Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Algeria, prevents rally against Egyptian Embassy

Algerian police prevented the holding of a merger with the Egyptian Embassy in Algiers convened by the so-called National Coordinator for Democracy and Change (NCDC) in support of the Egyptian people and to demand the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. Dozens of uniformed police officers were deployed around the Egyptian Embassy and prevented access to the public all streets leading to it.

The officers attempted to disperse equally to any group of more than three or four people who approached the vicinity of the embassy, located in the residential district of Hydra in the capital. Finally, about two dozen protesters were able to concentrate on a sidewalk of a street nearby, displaying placards and shouting slogans against Mubarak's regime and in support of Egyptian demonstrators.

Assange Excolaboradores of stealing secret documents before leaving Wikileaks

Two days after the publication of the book Inside Wikileaks, signed by German Domscheit Daniel Berg, a former number two of the organization dedicated to the leak of secret information has leaked on the Internet one of the episodes recounted in its pages: Site excolaboradores published by the Australian Julian Assange took confidential documents before leaving to follow Domscheit-Berg in creating Openleaks, also born platform to facilitate the dissemination of classified documents.

On 12 February as the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

While women are preparing for the event of 13, the network is taking shape for the previous day, February 12, an event sponsored by the Purple People who day by day is growing membership. In almost all the major cities of Italy, grassroots groups are organizing to protest a heavy pots and pans. Some people, twisting his nose, he thinks that the folklore is not enough to shake the government and the consent of Berlusconi, who, not at all afraid of a day of "simple" dispute between the drum and music, does not care about the growing popular discontent.

Florence Break his fate Thursday

The cassation appeal of Florence Break, the French sentenced to sixty years in prison in Mexico for kidnapping and maintains his innocence, will be examined Thursday, February 10, the court of the Seventh Court of Justice, according to his Mexican lawyer, Agustin Acosta . Florence Break, 36, detained since December 2005 and whose arrest has been organized for a mock television, has always protested his innocence.

Assange Excolaboradores of stealing sensitive documents before leaving Wikileaks

Two days after the publication of the book Inside Wikileaks, signed by former number two of the organization, the German Domscheit Daniel Berg, have transcended the first advances, some of the organization excolaboradores Assange Julian took before leaving sensitive documents to follow Domscheit-Berg Openleaks to create another similar platform.

After a few paragraphs of the new book Domscheit-Berg (whose subtitle is My time in the most dangerous organization in the world) began circulating on the Internet in English translation, the author decided to publish the quotes today on the web authentic German netzpolitik . org. The Julian Assange excolaborador confesses in his book that he and other members of the organization took Wikileaks documents were considered as not sufficiently safe in the hands of the founder of the portal.

Counsel for Charles Taylor leaves the trial of former Liberian President

New twist in the trial of Charles Taylor. His lawyer left, Tuesday, February 8, the trial of former Liberian President before the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL), just before the argument, calling the procedure "masquerade". Charles Taylor is the first former African leader tried for war crimes.

He was charged with murder, rape, mutilation, sexual slavery and conscription of child soldiers during the war in Sierra Leone in the 1990s, but the former Liberian president denies these charges. His lawyer, Courtenay Griffiths, slammed the door after the refusal of the judges the night before to save the written argument submitted by the defense because it was submitted after the deadline, set for 14 January.

Protest in Egypt continues: Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Tahrir Square

The opponents of Husni Mubarak demonstrate their strength: Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians to come together for the hour in Cairo's Tahrir Square to protest against the hated regime. The president can not appease the protesters with his concessions. Red, White, Black, these are the colors in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Almost everyone wears them - on headbands and flags. These are the colors of Egypt and for the demonstrators, they are more than a commitment to the North African country. Above all, they are a sign of protest against President Hosni Mubarak. Hundreds of thousands are on Tuesday followed the demonstration call, they come from all parts of the country's capital city, many for the first time among the protesters.

Google employee arrested in Egypt

Egyptian police have arrested during the protests against the regime, dozens of people. Wael Ghonim also was detained for nearly two weeks. Now, the Google manager has reported on television from his captivity. Hamburg - The Egyptian government, he was a "traitor to the nation," a hero for the opposition Movement: Twelve days was the police Wael Saeed Abbas Ghonim in prison after he had participated in the protests against the Mubarak regime.

Will Assange be delivered to Sweden?

On the first day of the hearing in London, the lawyers of the WikiLeaks-founder, went on the offensive. Now playing the second round. Ten days it can take up the British judiciary will decide whether to extradite Ian Assange to Sweden.

