Saturday, April 30, 2011

The agony of Bengal red

Risha Chatterjee makes fun of eavesdroppers who could hang in the cafeteria. She is angry and cries. His two friends nod and sip fruit juice. There, in the heart of the Presidency College, Calcutta (West Bengal), August colonial architecture faculty at the faded by the years and the monsoon, the three young Bengali say their ras-le-bol of the local Communist government.

They want to finish these thirty-four years of uninterrupted fashion Bengali communism. Risha Chatterjee cites bulk "Corruption," exploitation of the poor, "" violent methods of the student union subservient to the party, "" the decline of education, "" the exodus of young people "... When we know that the Presidency College was the birthplace of the extreme left in the 1960 and 1970, nursery of a generation of revolutionaries rallied some even armed Maoist rebellions, we measure the progress.

Iraq suicide attack leaves 19 wounded

At least eight people were killed and 19 wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up at an Iraqi checkpoint near a market in the northern city of Mosul, police and hospital sources said. The attacks against the army and police of Iraq are increasing as they get ready to take full responsibility for the security of the country before a full withdrawal of U.S.

troops on December 31, more than eight years after the US-led invasion together. "Eight dead, 19 wounded. Killed five soldiers and three civilians and two soldiers were among the injured," police Lt. Nineveh province, Colonel Mahmoud al-Jibouri. A hospital source confirmed the number of dead and injured and said the attack had taken place in a crowded market in eastern Mosul, 390 kilometers north of Baghdad.

Dehiba "shells even fell on the city"

Isabelle Mandraud, Special Envoy of the World in Tunisia, is in the clinic Dehiba, the city, 5 kilometers from the Libyan border post taken by the rebel anti-Gaddafi, Thursday, April 28. "The conflict between pro-and anti-Qaddafi has shifted for the first time on Tunisian soil" she says. "Some shells fell on the same town on Friday earlier in the morning." Listen! Le Monde.


Yemen's political coalition faces obstacles

The agreement to end the political crisis in Yemen found obstacles to the emergence of doubts about whether President Ali Abdullah Saleh signed the document that would strip the power within a month. However, the main opposition coalition said it still had hopes that the rich Persian Gulf states that negotiated the agreement are able to ensure the signing of Saleh, a political survivor for three months has faced protests seeking his ouster.

No honeymoon ... for now

Prince William and Kate, the new Duke of Cambridge, left on Saturday by helicopter to Buckingham Palace, although not hiciceron bound for their honeymoon, they will enjoy later, according to an official statement. British television chains have offered pictures of the newlyweds walking down the hall of the palace before getting on the helicopter which tried to prevent the persecution of journalists.

UN representative complaint: "Soldiers Libyan stuffed Viagra mass rapes"

The troops of Colonel Gaddafi are operating a continuous mass rape. Terrible violence supported by massive doses of Viagra that Saddam has deployed his troops. This denunciation of the United States representative to the United Nations Susan Rice made during a closed meeting of the UN Security Council.

Rice's speech was reported by diplomats who wanted to remain anonymous. The allegations have not been officially confirmed at the meeting and it seems that no one has responded to statements, but he said a diplomat who had a comment in the debate on the coalition of countries intervened in Libya, a country where there would be an opponent who does something reprehensible.

The United States imposes sanctions against Syrian officials

After the bloody suppression of demonstrations in Syria that left at least 300 deaths since March 15 according to Human Rights Watch, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, has imposed economic sanctions against several officials and administrative entities Syrian regime. These sanctions, decided because of "violations of human rights in Syria," are the younger brother of President Bashar Al-Assad Maher, a Syrian army officer, and Ali Mamlouk, head of intelligence services , and Atef Najib, described as the former intelligence chief for the province of Deraa, the epicenter of protest against the system located in the south.

More Syrian tanks enter Dera

The Syrian government ordered the entry of more tanks in Dera, where they could hear heavy gunfire as security forces tried to quell a revolt against President Bashar al-Assad, residents said. Army troops and tanks first entered in Dera on Monday to end the protests for democracy that has spread through the country of 20 million inhabitants, the main challenge to Assad has led Western powers to impose sanctions.

Argentine writer Ernesto dies Sabato

BUENOS AIRES, April 30. The writer Ernesto Sabato died this morning at the age of 99 at his home in Holy Places (Department of Tres de Febrero, north of the country), as confirmed by his late wife, Elvira González Fraga. "For fifteen days he had bronchitis and that his age is terrible," said the woman on the radio picked up by Argentina's Todo Noticias.

The writer, a literary figure in the Argentina, emerged as a national hero with his criticism of the now defunct dictatorship in Argentina and, later, with his work as head of the Conadep (National Commission on Disappeared Persons). His figure continued to gain momentum as the voice of concentrated values in youth: "Only those who can embody the utopia he said will be eligible for the decisive battle, that of recovering much of humanity we have lost," according to the obituary of the agency Telam news.

