Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Israel closes four diplomatic missions after threats of attack

Israel has temporarily closed four of its diplomatic missions in response to threats of attack, announced Tuesday, February 15 an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The official, who spoke under condition of anonymity, declined to clarify the status of diplomatic missions and the countries concerned.

Previously, the Foreign Ministry announced the strengthening of security of many of its embassies following the recent "unusual events". According to Israeli public radio, these incidents have occurred since Sunday. The office of the fight against terrorism, under the Office of the Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, recently warned Israeli citizens against the risks to their safety in seven countries: Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Venezuela, Mali, Ivory Coast and Mauritania.

TAM Brazil .- 0.6 reduces the international load factor in January, up 81.3%

SAO PAULO (BRAZIL), 16 Feb. TAM Airlines fell 0.6 percentage point load factor through its international flights in January to 81.3%, the Brazilian airline, which achieved a 11.2% increase its offerings in this market and saw a 10.4% increase demand. TAM said that the demand of passengers between Brazil and abroad remained "strong and consistent," motivated by the appreciation of the Brazilian real and the strengthening of the country's economy, boosting the business travel segment.

Breastfeeding in a cafe in London

If you call a Facebook page "The leaking roof" (The Leaky @ B @ b) you can not expect to go unnoticed. Jessica Martin-Weber, in fact, if the view is shut in a jiffy by censorship of the social network for breach of the rules. Yet the intentions of the new mother could only be speaking of lactation, a subject that creates a few more in England line-up fronts.

On the one hand there is a reality: a third of British children cease to be fed breast milk after a week of life. Only a fifth of mothers still breastfeeding after six weeks and 7% of children are breastfed until the fourth month of life. These numbers bring into the UK in line with developed countries.

Florence Case Break: If you missed an episode

"France will be at the side of the Bulgarian nurses imprisoned for eight years, France will not abandon Ingrid Betancourt, France will not abandon women who are condemned to the burqa, France will not abandon women who don ' have no freedom. France will be the oppressed of the world. " By the evening of his victory, May 6, 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy promised to take care of the French hostages in the world.

Brazil .- Telefonica bid for 11.09% of the shares held by minority Vivo

SAO PAULO (BRAZIL), 16 Feb. Telefónica has launched a tender offer for 15.21 million shares outstanding of the Brazilian mobile operator Vivo in the hands of minority shareholders representing 11.09% of Titles Brazilian company, said in a statement to the Stock Exchange of Sao Paulo. In particular, Telefónica will offer the March 18 50.15 euros for each of the 15,217,217 outstanding shares, representing 80% of the value set in its bid for Portugal Telecom held securities of EUR 62.68 .

Diplomacy, eppursi moves

In the rarefied European diplomacy and apparently still small - but significant - sometimes steps are performed. Today, Wednesday, February 16, the chairman of the Extraordinary Commission for Human Rights of the Senate, Pietro Marcenaro (Pd), presented Elaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Iranian Parliament ssteri - visiting Italy - a list of 280 names of dissidents the regime, as the lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and director Jafar Panahi (here the link of the appeal Done) and asked them hoping the news release.

South Africans open to sex

Viva squares (the other) and lower the barges

Long live the streets! Down with the boats! Indeed, at the bottom. It is a myopic squint, that of Europe, not only in Italy, compared to the first event in North Africa and the Middle East, then the revolt of the squares and time to escape from the poverty of thousands of them. For decades, honor and respect to the Pharaoh and the other satraps, which guarantees the stability of the region and had the cap on the entire, albeit at the cost of the oppression of their people.

Cairo saw the Dow Jones

That reversal of a revolution can generate it! Faced with the Egyptian revolution, the first reactions from the U.S. financial switched between prosaic concerns - the risk of blockage of oil transit through the Suez Canal and the Sumed pipeline which adjoins - and apocalyptic fears: see Egypt switch in Islam.

But following the daily editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which are led by a special committee very political and disconnected from the rest of the writing, offers a striking velocity at which the financial community that it represents has adapted to the "new reality". Cypel @ bbc.

