Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Human rights activists against Bush

Under his leadership, should prisoners have been tortured - now want to make human rights organizations, the former U.S. President George W. Bush responsible. They are pressing to lift the immunity the 64-year-olds - a visit to Switzerland had already burst Bush. - International human rights organizations to increase the pressure on former U.S. President George W. Bush. On Monday details of a display were known, had been canceled because of the 64-year-old to visit in Switzerland at short notice. The human rights organization ECCHR Bush had indicated in two cases relating to allegations of torture. She is supported among others by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) in New York.

Bhutto murder case: police Ex-loading President Musharraf

Islamabad - Pakistan's former President Musharraf gets into the murder of Benazir Bhutto under increasing pressure: the national authority FIA investigators had been called in a report to the court as defendants, reports the newspaper "Dawn". Two police officers are said to have Musharraf charged with their statements.

One of them was the former police chief of Rawalpindi, where Bhutto was killed in late 2007 after a demonstration in an attack. Musharraf did the police first need to change the security arrangements for Bhutto, and later to eliminate the traces on Anschlagsort, reports Dawn. Musharraf has since his resignation in 2008 in London.

Rome: The protest against Italian Prime Minister is getting stronger

The resistance against Italian Prime Minister is getting stronger - and more visible: In Rome, Berlusconi's opponents have now 150 statues and monuments adorned with protest posters. is on the banners: "Italy: There's Bunga-Bunga than m" or "petrified in the face of falling apart and bustle." Rome - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is the anger following a sex scandal is not going on.

Sudan: Bashir accepted President elimination of the southbound

Sudanese President Umar al-Bashir has officially accepted the independence of the southern part of the country. He wanted to maintain good relations with the new state. The population in southern Sudan had voted in a referendum by an overwhelming majority for secession. Khartoum - The President of Sudan Umar al-Bashir, has acknowledged the vote on the secession of the south of the country.

"We accept the election results because it reflects the will of the people in the South," Bashir said on state television. His Government would continue to "good relations based on cooperation," talk to the south, the President continued. In a referendum the southern Sudanese in early January had voted overwhelmingly for independence.

Al-Qaida: the French secret service warns of terror threat

Paris - French security experts worry of a possible planned attack. For if in terror camps in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan are increasingly recruited Europeans, the Secret Service warns DRCI according to the newspaper "Le Figaro". Meanwhile in the camps about 100 Europeans were formed.

The authorities in Paris had warned already last year before an increased threat. In France, for months, the second highest level of alert plan "Vigipirate". The offshoot of the terrorist organization al-Qaida in Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) had threatened on many occasions with attacks against French institutions and also the kidnapping of French known.

Revolt in Egypt. US: Mubarak has to go

Mubarak has to go, even the U.S. government is at least in the medium to his departure - but then shot the American special envoy to Cairo across, praised the Egyptian president. A "diplomatic total failure" who reveals the dilemma of Washington. All have had fire extinguishers: people who are to escape a fire before the flames shoot too high.

The more serious the crisis, the senior firefighter. So the situation must be pretty serious in Washington if the administration of U.S. President John Kerry Barack Obama now unleashing, after all, former presidential candidate and now chairman of the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee in the U.S.

In Tunis, "life takes its course"

Egyptian journalists are doing their "revolution within the revolution"

The stalker is knocking home Zuckerberg

NEW YORK - As he's already made many enemies. But who will save from Mark Zuckerberg 'friend' more dangerous? The head of Facebook has a problem and this problem is called Pradeep Manukonda. "Dear Mark ... I am tired and completely overwhelmed. I'm really sorry to bother of home at this time of morning though, Mark, please, time is running out, please, I really need your help.

Please answer. Answer before it's too late for both of us. " When the boy saw the world's richest se'è deliver such a message at home - have posted, inter alia, on his Facebook page to page - should have immediately thought that we could think of us all: this man is a crazy. But even more suspicious, the young CEO of the words were in the bottom of the letter: "I am ready to die for you." Oh oh.