Japan approves emergency budget of 32,000 million euros

The Japanese lower house of Parliament today approved an initial emergency budget to start rebuilding the country needed after the devastation caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 March. The approved amount is EUR 32,700 million (48,500 million dollars) for the manufacture of temporary housing for people during the strong quake homeless, in addition to debris removal.

It is the first batch of several aid packages, while the total damage caused by the disaster are estimated at EUR 200,000 million (300,000 million). This will be the largest effort facing Japan's economy in the last 60 years. Following approval of the Congress today, on Monday this item must be ratified by the Senate.

Gaddafi: "With Italy is open war" but calling for an end to NATO raids

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi will reappear on television. Calls on NATO to stop the raid negotiations and threatens to bring the war in Italy. That "he killed our children in 1911, at the time of colonization, and now does it again in 2011. The Italian Government today implementing the same policy of colonial times and fascist occupation, "Saddam said in one of the passages of the speech this morning to the issuer of the State in which Berlusconi denounced the government's decision to give the green light Italian bombing.

Taliban announce the beginning of spring offensive

The Taliban declared the start of their spring offensive in Afghanistan and warned that planned to attack foreign troops and local officials in a wave of violence include suicide bombings. In a statement, the radical Islamists warned Afghan civilians to stay away from public meetings, military bases and convoys and Afghan government centers, since these would be the target of attacks.

The Taliban statement was issued a day after senior military officials and Western diplomats warned they expect an increase in militant attacks since Sunday. "Leaders of the Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wish to declare the beginning of military operations spring called" Badar "against the American invaders and their foreign allies and domestic supporters, the rebels said in a statement sent by email.

Taiwan protest against nuclear energy use

About 10 thousand people took to the streets of Taipei and three other cities on the island to protest against the use of nuclear energy and urged the Taiwan government to put more efforts in developing alternatives. Amid the anti-nuclear sentiment has grown following the crisis in Japan, thousands of Taiwanese activists carried banners with slogans sunflowers and against the nuclear industry.

Libyan Rebels reject ceasefire proposal by Gadhafi

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said he is ready for a ceasefire and negotiations, if and when NATO "stop their aircraft," but refused to cede power as required by the rebels and the Western powers. However, the rebels and NATO rejected the offer of the Libyan colonel, saying it lacked credibility. A spokesman for the insurgents said the timing of engagement was over and the Western alliance said that air strikes would continue as long as civilians are threatened.

Chile/Argentina.- Arancibia Clavel's family feel "devastated" by the killing of exoficial

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 29. Families of Enrique Arancibia Clavel, Intelligence exoficial regime of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990), have confessed to feeling "devastated" by her assassination and announced that no further statements will not set a public position on this. Arancibia Clavel's body was found by a friend at his office in Buenos Aires with about 20 stab wounds.

The exoficial of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) was on parole after being sentenced to life imprisonment in 2004 for the murder of Chilean General Carlos Prats and his wife, Sofia Cuthbert. "We will not comment. As a family we are devastated and shocked and we're not going to comment at this time," said Patricia Arancibia Clavel, a sister of the deceased exagente of DINA, who is in Buenos Aires.

The bubble burst in popular jbilo

The British monarchy experienced yesterday finding the best party I could have imagined. To 2,200 million television viewers worldwide and thousands in the streets of London, William of England, second in line of succession to the throne, he married Catherine Middleton, which has been his girlfriend for a decade and his bride six months.

Never a wedding was so held in the palaces and streets, because with her marriage crisis aims to close the crown past and look to the future. The architect of this was William, son of Diana of Wales, whose death led to Isabel II to its popular low hours and in which all hopes are set to be the king of the XXI century, which combines tradition with proximity and modernity.

I hate them, the Nazis of Alberta

One of the Libertarian candidate, a Marxist-Maoist Leninsta, a Communist, a Canadian Action, one of the Progressive Canadians, more than the usual candidates of major parties: Liberals, Conservatives, Social Democrats and Greens. If votaste Canadian election in the constituency of Hamilton, Vancouver (British Columbia), your ballot will propose a very varied selection, in the face of those who argue that the majoritarian electoral systems, dry forces to a partition of the political spectrum.

Gaddafi will not accept the surrender or exile, according to a former regime sided with the insurgents

Brussels, European Bureau - General Abdel Fattah Younis, commander of the rebellion Jamahiriya, met Thursday, April 28, in Brussels, NATO officials and European Union for their claim of heavy weapons, antitank missiles , helicopter gunships and naval weapons. The former No. 2 officer Gaddafi regime, rallied in March in the insurgent cause, told his interlocutors that he believed the Libyan president will not accept the surrender or exile.

Israel launches campaign against inter-Palestinian agreement

Israel used the reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian Authority and the Islamist movement Hamas, which rules Gaza and does not recognize the Israeli state, to torpedo the campaign for recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN in September. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to launch a campaign to not recognize any Palestinian unity government that includes members of Hamas, said on Friday, a government source.

