, January 19. In a letter to Mr. Djibo "Tuesday night", these candidates offer "on 20 February for the first round coupled with legislative," said a source at the press office of the presidency.

The Nahda Islamic party out of hiding

Tunis Special Envoy - There are hard habits to lose, like that of throwing glances over his shoulder to see if it is followed. A blue cap pulled low over his head, Lourimi Ajmi, head of the Islamist student movement in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tunis in the late 1980s, is no exception to the rule.

Between April 6, 1991, the day of his arrest, May 27, 2007, the date of his release, he spent sixteen and a half years in prison. But today, Tuesday, January 18, it may appear as he wishes. His party, Ennahda, out of hiding. The fall of former President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen marks the end of a fierce crackdown against militants.

Iberdrola buys Brazilian España/Brasil.- Elektro more than 1,776 million euros

MADRID, 19 Spanish power company announced on Wednesday the purchase of the Brazilian Elektro by 2,400 million dollars (more than 1,776 million euros), according to a communication sent by the company to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). The company headed by Ignacio Sanchez Galan has reported the purchase agreement with the British group Ashmore Energy International (AEI), owner of Elektro, a Brazilian company that provides electricity distribution services, mainly in municipalities of Sao Paulo.

Prime Minister Francois Fillon defends Michele Alliot-Marie

Weakened by the controversial remarks she had made before the fall of the regime of Zine El-Ali AbidineBen, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Michele Alliot-Marie, was heard on Tuesday 18 January, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. "We want the fullest extent possible, assist a friendly people by being friendly to him, that is to say, without interfering," argued Ms Alliot-Marie expressed her "confidence in the spirit of responsibility Tunisian people to return to the path of appeasement and dialogue.

At least 207 people remain missing in floods

RIO DE JANEIRO, Jan. 19 (Reuters) - At least 207 people still missing and 727 people have died after the worst floods that have hit the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro in decades, as confirmed on Wednesday the country's authorities . The list of missing persons issued by the state attorney's office in Rio de Janeiro - the first official estimate of the number of missing from the disaster of last week - suggests that the overall death toll could approach 1,000.

Controversy over press freedom: EU parliament grilling Hungary's Prime Minister Orbán

"I feel at home." Viktor Orbán wanted to spread on his first appearance as the new EU presidency in the European Parliament a good atmosphere and forget the controversy over his media law making. But the visit came the embarrassing performance. It's 10:36 clock this Wednesday morning, when the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor attaches Orbán in his speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Inaugural speech in Alabama: U.S. governor stigmatizes non-Christians

 The new governor of the U.S. state of Alabama provides for outrage: In his inaugural speech disapproved of Republicans, all non-Christians. Anyone who see in Jesus is no savior, not his brother. Civil rights activists are outraged. Birmingham - A dentist in retirement he is 67 years old, a Sunday school teacher and deacon in the Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa.

All this information is provided on the website of the new governor of Alabama, the Republican Robert J. Bentley. He is a religious man, that is clear - obviously he considers himself little of non-Christians. That is the impression one gains at least after the official inauguration speech of the Governor.

Arrested banker Elmer has unveiled the accounts of evaders

GENEVA - The former banker Rudolf Elmer, the man who has spent a WikiLeaks information on alleged tax evaders with accounts in Switzerland, was arrested. Swiss police stopped him in connection with new allegations about the files delivered to Assange. "The prosecutor's office is doing checks to see if Rudolf Elmer has violated the law by passing the Swiss bank cd (with data) to WikiLeaks," it said in a joint police and attorney.

Algeria: Three new immolated by fire, including a woman

Algeria is facing a new attempt to sacrifice. Wednesday, January 19, a father of six has attempted suicide in the town of El Oued, in the far east of Algeria, near the border with Tunisia. Afif Hadri, 37, salesman on the run for three years of food to the central market of the city, had an altercation with a policeman who tried to stop to sell their goods, according to an official directive to combat the trade Informal.

