Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tanzania: 30 people die in explosion

An explosion at an ammunition depot in the Tanzanian economic capital Dar es Salaam at least 30 people have been killed. More than 300 people will be hurt. The rescue work is still ongoing, the government announced. There must be a whole series of explosions have been, which rocked on Wednesday night an ammunition depot of the Tanzanian army: At least 30 people were killed in the capital Dar es Salaam, more than 300 will be injured.

Protests against Gaddafi: Libya is threatening bloody Thursday

Opponents of the regime have announced massive demonstrations in Libya - these could end violently: Revolutionary Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi has to prove hardship to stay in power. Exactly five years he had already quit a protest brutal. You want to shake the regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi to its foundations: Libyan opposition figures are planning for Thursday countrywide mass demonstrations against the leadership of the country's oil.

Unrest in the Middle East

More than 60 people missing, according to opposition groups in Bahrain, the Army wants to proceed further crack down on demonstrators - and has occupied strategic points in the capital. The Foreign Office advises now travel from the region. Manama - The situation in Bahrain is getting more crowded: Sources at the government's opponents on Thursday noon announced that even after the police action against demonstrators in the night more than 60 people have disappeared.

Lampedusa in the state of emergenc

These are small gestures, but they do a lot: on the Italian island of Lampedusa to help the residents of the thousands of refugees - sometimes they cook, they sometimes pay cigarettes. But some locals have had enough: The migrants deter tourists, they say. "Just a little couscous?" With a large scoop shovel Anna Lisa D'Ancona vegetables and noodles on plastic plates.

In front of her crowd refugees. "Thanks, that's very friendly," says one of the Tunisians in French. "Grab it, that's for you all," Anna Lisa replied in Italian. Four kilograms of pasta and two and a half kilograms couscous has cooked them all for free. But it is not nearly enough for everyone.

Violent police action: At least three people were killed in protests in Bahrain

The situation in the Gulf state of Bahrain comes to a head: the case of new demonstrations there were at least three dead, speaking of more than 20 injured. Meanwhile, the army has been driving heavy equipment in the capital Manama. The violence of the authorities sharply criticized by the West. Berlin / Manama - In a police operation against opposition demonstrators in the Arab Kingdom of Bahrain in the early hours of Thursday, at least three people have been killed.

Killed in protests in Bahrain: "The police knew what she was doing"

The record is staggering: Several dead, dozens injured - in Bahrain to go harder and harder against the security forces against demonstrators. The camp of the protesters in the capital Manama was destroyed, now patrolled by tanks. Public life had largely ceased. On the fourth day of protests against the government in Bahrain is the police acted with extreme force against the demonstrators in the capital Manama.

Iran sends warships through the Suez Canal

Such action has not existed since 1979: According to Israeli media Iran wants to keep two warships through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean. The Israeli government sees this as a provocation. Jerusalem - Iran wants Israel to detail two warships on their way to Syria can pass through the Suez Canal.

The passage was planned for the night, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Wednesday. It was regrettable that the international community was not willing to do something against the "repeated Iranian provocations." Israel can not ignore this forever. The semi-official Iranian news agency Fars had reported in late January, Navy cadets have begun a one-year training, they will bring on the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean.

Former President of Tunisia, serious health

Former Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, is in serious condition at a hospital in Saudi Arabia said on Thursday a Saudi source. "He is in a serious condition," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Ben Ali traveled to the Red Sea city of Jeddah after being ousted in a popular revolt that led him to flee to Tunisia on 14 January.

You really become so?

The foreign newspapers these days carry a number of articles on the trial of Berlusconi. I shall focus on two that, for various reasons, I found incredible: the first for the hardness unusual for the newspaper, the second to the unconscious masochism with which to defend the indefensible, we see ridiculous abroad.

The first is an editorial by the European Voice of February 3, titled Erosion of Italy's European tradition is a crying shame. The editorial was inspired by the commemoration of Tommaso Padoa Schioppa, presented as representative of the best Italian tradition Europe, to put your finger on the huge and grotesque gap with the current political leadership (I would add: and not just politics).

