Friday, March 18, 2011

Radioactive cloud, "no risk to the U.S." But Californians do not trust

"A very low concentration of radioactive particles, but too low to be harmful to humans." So American diplomats away the doubts of a possible danger to the inhabitants of the west coast, affected by the passage of a "cloud" from Fukushima. In short, seems to confirm what was announced yesterday by Howard Becker, director of the Department of Health, which had stressed that the 5000 miles between California and Japan were sufficient to dispel any possible hazardous radioactive concentration.

Artists boycotted the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

Frattini: "From Italy and use bases not only full support of the UN resolution"

ROME - Ok bipartisan commission by the Defense and Foreign Affairs in the Senate and House for the resolution empowering the government to act under the UN resolution on Libya. The first green light by Parliament comes with the absence of senators in the League, which has expressed some doubt, and IDV.

A Montecitorio the script is repeated (the Northern League is absent and the IDV abstains), with the addition of so-called "responsible". "Logistical problems - said the leader Sardelli - many of our MPs are out of office, and then today they were not in Rome." The opposition, however, the question of a'''desertion remains ...".

Obama condemns violence in Yemen

.- U.S. President Barack Obama condemned the violence in Yemen and urged President Ali Abdullah Saleh to fulfill its public commitment to respect the demonstrations and justice for the victims. "I totally condemn the violence that took place today in Yemen and call on President Saleh to meet its public commitment to allow demonstrations to take place peacefully," Obama said in a statement released by the White House.

Bahrain to protest martial law applies

While the Government of Bahrain struggled to quell a protest sparked by the archipelago's Shia majority, martial law was declared. The Defense Ministry said the action against the protesters can be fast. And is that security forces may impose curfews, disperse those gathered and evacuate the areas. The origin of the protests, according to materialize that is discrimination exercised by the Sunni royal family.

NATO accelerates its planning for possible action in Libya

.- The NATO countries agreed today to "accelerate the planning" for possible action in Libya, although not discussed whether the Alliance ultimately intervene or not in the African country. Allied officials said, all members of the organization, even the most reluctant to action as Germany and Turkey agreed to complete the military plans "as soon as possible" and to continue discussions over the weekend.

An appeal for Libya

I intended to end my contribution to longer rhythms, but the global crisis galloping at such speed that it can not be left behind. Because I'm afraid we're on the eve of a war, this time on our doorstep, I consider it my duty to say what is happening. I do not own, but together with other people that I admire.

Perhaps we expect little, but that little, we decided to make our voices heard. For a duty not only political but also moral. We do not use two weights and two measures. And remember, for example, the silence that accompanied the slaughter of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Then nobody cried military intervention against the murderers, and Gaza against a sovereign state which had already become.

Aubry on Libya: "I am ashamed for Europe"

"I am ashamed for Europe, I am ashamed for our international organizations. Infoutu It was to be the rendezvous of a people who will be martyred and more by the inability of the powerful of this world to agree. " Martine Aubry had a more direct tone than usual, Thursday, March 17, to discuss Libya, where Colonel Gaddafi is trying to crush the insurgents.

The first secretary of the PS, while traveling in a market Sannois (Val-d'Oise) before the cantonal wanted to show she had on this subject, "emotion": "I'm sorry for what rant, but I think day and night. Nobody has talked to more than a few strokes of his chin. I'm shocked, "she said, quoted by The Inrocks.

Police fire: more than 40 deaths Obama: "Let them show"

Sana'a - Yemen The police fired on a crowd who were demonstrating in the central square of the change in the capital Sana'a, causing over 40 deaths and hundreds of wounded, medical sources told him. President Saleh has declared a state of emergency. Hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets again today in the center of the Yemeni capital, to demand the fall of the regime of President Ali Abdallah Saleh, in power for 32 years, while thousands of loyalists have announced a similar demonstration.

Sighting smoke in the Fukushima reactor number three

.- The Nuclear Safety Agency of Japan reported today that columns of smoke emerging from the vicinity of reactor number three in the number one plant in Fukushima (Dai-ichi) in northeastern Japan. The operator of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), said it could be steam in the reactor while four earlier reported a fire, but half an hour later could not see flames, according to the local agency Kyodo.

