Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lebanon's new Prime Minister: Hezbollah takes over the power

The "Party of God" has made Nadschib Mikati the new Prime Minister of Lebanon. The billionaire is - according to the contract - discredit the UN tribunal, which investigated the assassination of former Prime Minister Hariri. Hezbollah now directs the affairs of the country at will. Beirut - He is a man with a mission: On Tuesday at the initiative of Hezbollah as the new Lebanese Prime Minister Mikati Nadschib elected by the will of the Shia party to fulfill primarily a task.

Sex Scandal: Berlusconi snaps out in TV show

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi has expressed his anger on a TV show which dealt with his sex affaire. He indulged in insults to the host and his guests. "I am witness to a disgusting talk show in a despicable, filthy and hideous moderation," thundered Berlusconi. He had to live on the phone is switched in by the TV channel La 7 broadcast talk show "L'Infedele" of the moderator Gad Lerner.

Hezbollah installed Premier: "Party of God" takes over power in Lebanon

Hezbollah is the goal, but Lebanon is experiencing a "Day of Wrath": the future is Nadschib Mikati rule the country, the candidate of the militant Shiite organization. Thousands of supporters of former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri protested. Beirut / Tripoli - The protest was in vain. At the start of a "day of wrath" had pictures of Hariri's supporters burned Nadschib Mikati and "The Sunni blood is boiling," chanted.

TERROR-BLOGGING - After the attack Domodedovo, Twitter has regained the front line

Reinforce security in Manila after an explosion on a bus

Philippines today increased security in the capital after the explosion of a bomb on a city bus that killed at least 5 dead and 13 wounded, and whose authorship is aimed at Muslim rebels in the south of the archipelago. The director of the Metro Manila Police Superintendent Nicanor Bartolome said that the explosive device used in the attack were similar to those used in the past by groups like Abu Sayyaf, linked to Al Qaeda.

Riots in Cairo: Egyptians thousands march against Mubarak

From revolted Egyptians had been inspired in Tunisia on the Internet to a "day of anger" and so called mobilized demonstrators. The fall of Ben Ali's for more than two decades in power, the Arab world, where many people also suffer from authoritarian rule, unemployment and rising prices, obviously shaken.

Several groups have also called for a "day of the revolt against torture, poverty, corruption and unemployment." The Tuesday coincided with the "Day of the police" together, a holiday in honor of the Egyptian security forces. The initiative was also supported by the opposition politician and former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed ElBaradei.

Jobs, deficit, economy is the "road map" for Obama

WASHINGTON - Creating more jobs, reduce the fiscal deficit and attack the debt, stimulate economic growth in his first State of the Union speech before Congress again, in part, under Republican control, Barack Obama, the track His "road map" with an eye to reelection in 2012. The annual address on Capitol Hill - in which the American president is focused on economic issues - offers an opportunity to take stock of where it goes America.

New AU mediation in Côte d'Ivoire

Chairman of the African Union (AU), the Malawian Bingu wa Mutharika has declared Tuesday, January 25 in the evening in Abidjan he would submit to African leaders the "proposals" of outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo to resolve the crisis in the country. In a surprise visit Tuesday to Abidjan, the Malawian president had an initial meeting with Mr.

Gbagbo and the presidential palace before meeting his rival at the Golf Hotel. To resolve the crisis, Mr Gbagbo has repeatedly proposed a recount of the disputed election, an option rejected by Mr Ouattara. "My brother and my friend (Laurent Gbagbo) explained in detail what happened and he also explained in detail his ideas" to end the crisis resulting from the Ivorian presidential, 28 November, has he said after a second interview with the outgoing head of state, who nodded at his side.

South Korea military talks date set

The South Korean government proposed today that the working military meeting between the two Koreas held on 11 February in Panmunjom and invited to Pyongyang in a bilateral dialogue with Seoul on denuclearization. Working military meeting between the two Koreas in the border village of Panmunjom is aimed at preparing the agendas, dates and venue for a high-level military meeting that North Korea proposed last week, sources with the South Korean Defense Ministry local agency Yonhap.