The year of Mexico Cassez

Car bomb northeast of Baghdad 13 victims of the blast, 35 injured

BAGHDAD - A car bomb exploded in the Iraqi city of Muqdadiyah, which is located in the governorate of Diyala, northeast of the capital Baghdad, which is only about 80 km. Thirteen people were killed and 35 others were injured. A report it was the satellite broadcaster Al Jazeera, without giving other details for now.

The city, 250 thousand inhabitants, is located just 20 miles from Baquba, a largely Shiite area, but where the Sunnis are counting on a substantial representation. The vehicle blew up in a store car near a police checkpoint. The explosion involved about thirty other cars that were parked near the car bomb.

And the world laughs behind ...

Devastating. For the English, who have opened their copies of The Guardian February 16, the cartoon by Steve Bell says a lot about the news these days and is regarded abroad as the head of the Italian government. There is no 'need for words. We have been accustomed to seeing Tony Blair described as a liar, but the Prime Minister, represented as a plucked turkey surrounded, like the Romans than once, by a laurel wreath, is given the simple title WNQR (Wanker).

Clashes between police and demonstrators are two dead in Yemen

Clashes broke out Wednesday, February 16 in Aden and Sana'a, Yemen's main cities, between security forces and hundreds of demonstrators. According to a report released by the security services, two people died in Aden. In Sanaa, the police deployed around an opposition rally on the campus of the university were unable to keep away supporters and opponents.

"We will continue to protest until the start of this regime," said a Yemeni student. "We have no future under the current circumstances." "Ali emerges," demonstrators shouted at the president Ali Abdullah Saleh, in power for thirty-two years. He blamed elements "following instructions from abroad" to seek to sow chaos in the country.

Tunisia, Ben Ali The former president suffered a stroke in a coma. "And 'serious'

TUNIS - The former Tunisian President Ben Ali is in a coma from a stroke two days in a hospital in the Saudi capital Jeddah. He revealed a family friend. Bel Ali, 74, fled from Tunisia with his family on January 14 as a result of popular protest, taking refuge in Saudi Arabia. He was in power for 23 years.

"It 's in a coma for two days. He had a stroke and is in serious condition," said the source, contacted by telephone by the AFP in a Gulf country.

Social movements are continuing in Egypt despite calls from the army

Despite repeated calls from the army to return to work, Egyptians have continued Wednesday, February 16, the strike started to demand higher wages. Work stoppages and rallies were reported in many places, especially in the Nile Delta, along the Suez Canal, Cairo, and the second largest city, Alexandria.

Many of these conflicts have started in recent days, before being suspended Monday, public holiday marking the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. The banking sector has also been disrupted, forcing the Cairo Stock Exchange to remain closed at least until Sunday. After suspending their strike Sunday, employees of the biggest factory in Egypt have resumed their movement Wednesday to demand wage increases and better working conditions.

Six deaths reported by demonstrations in Libya

Six people were killed Thursday in Libya in clashes between security forces and demonstrators protesting against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in the city of Benghazi, east of the country, reported the opposition websites. There were "violent confrontations" in Benghazi, a thousand miles east of Tripoli, which caused "six dead and 35 wounded, according to sites and Al Manara Al Yum.

Moreover, the lawyers demonstrated outside Benghazi court of the city to demand the adoption of a constitution, said the opposition sites. On Wednesday in the city of Al Baida, 200 km east of Benghazi, killing four protesters, said the sources. In contrast, a Libyan newspaper Al Baida indicated that there were only two deaths

Multiculturalism is still working?

Maghreb days ago I see a guy peeing on the wall of a building near the house. I am a bit 'heated, I admit, I screamed that it sucked and that these things will not do. He threatens me, but he was drunk, not even stand up. Search of coming upon me the way and he falls - and who we have seen we have seen.

It ends there. A sciura the street - he had refrained from acting, of course - tells me tone wise, "we must not say anything to these people because it is dangerous. And they do it at home anyway, so .... " Now, apart from that I was over there and it is not true that people behave like that (because there do not drink alcohol), but then, do the old lady, "Excuse me but what do I care? Here you do not, period.