Libya cease-fire decreed

Libya decided Friday to all military operations following the resolution adopted by the Security Council authorizes UN air strikes against the regime of Col. Moammar Gadhafi, said Libyan Foreign Minister Musa Kusa. Libya "has decided to immediately implement a ceasefire and to terminate all military operations," said Kusa news conference.

He stated that his country, as a member of the UN is "obliged to accept Security Council resolution" of the UN. On Thursday night, the Security Council voted in favor of a use of force against pro-Gadhafi troops, thus opening the way for air strikes after nearly a month of bloody insurrection is suppressed by the regime.

Former President Aristide returned to Haiti two days before the second round of presidential

The Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide returned to Haiti today, after seven years in exile in South Africa and just two days before the second round of presidential elections in Haiti, Efe reported. His supporters have received with shouts of joy and cheers to a smiling Aristide has arrived on a charter flight from South Africa to Port au Prince airport, accompanied by his family and the actor and advocate for the rights of African-American Danny Glover.

What solution to the crisis Libya?

Eventually the United Nations Security Council failed to adopt a resolution, No. 1973, 2011, which aims to provide a solution to the crisis in Libya. Moving in the wake of the previous Resolution 1970, the new resolution will strengthen certain mechanisms to inhibit the use of armed violence by the Gaddafi regime, such as the arms embargo, asset freeze and travel ban against certain people.

There are two important innovations: the measures to ensure the protection of civilians and the no-fly zone. The Security Council authorized Member States to take "all necessary measures" to protect civilians and areas inhabited by them, with the exception of the military, but instead include the supply of weapons to the insurgents, as shown by reference paragraph 9 of Resolution 1970.

"Italy is plural but the Italians never seemed so close"

Second factor: the incessant political divisions in Italy. A unitary state of the nineteenth century opposed the Church and the socialists, fascists and anti-fascists from the 1920s to the late 1940s, the anti-communists from 1945 to 1990. For twenty years, and berslusconiens antiberlusconiens tear. Third reason: the historical and cultural disparities.

Piedmont has long been attracted by France, Lombardy and Venetia were under the influence of the Austro-Hungarian, the center of Italy submitted to the Vatican, the south under the rule of the Bourbons. Considering, finally, for many, the antagonism between center and periphery, the constant oscillation between centralization and defense of the "bell" [parochial] dear to Italians.

The miracle of Brazil is now the locomotive of the world

RIO DE JANEIRO - What is the United States? "That's the only place where there is winter?" Joao Paulo dares, 6 years. Who is Obama? "Obama is a Lula," replied Agatha decided Vitoria, 5 years. Here the boys all want to become great Ronaldinho and Kaka, the surprise is the girls: When questioned on many craft imagine a future of "empresarias" entrepreneurs.

Idea is not granted, the place where they are. They are in a class of first-graders to "Solar Meninos de Luz", the House of the Sons of Light. Institution wedged between two of Rio's notorious slums, nests of small houses perched on a hill, the slums that have devoured the tropical vegetation to cram 15,000 people nell'abusivismo for decades without running water and no lights, apply them to a crustacean steep wall that could collapse with a tropical storm.

Ceiling nuclear reactor in central Japan is cracked

Two workers are missing and the roof is cracked reactor number four after an explosion Tuesday at a Japanese nuclear plant damaged by an earthquake Fukushima, the agency said the country's nuclear security. The agency did not identify the missing workers, but said they were in the area of turbine reactor four at the nuclear plant, which was damaged by a tsunami and an earthquake recorded on Friday.

The New York Times announces upcoming release of journalists in Libya

Four New York Times journalists who disappeared in Libya on Tuesday are being held by government forces and will be released this Friday, the paper said. "The New York Times journalists were found missing and will be released on Friday," said Robert Christie, spokesman for the newspaper, in a message on Twitter.

The newspaper reported the disappearance of the four on Wednesday. Were near the port city of Ajdabiya during fighting between rebels and forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In an interview broadcast Friday by U.S. television network ABC News, one of Gadhafi's sons, Seif al Islam Gadhafi acknowledged that a reporter was arrested and was being released.