Disarmament: Duma agrees to start contract with USA

The Russian Parliament has ratified the new treaty with the United States on nuclear disarmament. After the Duma, the Federation Council must now approve the agreement before it can enter into force. Moscow - law enforcement in the Duma: The Russian lower house has approved on Tuesday the new nuclear disarmament treaty with the United States.

In the third and final reading, the Parliament voted in Moscow with 350: 96 votes for the historic agreement. On Wednesday, still needs Russia's upper house, the Federation Council agree to them. Barack Obama and Kremlin leader Dmitry Medvedev had signed the new contract as early as last year in Prague.

Mass hunger strike 'illegal immigrants in Greece

A group of 287 illegal immigrants in Athens yesterday began an indefinite hunger strike to urge the Greek authorities to grant residence permits and work half a million illegal aliens in the country. "This is the most massive hunger strike in order to legalize immigrants who have been held in Europe," said Nikos Yanópulos, spokesperson of the Solidarity Committee, which supports immigrants.

"Either we win or die," said Mustafa, 25, who lives and works as a plumber without papers on the island of Crete for eight years. The strikers, all men, calling for the legalization of the 300,000 immigrants without documents, of the 160,000 who have not renewed their licenses and another 60,000 waiting for the authorities to process applications for political asylum, a process that some cases take up to a decade.

Two unemployed are given a fire has died and another is seriously

TUNIS - A young unemployed person is killed in Gafsa, Tunisia, setting themselves on fire. Another young man, who is also unemployed, he attempted suicide with the same system Rgueb near Sidi Bouzid: now in hospital and his condition is considered serious. Controlled the country for a quarter of a century by Ben Ali and his powerful entourage, the "Jasmine Revolution" has succeeded in a few weeks to overthrow the regime and has not subsided even after the flight of former President, January 14.

Rwanda - The Rwandan Callixte Mbarushimana transferred to the ICC

The Rwandan Hutu Callixte Mbarushimana was transferred Tuesday, January 25 transferred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, which is investigating alleged war crimes in 2009 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, said the prosecutor's office in Paris. The Supreme Court had recently rejected two appeals filed against the decision by Mr.

Mbarushimana, 47, who lives in France since 2002 and who opposed his continued detention and to surrender to the ICC. The Executive Secretary of the Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR), who was traveling aboard an airliner, landed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, from Roissy airport, around 14 h 20 .

Unrest in Egypt: Demonstrators call for revolution

Inspired by the Revolution in Tunisia in Egypt thousands of demonstrators took to the streets. The opposition demand the resignation of President Mubarak. The government can boast of massive police force put against. Cairo - Thousands of opposition activists have protested on Tuesday in Cairo against the policies of the Party of President Hosni Mubarak.

A group of about 1,000 protesters gathered in downtown Cairo. They called "Mubarak - go, go, we do not want you." On posters read: "Tunisia is the solution." Also from other parts of the city and the Sinai Peninsula protests were reported. According to the security forces took part in the capital alone some 15,000 people in several protest marches.

Sel set date for talks with Pyongyang

South Korea has proposed to its northern neighbors hold a meeting on 11 February with the aim of resuming dialogue between the two countries and try to defuse the tension that exists in the area since two deadly attacks last year: sinking a frigate by the impact of a North Korean torpedo and the attack on the island of Yeonpyeong.

As reported by the South Korean Defense Ministry, the meeting will take place in the village of Panmunjom, located at the common border, "is a test to verify North Korea's sincerity in clarifying the facts. A meeting to obtain good results serve to specify the date, place and content of a new high-level meeting to be held between defense ministers of both countries.

The Union goes on-line and Obama will answer on yotube

The crucial event of the year for the U.S. presidency, the State of the Union speech, it goes this year in an effort to communicate on the internet or via the live streaming from the White House, and through a series of events Interactive Right after the speech, highlighted the group interview with online surfers on Youtube.

The live video of the speech will be accompanied for the first time, promises the White House website, a "visual experience reinforced by tables, charts and other content as the president delivers his speech." One effort, the New York Times rejects defining "retro" style of speech of 2011, concentrated in several stages: in addition to live video preview via video distributed to supporters and advisers to test the reactions, and finally the collection of reactions via the web.