Colombia: the process of release of two FARC hostages will resume

The Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, has authorized the resumption Tuesday, February 15 "in the coming days" of the process of release of two FARC hostages, said the president. Sunday night said the government had scandalized by the transmission of incorrect coordinates for the places of release of Corporal Sanmiguel Salin, abducted May 23, 2008 and age 25, and Police Major Guillermo Solorzano, 34, kidnapped on 4 June 2007.

Yemen, killed two protesters

SANAA - A new day of protests in Yemen, where clashes with the police find dead two protesters. It 'happened to Aden, the main town in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, the scene this morning of clashes between anti-regime demonstrators on the one hand, and supporters of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the other police.

The opponents of the regime attempted to assault the town hall in the district of Mansur, setting fire to several cars. In the violence that followed the security forces have killed a young man of 21 years, Mohammed Ali Alwani, as reported by medical sources and then his father. At least three injured.

.- Bolivia Evo Morales says U.S. has "no moral authority" to criticize the war on drugs in Latin America

LA PAZ, 16 Feb. Bolivian President Evo Morales, has said on Wednesday that the United States has "no moral authority" to criticize the fight against drug trafficking undertaken several Latin American countries for trying to enter "illegally" in arms and drugs Argentina. Morales has criticized the incident and U.S.

military aircraft that landed in Buenos Aires last week with war material and some narcotics that were not authorized by the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. "If they can smuggle drugs and arms to Argentina How will other Latin American countries?" Asked the Bolivian president.

Fidel Castro returns to the fray

A little over a year the magazine Paris Match published an extensive photo report of Fidel Castro made his residence in Havana, Castro called the steel. The French publication commented then that "someone whom the Western press was willing to bury recently," former Cuban leader, who was then 83, was "in good shape." Since that day, Castro has written dozens of articles in the official press has published books and has appeared in public in his country on several occasions.

Case Break: the Mexican press of Paris denounced the contempt for justice

Unsurprisingly, the Franco-Mexican diplomatic row surrounding the affair Break meat and drink to the Mexican press, Tuesday, Feb. 15. Judging harshly the French position which made Florence Break, French 37-year sentenced to sixty years in prison for kidnapping a "victim" of Mexican justice. The French president, who has provoked the ire of Mexico on Monday, demanding the transfer of the French and hoping that the Year of France in Mexico is dedicated to him, is thus received on Tuesday, the attribute of personality "down" by La Crónica de Hoy: "The French elected is ridiculous in his staunch defense of Florence Break, a woman who could never prove his innocence before the Mexican courts," wrote the newspaper, close to the Revolutionary Party Institutional (PRI) remained 70 years in power until 2000.

Wenli, the stolen child found on the Web

Shanghai Match - Three years after his abduction, the small Wenli was reunited with his family, through microblogging. He died in 2008 at the age of 3, in the southern city of Shenzhen, near the stall of public telephones operated by his parents. The only trace of the kidnapping was a surveillance video that showed a man in a black jacket with starting small Wenli.

The photo of the boy published by a reporter about her Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and sent by thousands of users, has enabled a user to identify the child on February 2: he had crossed by chance in the province of Jiangsu, at 1 300 km north. DNA tests have confirmed the relationship after the net was moved to the boy's first words: "The man who weeps over there is my dad." This case demonstrates the effectiveness of the campaign since January 25 by Yu Jianrong, a specialist in social movements, committed and enthusiastic user of the Web.

Survivors accused the Tunisian coast guard to have precipitated their shipwreck

Eight survivors Tunisian who had surreptitiously attempted to rally Italy February 11 accused in custody Monday, February 14 Tunisian coasts of having "deliberately dark" on their boat, leaving five dead and 30 missing persons in international waters. "The boat was brand new party in a tourist area El Ogla near Zarzis (500 km south of Tunis), and was carrying 120 passengers.

85 people were rescued, 5 died and 30 are still missing "said one of the survivors, Ben Abdaalah Ziad, aged 23. Statements confirmed by seven other Tunisians on board the ship after paying 2,000 dinars (about 1,000 euros) to smugglers. "It was 15 hours. It was beautiful. We approached the Italian coast after 12 hours on board, and we were more than about an hour from Italy when a ship of the National Guard has given us the order to stop the engines.