There, the founder WikiLeaks a process could result in rape. After the first day of the hearing, the 39-year-old Australian was optimistic. give it a "black box" with the word "rape", but "in reality" is empty, "said the 39-year-old. His lawyers have argued that the extradition was inadmissible.

In Iraq car bomb leaves seven dead

A suicide bomber blew himself up in a Kurdish security headquarters in the first of a series of attacks in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, killing seven people and wounded 80. Within minutes, two bombs exploded nearby, sending columns of black smoke into the clear winter sky and ending a six-month truce in a city plagued by ethnic tensions located 290 kilometers north of Baghdad.

The city is divided between Kurds, Turkomans, Sunni Arabs and Shiites and has long feared that it might be a point of violence in Iraq. The explosions went off in front of the headquarters of the Kurdish intelligence forces, known as Asayish, a highway and a gas station in southern Kirkuk.

But the Net can be switched off

From January 27 to February 2, 2011. Five days that killed a dream born in 1968 in an incubator until 1974, a teenager in 1989 and since then more and more important. Even a dream in which I put my hands the first time 28 years ago was 1983. Since 1968 we have seen it grow. First quietly, secretly. Then, once you become famous, exponentially, unstoppable.

No one had expected. She did not believe anyone. The Net was the idea, the vision of an academic turned into reality. They said it was a military project. False. The story is different. For the first time there was a complex system with standard and de facto decision taken, by the entire community of users in a new form of decision tree, rather than de jure by a select few.

"In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood are seeking above all recognition"

She was very opposed by Nasser, who accused him of trying to assassinate him in 1954. The Muslim Brotherhood has been very violent repression. They gave birth to a whole series of groups in Egypt and abroad. Some violent, committing terrorist acts, a movement like Hamas in Gaza is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Today, Egypt, the organization is illegal, but tolerated. She managed to get elected as an independent label fifth Egyptian MPs in 2005 but the elections of December 2010, believing - rightly - that the voting was rigged, the Muslim Brotherhood withdrew from the competition. They received these days an early recognition, having been involved in the negotiations that the Egyptian government was forced to engage under pressure from opponents.

The NATO secretary supports Egyptian and Tunisian people

The secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Anders Fogh Rasmussen, an official visit to Israel, defended the efforts of Egyptian and Tunisian peoples to establish free and democratic society. "NATO supports the efforts of Egyptian and Tunisian peoples for the establishment of a free society and a democratically elected government," he said in an interview published in the newspaper "Haaretz" and which says that, for now, sees no Israel as a member of NATO.

Street connects with the Red

Look where you are look at the events in Tunisia and Egypt in recent weeks, it is clear that both protest movements were the result of a new social climate, new conditions that existed months or even weeks, before the blast. What happened? What has to be put into operation in such a short period mechanisms that would otherwise have taken years, even decades, to cause the type of social reactions we've seen in the Arab world in recent weeks? Has been realized simply and perhaps as never before, the trite slogan that says that information is power.

Dancing with the words

The dancer 90enne has blossomed and became the bestselling poetry. Toyo Shibata blossomed to life after being forced from back pain to stop his activities of traditional Japanese dancer. Her son advised her to translate the emotions and thoughts on paper so far expressed by the body, "not to feel frustrated." And in a society just frustrated and oppressed of all obligations of social and economic crisis more than the story (in fact, twenty years), the rationale of Toyo has begun to foster hope and pleasure to young and old (Japan is the country with the highest percentage of old in the world, according to Italy).

A sex strike to end the political crisis in Belgium?

Brussels Correspondent - Out of anonymity in which maintained its function poorly exposed because of the unending political crisis, Senator Marleen Temmerman Flemish offers women of his country on a sex strike. Order, suggests the elected - otherwise gynecologist - to put pressure on those who try to form a federal government.

First question, women negotiators plunged from around 240 days in discussions apparently hopeless, are invited to declare abstinence. We assume it's the same for the husbands of three women leaders participating in the discussions, namely the outgoing deputy prime ministers, Laurette Onkelinx (PS) and Joëlle Milquet (centrist), or the party president Ms Temmerman Caroline Gennez.

Kidnapped by pirates a Greek tanker off the coast of OMN

Armed men have been assaulted and taken control of a Greek-flagged tanker vessel off the coast of Oman, Arabian Sea waters, after leaving UAE for the United States, as reported this morning by the Greek shipowner Boat and confirmed hours later the European anti-piracy mission Atalanta. The vessel Irene SL, 333 meters long, can carry up to 2 million barrels of oil and headed to the Gulf of Mexico.