Attack in Moscow: "Russia's policy in the Caucasus does not work"

In the aftermath of the bombing in Moscow that killed 35 people Monday, January 24, the international press highlights the ineffectiveness of anti-terrorism President Dmitry Medvedev, ten months after the attacks of March 29 that killed 40 people and wounded hundred others. And if any journalist or columnist wants to engage with certainty, all believe that the track remains the most likely Caucasian and that this attack is an illustration of the failure of Russian policy in the Caucasus.

Lebanon, Hezbollah is the U.S. government: "No impunity for killers'

BEIRUT - The pro-Syrian Hezbollah movement and joined the Lebanese government in Lebanon explodes the protest of the Sunnis, while the U.S. is concerned about political developments of this delicate ring of the game in the Middle East. Lebanese President Michel Sleiman, appointed as prime minister, the candidate backed by Hezbollah, Najib Mikati.

The telecoms tycoon, a 55 year old Sunni, said that Thursday will start the consultations for the formation of the government and urged "all Lebanese factions to settle their differences." Sleiman has appointed a Mikati after a meeting with the parliamentary groups in which it has occurred that has a majority in Parliament, in its favor has been backed by 68 of the 128 assembly members.

Egypt, facing anti Mubarak: tens of thousands in the square, three dead

Day of Action against the government in Cairo, along the lines of 'jasmine revolution' of Tunisia. Egypt are in the city center broke out between police and protesters. For the security services are 15,000 people took to the streets, 25,000 for the organizers. Attempted an assault on the Parliament, while in the central square Tahari, near the Egyptian Museum, the police fired teargas and used water cannons against demonstrators who threw stones.

Egypt can it follow the example of Tunisia?

Tuesday, January 25, several opposition movements called on Egyptians to show hoping to follow the example of Tunisia. These events expected in the afternoon in Cairo and the provinces are the first of its kind in Egypt since the fall of Tunisian President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen January 14. The movement's leaders, who believe that the problems of Egyptian society are similar, hope to replicate the revolution of Tunisia, and using the same methods of protest.

Cairo, the revolt is on the web and the inside blacked Twitter

CAIRO - The Egyptian Interior Ministry's website, moiegypt. gov. eg, is no longer available for hours, it is unclear whether a government decision or a successful hacking attempt. And social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook, are "offline." Despite the difficulties of connecting, this is the news media who arrive directly on the protests in Egypt.

An ability to link technological stride with the chronicles of the battles in the street, fought with stone throwing, told with visual and textual chronicles, through blogs and pages created for the occasion. The organization of the protests was made on the Internet: the authorities were reported from different places and used for rallies.

"Winning the Future". Obama prepares the State of the Union speech and thought in the elections

When Barack Obama tonight will give the State of the Union speech before Congress and television screens of America, will begin the campaign for the presidential elections of 2012. Not only that, above all, know what will be issues and political shape of the two years that will bring new elections for the White House.

Some advances are already there. Barack Obama discussed the economy, creating jobs, investment and the need to "bet on the future of America." The goal is clear: change the image that many Americans have of him - that of a liberal committed to the welfare state - to become a pragmatic centrist, progressive with veins.

A cabinet reshuffle is announced in Tunis

Tunis, special correspondent - Negotiations are underway in Tunis, to complete the composition of the Provisional Government. "It's a matter of two to three days," he told the World, Monday, January 24, the education minister and government spokesman, Taieb Baccouche. This rules out reshuffle announced the dissolution of the team formed by Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, several thousand demonstrators defying a curfew now, continue to demand the departure.

Fernando Lugo Brasil/Paraguay.- undergoes medical examinations in Brazil

ASUNCION, Jan. 25 (Reuters) - Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, will undergo a series of medical tests on Wednesday in Brazil as part of a medical examination after treatment with cancer chemotherapy, according to an official source . Lugo, who is in Brazil on Sunday with a pause in their activities, will attend the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in Sao Paulo for the checks would continue until Thursday, said official news agency IP Paraguay.

State of the Nation: Obama attracts Republicans in the savings trap

For him it is the most important PR event of the year: 50 million people will watch Barack Obama, speaking on television on the evening of the Nation. The president, whose poll numbers rise is currently presenting itself as the voice of reason against Republican Broken savers. What does he think now because of recent poll numbers, the reporter wants to know from President spokesman Robert Gibbs.