"The North acknowledges the indipendenzadel South Sudan"

Since yesterday the 54th was born in Africa, South Sudan. Yesterday, the Sudanese President Omar Hassan al Bashir has officially taken note of the willingness of the inhabitants of southern regions which have decided to establish their new nation. Four million voters, 98.8 percent said yes to independence.

The interim president of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir said that the South and the North must have strong relationships. Ruai Alier Deng, Khartoum's ambassador in Rome and a man of strong central government says the fattoquotidiano. en that "the North will respect the outcome of the referendum" even if that does not hide the way of independent regions of the South is still long and many problems to solve.

Southern Sudan: official results gave 98.83% of "yes" to secession

Southern Sudan has voted 98.83% in favor of secession, according to final official results released Monday, February 7 by the referendum commission. This figure confirms the preliminary results given in late January. Nearly four million voters had registered for this historic election, with about 3.8 million in southern Sudan, according to figures from the commission.

The southern Sudanese living in the South, but also those residing in the north and abroad, had the right to participate in this poll. The referendum, held from January 9 to 15, was a key element of the peace agreement that ended two decades of civil war in 2005 between the Khartoum government and southern rebels.

Avon wins U.S. .- 3% less in 2010 for problems in Brazil and Russia

NEW YORK, U.S. 8 Feb. cosmetics firm Avon attributable profit of 606.3 million dollars (444 million euros) in 2010, representing a decrease of 3% over the previous year, the company, whose Revenues, however, increased by 6% to U.S. $ 10.862 million (7.954 million euros). Avon accounts reflect the difficulties experienced by the company's fourth quarter, when profits dropped 15% to 229.5 million dollars (168 million euros), while turnover grew 1% to 3,175 , $ 6 million (2,325 million euros).

Egypt: Five people arrested for attempted sabotage

The prosecutor in the town of El Arish in northern Egypt, was arrested two Palestinians and three Egyptians suspected of possessing weapons and attempting to "sabotage", a judicial source said. "They were arrested Saturday in El-Arish in a car, in possession of three grenades and automatic weapons," the source said.

The two Palestinians are also suspected of "having smuggled into Egyptian territory." These individuals were apprehended by members of popular committees formed after the withdrawal of police from several Egyptian cities because of the events. They were subsequently handed over to authorities, who questioned Monday.

Why call it "revolution"?

Why call it "revolution" to the recent events in the Arab world? The same day of the fall of autocratic Tunisian Ben Ali, on 14 January, numerous journalists, Arab and foreign policy experts began using the term revolution for what happened in the small North African country. Why? Because, as written today PAÍSel inthe French philosopher Andre Glucksmann, "a popular uprising that ends with a despotic regime is called revolution." A rise in the price of this or that basic good, an unpopular government measure or a controversial court decision may give rise to "protest" here or there.

Michèle Alliot-Marie and Tunisia, back to a controversy

Present in all governments since 2002, Minister of Defence, Justice and Foreign Affairs, Michele Alliot-Marie had a good image in public opinion and politicians. In less than a month, she found herself at the center of a controversy on Tunisia which leads the Left to demand his resignation and that embarrasses the government.

The remarks of the minister cause discomfort. The French political class, left and right wing, is generally accused of complacency towards the Tunisian regime. In the same week, Bruno Le Maire and Frederic Mitterand and had lent their support to the power of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The Minister of Culture had then expressed his "regrets".

Demonstrators still in Tahrir Square. Suleiman: "Road map for a peaceful transition"

Two weeks after the protests against Hosni Mubarak, a new massive demonstration is taking place in Tahrir Square in Cairo, which has become the stronghold of dissent of the Egyptians who are asking the president to step aside. According to the opposition in the square there are at least 300 thousand people, a figure not confirmed by security forces.