The return of the prodigal player

Ronaldinho red shirt and black! They had long dreamed. And see, in Rio de Janeiro, with the ball, they waited for this for several weeks. That evening, Feb. 2, the 40,000 fans of the venerable club Flamengo (the "Fla") does not shun pleasure. Cheers, banners immense, sparklers, firecrackers. "He is ours!" chanted the crowd.

In the stands, hundreds of fans wearing masks bearing the likeness of their idol smiling. Banners of welcome to the "R 10", legatee of the prestigious number 10, worn once, in this same club, with another crack legend Zico. When Ronaldinho gets the ball and starts running, pony tail wind, the stage on fire.

Now women are afraid to B.

Berlusconi and women. An ironic fate accompanies the darkest season of the premier. There is a drawn face and upset Mr Berlusconi on the front pages of foreign newspapers. And there's the photo of Ruby the heart stealer, the heartthrob. More titles ("The time for the worst Italian Prime Minister, the worst crisis of Mr Berlusconi on trial for the sex saga", "risk 12 years in prison for lying"), is on these two photos is the focus 'attention.

The brother of Florence Break calls for international justice

Break Sebastian, brother of Florence Break says in an interview Wednesday, February 16 at Nice-Matin, he has more confidence in the Mexican authorities, saying that the last recourse for the return of his sister in France is to appeal to international justice. Asked about a possible extradition of his sister, Sebastian Break believes that "Mexican authorities do not want to lose face": "I do not make them more confident, he says, they already have not fulfilled their commitments to subject.

Espresso and the Republic, new cabled Wikileaks on newsstands from tomorrow and the secret files on the Web

A new wave of American diplomacy cablegrams on Italy from Wikileaks. There are over 4000 files that reveal the truth about the relationship between Italy and the United States since 2002 (Berlusconi premier) April 2010 (again Berlusconi at Palazzo Chigi, interrupted by two years of Prodi). Top secret and confidential documents that analyze every junction of life of our country as seen from Washington, through direct talks with ministers, parliamentarians, officials, top managers.

In South Dakota, legislation that would allow them to kill abortion doctors practicing

South Dakota, one of American States or the abortion is severely circumscribed, is considering adopting a law that "would expand the definition of 'justifiable homicide' by including the murders committed in the context of defending fetus, "reports the magazine" Mother Jones ".

Growing demonstrations in Yemen, reported one death

Protests against the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to spread throughout Yemen and clashes between police and protesters in the south of the country caused the death of a young man of 21 years, said his father. Hundreds of people took to the streets in Sana'a, Aden and Taiz. In the capital Sanaa, at least 800 demonstrators marched through the streets near the university despite police efforts to stop the protest.

Michèle Alliot-Marie: how far and how long?

How far will he go down into triviality and indignity that the French Minister of Foreign Affairs understands that it undermines the authority to her role? How far will he go in the conflict of interest so that the head of state to understand that the credit of France, which he is liable, is engaged? And he draws the logical conclusion? The new revelations Duck chained to the now famous Tunisian holiday Michele Alliot-Marie, her parents and her boyfriend, Patrick Ollier, Minister of Relations with Parliament, is definitely overwhelming.

Increased political pressure and continue to rallies in Iran

One of the Iranian opposition leaders, Mahdi Karroubi, which has become the target of death threats, said he is willing to pay any price to seek democratic change in the Arab country. Clashes between supporters and opponents of the government scheme were in the funeral of Sane'e zhal, a student of Fine Arts at Tehran University who died in last Monday's demonstrations.

People carried signs of the reformist opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi represented as "Uncle Sam" in the U.S., during the funeral (image).

Bahrin declares state of emergency after crushing the revolt in Manama chi

Bahrain's government has decreed this morning the state of emergency throughout the country in an attempt to appease the revolt of the Shi'a community that calls for four days on the street democratic reforms. The decision by the National Security Council, emergency meeting this morning, comes hours after police and army blood and fire evict thousands of protesters, many of them women and children, camped on the plaza of the Pearl , in downtown Manama, the capital of the emirate.