France places under surveillance the Egyptian property

France called Tuesday, Feb. 15 financial operators to report any suspicious movement around the Egyptian property, a statement of Tracfin, the anti-money laundering department of finance. A source close to the case, it indicates that this measure is "the senior Egyptian officials and politicians, including President Hosni Mubarak." "In light of recent events in Egypt, all professionals (...) are invited to apply with particular attention" of "complementary measures of vigilance," said Tracfin.

In Lampedusa, a "great disruption" cope with the influx of immigrants Tunisian

A court blocked the sale of personal property of Peron and Evita

BUENOS AIRES, 16 Feb. (Reuters) - An Argentine court has blocked an attempt by the former adviser Mario Rotundo to sell 10,000 personal items the marriage of former President Juan Domingo Perón (1946-1952, 1952-1958 and 1973 - 1977) and Maria Eva Duarte, known as 'Evita', valued at $ 5 million (3.7 million euros) to confirm its authenticity and to consider its purchase by the state.

National Institute president after the former leader, Peter Lawrence, has initiated legal proceedings to prevent the loss of what should be state property. "If what is there belonged to Peron, the State has an obligation to expropriate and pay as appropriate," he said. In the same line, Rotundo said, but criticized the lack of determination of the authorities, who have spent years pondering the possibility of buying the property from the historic marriage.

Berlusconi at his upcoming trial: "Ending the legislature"

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has ruled in his resignation today and claimed that there is "not at all worried" about his conviction for child prostitution and abuse of power. "For love of country that do not speak," said Berlusconi, "I can only say one thing: I'm not worried at all." After breaking a silence of 24 hours in a press conference on economy minister Giulio Tremonti at the Chigi Palace, headquarters of the Prime Minister, Berlusconi added that do not plan to resign but to "finish the legislature." "Last night the leaders of the Northern League showed their closeness me throughout the evening in the palace Grazioli," he told.

The Egyptian army appointed a committee to amend the Constitution

The Egyptian army has appointed a committee of lawyers responsible for amending the Constitution, which met for the first time Tuesday, February 15, while Chief of the Supreme Council of the armed forces. "The military wants to hand over power to a [civil government] as soon as possible" and "wants amendments to the Constitution," said Sobhi Saleh, lawyer and former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a member of that committee.

Iran, fighting police-student victims of the protests at funeral

TEHRAN - Clashes between supporters of the regime and opposition forces in Tehran, during the funeral of one of the victims of anti-government protests on Monday. Said on state television. The dynamics of the accident is still rather confused but mostly because the different factions claiming membership of one of the victims, the university student Zhaleh Sane.

According to the site pro-dissident on-line www. rahesabz. net student of the Academy of Fine Arts was an activist of the Green Movement Mousavi, which also refuses to recognize as legitimate the confirmation in office of Ahmadinejad. The official news agency IRNA, however, proposed that the young man was a "defender of the regime," which was entered as a volunteer in the Islamic militia 'Basij,' and that was hit by small arms fire during the demonstration, which had not certainly joined.

Argentina .- A court blocked the sale of 10,000 personal property of Peron and Evita

BUENOS AIRES, 16 Feb. (Reuters) - An Argentine court has blocked an attempt by the former adviser Mario Rotundo to sell 10,000 personal items the marriage of former President Juan Domingo Perón (1946-1952, 1952-1958 and 1973 - 1977) and Maria Eva Duarte, known as 'Evita', valued at $ 5 million (3.7 million euros) to confirm its authenticity and to consider its purchase by the state.

National Institute president after the former leader, Peter Lawrence, has initiated legal proceedings to prevent the loss of what should be state property. "If what is there belonged to Peron, the State has an obligation to expropriate and pay as appropriate," he said. In the same line, Rotundo said, but criticized the lack of determination of the authorities, who have spent years pondering the possibility of buying the property from the historic marriage.