NATO attacks Libyan government complex

The NATO bombings were hit by the Libyan government compound before dawn Saturday and damaged two buildings just as Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi called for a ceasefire and the start of negotiations with allied forces during a live speech through state television. The complex attack is the building of state television, and a Libyan government official said the bombings were intended to kill Gaddafi.

Morocco, after the attack in Marrakesh at risk the reforms promised by the king

From Casablanca to Rabat via Tangier, Agadir and Fes. Since February thousands of people peacefully took to the streets to demand reforms and fighting corruption. In short, more rights. It is the Moroccan version of the Arab Spring. That, although there was turned into a raging river Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan and Syrian, in terms of innovative features not lacking anything.

Today, before the remains of the coffee Argana Jamaa F'naa in Marrakech, many fear that all this be overshadowed, the monarchy opt for a new system of police and that the period of reforms initiated in recent weeks end pulverized under the terrorist threat. Before the pressure of the square, the government has recently established a Human Rights Council and the King Mohamed VI has pardoned more than 100 prisoners for political reasons.

Obama formalizes reshuffle his team's defense and intelligence

President Barack Obama announced Thursday, April 28 the overhaul of his team of defense and intelligence, especially confident these new officers the task of managing the transition in Afghanistan. At a ceremony at the White House, the President confirmed that he was replacing the defense secretary Robert Gates by the current CIA director Leon Panetta (read his portrait edition subscribers).

Israel launches campaign against inter-Palestinian agreement

.- Israel will use the reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian Authority and the Islamist movement Hamas, which rules Gaza and does not recognize the Israeli state, to torpedo the campaign for recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN in September. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to launch a campaign to not recognize any Palestinian unity government that includes members of Hamas, said on Friday, a government source.

Syria, Friday protestePolizia new fire on the crowds in Daraa, 83 victims

New 'Friday the rage' in Syria, where they were organized nationwide demonstrations against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. In Damascus, witnesses told of trucks equipped with machine guns and soldiers in battle dress. Tear gas was used to disperse the protesters, gathered in protest after Friday prayers.

Four soldiers were killed and two captured by a group of armed militiamen, according to the complaint, the Syrian state television. Thousands of citizens are also in place in the coastal cities of Latakia and Banias. In the latter, activists report that several shots of gunfire exploded in the district Slaebah.

Reporter Lara Logan tells the assault she suffered Tahrir Square

A major foreign correspondent of CBS News, Lara Logan, told the New York sexual Timesl'agression which she suffered in Cairo on February 11, in an interview published Thursday. "For a very long time, they raped me with their hands," he told the newspaper reporter who believes that the assault lasted about forty minutes and was conducted by a group of two to three hundred men.

CBS had at the time of the facts stated that the journalist was rescued "by a group of about twenty women and Egyptian soldiers." Lara Logan, who was hospitalized after his repatriation to the United States and returned to work this month, will recount the horror she experienced in the next edition of the show "60 Minutes" Sunday.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Leadership to be scrapped

I started from the revolutions in the Mediterranean, a subject on which there is much to be said and on which other, more prepared, they have written and write better than I can. What interested me, however, was to make a nice red circle around something else, which is itself a revolution. A revolution that before being political or economic, and social and cultural.

That something is difficult to define but easy to spot. Andrea Vitullo, in his essay Leadershit - Scrap the mystique of leadership and make room in the world, called it a play on words - exactly - leadershit. This definition may seem provocative (and perhaps a bit it is) but has the advantage of clarification is what the author thinks the old way of being a leader: dung.

D-Day in London for the "wedding of the century"

The press already called the "wedding of the century." Nearly thirty years after the marriage of his parents, Charles and Diana, Prince William joins Kate Middleton, a commoner met at university. At dawn Friday, April 29, the first guests will converge on Westminster Abbey, which will be celebrated the union.

At 11 noon (Paris), Catherine Middleton happen to turn the arm of her father and begin the ceremony at which they will be joined by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Not less than 1 900 handpicked guests, 600 000 onlookers on the streets of London and two billion people will attend, from near or far, the union of the prince, second in the order of succession to the British throne, the daughter of an air hostess and a steward turned businessman.

Slipping into the bottomless abyss of war

Call things by their name is an essential condition for not cheat yourself and others. In Libya there is an ongoing war, a civil war with foreign intervention (see behind the scenes interview with Lucio Caracciolo). Resolution No 1973 of the Security Council, which authorized the no-fly zone military intervention to protect civilians, already had several questions of legitimacy in itself, since it characterized as a threat to international peace a situation of evident internal scope, in contrast with art.

After the Palestinian reconciliation, calls for intifada

The family of Carlos Prats, "shocked" by the killing of Arancibia Clavel

SANTIAGO, 29 (World Daily Buzz) The family of Chilean General Carlos Prats has confessed he was "shocked" by the murder of Enrique Arancibia Clavel, an ex-intelligence services of the Augusto Pinochet regime (1973-1990), who was found dead in his office in the capital of Argentina. Arancibia Clavel's body was found by a friend at his office in Buenos Aires with about 20 stab wounds.