Government supporters and opponents clash in Tehran on the sidelines of a funeral

The Iranian opposition leaders and Mehdi Mousavi Karoubi called on the government to "listen to the people", in two statements issued Wednesday, February 16 by several opposition websites. For its part, the power organizes a protest Friday against "sedition", the name he gives to the opposition. Thousands of people had defied a government ban and demonstrated on Monday in Tehran to call MM.

Moussavi and Karoubi, launching anti-government slogans. Many demonstrators were also arrested by police and two people were shot dead. Several others were injured. On Wednesday, clashes erupted between participants at the funeral of one victim and "a small number of people apparently linked" to the opposition, said the website of IRIB, the state television.

Belgium, the political crisis record, the record of Iraq

BRUSSELS - Belgium has wrought the record of the political crisis the world's longest. At the stroke of midnight, when the days passed without a government will become 249, Brussels will have pulled the unenviable record on Iraq. The event was "celebrated" by all the national press today, is that the Flemish-speaking, with headlines around who tried to mask bitterness and irony with a sarcastic tone.

The wave of social unrest shakes Iraq now

Three people were killed and dozens wounded in the southern Iraqi city of Kut in clashes between security forces and demonstrators demanding better basic services, according to police. About two thousand people took to the streets of Kut throwing bricks and stones at Iraqi security forces. Some expressed their anger against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, echoing the anti-government demonstrations that have rocked other parts of the Arab world, including Tunisia and Egypt.

The fuse of revolt turns in the Maghreb and the Gulf reaches Prsico

The winds of revolt in Muslim countries which started in Tunisia two months ago and spread to Egypt, are spreading throughout the Maghreb and reached the Persian Gulf countries. Arab regimes, that have for decades clung to power with an iron fist, are trying to quell the protests by all means, using violence, cutting Internet connections and using thugs loyal to the government.

This is the situation in the countries most affected by anti-government protests: Thousands of Bahraini Bahrain manifest from Monday to demand political reforms to the regime of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, in power since 1999. This morning the police raided the place tanks in Pearl, in the heart of Manama, capital of the emirate, to leave with tear gas and rubber bullets at hundreds of demonstrators camped for three days to demand political reforms.

Good news

In a post a few months ago we talked about Ecuador, the environmental tragedy in progress there, and the cause that the premises had been brought against Chevron for having poured, between 1964 and 1990, around 70 billion gallons of toxic waste into rivers Amazonian Ecuador, leaving at least 900 ponds filled with mining waste, spillage, as well as over 64 million gallons of crude oil due to broken pipelines.

Invasion of Iraq: a defector said he had "fabricated" information

Information about a secret biological weapons program provided by Iraqi defector nicknamed Curveball one had been used by the U.S. to justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The Guardian of Tuesday, Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi acknowledges for the first time he lied to obtain the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

"I had the chance to make something to overthrow the regime," said Mr. al-Janabi British newspaper. "Me and my son are very proud and we are proud to have been the reason to give Iraq the benefit of democracy." "Believe me, there was no other way to establish freedom in Iraq. There were no other options," he said.

From the Nobel Peace Prize to the accusations of cheating the sad parable of Muhammad Yunus

BANGKOK - The Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus was unceremoniously invited by the Government of Bangladesh to take part in the management of the creature that brought him fame and honor, the Grameen Bank for the poor. The prime minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday did say "diplomatically" by his Minister of Finance that Yunus was yes, "a man of great stature and respect," but that now "is old and we have to redefine the rules of the bank and bring them under close surveillance ".

Argentina .- At least 4 dead and 70 injured in the collision of two trains in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, 17 Feb. At least four people have died and some 70 injured when two trains collide near San Miguel, in Argentina's Buenos Aires province (east). Apparently one of the two vehicles were stopped on the road and was hit by another, according to the Railway Operational Unit Emergency Management (UGOFE).

The accident occurred around 18.45 pm on Wednesday (22.45 in mainland Spain) where a long-distance train rolled Ferrobaires company to another in the San Martin line stood waiting to receive the signal to resume travel. UGOFE spokesman, Juan Pablo Thiwissen has ruled that the vehicles collided and the poor signage section and pointed to a failure of the driver of the second convoy as the cause of the event.