Tehern collisions between supporters of Ahmadinejad and the opposition

The cry citizen who runs the Middle East to demand democratic reforms and a better future is also having its impact on Iran. After a person died on Monday and several others were injured in Tehran, violence has returned to the Iranian capital. Supporters of the government led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad protesters have clashed with opposition-aligned during the funeral of Zhaleh Sanitize young student who died two days ago in protest, according to state television IRIB reported on its website.

Obama will visit Brazil EEUU/Brasil.- the next 19 to March 20

BRASILIA, 15 Feb. The U.S. president, Barack Obama, will visit Brazil the next 19 and 20 March, as confirmed on Friday the Brazilian presidency. The trip will mark the first meeting between Obama and his Brazilian counterpart, Dilma Roussef, in office from next January. Both will be on March 19 in Brasilia, while the 20th Obama will travel to Rio de Janeiro, reported official news agency of Brazil.

Libya, 38 injured in clashes after a human rights activist arrestodi

Clashes between protesters angry over the arrest of a human rights activist on the one hand, police and other government supporters broke out last night in Libya in the city of Benghazi. Hospital sources speak of 38 people injured. Across the country, say the official media, held demonstrations in support of the Government of leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Concordant sources say that the police forcibly dispersed a sit-in in Benghazi composed of family members of prisoners killed in a shootout in 1996 in the prison of Abu Slim, in Tripoli, who have gathered to demand the release of their coordination, 'lawyer Fethi Tarbela, who was arrested for reasons not known.

Diplomats are not able

"To be a diplomat, it is not enough to be stupid, must still be polite." The prejudices that die hard, the formula continues to recipe, as would be shown, these days, the campaign launched against the diplomats of the Quai d'Orsay. Already they spent their time basking in the Palace of the Republic around the world, they were just good enough to offer a bit of champagne to 14-July (and again, with less restrictions budget), and they were short-circuited by the direct relationship between heads of state, now they have been unable to predict the fall of Zine El-AbidineBen Ali and Hosni Mubarak.

The revolt arrives in Libya in clashes wound 38 people

TRIPOLI - The Libyan police forcibly dispersed the protesters who last night held a sit-in against the government in Benghazi. About 38 people were injured. This was confirmed by the Director of the Al Jala, Abdelkarim Gubeaili, doubling a first official toll of 14 who spoke bruised, although none in worrying conditions.

According to a report in the newspaper Quryna, faithful to the Gaddafi regime, "a small group of young activists clashed with people trying to bring havoc to the city showing the streets 'al-Shajra', raising placards against the regime of the people." The clashes were not between police and protesters, but between "supporters of Gaddafi and this group of provocateurs who then blocked the way Jamal Abdel Naser setting fire to tires.

Are halted by Greenpeace activists protest in Spain

Fifteen Greenpeace activists and a freelance photographer were arrested today after breaking into the nuclear power Cofrentes in the Spanish province of Valencia (east), to protest and demand its closure, sources from the environmental organization. The central occupation lasted for eleven hours, until the activists were evicted by security forces and turned off the emergency alert.

In the eviction, a security guard wounded mild with a cut of three inches to the waist, and two others suffered bruises after wrestling with some of the members of Greenpeace confirmed the Valencian regional government sources. In a statement, Greenpeace activists deny that they used violence and reiterates that "if three plant workers were injured, at no time was due to the violent behavior of the detainees." The Greenpeace spokesman, Carlos Bravo, ended the protest after the three climbers who had climbed to one of the towers Cofrentes to paint the warning "Danger nuclear," had fallen.

U.S. Argentina/EEUU.- argues that in 2009 introduced the same material in Argentina without problems

BUENOS AIRES, 16 Feb. Undersecretary of the Department of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the United States, Frank Mora, recalled that in September 2009 was presented the same type of material in Argentina that has now been seized by the South American country to consider consists of "listening devices" and "drugs." The official defended the thesis that the U.S.

military cargo plane that landed last week in Buenos Aires was to be used in a demonstration of police training in Argentina, as happened three years ago. "With the same material and with the same purpose there was no incident, as always when doing exercises well coordinated and approved in advance," he said, quoted by the newspaper "Clarín".