Boubou squared

Dakar. The Italian press and media do not speak of Senegal and the eleventh edition of the WSF, 10 years after the first meeting in Porto Alegre. It seems, ours, a country opaque, more concerned that the ferment to the devolution that run a world in crisis and yet open to great hopes. This is the case, after Latin America, Africa, from where I am writing to bring the huge impression proved to the running of Sunday, February 6.

At the City of Samba, the dream went up in smoke

Rio de Janeiro Correspondent - "We will march anyway, in shorts, T-shirt and glitter", "Yes, we dance barefoot if necessary." These heartfelt cries sprang, among many others, between sobs and complaints in the crowd who looked devastated, Monday, February 7, the charred walls where his dream had gone up in smoke: a huge fire, at first view accidental origin, ended several workshops to ravage the city of samba, which are manufactured tanks and carnival costumes.

It is possible to spend eternity in Venice

One day in June 2004, a gondolier on the Grand Canal found a strange vase floating near the Rialto bridge. To recover realized that was holding an urn: The name of the deceased, a French lady of 55 years, was spelled out in a plate with your date of birth and death. "It was not the first nor the last in which he argues something similar happened Gianfranco Bettin, Councillor for Environment-Many people dream of rest forever in Venice.

Ruby case: the Milan prosecutor's office wants a speedy trial of Silvio Berlusconi

Milan prosecutors asked, Wednesday, Feb. 9, the immediate return of Silvio Berlusconi in court, said Tuesday the chief prosecutor in Milan. Prosecutors will meet in the day to finalize the last details of the case before submitting their application on Wednesday, said Edmondo Bruti Liberati. The three judges who made the inquiry should include whether the demand for immediate trial will focus on the two charges against Mr.

Elections year in Africa

The year did not start well for Africa - at least among democratic aspects. While the whole world looked to Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen, Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara in Ivory Coast continue to struggle for power. Also in the Central African Republic, there was trouble. The Election Commission appointed the incumbent Francois Bozize of 66 percent of the vote on the election winner, the challenger called the vote a "national shame" felt betrayed, and announced the passage of the Constitutional Court.

Haiti: Aristide is preparing return home

After "Baby Doc" is preparing another ex-president before his return to Haiti: The authorities in the Caribbean region the exiled Jean-Bertrand Aristide from a diplomatic passport. He had been chased from office in 2004. Port-au-Prince - Jean-Bertrand Aristide has appointed a lawyer in preparing his return to Haiti.

And just this lawyer, Ira Kurzban, will now have already received a diplomatic passport for the former president, told the authorities in Port-au-Prince. The Miami-based lawyer, said although he knew nothing about the issue of a passport. When asked about the possibility of Aristide's early return from his South African exile Kurzban said however: "I think we are getting closer, but we are not yet at the point." Kurzban had recently traveled to Port-au-Prince and will travel again in the coming days in the Haitian capital.

Revolt in Egypt: Mubarak's opponents start new wave of protest

Evaporates the revolt in Egypt? The regime tried to play down the protests - but the opposition is to aggressively: To new demonstrations they expected this Tuesday again more than a million people. Dictator Mubarak would be selling at. The pictures from Tahrir Square on Monday annoy Monem Shalaby, 24 The photos that publish some international newspapers and TV stations this Tuesday, show a thinned crowds in the central scene of the Egyptian protest movement.

Assassinated a minister of South Sudn days later confirmed the secesin

A minister in South Sudan, the country will be divided from Sudan on 9 July, has been killed today in his office by a driver who has also killed a guard before taking his own life, according to a military spokesman said. In a referendum held on January 9, the south Sudanese massively approved the separation of Sudan and the creation of a new state, which will become a reality on 9 July.

"Minister of Rural Development and Cooperation, Jimmy Mile Lemi, was killed by a driver who worked at the Ministry. It has also killed a guard at the gate of the Ministry and then tripped," said Philip Aguer spokesman South Sudan army. The events have taken place in Juba, the capital of Southern Sudan.

Romania, fake text message to politicians: "bargain" It was raining the answers, but is prohibited by law

"No joke, it's a journalistic scoop." A Romanian reporter sent an SMS to 460 national deputies and senators posing as a businessman and the UAE offering a "big economic deal." Contravention of the law that prohibits such agreements to the members of Parliament, Members have responded en masse, bombing of the fake phone calls and SMS businessman.

"Hello Mr. / Mrs ... My name is Lynn Fischer, are representative in Romania of a large investment fund in the Emirates and I want to propose a deal. When he has a quarter of an hour to spare? "The message was sent with a lot of spelling errors to make it more likely. A joke that is likely to cost more than the roughly 100 members who responded to Befu Daniel, the journalist of the daily "Romania Libera" that had brought a highly profitable investment.