Yemen decreed a state of emergency following the deaths of dozens of protesters

Yemen's president said today the state of emergency following the deaths of dozens of demonstrators shot by security forces and pro-government gunmen at the end of Friday prayers. The Government asserts that there are 25 dead, but health officials say that at least 42 people have died and over 300 were injured.

The riots have occurred when trying to prevent the demonstrators opposed to President Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave the square which had gathered. The riots, which spread to other sectors of the capital, have started when opposition protesters tried to tear down a wall that had been raised by residents of homes near the University of Sana'a.

Yemen, repressed expression in the blood, 30 dead

Precipitated the political crisis in Yemen. The police and militants of the regime have a massacre of protesters in the capital Sanaa. During a protest in the central square of the change, opened fire at eye level, killing more than 30 protesters and killing at least two hundred wounded. Medical sources said, stressing that the main hospital is saturated and can no longer accommodate the victims.

In the cold of winter, the tsunami victims feel abandoned

Tokyo Correspondent - "Are we abandoned?" A call in the wilderness has been launched by the Mayor of Minami Soma, a town situated near the containment area 30 km around the plant in Fukushima, in which residents are expected to stay home caulked. "More can not help, no medicine, petrol or kerosene. We're isolated," he testified.

Residents still seeking their relatives in the rubble. Others try to go on foot to escape the risks of radioactivity associated with explosions in several reactors. Where should they go? Nobody told them. The pages of letters to the editor of newspapers, which devoted more space than usual, are full of messages of distress.

Alarms and hazards minimized in Tokyo so he hid behind the catastrophe

On day six of the Great Fear, says Washington and, in fact, Paris, Tokyo has so far concealed the truth. What happened then, and what can still happen in the very center of Fukushima Daiichi? What and how much information is "privileged" the government of Tokyo, the National Agency for Nuclear Safety (the Nisa), the operator of (the TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Power Company) did not involve the world? SLAP THE AMERICAN fist on the table wrought by the Americans is the history of yesterday.

Rises to 6 the level of nuclear alert in Japan

The Japanese central Fukushima reached level 6 nuclear alert, the second most serious of the International Nuclear Event Scale and Radiology, as the president of the French nuclear authority, André-Claude Lacoste. Level 7, the highest in the scale of measurement of nuclear events (serious accidents), corresponds to the release of radioactive materials outside with large effects on health and the environment and requires prolonged application of countermeasures.

The UN use force in Libya, Gadhafi discussed a cease-fire

The Security Council of the UN approved the use of force to stop the Libyan Army's advance on rebel positions. As soon as the news broke, the African country's Foreign Ministry announced that the Government is willing to consider a ceasefire. The governing body voted unanimously, but with abstentions, the resolution that allows "all necessary measures" to protect civilian areas and requires Moammar Gadhafi to violence.

Western powers are finalizing an attack against Libya "in hours"

The UN resolution authorizing an attack to stop the offensive of Gaddafi has begun the countdown to materialize a military operation in the North African country. The situation on the ground, the rebels rounded up in Benghazi, requires a rapid response from the international community. United States, which has military supremacy in the Mediterranean, with the United Kingdom and France, precursors of the resolution provides for the use of force, pre-rush hours in the search for support among the largest possible number of countries, focus on Libya's Arab neighbors.

Fukushima, TEPCO think the casting of concrete. IAEA raises the level of risk

Japan and the world are holding their breath in front of nuclear emergency. The fear of an apocalypse is far from closed. Relief operations are also involved U.S. troops. The United States has also sent unmanned spy planes to gather information on the state of the reactors. Meanwhile, the European Commissioner for Energy Guenther Oettinger talks about new "probable catastrophic developments." The hope is now focusing on the return of electrical current to activate the cooling systems.

"The French have all the resources needed to reinvent itself"

To mark the International Week of the French language and Francophonie Xavier North, Associate Normale and Delegate General for French language and the languages of France, welcomes the progress of the French throughout the world. And refuted, by the way, the idea that the language of Molière, too rigid, would face a danger from the English.

