Monday, March 7, 2011

The lifestyle of the Duke of York embarrass the British authorities

London correspondent - While Buckingham Palace would devote all his energy to prepare the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, scheduled April 29, now the second son of Queen Elizabeth II is too much talk about him. It happens one day longer without a British newspaper does not publish information on disturbing the Duke of York.

So much so that, Sunday, March 6, the palace had to defend a statement saying that "Prince Andrew is fully committed to his role as Special Representative for the Great Britain international trade. And it has everything government support. " William Hague, the foreign minister, although very busy at the front of Libya, was also bothered that day, to support him: "I saw the world all the good he has been To [our] country "and its enterprises, and" I have confidence.

Obama was born to military option Maroni: "It would be the new Afghanistan"

ROME - The news from the front of the civil war in Libya today tell of repeated air strikes on Ras Lanouf, especially valuable because hub port city of the country's oil wealth. Just focusing on the interest for the western black gold, the insurgents seek the intervention of foreign air forces to defend the wells and added: "Gaddafi is prepared to submerge in illegal immigrants." Topics that leaders and diplomats do not cite in a day where it seems to strengthen the possibility of a military option to end the violence of the Libyan regime against civilians.

German minister warns of the risk of civil war in Ivory Coast

German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, warned of the risk of civil war in Ivory Coast and called for the immediate resignation of the sitting president, Laurent Gbagbo, and to replace the elected leader Alassane Ouattara. ''The situation in Ivory Coast brings the risk of civil war and refugee catastrophe with considerable consequences for the entire region,''he said Westerwelle.

Following elections in late November, the West African country was plunged into the chaos of a growing conflict: despite the electoral commission gave the victory to the candidate Ouattara, Gbagbo has been reluctant to resign. Westerwelle stressed the need for outgoing President Gbagbo, who stood firmly in place after the elections, then resign in favor of Ouattara, Gbagbo should cease''immediately''their power to his rival, according Westerwelle.

Foreign Minister says the Dwell Brits to diplomatically in Libya was a "serious misunderstanding"

The arrest of a British diplomatic staff in Libya, which entered the country escorted by units of special forces assault (SAS), was a "grave misunderstanding", said today the Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom, William Hague. During a hearing in the House of Commons, Hague has admitted that he personally authorized the operation and explained that the mission was withdrawn yesterday (Sunday) after a serious misunderstanding about its role, which led to his temporary detention.

The pyramid of power

There is a nice air of P2 in these days, or better, these days you can discover relationships, revival and stays piduista who have worked and worked over the years in track. Suddenly they are more returns out, partly against their will, thanks to an investigation by the prosecutor of Naples, in willingly, openly, with plans to reform the so-called era of justice that Berlusconi announced ...

The supporters of Alassane Ouattara moved to the west of Côte d'Ivoire

The former Ivorian rebel New Forces (FN), combined with Alassane Ouattara, has taken the town of Toulepleu Sunday in the west, the forces of President Laurent Gbagbo out after heavy fighting, said local elected officials and FN. "There was fierce fighting in Toulepleu," said local elected officials. "The rebels outnumbered our young people, who defend the city and had to make a tactical withdrawal", they said.

Muammar Gadhafi blames al-Qaida insurgency in his country

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi insisted that Al Qaeda is responsible for the insurgency in his country and accused the Western media to manipulate reality by exaggerating the extent of the political crisis and the death toll in Libya. In an interview with France 24 television, Gadhafi again accused the militant network headed by Osama Bin Laden to sink into chaos Libya to take advantage of the situation.

Libya: fighting rages around Ras Lanuf

UN calls for "urgent access" to the victims of the bombing of Misrata. In Washington, calls for military support to rebels opposed to the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi multiply. & Amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; a href = "http://www. CoveritLive. com / mobile. php / option = com_mobile / task = viewaltcast / altcast_code fab4cf96f2 =" mce_href = "http://www.

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A fatal attack by the ISAF troops in Afghanistan

A fatal attack by the ISAF troops in Afghanistan brings the population there in Rage: soldiers have killed in an air strike nine children. Hundreds of people took to the streets in Kabul. The ISAF speaks of a tragedy: Nato troops have in the past week, nine children killed in an air strike in Afghanistan.