FSB officers fired after the attack in Moscow

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has dismissed officials of the Federal Security Service (FSB - former KGB) following the attack at Moscow-Domodedovo airport said on Tuesday 8 February, the Kremlin announced without however no action against leaders of secret services. "The head of the FSB has submitted to [Medvedev] a list of agents responsible for errors in their work and they were dismissed," said the spokesman for Mr.

Egyptians accuse Mubarak of playing with time

The Egyptians held one of its biggest rallies so far calling for the departure of President Hosni Mubarak, not diminish his anger at the announcement of the vice president of a handover plan. While the government refuses to give in to the main demands of protesters, Vice President Omar Suleiman promised no retribution against the demonstrators, after three weeks of protests that seek to end the 30 year rule of Mubarak.

Brazil .- killed at least six prisoners during a riot at a prison in Maranhao

BRASILIA, 9 Feb. At least six prisoners have died during a riot that began on Monday in a detention center Pinheiro Brazilian municipality in the northeastern state of Maranhao, because of overcrowding, and ended a day later, when police gained control of the rebels, as reported by Brazilian media. According to news agency Estadão public, the six dead, all accused of crimes of pedophilia or statutory rape, have been killed by other inmates.

Italy is not a brothel

The fattoquotidiano. Today it publishes a piece of the country as Maurizio Viroli Bordello. "State and Whoreocracy Bordello -" state brothel "and" the government of whores, "reports Viroli - are two expressions that (...) well characterize the image of the United States. (...) A few days ago, the word brothel stood out [also] in an article in the New York Times.

But this time - Viroli precise - of the protesters were holding up a sign saying 'Italy is not a brothel'. " Our country is not a brothel because we brothels are illegal. Why is prostitution, while not yet forbidden, is not regulated. Because if an ordinary citizen dares to imitate the behavior of celebrities, rain down on him fines, taxes, picture messages, video and in some cases, even the seizure of the car in which he had the audacity to apartments with a prostitute - all thanks to the typical costume Italiot of the two weights and two measures.

Pirates seized a tanker off the coast of Italy in India

Pirates have seized on Tuesday of an Italian oil in the Indian Ocean after opening fire on the ship, reports the Italian navy. Gunfire aimed at the tanker causing no injuries, said a spokesman, adding that an Italian frigate that is in the region in the fight against piracy goes to the scene of the attack but it should bring about two days to cover the 500 nautical miles (900 kilometers) that separate it from there, said the navy.

Recognize the independence of Southern Sudan

The UN, African Union (AU) and other States acknowledged Tuesday the referendum that grants independence to Southern Sudan and called for more efforts to the north and south to avoid any confrontation in the future. "We confirm our acceptance of the outcome of the referendum for the secession of South Sudan," a joint statement released by the Department of State United States.

The note commended the Khartoum government and the future government of the south by the referendum, culminating part of the peace agreement signed in 2005 by both sides that ended two decades of civil war that left more than two million dead. The electoral committee on Monday released the final outcome of the vote, which gave independence for the south with a 98.33% of the vote, held in early January.

Indigenous protesters in Brazil for the construction of a dam

BRASILIA, 9 Feb. Hundreds of Brazilian Indians have protested in the capital, Brasilia, against the construction of what could be the third largest hydroelectric dam in the world. The tribal leaders delivered a petition to that effect signed by over 600,000 people. Environmentalists warn that the Belo Monte dam in the Amazon basin, the largest tropical forest damage on the ground.

The energy minister, Edison Lobao, anticipates that construction will begin soon, and promises that the people affected will be compensated and resettled. The price of the works is estimated at the equivalent of about 7,300 million euros. Raoni tribal leader is convinced that the project will bring bad things to the villagers.

Sex strike until the Government has Belgium

No government, because no sex. Flemish Socialist Senator Marleen Temmerman has proposed a "sex strike" to put pressure on negotiators to be forming a new government in Belgium, with 241 days without reaching the expected agreement, about Iraq's record of 289 days (about nine months) heading. The proposed Temmerman, reminiscent of Lysistrata, the classic play by Aristophanes in which the protagonist convinces the women of Greece to practice chastity to force men to end the war between Athens and Sparta, is actually inspired in a Kenyan initiative.

Oman, new seizure at sea pirates attack supertanker

SINGAPORE - Following the seizure of the tanker in the Indian Ocean Italian 'Caylin Savina', Somali pirates have seized another freighter, an even more coveted prey: it is the Greek super-tanker 'Irene Sl' , even boarded by pirates off the coast of the Sultanate of Oman, then to an even greater distance from the Horn of Africa from the Yemeni island of Soqotra, where he was attacked 'Caylin Savina'.

