Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Egypt, facing anti Mubarak: tens of thousands in the square, three dead

Day of Action against the government in Cairo, along the lines of 'jasmine revolution' of Tunisia. Egypt are in the city center broke out between police and protesters. For the security services are 15,000 people took to the streets, 25,000 for the organizers. Attempted an assault on the Parliament, while in the central square Tahari, near the Egyptian Museum, the police fired teargas and used water cannons against demonstrators who threw stones.

The death toll from the clashes at the moment is three dead, a police officer and two protesters in Cairo to Suez, east of the city (sources of medical and security services). A dozen protesters arrested so far. The clashes. Some were recorded Tahari square in downtown Cairo. The protesters attacked police with a thick stone-throwing.

The security forces were forced to retreat from the square despite the thick armor and the use of tear gas and water cannons. In the city the demonstrations, which started in center, at the headquarters of the Supreme Court, you are then extended to Mohandessin district, west of the capital where 2-3 thousand people gathered, and in other parts of the city.

Many have shouted 'Out, out' and 'Go away, go away' to the President Mubarak. A Suez two protesters were killed after being hit by rubber bullets by police. The Egyptian security sources speak of more than 100 wounded. Many principals and marches were also reported in provincial cities, especially in Alexandria (northern), Assiut and Aswan (south), in different cities in the Nile Delta, to Ismailia (Suez Canal) and in northern Sinai.

Rumors on the escape of the son of Mubarak. The son of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Gamal, considered a candidate for the succession to power, would have fled to London with his wife and daughter. This is what gives the online journal Arab 'Akhbar al-Arab', published in the United States, but it did not find any official confirmation.

According to the site, Mubarak Jr. would leave today without any protection by the security at a time in Britain, aboard a private jet from the area west of Cairo. The family had 97 suitcases loaded on board the aircraft. Shortly after the release of this news, a Cairo airport official source denied, the Egyptian newspaper 'Al-Wafd', that senior government officials and businessmen have started this morning, "to avoid the effects of the 'day of anger 'proclaimed by the opposition in the country.

" The Bedouins join the revolt. These groups settled in the Sinai Peninsula. Sources in the governorate of North Sinai announced in al-Masry al-Youm that the demonstrators take to the streets near the Al-Gorah, where multinational peacekeeping forces are stationed. Some members of a tribe in the village dial-Mahdia, south of the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza Strip, have given their support to the protests by announcing a march Pearl streets of Rafah and Sheikh Zowayyed.

Security has been strengthened in all sensitive places, especially in front of the Faculty of Education at the headquarters of Arish and Rafah governorate. The governor of North Sinai, Mourad Mowafi, interviewed by al-Masry al-Youm has assicarato that for now the situation is calm. "If someone has problems, you should come and talk to me, rather than set themselves on fire," he said, referring to young people in Egypt as in many countries in North Africa, set themselves on fire in recent days perprotestare against the government.

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