Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Building the world's tallest tower

Saudi Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said yesterday a plan to build the world's tallest tower in the port city of Jeddah on the Red Sea, after signing a thousand 230 million dollars with the Bin Laden Group. Kingdom Tower will be over a thousand feet high and will take five years to complete. "Building this tower in Jeddah sends a message to financial and economic should not be ignored," Alwaleed said.

"He has a deep policy is to tell the world that the Saudis invest in our country despite what is happening around with events, unrest and even revolutions," he said. When completed, the tower will replace Burj Dubai, which is 828 meters tall, as the highest in the world. The current world's tallest building was built by Emaar Properties at a total cost of one thousand 500 million dollars.

Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, which will include a hotel, furnished apartments, condominiums and offices will be designed by the architecture firm Adrian Smith + Gordon U.S. Gill. Prince Alwaleed, a nephew of Saudi King Abdullah, said the building will have about a thousand meters, but the final height is a closely guarded secret.

"There is a thousand meters. Moreover, could be many meters (...) The figure is secret, known only to few people, "he said. Saudi Arabia has launched multimillion-dollar projects to improve infrastructure.

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