The exoficial of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) was on parole after being sentenced in 2004 to life imprisonment for the murder of Prats in Buenos Aires and his wife, Sofia Cuthbert. Cecilia Prats, daughter of exmilitar of the DINA, has announced that the family will not comment on this fact that has caught the attention of public opinion in Chile and Argentina.

Dismantled an Al Qaeda clula Germany

German police announced the arrest of three suspected members of Al Qaeda, accused of preparing a terrorist attack in Germany. According to the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, there are three Germans born in Morocco and living in Bochum, Essen and Dusseldorf. According to reports, the three men between 29 and 32 years took months building up the necessary components for making bombs.

Marrakech, a witness from the site of

Even the dozens of sirens Red Crescent can be heard in the gardens Majorelle. The tourist oasis in the heart of the Ville Nouvelle of Marrakech at 12 continues, unabated, to be one of favorite photo sets from French and Spanish. It 'a call from a Moroccan friend who informs me of what happened. The explosion in the Place Jemaa el-Fna becomes in minutes through the local radio "terrorist attack".

In Paris, the Tunisian migrants complain of being a "political issue"

Everything north of Paris, next to the device, where to locate undocumented Tunisia for almost a month is not easy to find. Yet, this small square of the Porte de la Villette is never empty. Thursday, April 28 morning, a few hundred Tunisians attending the broom continuous members of humanitarian organizations, but also journalists and politicians from their encounter.

Standing in an uproar, everyone tries to get the latest information about "those who made themselves nab. Wednesday night, a "fifty" to call the police came at dinner-time migrants. According to the associations, dozens of Tunisians have been taken to the police. A group formed spontaneously around Nabil, who has just been released from the police.

UN asked to investigate violations against demonstrators in Syria

The Human Rights Council adopted a resolution calling for the Syrian government allows research on severe violations against demonstrators, who will make a mission of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). With a majority of 27 votes, the resolution condemns so 'clear' the use of deadly violence against peaceful demonstrators by the Syrian authorities and requested an immediate halt to the attacks.

Chile/Argentina.- Piñera's government, shaken by the murder of Enrique Arancibia Clavel exagente

SANTIAGO, April 29. The Government of Sebastián Piñera is touched by the murder of Enrique Arancibia Clavel, an ex-intelligence services Augusto Pinochet regime (1973-1990) who was found dead in his office in Buenos Aires, said the Chilean Minister of Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter. "Mr. Arancibia Clavel was sentenced for participating in a crime shocking and painful for the country, but of course the murder of which he was victim in Argentina moves us to be a crime of this nature," he said Hinzpeter at an event in the region Valparaiso.

The Syrian rge suppress the protests with a new massacre

At least 24 people have died today in Syria on a new day of protests against the regime of Bashar Assad, although some humanitarian organizations such as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights denounced the death toll could be even double. The NGO says that the dead are 48, including 13 in the village of Rast, near Homs (central Mexico).

Protests have played in cities throughout Spain Syria, including Damascus, and the violent response of the system has earned him a conviction of the Human Rights Council United Nations, as well as sanctions by the U.S. and the European Union. In the southern town of Dera, considered the heart of the Syrian revolt, killing at least 15 protesters suffered gunshot wounds, according to a hospital medical Tafas.

Libya, on the border clashes with the army tunisinoOggi new mission of the Italian tornado

Violent explosions were heard around 7:30 am this morning near the Libyan city of Misurata. While the city's port was attacked by loyalists of the vessels. Shortly thereafter, began fighting in the suburbs between the rebels and government forces of Muammar Gaddafi. The budget yesterday, according to medical sources, was at least 12 deaths, two of whom are women.

Firm was the conviction of the High Representative for EU foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, against "the use of cluster bombs and other means" to Libyan civilians. It is also fighting to Dehiba, on the border between Libya and Tunisia. The positions of the insurgents in the city had been attacked "fiercely" in the morning loyalist army, as reported by the pan-Arab TV 'Al Jazeera', which has clashed with the Tunisian army.

Clashes between insurgents and loyalists to the Libyan border with Tunisia

Fierce fighting between insurgents and Thursday, April 28 loyalists on both sides of the Libyan border post Tunisian-Libyan Dehiba, captured by insurgents, while a thousand people evacuated Misrata, 200 km east of Tripoli. By early evening, several sources indicated that insurgents opposed to Colonel Gaddafi had resumed in late afternoon the border post Dehiba during a violent confrontation in which eight soldiers were killed loyalists.

In Syria killed 24 people in protests

(Reuters) Syrian forces shot dead at least 24 civilians during protests, including two children, said Sawasiah human rights organization in the midst of the six-week uprising that seeks to topple President Bashar al-Assad. Sawasiah founded by human rights lawyer Mohannad al-Hassani is currently in prison, said he had the names of the 24 fatal victims, who perished in marches in the towns of Dera, Homs, Latakia and Qadam village, near Damascus.