On Sunday went so in Kabul about 500 people on the street. "Death to America, death to the Invasn" chanted demonstrators. "We do not want occupation troops," said one demonstrator, who wore a picture on Tuesday killed the children between seven and nine years. They had collected wood, as NATO soldiers fired from a helicopter with a rocket.

Somali government recovers Lugh District

Somali pro-government forces have recovered without a fight Lugh district in Gedo province, bordering with Kenya and Ethiopia, occupied for two years by the radical Islamic group Al Shabab, Al Qada arm in the country. The governor of the Somali transitional government representative in the province of Gedo, Abdifatah Mohamed Gesey, who was expelled two years ago by Al Shabab, confirmed that "the tyrannical military has gone, fled before we entered the city." Government troops, along with the militia Sufi (Muslim mystics) of Ahl Sunna wal Jama, who supports him, he added Gesey, "will go to all parts of Somalia where Al Shabab keeps people hostage." Gedo residents complained that al-Shabab militants have left the towns of Garbaharey, Burdhubo and Elwak, districts where they feared more attacks by government troops backed by Ethiopian tanks.

Est an army to do

Muammar Qaddafi that the Army never wanted to be a powerful institution. I think their own brigades and paramilitary forces and the Armed Forces ninguneo. Virtually dismantled the Libyan army, after the mass defection of soldiers and the assault on the barracks that followed the outbreak of the revolt in Benghazi on February 15, tens of thousands of rifles were handed over to civilians who now join the ranks of the rebels.

Tea Time with despots: Prince Andrew received Ben-Ali-son

The British Royals are due to contacts in the Arab world in the criticism: Prince Andrew recently received a son of ex-rulers of Tunisia Ben Ali and also met a Gaddafi's son. All very legitimate, sent word to the prince. London - Prince Andrew catches up with the past: The second oldest son of Queen received just three months before the fall of the Tunisian ruler Ben Ali one of his sons as a guest of honor.

Put a tiger in the engine

It is a cold March morning, the road winds through fields of debris and infested ugly two-storey buildings springing up in the misty light of seven. Along the way encounter a bar before the bar of Nigerian prostitutes are rising quickly on the White Duchy. I see them every morning going from here, cutting the heart of south-eastern outskirts of Rome when I go to work.

They finished the turn of the night, someone picks them up from the road to put them in a cage, to hide the unacknowledged aspect of our civilization. The distributor is desert, has the appearance of an oil platform in the icy North Sea. Near the gas station is around a large woman in her seventies.

Gaddafi asked Paris not to interfere in the Libyan

Colonel Gaddafi accused Paris of "interference" in internal affairs and Libyan renews his accusations against Al-Qaeda in an interview with France 24 broadcast Monday, March 7 in the morning. Asked about the support of Paris in the Libyan National Board created by the insurgents in Benghazi, Col Gaddafi, whose remarks were translated from Arabic into French, exclaimed: "It makes you laugh, this interference in domestic affairs.

The new government of transition of Tnez POLICE dismantles the policy of Ben Ali

The Prime Minister of Tunisia, Beyi Sebsi Caid, has announced the formation of the transitional government with the appointment of six new ministries responsible owner ran out after the wave of resignations last week. The first step in the new government has been dismantling the political police of the regime of Ben Ali, as reported by an Interior Ministry source.

The interim president of Tunisia, Fouad Mebazza, had appointed a new government of technocrats, the third country's interim executive since President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali left his post after weeks of protests on 14 January. The former executive key ministers have kept their posts in the new cabinet headed by prime minister, who was appointed on 27 February.

The United Nations and Washington to intensify pressure on Gaddafi

Organizations The United Nations asked on Sunday, an "urgent access" to the victims of bombings by the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in the city of Misrata, 150 km east of Tripoli. In a statement, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the UN, "observes that civilians bear the brunt of the violence and called for an immediate halt to the disproportionate use of force and indiscriminate attacks against targets Civil by the government.

The Berlusconi government is divided to the Libyan crisis

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said today that it is "difficult to imagine" that Italian aircraft might be involved in the war in Libya, although he added that "Euro-Atlantic loyalty," Rome "may not deny use of military bases and logistical support "if the international community decide to adopt a no-fly zone in Libya.