The popular revolt in Egypt, thus enters into its third week and the tug of war between the Mubarak regime and the opposition continues unabated. The demonstrations continue, despite government concessions. Why the protest does not lose the momentum, the Movement April 6, promoter of the first event (January 25), also organized the two events today, and another one in Tahrir square in front of the Egyptian state television, Cairo .

Tahrir Square is still busy despite the government's initiation of a dialogue

Haiti's government granted a passport to president Aristide

Haiti's government granted a passport to former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, exiled in South Africa since 2004 after a coup against him, which would facilitate their return to the unstable and impoverished Caribbean country, as reported by local media. According to sources, the passport was delivered to Aristide's lawyer, Ira Kurzban American, who traveled over the weekend in Port au Prince to expedite the process.

Cameroon: several dead and missing during an attack in Bakassi

Two policemen were killed and several people including a sub-prefect had disappeared during an attack in Bakassi, Cameroon, on the night of Sunday 6 Monday, February 7. "Around 3 o'clock in the morning, rebels attacked the town of Bonjo, where they killed two policemen. They then attacked the town of Akwa ', told the condition of anonymity under an administrative authority of the Bakassi area where the two localities.

Egyptian demonstrators ignored the promises of rge and refilled the Liberation Square

Despite the opening measures of the regime of Hosni Mubarak, the revolt against the Egyptian leader, who has 30 years in power, is kept alive. Tens of thousands of people return to cram the square today the release of Cairo, the epicenter of the protests against the dictator. Hundreds of people wait in long queues to enter.

In another day of mass demonstrations, the protesters ignored the measures announced by the Government and ensures that remain in the plaza until Mubarak leaves office. Today, Egyptian Vice President, Omar Suleiman, in charge of piloting the negotiations with the opposition, has said that Egypt has a plan and timetable for a peaceful transfer of power, announced the appointment of a commission to reform the constitution and promised that the Government did not prosecute the protesters for two weeks and have called and calling for an end to the Mubarak regime.

The Arab revolts and revolutions

The Milan Public Prosecutor for submitting your peticin morning to try Berlusconi

The public prosecutor in Milan, has announced that the Milan prosecutors' office tomorrow morning to request prosecution of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, investigated by magistrates for child prostitution and abuse of power case called Ruby. According to the newspaper La Repubblica, Milan Prosecutor's Office this afternoon held a meeting to decide whether to ask for the immediate trial only for the crime of abuse of power or is the crime of incitement to prostitution, which would mean that there is sufficient evidence to Berlusconi sit on the bench without a preliminary hearing.

The great hoax of the poodle "In Switzerland we do not kill the dogs"

ROME - It is not true at all. There would be no poodle deleted or cancel, or tax collectors thirsty for blood, it seems that there is even a lady in the town of Marion Iannotta Rencovilier, municipality in the Swiss Bernese Jura. What in the past twenty-four hours was also distributed by leading Italian media, television and newspapers, is therefore one of the biggest - and most successful - media hoaxes of recent years.

A Jordanian news website is the target of censorship

The main information website in Jordan, Ammon News, was forced into temporary closure, Monday, Feb. 7, on "order of the security services" according to his Jordanian editor, Basel Okoor. The closure occurred just after the launch of a news personalities critical of the government. The signatories of this statement - thirty-six individuals belonging to the major tribes in Jordan, backbones of the plan - violently criticized the "power crisis" and "Digging in Corruption" in Jordan, saying the kingdom would face "sooner or later" a revolt People.

Mubarak tries to alleviate agitation reforms

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, tried to buy time against the protesters who have demanded two weeks ago that he left office immediately, by announcing a 15% increase in salaries of civil servants and pensions. These increases, fully committed unprecedented protest movement sweeping the country since 25 January, will come into force next April first.

"The increases in pensions cost the Treasury six thousand 500 million Egyptian pounds (more than one billion dollars)," the Finance Minister Samir Radwane, as quoted by the agency Mena. The Government also approved the creation of a fund at the height of $ 840 million to compensate the owners of shops, factories and vehicles victims of robberies, looting and vandalism during demonstrations against the Mubarak regime.