The former number two of FIS is accused of inciting rebellion

The former number two of the outlawed Algerian Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), Ali Belhadj, has been indicted by the Algerian authorities of inciting armed rebellion and acting against state security. Belhadj appeared before a magistrate in the Algerian city of Bab El Oued, who decided to let him take his statement after released on bail pending trial, which will probably take place in the coming weeks.

Fernandez de Kirchner Argentina .- ends its journey in Qatar

BUENOS AIRES, 19 The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, met Wednesday with some companies in Qatar to seek investment in this Arab country, ending his visit to that country. The president held meetings with major corporations and investment funds in the country, on his last day of stay in the city of Doha, reported the newspaper "Clarin." Fernandez de Kirchner thus ending his official visit which has resulted in the second leg of a Middle East tour that began in Kuwait and Turkey continues tomorrow.

The police stopped the former Swiss banker who delivers data to Wikileaks

A Swiss court has declared today to Rudolf Elmer, who on Monday delivered about 2,000 customers to Wikileaks, guilty of violation of banking secrecy and threats to an employee of his former employer, the financial institution Julius Baer. The court has sentenced former Swiss banker to a fine of 7,200 Swiss francs (about 5,500 euros) and has been suspended for two years.

The prosecution asked for it a sentence of eight months in prison and a fine of 2,000 francs (about 1,557 euros). Rudolf Elmer has acknowledged in court today than before the tax authorities sent some customer data of the entity for which he worked. Elmer, who has already earned deWikileaks in 2008, is accused of breach of secrecy in a case has nothing to do with web filtering documents.

Obama meets Hu Jintao's "Guarantee of Human Rights"

NEW YORK - U.S. President Barack Obama accepts with honor Hu Jintao to the White House for US-China summit. But the Chinese leader did not spare the issue of respect for human rights, well before the face-off between the two giants of the planet in the Oval Office, during the welcome speech. "Human rights must be guaranteed to all," said Obama, because "when countries prosper" universal rights are protected for all human beings.

Ruby's case goes crazy in the foreign press: "The decadence of the era Berlusconi"

"It just seems that things can not get any worse for Silvio Berlusconi, that's what happens." So opens The Economist on "Rubygate" that is bloody the political life, not just of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. There should be tougher with the prestigious British weekly current political, economic and financial, that "this time will not be easy to ignore it." After pointing out that Berlusconi is "survived by a miracle" to the vote of no confidence by Parliament last month "courting some opposition MPs," according to The Economist this week's events do doubt that I can again.

Hungary's prime minister defended his policy in Strasbourg

"Do not mix the criticism of Hungarian domestic politics with the six-month presidency of Hungary" from the European Union, argued Wednesday the first minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where he presented the priorities its six-month presidency of the European Union began in January.

"If you mix the two, I'm obviously ready to fight, but you must realize that doing so would not only affect Hungary, but the EU as a whole. I ask you to make this distinction as far as you is possible, "he added, noting that" if objections can be established and verified [by the European Commission], we would be only too happy to change the law.

Tunisian government faces first resignations

The new coalition Government of Tunisia faced his first problem, when four ministers resigned and opposition party threatened to quit, undermining efforts to restore stability. Three ministers, opposition, they made their decision at the behest of the influential trade union UGTT, who decided not to recognize the new government, announced one of them, Husin DiMasi, fugitive head of the ministry of Labour.

Chile/Brasil.- The LAN and TAM merger will close in a period of between 6 and 9 months

SANTIAGO, Jan. 19 (Reuters) - The Chilean airline LAN said on Wednesday that they have closed the final terms for its merger with Brazil's TAM, a process that should be realized within six to nine months. LAN said this new commitment to TAM will be generated one of the ten largest groups of airlines worldwide.

The merger will give way to the creation of the company LATAM and a new organization, which provides for the exchange of shares, the stock price of LAN in the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange and the withdrawal of TAM ADR of New York. LATAM shareholders believe that Brazil's Amaro family will have a 13.67 percent of the new company, the Chilean family Cueto a 24.07 percent "other shareholders" of LAN by 46.6 percent and "other stakeholders" TAM a 15.65 per cent.