French has the privilege, along with English, Spanish and Portuguese, being one of the major languages \u200b\u200bof international circulation. From the standpoint of the number of speakers [estimated by the International Organization of la Francophonie at about 220 million in 2010], it appears, according to rankings in force, a platoon of a dozen languages.

The exodus of desperate people, "Here it's all over"

TOKYO - Mid Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, is an expanse of mud that stretches four kilometers. Under the slime covered by five inches of snow lying over ten thousand missing. Bodies and limbs, which are mixed with all sorts of debris, emerge to the point where the eye goes, like blades of grass in a meadow.

The survivors have no time and strength to try to recover them. Thousands of people, moved by night and flakes, fleeing to the Sendai prefecture to the south, or west toward the mountains. They walk along the edge of the road upset and asking for a passage to refugees who have managed to find a car intact and a bit 'of petrol.

State of emergency decreed Bahrain

Bahraini authorities declared a state of emergency throughout the country to try to quell protests that have been developing policies in this realm for a month, the agency official bareiní, BNA. The measure, which will last three months, adding to yesterday's arrival of troops sent by the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to support bareiníes security forces in maintaining order in this small kingdom Persian Gulf.

Fighter falls from government forces, rebels celebrate

Insurgent and civilian militiamen celebrate the downing of one of the Army hunts Moammar Gadhafi forces near the city of Benghazi, considered the capital of the rebels. Warplanes bombed Gadhafi forces again Benina airport, about 10 miles west of Benghazi, the second largest city. Three loud explosions were heard after midnight in Benghazi (eastern Libya) immediately followed by shots of air defense in the same sector.

More than 6,900 dead and 10,300 missing after the earthquake in Japan

Japan continues to count the victims of the earthquake last week caused a devastating tsunami. With each new balance, the forecasts are confirmed and the number of victims. Offered the latest official figures estimate there are 6,911 dead, in a total of 12 prefectures, and about 10,300 missing. This reflects that of last Friday is the worst earthquake lived in Japan in 90 years, surpassing the deaths (6,400) of the 1995 Kobe earthquake.

Brazil urges U.S. to support its candidacy for membership of the UN

BRASILIA, 18 Mar. (Reuters) - Foreign Minister of Brazil, Antonio Patriota, has considered the United States should support the inclusion of Brazil as a permanent member of the Security Council United Nations, given its growing international clout . These statements are part of the imminent arrival in the country the U.S.

president, Barack Obama, as part of his tour of the region. "It's a decision to be taken at the highest level U.S. government, in other words, Obama. We are waiting here with positive expectations," Patriota said, referring to the petition filed by the administration of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva .

No military intervention against a sovereign state

After the vote, which is unacceptable, the United Nations Security Council has authorized together with the no-fly zone, the use of "all necessary measures" (in fact the green light to the bombing), multiply the news of an imminent Anglo-French military intervention (with a poor fig leaf Arabic) on Libya.

We, who are citizens of a country that carries great responsibility for the situation that historically has been created in this country, we declare ourselves available to support any legitimate action to help stop the bloodshed and find a political solution to the crisis, and declare our firm opposition to any act of war carried out from abroad against a sovereign country.

Iran nuclear materials seized suspects in Seoul and Singapore

South Korea and Singapore have recently seized nuclear materials and military suspects to Iran in violation of the UN embargo to the Islamic Republic, diplomatic sources indicated. Both seizures were held over the last six months but have only now been revealed, the source said. "The South Korean authorities have discovered more than 400 tubes suspects in a cargo plane at the airport in Seoul in December," said a diplomat, on the basis of a report submitted to the Sanctions Committee on Iran Council UN Security.

Tobruk, between the rebels on its last legs waiting for Western aid

Tobruk - While the offensive intensifies Gaddafi in Benghazi, and the Cyrenaica, I challenge anyone to find the front line, on which the insurgents resisting the advance of troops in Tripoli. It is zigzag, neurotic, damn mobile, you can not draw it. It is a game of chess in the desert, with the cities as pawns.

Cities that each claim to have captured, and that others claim to have liberated them and defend. It is a swing of lies. It is often a daunting exercise chasing the truth. Psychological warfare, fueled by the propaganda of both parties, puts a strain on the nerves of the population. In addition to the dead in cemeteries and the wounded in hospitals, there are ghosts multiplied by the false reports.