Samba schools damaged by the fire is not put into the competition fall

BRASILIA, 8 Feb. The Independent League of Samba Schools (Lies) has announced that Rio Grande, Union Island and Portela, the three coaches whose schools were involved in the flames of fire broke out Monday in the City of Samba Rio de Janeiro, can not put down the competition this year. Thus, the Liesa has served the request from the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, to avoid unfair competition between schools.

Charles Taylor's lawyer says the courts will defend and prevent the closure of the trial leaves

Final twist in the trial of Charles Taylor, former Liberian president accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Sierra Leone between 1991 and 2001. In particular, he is accused of having financed the Sierra Leonean rebel Revolutionary United Front in exchange for diamonds to destabilize the neighboring territory.

His lawyer, Courtenay Griffiths, has left the room in protest at the refusal of the Special Court for Sierra Leone to accept the letter with its final conclusions. Griffiths has complained of "lack of time, only eight hours," to close the defense. Judges have rejected the statement pointed out that it did not comply with procedural deadlines.

"Plan for peaceful transition of power" back to Tahrir Square Protesters

CAIRO - There is a plan and a clear timetable for the peaceful transfer of power in Egypt. A "road map" announced by the Egyptian Vice-President Omar Suleiman, and protests in Egypt will not calm down and thousands of people have returned to Tahrir Square to demand the resignation of President Mubarak, on the fifteenth day of the protest movement of the African country.

Suleiman also said that Mubarak has established a committee to amend the constitution: the reform particularly the number of candidates admitted to the presidential elections are scheduled for September. Mubarak, in power for thirty years, has already announced it will not run for a sixth term.

Obama and Egypt: "realpolitik" or "conflict of interest"?

In the fourteenth day of anti-government protests in Egypt, the U.S. administration has, Sunday, Feb. 6, his final touches on nearly two weeks of diplomatic dithering. "I want a representative government in Egypt, said the president Barack Obama in an interview with the conservative TV channel Fox. We have said, you should immediately initiate the transition (...).

An orderly transition. " The term "orderly transition" has been shaped especially for Egypt, said the Washington Post, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has taken all day Saturday scouring the television shows - five in total . What happened to your farm, without stonewalling or neologism used by the spokesman for the White House, Robert Gibbs, who, on February 2, wanted a change "now"? And "now", he insisted, "it means now." Already Saturday, Ewen Mac Askill wrote in The Guardian: "The official position of the United States on the Egyptian uprising has changed almost daily." Is this evidence of a real and welcome diplomatic flexibility or a reflection of mere procrastination? Everyone looks at his door: "The Obama supporters have explained that the apparent sudden changes in policy were needed to allow Mubarak to leave with dignity.

Southern Sudan was started with the promise of stability

In just over five months, South Sudan will become the youngest country in the world. The final results of an independence referendum confirmed the separation of this region of Sudan, a nation with more land area of Africa. With nearly 44 million people, Sudan will cease to be the tenth largest geographic area with the secession of South Sudan, an autonomous region includes 10 states, which has its capital in the city of Juba.

Argentina .- The Supreme Court requires the National Díaz Ferrán investigating the 'case Aerolineas Argentinas'

MADRID, 7 Feb. The Supreme Court has concluded that the National Court has jurisdiction to investigate Gerardo Díaz Ferrán and his partner Gonzalo Pascual for alleged fraud and misappropriation of 108 million euros from the State Industrial Holdings Company ( SEPI) to pay the debts of Aerolineas Argentinas, according to the order made on 20 January.

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court thus considers competition issue raised by the Magistrate's Court number 35 of Madrid and research grants to the holder of the Central Criminal Court of the Audiencia Nacional Eloy Velasco, who refused to take the case. The Supreme Court concluded that the National is responsible for investigating crimes such tax in respect of fraud, according to the Organic Law of Judicial Power.