Marrakech plaza explosion was caused

The attack in Marrakech, Morocco, which left 16 people dead and several wounded, was made with a remote controlled bomb, officials of the Moroccan government. Moroccan media reported that authorities discarding the hypothesis of a suicide bombing at home was handled in accordance with certain versions of witnesses.

Research now advance to the explosive device was triggered with a remote control. The Interior Minister Taieb Cherkaoui, will offer a new balance on Friday on the progress of investigations. In the attack on Thursday in a central square of Marrakech tourist killed 16 people of different nationalities and some 20 wounded.

Killed a former Chilean agent convicted of the murder of General Carlos Prats

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 29. The lifeless body of former officer stabbed Arancibia, convicted for the murder of Chilean General Carlos Prats and his wife in Buenos Aires, was found Friday in the capital of Argentina, according to the agency Telam. The body of Clavel, who was on parole after being convicted in 2004 for the murder of Prats and his wife, was found by a friend at his office in Buenos Aires with about 20 stab wounds.

"I've never seen devastation like this"

The U.S. president, Barack Obama has walked today from the devastation in the city of Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama and one of the areas most affected by tornadoes in recent days have left about 300 dead in six Southern states and Midwest. "I've never seen devastation like this," said the president.

From Air Force One, Obama might have a first look at the destruction that was to watch firsthand. From the air, the president saw huge scars left on earth to have been uprooted trees and see that where once there were houses there are now rubble crushed to the ground by the force of wind.

Portfolio - Ibrahim Coulibaly, a coup in troubled waters

Protesters in Syria call for overthrow of regime

Thousands of Syrians demanded the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad and promised to support the city of Dera, where tanks and troops tried to crush the resistance against authoritarian government, activists said. "The people want to overthrow the regime!" Shouted the protesters in the suburb of Saqba in Damascus, according to a witness, challenging the violent reaction of the Government, which left 500 dead since the protests began in Dera month past.

Gadafistas placed mines in Misrata: NATO

Naval units of the Libyan regime of Muammar Gadhafi has undermined the besieged port Libyan town of Misrata, although NATO ships have begun the process of demining, said a military official of the Alliance. "Some ships, which we assume were pro Gadhafi laid mines indiscriminately," said Brigadier Rob Weighill, head of NATO operations in Libya, in a press conference.

The operation was performed this morning by several boats, which were intercepted by NATO naval units after they had placed some mines being cleared, he added. Weighill said he had no further details about the incident, as it is very recent. However, he said it is "another attempt by the Gadhafi regime totally ignore international law to prevent humanitarian aid reaches the people of Misrata." The allied military official said the air strikes the next few days will be concentrated around the cities of Misrata, Zinta (west) and Yebra (near the Tunisian border).

Found dead a former member of Pinochet's intelligence services

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 29. The Argentine authorities have been found dead by Enrique Arancibia Clavel, a former officer of the Directorate of Chile's National Intelligence (DINA) - the service of General Augusto Pinochet - Argentina justice convicted for the murder of a soldier and his wife. The body was inside his home, located in the central district of Lavalle, in the city of Buenos Aires (east).

Gaddafi's forces face the Tunisian Army Dehiba

Another scenario of confrontation has been opened in the last few hours in Libya. In a war that gets worse day, troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, against rebels fighting for weeks, have met with the Tunisian army border post Dehiba, with both sides struggling to gain control. The clashes have occurred on both sides of the border, according to two witnesses have said the agency.

Samy, an official of the Youth House Dehiba, said that at least a dozen shells landed on Tunisian territory, near the houses. The population was trapped and a Tunisian woman died. Gaddafi's troops have launched an offensive to regain control and soil Dehiba Tunisian army have faced against Tunisia.

Cuba: under wrinkles, no?

We were left with a question: how is it possible that at the end of a Congress (the first post-Fidel) all focused on two objectives - "actualización" and "relevo" - Cuba has issued a ruling group that, in terms of senility, obscure the memory of the Soviet gerontocracy and mocked? Many readers have written them.

And this is my opinion. The mystery is explained by analyzing, as well as the congressional rhetoric, the true meaning of the words that define the objectives set out above. "Actualización", is also not in the lexicon Castro, who too subversive alternative to the term "reform". Or rather, is the word that most aptly defines the need for change in a regime that needs to change (or reform) can not allow himself without destroying precisely the myth in which he was trained (and stopped ).

A "Tanguy" Spanish dislodged from nest

Madrid Match - His parents fed him with modest incomes, money laundering, paying the monthly installments of his car and endured his wrath. But for this 25-year Spanish student, whose identity was protected, it was not enough. With its modest legal knowledge (the Andalusian Tanguy had validated only three subjects in its first year of law), he filed a complaint against her parents require EUR 400 monthly pocket money.