Revolt in Egypt against Mubarak Clashes, four dead, many serious injuries

CAIRO - In about 25 thousand - according to organizers, 10 thousand according to the Ministry of Interior - took to the streets today in Cairo to demand political and social reforms along the lines of "Jasmine Revolution" in Tunisia. A mobilization that has turned into open confrontation with the police and that left four victims on the ground.

A policeman died after being swept away by the crowd in the square in clashes Tahari, three more people died in Suez. The protesters attacked police with a thick stone-throwing, the security forces were forced to retreat from the square despite the thick tear gas and using water cannons and armored vehicles.

The gulf between B. Sarkozy and

I know it is now unnecessary and cloying, but I can not resist. The comparison is of rare red-handed, and once again says a lot about Italian anomaly. With us, the President of the Council discusses in a sarabande of insults. Call Gad Lerner and down a monologue angry and abusive. The next day, God forbid, the right to the headlines, the video on You Tube, in defiance of some blind and typhoid and visceral than others.

Wikileaks - Wikileaks: survey Bradley Manning patina

Eight-month investigation for nothing? U.S. military authorities confirmed to NBC that they had so far not been able to prove that Bradley Manning, a soldier of 23 years accused of having copied confidential military documents, these files were provided to WikiLeaks. Investigators claim to have proof that Private Manning downloaded without permission tens of thousands of confidential documents, and forwarded to third, but could not find any evidence that Mr.

Tunisia will have a new transitional government

.- The Tunisian government spokesman, Tayeb Bacuch, said today that the "new form" answered the country's transitional government will be announced tomorrow, Wednesday, the official news agency TAP. Bacuch, who is also minister of education, merely communicated this announcement, awaited days in the country, without more, according to the official agency.

For their part, state television said that "today continued the conversations and contacts with various personalities" to form the new government and said that tomorrow was also announced changes among the ambassadors of the country abroad and governors at regional. Both the governors and mayors and other officials of the central, regional and local levels remain appointed by the deposed regime of President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali.

TAM Brazil .- expected to grow to 18% in domestic demand in 2011

MADRID, 25 TAM has estimated a growth in domestic passenger demand between 15% and 18% in 2011, reaching an employment rate in the domestic market of 70%, according to the Brazilian airline on their website. The company's president, Lebanon Barroso, said the growth is due to change in the profile of passengers in 2010, who chose to air transport at the expense of travel by bus when the tour is over 1,280 kilometers.

Michelle Bachelet: "Argentina has credibility problems as pas"

He spoke without mincing words. In a luncheon with overall responsibility for Latin America of the United States, Arturo Valenzuela, the then president of Chile expressed his vision of the continent's leaders without any subterfuge. It was the January 12, 2010 at the presidential palace of La Moneda.

Three days later, U.S. Ambassador to Chile Paul Simons, sent his report to Washington. Argentina, as Bachelet, has problems of "credibility as a country." "Their democracy is not robust and its institutions are strong. It tends to live from crisis to crisis, rather than pursuing policies stable," he said.

The staff Obama loses another piece leaves the consultant for Climate and Energy

On the eve of the long State of the Union speech that Barack Obama today in Washington decide (in Italy will be 3 in the morning), the staff of associates with which the American president took office at the White House the day after his election to lose a another piece. To leave this time is the adviser for policies related to climate change and energy Carol Browner.

An exit that has a special relation to the diaspora of the economical and political consultant who has characterized the last months of Obama presidency. Unlike what happened with the various Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, Christina Romer, and Peter Orszag, you probably do not in fact a "normal" rotation, but a turn linked to the political agenda rather than names.

Scandals of State: Nepal beats Italy 3-0

You know that I am not much of Italian business, but last night I went into the drafting of a newspaper. I have not changed my mind, quite the contrary, I made some observations, some comparisons between the political loser of an Asian country, Nepal, and ours. Fax came to bank accounts (it's illegal? No, really?), Were based on telephone calls to escort with aspirations or inspirations arcoriane, please read the information and watched the video of scantily clad beautiful ladies - all similar, among other things: the perfect faces accompanied by smiles and twinkling eyes, lascivious, waterfalls and long hair dyed, huge tits and rebuilt so that the smell of silicone, or whatever it is, came out from the monitor.