According to Frattini, "Rome and its allies has confirmed that their bases are available, provided you have a picture of international legitimacy, a security council resolution of the UN and a resolution of NATO." The minister added that the only solution to stop the drift of the civil war is military intervention.

Sweden will facilitate immigration

Stockholm, correspondence - "History!" It's an exclamation expressing as much satisfaction that the relief that the Conservative Prime Minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt, has welcomed the agreement reached last weekend by the parties in his center-right coalition and the Green Party on immigration policy.

The minority government feared above all to be left to thank you from the far-right party the Sweden Democrats (SD) with twenty members who are in position to tip the majority. The Greens, part of the opposition, alongside the Social Democrats and Left Party, chose to reach out to the government.

Tunisia interim authorities dissolved the political police

Tunisia interim authorities dismantled the political police and state security apparatus who committed human rights abuses under the rule of ousted president, announced the Ministry of Interior. Meanwhile, the interim president appointed a new government, the third provisional since the overthrow of veteran leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in January, said in a statement.

Most of the previous government's key ministers retained their place in the new cabinet led by interim Prime Minister Beji Caid Sebsi. Four ministers who resigned last week were replaced.

The Ministry of Economy francs undergoes a large-scale cyber attack

The Ministry of Economy and Finance of France has been for weeks a large-scale cyber attack, which has affected more than 150 computers and documents that have been pirated preparations for the G-20. The intrusion, which began in December and lasted until last weekend, ahead today as the magazine Paris Match, has been confirmed by the French Government.

The main target of the attack has been the Treasury Department, although the information is focused mainly pirated "in international affairs," the secretary general of the Ministry of Finance and Budget, Dominique Lamiot, who claims to have "certainty that no data personal "on French taxpayers has been" affected or compromised.

The situation at the 20th day of the uprising in Libya

Sunday morning, said the Libyan authorities have regained control of Ras Lanuf, Misrata and Tobruk, which were in the hands of insurgents. "The Libyan armed forces have taken control of towns and Misrata Ras Lanuf", a strategic oil city, state television reported Al Libiya near Seif Al-Islam, son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Journalists in the place and the insurgents, Ras Lanuf Sunday morning is still controlled by them. "There has been no fighting in the night, the city is under our control," said the insurgents at the site. "We have several journalists at a hotel at the western entrance of the city and we heard no noise of fighting," added a journalist on his side of the.

Difficult, it has a democratic system

Even if the people of Libya succeeded in overthrowing the dictator Moammar Gadhafi, the process of building democracy is difficult to show. In an interview on the premises of the Universidad Panamericana (UP), Paul-Ludwig Weinacht, German expert on political theory, said that one of the conflicts facing the Arab nation is its vast array of ethnicities, and therefore, different ideologies .

Part of what we should stabilize a possible new Libyan government, says political scientist, is to ensure public safety and especially the country's economic possibilities, which points constitute the biggest problem for the African country, this is because what most people need is work, and in this case becomes difficult to achieve.

The new Irish coalition agrees to ease the fiscal adjustment

The Fine Gael (center right) and the Labour Party (center-left) agreed early Sunday to form a "government of national healing" in Ireland to tackle what they described as "the darkest hour in the history of our state independent. " After forcing the collapse of the traditionally hegemonic Fianna Fáil, the victors of the elections on March 25 bases submitted yesterday to a government program that keeps adjusting the hardness of this year, but it smooths over the medium term by delaying from 2014 to 2015 objective of reducing the public deficit to 3%.

Before voting, five Tallinnois consider the Estonian political

Tallinn, special envoy - Sunday, March 6, one million Estonian voters to the polls. Despite harsh social policies, high unemployment, the coalition's minority Liberal Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, combined with conservative Pro Patria and Res Publica (IRL), is leading in the polls. Viewpoints of Tallinnois on the situation of their country and their political hopes.

"After my studies, I'll probably go into exile" But one subject does not leave indifferent the young Tallinnoise: the cost of university education and living standards of students. In Estonia, the state gives each year, based on the results of the final review of the school, a number of free places that differ according to the chosen course.

Libyan conflict will have negative impact on Mexico

The situation in Libya in a negative impact on Mexico by the increase in gasoline, and the geopolitical scene rewrites, again, the "Great Game" of interest in the UK and Russia, says the teacher Silvia Figueroa González, Monterrey Tec , campus Guadalajara. Professor Department of Communication and International Relations predicts that most affected by the situation so far is China .- The uncertainty surrounding the fate of the Gadhafi regime generates a severe concern about the impact on the price of oil.