Abbas rules out deal with Hamas fears

.- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, denied on Thursday that the military potential alliance with Hamas will undermine peace talks with Israel, insisting that retain control of foreign policy and a determination to solve the Palestinian- Israeli. The pro-Western Fatah party, who heads the moderate Abbas, announced Wednesday, along with his opponent Hamas, a draft agreement to end their four-year conflict has left Palestinians with two rival governments in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Thailand and Cambodia breaking the ceasefire in the border

.- The armies of Thailand and Cambodia today broke a ceasefire agreed yesterday to end the violence that erupted a week ago at the border, the military of both countries. Military spokesmen of the two Southeast Asian nations accused each other of having started this morning the gun and artillery fire around the ancient Khmer temple of Ta Krabey.

A Thai soldier died last night in an attack on Cambodia, bringing to 16 the number killed, including one civilian, while dozens have been injured and over 55 thousand have sought refuge in evacuation centers on both sides of the border. The Foreign Minister of Thailand, Kasit Piromya said yesterday in Jakarta that his country is committed to a peaceful end to the conflict and allow Indonesian observers at the border.

Attack in Morocco, killing 16

The heart attack that struck the tourist city of Marrakesh, Morocco, left 16 dead, the last two in the hospital, and 20 wounded, according to data released by the MAP news agency. The agency, quoting hospital sources, said two of the wounded in the attack died after being hospitalized, so that the original figure of 14 dead provided by the Interior Minister Taieb Cherkaoui, changed.

So far, the casualties in the cafe Argana were three Moroccans and 11 foreigners. According to police sources, at least two of the dead are Canadians, while a spokesman of the French consulate in Marrakesh said that also died a yet unknown number of French citizens in the attack. The Embassy of Spain in Morocco said that "there is no indication of casualties Spanish." Regarding the origin of the attack, the Moroccan interior minister said it was "an act caused by an explosive device that caused a strong explosion." He added that a specialized medical team kept informed families of the victims and offers all the necessary psychological support, and has also been made available to those affected a number of telephone support.

Argentina .- release to 36 military personnel accused of committing crimes against humanity during the dictatorship

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 29. The Federal Chamber of Appeals of Bahía Blanca in Buenos Aires province (east), has released 20 members of the Army and 16 military officers who are being investigated for crimes against humanity committed during the dictatorship (1976-1983), which has provoked outrage from much of society.

The move follows a procedural matter, since in most cases has exceeded the maximum time a person may remain in custody without having been issued a ruling against him. However, this group of military units must go to court every time a judge determined, because otherwise the release will be revoked, as provided in Article 333 of the Argentine Penal Code.

Start of the spectacle!

The great nineteenth-century British constitutionalist Walter Bagehot said that the power of the monarchy is based on the mystery and that when light is shed on the institution "the spell is broken." If that is true, the power of the British monarchy will be very weak today for the wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton.

There is little that is unknown about this celebration. The guest list has been discussed endlessly, the wedding dress has had a few million hits on Google and we know that, after careful study of royal protocol, the happier they kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace before a crowd .

Iberoam .- The XI Shows 'documentaries and Latin American Photography' opens Friday

SANTANDER, 29 Apr. The eleventh edition of 'documentaries and Latin American Photography' opens this Friday in the exhibition hall of the Fundación Comillas. Brazil will be the guest of the XI Shows 'documentaries and Latin American Photography' which sponsors and hosts the Comillas Foundation and is included within 'Adocs 2011'.

On the occasion of the sample between April 30 and May 7 will be guided tours and more hours in the exhibition hall of the Foundation for the sample on Latin America. The exhibition hall of the Comillas Foundation will extend its visiting hours in the morning, which will be open from 10.30 until 13.30 hours on the occasion of the XI Sample Photo Documentary and Latin America.

Dassault vying to upgrade the Indian Air Force

India has shortlisted the Rafale, the French group Dassault Aviation, Eurofighter, proposed by the European EADS, BAE Systems and Finmeccanica, on his huge contract for one hundred twenty to six fighters, said on Thursday, a source within the Ministry of Defence. "Only the French Dassault and Eurofighter have been asked to expand their commercial offerings," the source said, confirming information given by the Hindustan Times newspaper, which suggested they were the only candidates.

Up to 16 dead in an attack in the tourist heart of Marrakech

The Muslim Brotherhood called the Syrian people to the streets

The Muslim Brotherhood had appealed to the Syrian population to take to the streets. The Islamist group banned in Syria and the prime targets of repression by President Bashar Assad has encouraged citizens to demand more freedom in the streets on Friday, a day of prayers. "Do not let the regime harass your fellow countrymen.

Sing with one voice for freedom and dignity. Do not let the tyrants enslave you," reads the manifesto sent Thursday to the agency. It is the first time that the Muslim Brotherhood, whose leadership is in exile, called specifically to demonstrate in Syria since the beginning of the protests for six weeks.

Syria: the Security Council fails to agree on a condemnation of violence

While two hundred members of the Baath party have resigned in the province of Deraa and surrounding areas to denounce the suppression of antigovernment demonstrations, the fifteen members of the Security Council of the UN have failed to agree , Wednesday, April 27 evening, on a statement condemning the repression in Syria.