Rio de Janeiro appointing a woman in front of the police to stop the corruption

Commissioner Martha Mesquita de Rocha, 51, has been appointed head of the civil police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most violent in Brazil. Rocha, appointed yesterday by the regional government in an attempt to cleanse the body of corrupt Turnowski replaces Allan, who resigned yesterday amid a scandal over the arrest of 35 policemen suspected of collaborating with drug gangs.

Rocha, who has 27 years in the body, the first woman to hold office, with 12,000 officers under his command. His appointment comes at a crucial moment in the middle of Operation Guillotine, developed during the past year. The officers arrested are accused of conspiracy, sale of weapons to traffickers in the favelas and owning firearms, ammunition and money seized from drug traffickers.

Rio de Janeiro is the first time a female police chief

RIO DE JANEIRO, 16 Feb. Commissioner Marta Rocha will be from Wednesday the first woman to head the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, a position he assumed in the midst of a corruption scandal that led to the resignation of former head of the Guard. Rocha, 51, was appointed after a meeting of more than five hours in the Public Security Secretariat of Rio, which has been valued his experience as head of the Police Specialized Care for Women.

Harmattan / 4

"We women produce new generations, the ones that can save Africa. What's more valuable? "He said Shirley Gbujama, Welfare Minister in Sierra Leone. And it is a perfect sentence to introduce the fourth chapter of Harmattan, documentary produced by Fulvio Nebbia for iK Produced and directed by Alberto Puliafito.

We talk about the status of women in a small town in Mali, Ouali, where you live and where subsistence culture, traditions, beliefs and prejudices coexist, but also a fundamental starting point for understanding a world far away from our view. The status of women. A topical issue in Italy, a decidedly alternative perspective on the issue.

Demonstrators opposed to Gaddafi dispersed by police

Thirty-eight people were injured in Tuesday night to Wednesday in clashes in Benghazi, a coastal city in eastern Libya, between protesters and security forces, said the director of Al-Jala Hospital Benghazi. An earlier toll reported by at least fourteen injured. Libyan police forcibly dispersed a sit-in against the government.

Hundreds of supporters of the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, have, meanwhile, marched in several cities shortly after the country, it was learned from sources. The European Union on Wednesday called on Libya to allow "free expression" and avoid "violence". "We urge the authorities to listen to all the people involved in protests and what society says, and allow the free expression," said the spokesman of the High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton.

Bahrain, five died in clashes Twitter: "Protesters executed"

MANAMA - Death toll rises after clashes the night in Manama, the capital of Bahrain and the violence does not seem to stop. Five victims of the violence broke out last night to square the Pearl in Manama as reported by Al Jazeera. And the evidence that the American envoy arrives via twitter New York Times, Nicholas Kristof, are dramatic: protesters handcuffed and executed, prevented rescue the injured, ambulance drivers threatened, journalists locked.

Estimated at 365 dead in popular revolts in Egypt

They call for the acquittal of Carlos Menem on trial for smuggling arms to Croatia and Ecuador

BUENOS AIRES, 16 Feb. The defense of former Argentine president Carlos Menem (1989-1999) on Wednesday asked his acquittal at trial investigating the alleged smuggling of military hardware to Croatia and Ecuador in the nineties. A prosecutor, however, has requested eight years' imprisonment for the former president accused of arms trafficking.

The application has been filed by Maximiliano Rusconi, Menem's lawyer before the Oral Criminal Court Three to conclude Economic exposure allegations which, once again, tried to prove the innocence of the former president in the controversial scandal. Rusconi has also called for a declaration of invalidity of the accusations made by the prosecutor and the complainant Mariano Borinsky General Customs Directorate (DGA), have sought sentences of up to eight and five years in prison.

Teachers return to protest in the Mexican state of Oaxaca

More than 70,000 people have supported a demonstration Wednesday by the National Union of Education Workers in the Mexican state of Oaxaca (south) to protest police repression in a union protest on 15 February in the visit of the president, Felipe Calderón, the state capital. At the protest, organized by the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), 18 people were injured.