Japan stopped whaling in Antarctica

Japan has temporarily suspended whaling in the Antarctic due to harassment of the environmental organization Sea Shepherd anti whaling fleet, said today Japan's Fisheries Agency. Nipponese authorities are now studying how to protect the Japanese whaler Nisshin Maru, whose return was scheduled for March, said today Japan's Fisheries Agency, which has not confirmed if the boat forward's return.

Resigns the chief of police of Rio de Janeiro in the midst of a corruption scandal

RIO DE JANEIRO, 15 Feb. The head of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, Allan Turnowski, has resigned Tuesday amid a corruption scandal that erupted five days ago with the arrest of several officers for alleged links with drug trafficking. Security Secretariat of Rio has been informed of these changes through an official statement explaining that Turnowski has taken this decision in order to "preserve the proper functioning of the institutions." Turnowski, who was one year and ten months at the helm of the Police, will step down after controversy over the so-called "Operation Guillotine" - held last Friday in Rio de Janeiro - which ended with the arrest of 38 civilian police and military personnel accused of crimes such as corruption, ties to drug trafficking and robberies.

Iran, protest runs on the Web

"The wind of democracy is blowing on the Arab countries that Bush has not invaded." It 's like to live "the collapse of communism in 1989" because "Mubarak and Khamenei have the same fate." The messages on Twitter as a result of the demonstrations erupted in Iran yesterday (day called "25 Bahman" in the local calendar, ed) show the domino effect against oppressive regimes that, after having swept Tunisia and Egypt, is expanding beyond the boundaries of Maghreb.

A "Turkish model" for the Arab revolution?

Correspondence Istanbul - When most leaders of the Middle East fall into disgrace, one of them is strengthening its popularity: the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in power since 2003, and run for a third term in June In a region of authoritarian regimes and decrepit, Turkey reveals a modern, clean to attract the Arab peoples in search of a model.

Ankara has projected onto the area with an undisguised appetite, becoming again a few years, economic power, cultural and political dominance, spreading his television series as well as his worldview. According to this study, the three forces of the Turkish model is in order, "his Muslim tradition," "vibrant economy" and "its democratic government." The Kemalist secular model, built around its army, which has influenced autocratic Middle Eastern regimes, has become obsolete.

Pedestrians slow, careless, rude as you fight on the sidewalk by car

NEW YORK - Have you noticed how many idiots walk in our streets: too slow, careless, eyes glued to the screen of your phone, my head away while listening to music through headphones? But be careful: if you turn on these behaviors evoke memories exasperating and repressed anger, you may be suffering from the syndrome of aggression Pedestrian.

For many decades, American psychologists have studied a similar phenomenon among motorists. Be closed in the cockpit in the middle of a traffic jam, can turn otherwise normal people into monsters. The "road rage", literally, road rage, claiming victims every year and gave birth to the courses of "anger management" or control of anger.

Ahmadinejad warns of 'enemies' will not achieve their objectives

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned that the enemies that in his opinion opposition organized protests on Monday will not achieve their objectives. In an interview with public television, the president also noted that his country will demonstrate to those same enemies that their progress is unstoppable and that he will "change the relations of the world today." "It is normal that the Iranian people have enemies, because it is a country that wants to shine, to achieve success and change the system of relations in the world," he said.

Arab world to date

U.S. President Barack Obama warned his allies in the Arab world from the risk of the Egyptian revolution as if holding back the democratic aspirations of their people, and said he hoped that the Iranians continue to defy their leaders. Obama said it was "ironic" that Iranian leaders "pretend to celebrate what is happening in Egypt while doing exactly the opposite of what happens in Egypt to crack down on people trying to express themselves peacefully." Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the "enemies" who organized the demonstrations against his government on Monday in Tehran fail.

Egyptian military authorities ask EU to block accounts

Does the European Union freeze accounts of the deposed Egyptian President Mubarak? The military authorities in Cairo have made a request to Brussels. Switzerland has already locked accounts last week, the 82-year-olds. For Jean-Claude Juncker it is a clear choice: The Luxembourg prime minister believes that the EU should follow the Swiss example and freeze the accounts of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.