A draft declaration presented by Britain, France, Germany and Portugal had been circulating for Council on Monday. The four countries condemned the violence of the regime of Bashar al-Assad against the demonstrators and urged restraint. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General Kofi Annan, for his part hoped the weekend to open an independent investigation.

What consequences of a possible reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah?

Wikileaks: The eight years at Guantanamo Ahmad Tourson, innocent and legged

Ahmad Tourson is part of the small group of Chinese Uighur minority - Muslim, Turkic-speaking - or twenty-two men in total were arrested by mistake in late 2001, Afghanistan. Although eventually cleared of all charges of terrorism by the U.S. administration, they spent several years in Guantanamo. Five of them are still there, the Supreme Court of the United States having rejected Monday, April 18, their action.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Royal wedding

They arrived almost a week before the appointment for fear of not seeing the prince, wife and royal procession. Just because provident, camped just outside the entrance of the Gothic abbey of Westminster tomorrow to host the event of events (at least for them). The friendly campers who can not wait to enjoy the Royal Wedding, the royal marriage between William and Kate, are very young, since apart from a couple of kids with their parents, many of them well over seventy.

At least five dead in clashes in Yemen

In Aden in the south, clashes have also pitted the security forces in armed demonstrators who had proclaimed a day of "civil disobedience". Police fired on demonstrators opposed to President Saleh, who blocked roads with boulders, killing one protester and wounding three others. The response of the demonstrators left two people dead among the police, sources said police and medical.

Begun in late January, when the first uprisings in the Arab world, protests demanding the departure of the Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh, in power for thirty-two years, have killed over 150 people. On Monday, the spokesman for the Yemeni opposition announced it had agreed to the plan proposed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which provides a starting within weeks of President Saleh.

Regrets UN deaths in Yemen protests

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon regretted the 12 deaths and hundreds of injuries that occurred in the recent demonstrations against the regime of President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Ban, said in a statement his press office, called on the warring parties in Yemen to "exercise maximum restraint and desist from acts of provocation." The UN secretary general, however, welcomed the peaceful transition that the country will start and said he hoped it was "acceptable to all", in addition to stress that only dialogue and mutual understanding will help overcome the current crisis and preserve its unity and integrity.

Two hundred deaths and the specter of Katrina tornadoes terrify the U.S. (and Obama)

At least 200 dead since the beginning of the wave of bad weather (but the number is expected to rise in all likelihood). Five states-Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia - forced to count the dead and declare a state of emergency. It 'a disaster of vast proportions that has engulfed the southern United States.

"The death toll is expected to grow," says Robert Bentley, governor of Alabama, the state hardest hit. The television images reminiscent of roofless houses, shops gutted, people trapped under the rubble, prepared makeshift shelters in churches and gymnasiums. The Browns Ferry nuclear power plant, one of the largest in the world, on the banks of the Tennessee River, remained without electricity and working with emergency generators.

Hamas does not seek to prevent Fatah to negotiate with Israel

Hamas does not seek to prevent Fatah to conduct peace negotiations with Israel, assured a senior leader of Palestinian Islamist movement Thursday, April 28, following an agreement between the two rivals on the formation of Palestinian government . Mahmoud Zahar, a leader of the Islamist group in Gaza said that Hamas remained on the same line: "no recognition (of Israel), no negotiation." But he added that the movement would not try to prevent Fatah of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to seek a peace agreement with Israel.

Suicide bomber detonates bomb in Iraq

At least eleven people were killed and over twenty injured in a suicide attack against a "huseiniya" Shiite mosque in a village near Baquba, 60 km northeast of Baghdad. The source said a suicide bomber detonated a belt of explosives attached to his body inside the Al Hussein in the town of Balad Ruz, 30 miles east of Baquba, capital of Diyala province.

The number of fatalities could rise, since among the wounded there are some in serious condition. The source added that the church suffered major damage from the explosion. Following the attack security forces surrounded the area and strengthened its forces to prevent further attacks. Half way between Baghdad and the Iranian border, Balad Ruz was once a bastion of insurgency against the Iraqi authorities and was the scene of numerous attacks that killed hundreds.

About 250 killed by tornadoes in southern U.S.

Experts say that when the aftermath of a tornado can not see the walls of what was once a house is at the maximum devastation, Category 5. The walls do not appear in the images coming from the southern United States. The houses have been reduced to rubble and crushed to the ground in the wake of violent tornadoes that have killed nearly 250 people in six different states.

"I do not know how anyone could survive this destruction," says a witness. Trees uprooted, automobiles and high defying gravity the roof of a garage neighbor knocked shorting lines and water supplies disrupted the balance of the series of deadly tornadoes and storms of the past four decades, only in Alabama have taken the lives of more than 160 people.