Lebanon: Najib Mikati, backed by Hezbollah, appointed prime minister

A majority of MPs (68 out of 128) have supported his candidacy supported by the Shiite movement Hezbollah, to replace Saad Hariri as prime minister. Aged 55, Najib Mikati, telecom tycoon - according to Forbes magazine, his fortune is estimated at $ 2.5 billion - will tackle the thorny issue of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), responsible for investigate the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who is the subject of a standoff between the Lebanese political forces.

In Egypt, thousands of protesters demanding the resignation of Mubarak

Thousands of Egyptians, inspired by the popular uprising in Tunisia, came to demonstrate in the streets of Cairo and other cities demanding the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, in power for three decades. "Mubarak Out!" "Tunisia is the solution!" chanted the demonstrators in both Cairo and Alexandria, the second largest city, with a massive police presence.

In Cairo, police fired tear gas at about 15 000 protesters in the center of the capital. The demonstrators, who carried Egyptian flags and shout slogans in favor of political and social reform, gathered in the vast plaza Tahrir, near many government buildings, facing a large police. The demonstration drew back a little but did not disperse.

Brasil/EEUU.- Obama will visit Brazil in March to meet with Rousseff

BRASILIA, 25th U.S. President, Barack Obama will make his first official visit to Brazil next March to meet with the president Dilma Rousseff, a meeting with the White House will seek closer ties with this nation, which emerging as one of the economic promises in the world. The travel date has not yet been confirmed by Washington, as reported on Tuesday the official Agencia Brasil.

The agenda includes topics ranging from cash transfer programs to energy issues, foreign trade, human rights, climate change, sustainable development and financial crisis. Obama will arrive in Brasilia accompanied by a delegation comprising representatives of Treasury, State Department and officials of national security, energy and environment, accurate Agencia Brasil.

The fuse that split Lbano

Very wise, crestfallen, dressed in olive green and wearing UN blue, a group of Spanish soldiers on leave in the streets of Marjayoun, small town in southern Lebanon, a few meters from the barrier that separates this country of Israel, talked last week's armed and very cautiously. "We're only about 20 permits for the people." Someone else had between shopping and strolling.

A few days earlier, on January 12, ministers from the opposition had pushed back the Lebanese government to the crisis, if not already, submitting his resignation en bloc of Saad Hariri Executive. Orders in the United Nations International Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), whose command in Marjayoun is in Spanish hands, were of extreme caution and safety.

The terrorist suicide attack at the airport Domodedovo was a man

MOSCOW - He was a man that yesterday was the suicide bomber blew up the Moscow Domodedovo airport, where yesterday 35 people were killed and 168, including an Italian, were injured. I am now convinced the Russian investigators, a spokesman told the Itar Tass news agency that "the terrorist was between 30 and 40 years, was stocky and had a European appearance." The website of Russian Life News, judged reliable published the photo, which appears as a unique, head of the alleged suicide bomber, the only part of his body would remain intact.

The last flight of the bomber, massacre in Moscow

It seemed they were the work of a woman from the northern Caucasus suicide bombing yesterday's Domodedovo airport in Moscow, which have killed at least 35 people and 168 others were injured, including an Italian citizen. Today's denial: the investigators argue was a man of "a man between thirty and forty years, of strong build and European appearance." "The explosion - refer to other sources - occurred when the suspected suicide bomber has opened his own bag," the sources explained.

The alarming report by Jack Lang on piracy

"A race is under way with the pirates off Somalia," said Jack Lang came to present his report to the Security Council of the United Nations Tuesday, January 25, before warning the international community: response if a firm, clear and clean is not organized in extreme emergency, the professionalization process, amplification and intensification of piracy could reach "a point of no return".

The 50-page document, which declines as a roadmap twenty-five proposals, is the result of a five-month mission entrusted to it by this summer the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon . It was as UN Special Adviser on the legal issues related to piracy off Somalia, the former French minister visited the region twice, and conducted intensive consultations with nearly 50 states, international organizations, private companies and research institutes.