The country brothel

State and Whoreocracy brothel, which would translate to "the government of whores," are probably the two better than other expressions that characterize the image of the United States. The first comes from an article by James Walston, in Foreign Policy of 14 September 2010, the second by a comment about a book written by Alexander Stille on the New York Review of Books' s April 8, 2010, titled The Reign of Emperor Corrupt Silvio.

You are in Algeria, you participate in the march of 12 February?

You are Algerian or living in Algeria. Despite the ban of the authorities, the opposition has decided to maintain the planned protest march on February 12 in Algiers. Do you plan to attend? What impact the popular movements that erupted in Tunisia and Egypt have had on your life in Algeria? Do you feel that the liberalization measures announced by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is enough? A selection of stories will be published on cnn.

Russia proposed that the Security Council send a mission to Middle East

Russia proposed to the Security Council of the UN to send its first mission to the Middle East since 1979 to try to revive the stalled peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, said the Russian ambassador to the world body, Vitaly Churkin. The diplomat noted that members of the highest international security agreed to discuss a Russian proposal in the coming days, but added that some countries have expressed doubts about its appropriateness at this time.

Chechens attack attributed at Moscow airport

The Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing last month in one of the airports in Moscow and threatened further similar actions, part of a campaign of growing Islamic insurgency in southern Russia. Uamarov's statement in a video posted on Monday night will likely increase the fear that grips the Muscovites.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, whose popularity depends on how hard that addresses the insurgents, recently admitted that Russia should learn from foreign experience in combating terrorsimo. The attack on 24 January in Domodedovo airport killed 36 people and wounded 180. Russian investigators said the bomber was a 20 year old resident of the Caucasus, where Chechnya is settled, but declined to provide his identity or other details.

Mubarak and his transition plan did not appease popular anger

The decision by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to create a commission to reform some laws and the''road map''presented by Vice President Omar Suleiman to ensure the transition has not placated the popular anger. In one of the most massive since the beginning of the revolt, hundreds of thousands of people in Tahrir Square in Cairo returned to pray, dream and cry out against Mubarak, demanding the resignation of the immediate scene was repeated in the streets City of Alexandria.

Brazil .- Rousseff concerned about the imbalance in trade between Brazil and the U.S.

BRASILIA, 8 Feb. The president of Brazil, Dilma Roussef, held Monday a meeting in Brazil with the U.S. Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, which advocated Rousseff solve the trade imbalance between the two countries. Treasury Secretary on Monday traveled to Brazil to meet with Rousseff in a meeting which was also attended by ministers of the Civil House, Antonio Palocci, and Guido Mantega.

Gates urges Arabs to undertake reforms regmenes

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said yesterday at a press conference at the Pentagon that it is "essential" that both Egypt and Tunisia make an orderly transition to democracy. "I hope that other governments in the region, seeing the spontaneous movement of Tunisia and Egypt, to take measures to get moving in a positive direction to address the grievances of its people," Rumsfeld said.

Gates's comments were the first who was the chief of the armed forces since the Egyptians took to the streets two weeks ago to denounce the regime of Hosni Mubarak. In turn, Vice President Joe Biden asked his counterpart Omar Suleiman to open the doors of dialogue with the opposition and achieve an "early" transition.

Al Qaeda to the demonstrators: "Let the holy war" Thousands of people still in Tahrir Square

CAIRO - The Egyptian Vice-President Omar Suleiman raised the alarm among the inmates escaped in recent weeks during the anti-government protests, there are some Islamic militants linked to Al Qaeda. News that coincides with the appearance on a jihadist forum of a press with which Al Qaeda in Iraq calls on demonstrators to "jihad against the Egyptian tyrant and his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv" in Egypt for the foundation of an "Islamic state ".

Done at the LSE for the Italian Week

Will culminate Friday with a speech by the director of Done and the Deputy Padellaro Newspapers Anthony Marco Travaglio, the Italian Week held at the London School of Economics (LSE) by the students of the Italian Society. The aim is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy without rhetoric and false complacency.

Yesterday opened the work Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist and author of the recently released Forza Italy in Italian translation. How to restart after Berlusconi. It goes on today and tomorrow with representatives from the world of sport, as Gianluca Vialli, and the economy, such as Giacomo Vaciago and Andrea Prat, LSE professor in the same.

Beijing strengthens its control over its REE

China began to build up strategic reserves of rare earth elements that could enable it to further control the supply of essential metals in the manufacture of many high-tech products, reports the Wall Street Journal. Storage capacity in place in recent months in Inner Mongolia are greater in volume than the total Chinese exports in 2010, which amounted to 39,813 metric tons, according to the business daily.