Doubts about the Argentine Central Bank President

The first woman to reach the presidency of the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA), Mercedes Marco del Pont, was appointed without any experience in macroeconomics, or in monetary policy, and policies respond to the wishes of the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, according to several sources consulted by the U.S.

Embassy in Buenos Aires to write a profile of the head of the issuing bank. Contrary to liberalism promoted by the United States, Marco del Pont, "closely allied with CFK", is regarded as an "advocate of state intervention in the economy", in a confidential report sent to the State Department last year.

Libya, Maroni: "It would be a mistake to attack"

"I think I hear talk of military intervention and I think it would be a grave mistake." Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, is said to oppose any intervention in Libya. "I simply believe, and Clinton also said that if action is taken the wrong way Libya can become the new Afghanistan and Somalia in the new, everything that is in the hands of terrorists.

All we want to except this, "he said. "That's why I said it was necessary for Europe to a different level of aid, the Marshall Plan, of which he also talked about Berlusconi." Has come from NATO instead a strong warning to the violence on civilians. "We strongly condemn the use of force against the Libyan population.

Trial of former Egyptian Minister of Interior

The Egyptian judiciary has started on Saturday its hearings in the trial for misappropriating funds of the former interior minister, Habib al-Adli. Adli's resignation was one of the main demands of protesters during the uprising that led to the departure of Hosni Mubarak. They complained of police repression of protests.

Habib el-Adli, ousted from government in late January, was arrested Feb. 17, a week after the fall of Mr. Mubarak under pressure from the street. The bank accounts of former interior minister and his family were frozen in February. He is accused of having transferred to his personal accounts for more than four million Egyptian pounds (about 500,000 euros) by a contractor.

Divjak, Austria to the no to Belgrade "Extradition for us unthinkable"

VIENNA - Austria to Serbia to extradite the former Bosnian army general, Jovan Divjak, is "unthinkable", as stated by Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger daily Kurier today. The 73/enne Divjak, who was the only Serb at the top of the Bosnian army during the war and distinguished himself by defending the besieged city by the Bosnian Serbs, was arrested last Thursday at Vienna's Schwechat airport arrest issued by Belgrade.

Libyan rebels lose ground

The rebels seeking to overthrow Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi lost ground yesterday, after forces loyal to the regime attacked several cities air. Gadhafi ordered air and ground attack cities and Ras Lanuf Zauiya (see map), strongholds of the rebels, but could not confirm whether or not there was dead.

The Ras Lanuf airstrike caused panic in the population, which ran through the streets in search of refuge. Libyan state television announced that government forces were going to Benghazi, the second largest city in the country and the first to be controlled by the revolutionaries. "Zauiya, Misrata and Ras Lanuf under our control, that's confirmed," said State television Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaaim.

The U.S. government tells

For several decades the U.S. Secret Service collects information from around the world. Media reports, reports of expert researchers, official speeches. In Kenya, North Korea, Spain or Argentina. Now the Commerce Department that content sold through the online edition World News Connection. The tracking process begins with news that makes the DNI, through the CIA and the Open Source Center (OSC) throughout the world.

Crisis in Libya, Gaddafi takes over the country Frattini: "Initiated contacts with the opposition"

Missiles and bombs at the demonstrators. Here's how Gaddafi has taken over the country. And he did it by grinding hundreds of deaths in tire silence of the international community. Rather, the words he heard were many, but not decisive. Since the United States, more worried about their oil interests that the humanitarian crisis.

Not Italy, the historic party of the rais, threats and put in the nightmare of the invasion of refugees. The minister from the party that Bobo Maroni's Northern League Bergamo wand Obama, but does not seem able to pick up the ball directing. Crushed between emergency landings and the position of a Berlusconi now completely flattened on the environment Gaddafi.

Silvio Berlusconi will attend the hearings of all trial

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, intends to participate in all trial hearings in Milan, including tax evasion, corruption and prostitution of a minor witness, said on Saturday in Milan, one of his lawyers. The chairman of the board "considers it appropriate to come on the ground in person to defend themselves," said lawyer Niccolo Ghedini said, adding that his hand, "there is any availability for these trials to take place quickly." After a suspension of nearly a year due to a law immunity that protected him but was partially offset by the Constitutional Court, the trial resumed since February 26 against Mr.