Riots in Egypt leave three dead

At least one policeman and two civilians were killed in Egypt during the day of protests which took place today in the country, sources said the security services. The policeman, identified as Ahmed Abdelaziz, was wounded in Tahrir Square in the center of this capital, but died while being treated at a hospital, while two civilians were killed in the northern town of Suez, the sources added.

Defy curfew for a second day in Tunisia

Thousands of protesters defied the curfew in Tunisia and maintain their protest at the government palace in the capital demanding the departure of all ministers of former executive transition. This is the second night the crowd ignores the extent to capital. Over three thousand people remained closed after demonstrating outside the headquarters of the Government.

The Government Palace Square became a makeshift protest camp, where people shared food and drink to the protesters who repeatedly sing the national anthem and chanted slogans against Prime Minister and the Government. While government spokesman announced that a cabinet reshuffle is imminent in Tunisia.

The 'narcos' shoot at a helicopter of the press in Brazil

BRASILIA, 25 A group of drug traffickers shot three times against the helicopter Brazilian channel Globo 'while trying to record images of a police operation in the Morro da Mineira slum in the state of Rio de Janeiro (southeast), said television. Only two of the bullets came to hitting the plane, a Eurocopter AS350-B2 known as 'Globocop' in the downtown area and the tail, thus damaging the control system, so that the pilot Antonio Ramos was forced to make an emergency landing at the airport Jacarepaguá.

Attack on Moscow airport: terrorism is Medvedev's peace course in question

The massacre in Moscow with Russian President Medvedev can stand as a daydreamer. He wants the North Caucasus, from which the terrorists were probably converted to the ski destination, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists. Instead, Moscow is likely to beat again in the hour of the hardliners.

Dmitry Medvedev had planned his week quite different. On Tuesday the Russian president wanted to fly to the World Economic Forum in Davos, on Wednesday and deliver the opening speech - and draw from the mighty of the world the vision of a peaceful, economically developed Caucasus, with hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Return to growth: a program of reforms to the budget of the European Union

In 2003 Sapir report (Agenda for a Growing Europe) concluded that "the EU budget is a historical relic." Eight years later, amid a sovereign debt crisis, there are still leaders in the Council and European Parliament to insist that the recipe for competitiveness is the same. More taxpayer money for landowners and the big food companies.

More market distortions in the agricultural sector. More subsidies to coal mines, pop music concerts and fuel for fishing vessels. And we wonder why we are not competitive. The EU has made great strides in the last 20 years. We have the single market and the euro. The Lisbon Treaty gives us the constitutional stability and the agreement need to create the European Stability Mechanism provides the foundation for long-term financial stability.

Berisha: "I have foiled a coup to defend the freedom of Albania"

TIRANA - Prime Minister, you talk about the coup, accused the opposition of trying to seize power by force. It is a serious charge. "The whole world saw what happened on 21. The opposition has made a protest in a premeditated attack, with the aim of seizing power by force." There were clashes. But eventually someone fired from the government building and killed three people.

"The investigation will determine who shot him. Dozens of people armed with video immortalized among the protesters. This is not provocation. The plan included a phase A and phase B are taken on time. But the attempt was foiled." They are busy days for Sali Berisha, Albanian Prime Minister, leader of a coalition that won the challenge by measuring the Socialists Edi Rama in June 2009.

Britain, the government opposed the increase in salary of parliamentarians

The British government wants to halt the increase in salary for parliamentarians. To be consistent with the decision to freeze the compensation. And to avoid attacks from the public. In a time when across the country tightens its belt and where the press is back to talk about the scandal of expenses inflated by politicians (a former MP is jailed in recent days).

Senior salaries review body (Ssrb), the body that since 2008 manages changes in salaries of politicians in the United Kingdom, has approved an increase of 1 per cent for MPs equivalent to 657 pounds per year (about 770 €). The increase should be from 2011-2012. The Ssrb calculated variations on the payroll of politicians in relation to the salaries of a number of civil servants from different sectors.

The attack at Moscow airport Domodedovo

The attack has been thirty-five deaths on Monday at the Moscow airport Domodedovo has probably been committed by a woman suicide bomber and an accomplice, a procedure "usual" for the rebels in the North Caucasus, said a police source, quoted by Ria Novosti.