Mercosur/UE.- boost EU and Mercosur negotiations on free trade

MADRID, 7 Feb. Trade Commissioner of the European Union, Karel De Gucht, will visit Paraguay and Uruguay this week in a bid to push forward the talks resumed last year between the EU and the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) to negotiate a trading partner agreement, contacts that were suspended from 2004 until last May.

De Gucht said on Monday that negotiations will move towards the middle of this year but believes it will conclude in 2011. The commissioner will meet with his counterparts and senior officials of both countries in a visit that will run from 7 to 9 February, as reported by American media.

U.S. shot three teenagers killed in Ciudad Juarez

Three American teenagers living in El Paso (Texas) were killed on Saturday in Ciudad Juarez, across the border with Mexico, as reported by Mexican media today. According to the story of their families who have called for an investigation and repatriation of bodies, Carlos Mario González Bermúdez, Yalin Cesar Miramontes and Juan Carlos Echeverry Jimenez Jr., 16, 17 and 15 years respectively, were eating tacos next to a dealer when four armed men asked for the owner of the business and, receiving no answer, opened fire.

Pirates attack oil tanker 22 Italian sailors in the hands of bandits

ROME - An Italian tanker, the "Savina Caylyn", was attacked around 5:30 this morning from a small boat of pirates while sailing in 'Indian Ocean. During the attack would have been fired several rounds of gunfire, but would not be injured. The freighter is now in the hands of bandits. The Navy frigate 'Zephyr', which is located in the Indian Ocean as part of anti-piracy mission of the European Union 'Atlanta', is heading to the area where the attack took place that will reach in a couple of days.

You Italian? Sietecome Berlusconi

The other morning I had an interesting conversation with my friend in Australia (the mother of a classmate), which essentially says one thing: if your prime minister is so, it means that you are well. As you can imagine, living in a foreign country and feel this kind of reasoning, it is not pleasant.

And there was no way to convince her that not all Italians are like the prime minister and that his was gross simplification, as when in the seventies Spiegel assimilates us to a nation of gangsters and criminals with the famous cover of P38 lies on plate of spaghetti. Yet we know that communication leads to simplifications and the recipient of a message does not always have the time, desire or even the tools to do a detailed analysis and transverse.

East Jerusalem: City Hall approve a housing plan for settlers

The Israeli municipality of Jerusalem Monday, Feb. 7 approved a proposed construction of sixteen new homes for Israeli settlers in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, located in the eastern part of the city, occupied and annexed. The building committee and planning council has approved two plans of launching of ten housing units on two separate sites in the area, rather emblematic of protests against the evictions of Palestinian families for the benefit of settlers, indicated to Councilman Joseph Pepe Alalu opposition.

Consider leaving the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt negotiation

The U.S. president said Monday that negotiations to resolve the crisis in Egypt are making progress, but in Cairo, the main Islamist opposition group warned that it might abandon the process if you do not meet the demands of the demonstrators. Obama's comments seemed to contradict statements by Egyptian opposition leaders, who spoke of little progress in negotiations over demands as the immediate departure of President Hosni Mubarak.

Work begins military meeting between the Koreas

Colonels from both Koreas began today in the border area of Panmunjom first working military meeting since North Korean attack with mortars from November to the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, Yonhap news agency reported. The meeting, the first military since last September, aims to set the agenda, venue and date of a meeting of Defense highest level to address outstanding issues and ease tensions between Seoul and Pyongyang.

U.S. recognizes independence of South Sudan

President Barack Obama today announced his government's intention to recognize Southern Sudan as a sovereign and independent from July. While the president insisted that the differences that persist between the Sudanese government to Christian and animist minorities that make up the population of the south, must be resolved peacefully.

Obama's announcement came after United Nations announced the official results of the referendum on self-determination for south Sudan, held between 9 and 15 January. Obama extended his congratulations to the southern Sudanese by what he described as a 'successful and inspiring referendum, in which the majority of voters chose independence.