New aftershock in Japan reached 6.4 degrees Richter

An earthquake measuring 6.4 degrees on the Richter scale occurred on Tuesday southwest of Tokyo in the Shizuoka prefecture, the Meteorological Agency of Japan. The quake occurred at 22:31 local time (13:31 GMT) and the Japan Meteorological Agency issued no tsunami warning, according to NHK. The earthquake measured intensity 6 on the Japanese scale of 7, which measured over the full extent, and could be felt in the Japanese capital with clarity but was centered six miles deep in the province of Shizuoka.

EU coordinates actions after resolution to attack Libyan regime

The G7 is involved for the first time in a decade in the foreign exchange market to support the yen

G7 draft Agreement. Finance ministers of the countries that make up this institution have decided today to join forces to intervene in the currency market for the first time since 2000 with a view to curb the yen's rise, thanks to this measure has recorded its biggest drop in two years after the records yesterday.

The Japanese currency's rally was an effect occurred after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck the northeastern coast of Japan and the tsunami that caused extensive damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant. For the Government of Japan, which is suspected to have sold about 5,000 million yen to weaken its currency in order not to put more obstacles to recovery, speculators accused of being behind the revaluation of the currency.

Brazil .- Rousseff promises that the specter of inflation will not return to Brazil

BRASILIA, 17 Mar. (Reuters) - The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has vowed not to allow the specter of inflation back to Brazil and has said that his Government would keep in check the rising prices without hurting growth of the economy. In his first major interview with a Brazilian newspaper since taking office on January 1, Rousseff is also committed to opening doors to private investment in airports, struggling to be ready for the 2014 World Cup Games in 2016.

Commission closed the hearings on Islam: accusations of racism and no results

We are left with an appointment. In a few months, always in the House, when we discuss Islamic extremism in American prisons. They left after some discussion, without achieving a real deal on anything. The Committee on National Security of the American Chamber concluded a few days ago the first round of hearings on "appearance and extension of Islamic radicalism in the United States.

The Commission's chairman, Rep. Peter King, said he was pleased to have opened the debate on an important issue and often denied dall'imperante politically correct: the radicalization of the American Muslim community. "There's an elephant in the room, and nobody wants to talk," he said.

Direct: the Libyan army wants to regain control of Misrata

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The UN resolution on Libya

NEW YORK - No fly zone, the protection of civilians, immediately, in Benghazi, a ban on commercial flights to and from Libya, strengthening the arms embargo, but clearly an "occupying force" in Libya, these are the key elements the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council. The text calls for an immediate ceasefire and the complete end of hostilities.

" This sentence was inserted at the request of Russia, who wanted the approval of a text different from that developed in the final version, by the French delegation. NO FLY ZONE - The resolution prohibits "all flights in the airspace (...) with the aim to protect civilians." The prohibition does not apply "to flights whose sole purpose is humanitarian." Member States, which "can act nationally or through regional organizations, are authorized to enforce the no fly zones.

Increased to six thousand 500 earthquake victims in Japan

Japanese authorities today increased nearly six thousand dead and 500 missing, and stood at 25 000 redeemed by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on Friday, while there is increasing supply problems for survivors. Total of three thousand 722 confirmed dead, more than a thousand have been identified and about 400 bodies have been returned to their families, according to the local agency Kyodo.

Security Council approves UN military strikes in Libya

The Security Council of the United Nations Organization () today approved a resolution allowing military strikes against the forces of leader, Moammar Gadhafi, to establish an "immediate ceasefire". The resolution, passed with 10 votes in favor and five abstentions, states that the Council will take "all necessary measures" to protect the civilian population under attack populated areas, especially the city of Benghazi, the rebel stronghold.

Bahrin arrested prominent opponents and opened fire to disperse protests

At least seven prominent opposition activists were arrested in Bahrain in the early hours of yesterday, accused of "contacts with foreign countries" and "encourage the murder." This is the latest twist of the royal family against those who call for political reforms and yield rush power. But neither arrest nor express prohibition imposed under martial law, new protests prevented the attacks against Shiite populations, which deployed troops around the country put down immediately.