The Attorney General of the state has opened several preliminary cases to clarify whether the police acted improperly. The rally, called the Zocalo Square (heart of the city), sought to expose what teachers considered a covert privatization of education were repressed in the moment they tried to reach a ceremony in which participated Calderón.

Food .- The number of chronically hungry people is about one billion

NEW YORK, 16 Feb. The number of chronically hungry people is approaching one billion, a figure that was reached during the food crisis of 2007-08, which is a clear sign of rising food prices in poor countries, according to a World Bank (WB). World Bank President Robert Zoellick said Tuesday that rising food prices has meant that 44 million people suffer from extreme poverty, a problem closely associated with hunger.

Libya, 11 protesters dead and now is the 'day of anger'. Victims in Bahrain

Continuing tensions in the Arab world, in the wake of the riots in Egypt and Tunisia have thrown down the existing schemes. Eleven protesters were killed yesterday in Libya, where today's opponents of Gaddafi's regime organized the 'day of anger'. Protests in Bahrain, where the number of victims of the clashes has risen to six.

LIBYA - E 'of the budget at least 11 dead in clashes that were reported yesterday in Libya between anti-Gaddafi demonstrators and police forces, according to state sites and non-governmental organizations Libyan opposition abroad. Nine would be the victims of the clashes in the eastern city of Al-Baida and two in Benghazi.

Where does the term 'bunga bunga?

While the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi should soon appear in a trial for abuse of power and sex with a prostitute a minor, the BBC took the opportunity to return to the origin of the word "bunga bunga", popularized by The rout sexual Berlusconi.

The tourists' boat capsizes 12 foreign victims. Except for the two Italians

HANOI - There were mostly foreign tourists on board the boat sank today in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. The death toll is very high, the 27 passengers (19 foreign tourists, two Vietnamese, a guide and five crew members) 12 people died, 10 of these were foreigners. 11 of 12 victims have already been identified: it is a Briton, two Americans, two Russians, one Japanese, one French, two Swedes, one Swiss and Vietnamese tourists.

Frontex operation off Lampedusa

Thousands have fled into the Italian-Tunisian Lampedusa, now strikes the hour of Frontex, the EU border guard standing at her next assignment, to stop the flow of refugees. Human rights activists are alarmed - they Frontex operations have long been suspect. Berlin / Lampedusa - It will again look very menacing: Heavily armed men in dark uniforms, ships or helicopters - especially in contrast to the wretched refugees in their rickety boats.

The protest movement in the Arab world is spreading to Iran

In street battles between protesters and police in Tehran, a man died. Popular anger was directed against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the crowd chanted "Death to the dictator".Clashes between security forces and thousands of protesters in Iran's capital Tehran was killed on Monday, a passer-by.

The Fars news agency reported. Several people were injured. Witnesses said at least three protesters were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds, were dozens more have been beaten. Thousands of Iranians took to the streets to show their support for the protest movements in Egypt and Tunisia.

Sex trial: Three women sent over Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi smiled so far away all the problems. But the upcoming trial could create at Italy's Prime Minister many problems. Three women are judges in a summary trial of his alleged sexual affairs with minors. The prime minister could face up to 15 years in prison. Actually it should have been a nice event, on Tuesday morning in the Sicilian "Residenza degli Aranci.

Silvio Berlusconi flew in from Rome, visited the sprawling complex near Catania, which could take in the coming days up to 2,000 of those refugees who are currently translating in droves across the Mediterranean from Tunisia to the small Italian island of Lampedusa. Talking about humanity in dealing with the refugees would have the prime minister and media professional can, or even the fact that Italy is alone to cope with it and come to the assistance of the other EU countries would have.

Protests in Libya

Benghazi - The protest movement against authoritarian regimes in the Arab world has recognized Libya on Wednesday. Several hundred protesters were in the second-largest city, Benghazi, to the streets to demand the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmudi. A withdrawal of revolutionary leader Muammar al-Gaddafi was not required, the news agency reported, citing witnesses.