The squatters occupied invade the London mega villas vip

LONDON - The colorful poster at number 52 Lancaster Street is calling upon "all the squatters from everywhere." And they come in dribs and drabs: girls with tangled hair in dreadlocks, young people in tweed jacket, unemployed adults and Eastern European immigrants. They took possession of homes in the millions of London's most exclusive neighborhoods and get away with leaving the unfortunate owners incredulous.

UN appoints special envoy to Libya

.- The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today appointed former Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdelilah Al Khatib special envoy to Libya to meet with the Libyan authorities and assess the immediate humanitarian needs of the population. The new UN special envoy "will be holding urgent consultations with the authorities in Tripoli and the region on the immediate humanitarian situation and the wider dimensions of the crisis", reported the UN spokesman, Martin Nesirky, a statement.

Conmocin in France by the survey that puts Le Pen Marine ahead of Sarkozy

A survey has rocked the French political class. The survey, released Wednesday by Le Parisien, placed on top of the first round for a hypothetical presidential election, the current leader of the French extreme right, Marine Le Pen, president of the National Front since two months ago to replace his father, Jean Marie.

The data show that Le Pen has 23% of the vote, Martine Aubry, currently first secretary of the French Socialist Party (PS), obtained 21%, and Nicolas Sarkozy is in third place with a rate similar to Aubry . That is, according to this survey, a hypothetical second round would dispute Marine Le Pen and Aubry.

Gaza, a young woman, journalist and blogger Asma Al Ghoul against fundamentalism

Asma Al Ghoul's blog on his blog criticizes Hamas and solidarity with the protesters in the Maghreb. It happens in Gaza, where Asma Al Ghoul, a journalist and blogger for 28 years, challenges the fundamentalist culture. In 2003 she married for love with an Egyptian poet, had a son and divorced in 2006 and then to decide to abandon the veil, maximum affront to Islamic culture.

Asthma is one of the few women in the Gaza Strip, which also fights online his battle against the violence of the government, the corruption of Fatah and the rights of women. Solidarity Network in return receive death threats and even offline the hands of his uncle, military leader of the fundamentalist group.

The 20 year old student police chief of a Mexican city into exile in the U.S.

Marisol Valles, a student who was appointed police chief of Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero, a town of 10,000 inhabitants located in Chihuahua State last October because other candidates had sought political asylum in the United States after threats. Marisol Valles, 20 years, "visited the United States with two members of his family and applied for political asylum because she received death threats from a gang of criminals who wanted make him work for them, "said the relative who requested anonymity.

Rebels' repelled the attack "But Gadhafi claiming victory

TRIPOLI - Libya was a day of civil war and propaganda, among the information distributed by the Gaddafi regime and the counter-insurgent. One Sunday morning sees those loyal to fire into the air Gaddafi in Tripoli for a successful counteroffensive that would have brought under the control of rais Eastern cities, Misurata, Zawiya, the oil port of Ras Lanuf, after a night battlefield, a prelude to the march to Benghazi, the capital of the other Libya.

Protests continue in Bahrain and Yemen to demand change in government

.- Thousands of protesters in Bahrain today demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa Ben Salman Al and the end of the monarchy, while the opposition Yemen intensifies called the protests until the fall of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. In Bahrain, the protesters gathered for the first time in front of government headquarters in Manama demanding the resignation of prime minister, who has been in office since 1971, as part of a Sunni dynasty which has ruled the country for two centuries.

Discuss on academics in the North Africa ITESO

There are six main factors that led to the recent decline of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as the growing access to information technologies, and to a greater or lesser extent are also reproduced in some countries in the region, according to the Institute of Technology professor and de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (), Pietro Montanari.

Argues that the high rate of unemployment close to 35% and up to 70% for youth aged between 15 and 29 years of age; the high levels of corruption, the increase in the price of food and raw materials , the opening of the market and civil society dela unity of Arab peoples, are the other five triggers social unrest in Egypt and to a greater or lesser extent are also present in other North African countries like Tunisia and Libya.