Aerolineas Argentinas Argentina .- 2x1 launches promotion for travel in your 'Business Class'

MADRID, 7 Feb. Aerolineas Argentinas (AA) has launched a new promotion for travel in Club Condor, your 'Business Class', which will allow customers to buy two tickets for the price of one for all routes linking Madrid and Barcelona to Buenos Aires until June 31, 2011. The offer, valid for tickets issued until 31 March, aims to disseminate the amenities of travel in the 'Business Class' AA Condor Club called the airline's symbol included in their logo.

Petrobras closes Brasil/Portugal.- unsuccessful negotiations with Eni to acquire its stake in Galp

SAO PAULO, 7 Feb. Brazilian state oil company Petrobras has confirmed the end of negotiations with Eni about the possibility of acquiring the participation of Italian energy group Galp Luso, but both companies have failed to reach an agreement. "Petrobras reports that it has decided to end talks with Eni SPA and has not been concluded for the acquisition of any interest in Galp Energia, the Brazilian company said in a brief statement, which does not explain the causes of the end of negotiations .

Democracy without adjectives

The flight of Ben Ali of Tunisia, the revolt in Egypt and other movements for change in the Arab world have unleashed a chorus of criticism of Western policy. In Tunisia, the discrediting of France is absolute in the streets of Cairo appealed to the Government of Obama, media in Arab and international criticism abound.

However, this spring would hurry Arab Democratic add to the list of evidence of the decline of the West in world affairs. Rather, these events can be interpreted as the opposite: an opportunity to regain the initiative by supporting the democratic transition has already begun after the riots in Tunisia and that emerges in Egypt and even in other countries such as Jordan.

Obama curries were "capitalists invested hours"

NEW YORK - Barack Obama chose the lion's den, "the one thing left to say." In the summit with the big industrialists, who was surrounded by great expectations and described in advance as a kind of capitulation to the capitalist lobby, the president, "whip" the vices of the chief executive and attacks capitalism with no rules.

He accused the relocation of "breaking the social contract", condemning the middle class "in an inexorable decline." Complaint superbonus the return of the bankers. Take against the grain in a self-capitalism, reminding all of his rearguard battles. It is the most comprehensive exhibition dell'Obama-thinking in economics.

Moscow hunting GuardianScrisse the reporter: "With Putin's Russia is a state mafia"

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange The Russian authorities revoked the visa of the Guardian correspondent, Luke Harding, who had worked for the cable from Moscow, and had called Wikileaks released by Russia of Vladimir Putin "was virtually a mafia." The British newspaper journalist, accredited in Russia since 2007, was stopped at passport control in Moscow airport as he returned after two months of work in London on the messages of the U.S.

The palace Poelaert adrift

In some offices, it rains on the clerks. The cornices are invaded by wild plants, trees or even real. We dare not sealed off a scaffolding on the facade there are three decades out of fear does not imply that part of the walls. A few weeks ago, a large block of stone broke off and was smashed in a parking lot below, fortunately empty on this Saturday morning.

The magnificent white marble staircase outside, leading to the Assize Court, is the kingdom of pigeons and a few homeless people who spend the night. The courthouse in Brussels seems to be a parable of Belgium threatened to falter, pending renewal, an endangered beauty. The large stone, potentially fatal, is now surrounded by barricades Nadar until someone takes care of that other "routine" ...

Turmoil on the Nile: Egypt Mubarak Vice promises reforms

The dialogue between the Egyptian regime and the opposition is difficult, but at least he is taking off: with concessions to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak still be prevented - but just to ask the demonstrators. Cairo - At the end of the hall hangs a huge picture of President Hosni Mubarak from the time when he was the proud leader of his country.

Now being negotiated under his eyes on a new Egypt. When it comes to the opposition, Mubarak will not say in the future. For the first time since the start of the uprising in Egypt, have government officials and leaders of various opposition groups seated at a table. Even the Muslim Brotherhood, are officially banned, have been invited to the meeting with Vice-President, Omar Suleiman.