Brazil .- Some 40 indigenous communities in Brazilian Amazon could be lost before their existence known

MADRID, 28 Abr. Some 40 indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon, "may disappear before we confirm their existence," she explained to the Indian Daily Buzz World Jose Carlos Meirelles, who participates in a meeting Thursday at Casa de America. Meirelles has said that since 1988 has confirmed the presence of 30 ethnic tribes in the Brazilian Amazon, while there is information on the possible existence of another 40 scattered communities in the area.

Canada, 35% turnout!

One stupid cliche has it that the Canadian policy is boring. On the contrary, the upcoming election push Ottawa to discover a very volatile electorate and taken to move voting en masse with no ideological problem. Although the elections will be held throughout the country on May 2, the system provides the usual three days of an election 22, 23 and 25 April and the attendance figures to what I would call an early vote early elections "marked Today a record +35% compared to the corresponding of the last elections.

In Syria, mass resignations within the Baath Party to protest against violence

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is facing an early dissident movement with the resignation of more than two hundred members of his party and a sense of discontent within the army after the violent repression of demonstrations democracy. Over two hundred and thirty members of the Baath party to power, have announced their resignations, some thirty in the region of Banias (North West) and two hundred and three in the region Houran (Deraa and its vicinity), in southern Country.

Syria called revolutionary new round of anger

At least 500 people have died, thousands have been arrested and dozens are missing in the six weeks of demonstrations in Syria, where the opposition called out to streets Friday to protest against the regime of Bashar al Assad. The Syrian human rights organization Sawasiah, founded by the jailed human rights lawyer Mohannad al-Hassani, reported that security forces have killed some 500 civilians to quell demonstrations to demand democratic reforms.

China is aging and urban

China's population is growing older and older and urban. The most populous country in the world today made public the data from the census conducted late last year, which shows the profound changes experienced as a result of the one-child policy and economic reforms initiated by Deng Xiaoping in 1978.

The Chinese with more than 60 years account for 13.26% of the total, 2.93 percentage points more than the previous count, conducted in 2000, while those who are 14 years or less accounted for 16.6%, 6, 29 points less. The total population of 1,339 million souls, which means an increase of 73.9 million in a decade.

Marrakech, an explosion in a cafe, 15 mortiPortavoce government: "It 's been an attack"

"The explosion is the result of a terrorist attack." He reports to the Communications Minister and government spokesman Moroccan Kahlid Naciri, about the outbreak in the cafe terrace 'Argana', not far from the Jamaa el-Fna, Marrakech's main square. The blast has killed at least 15 victims - most tourists - and 20 wounded.

"We found nails and pieces of iron in the bodies of victims of the explosion. - Reveals a city hospital medical source Ibn Tafila Fardiya - For this and other reasons behind the explosion, we are convinced that there is a terrorist attack. " At first it appeared the cause was arson outbreak of four gas canisters, but now the Moroccan police suspect a suicide attack.

Tensions between Thais and Cambodians amid ancient stones and nationalism

This is a Khmer temple that poisons relations in decades between Thailand and Cambodia. The international community recognizes the sovereignty of Cambodia on Preah Vihear Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. But for Thailand, Preah Vihear is within its natural border demarcated by the Dangrek Mountains.

And, although the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has called for a cease-fire, hostilities have not abated, Wednesday mid-morning. A Thai villager died, and since the beginning of this new series of clashes in February, tens of thousands of people fled the region. In Thailand, the militant nationalists of the "yellow shirts" a frontal attack on Prime Minister Abhisit and are quick to denounce as "traitors" all those who want to negotiate with Cambodia.

The UN fails to punish Syria

The Security Council UN failed to reach agreement on a joint statement condemning the violent repression of protesters Syria while Russia has warned that foreign interference could lead to civil war. Russia and China blocked a proposed statement by Britain, France, Portugal and Germany condemned the crackdown by the authorities in Syria against the demonstrations, which began March 15 that killed at least 453 people, according to activists.

Ouattara mourns death of military

The president of Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, said the death at the hands of his army sergeant Ibrahim Coulibaly, an ally in the war against former President Gbabgo, is "regrettable." Ouattara sent his condolences to the family of Coulibaly, who was part of his personal guard when he was prime minister (1990-1993) under the leadership of then president, Félix Houphouët-Boigny.

The new head of state said the sergeant, "if things have been like telling the press, is regrettable." "I send my sympathy to his family and parents," he said. Ibrahim Coulibaly headed the "Command invisible", a militia during the past four months he fought the forces of former President Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to accept the victory in the presidential Ouattara last December 3, 2010.

At least nine dead after rebels attack troops in the city Gaddafi Misrata

At least nine rebels were killed during the attack launched tonight Gadhafi troops with rockets and artillery on the rebellious city of Misrata, as reported by local medical sources. "15 of our rebels in a checkpoint near the front line have been attacked by troops with heavy artillery Gaddafi and then with rockets," said one doctor.

"We had seven of them dead and four wounded." Shortly after Libyan leader's forces have taken control of a border crossing with Tunisia after some hard fighting in the area with the rebels, according to one witness explained. Previously been reported that government forces had bombed rebel positions near the crossing point.

Palestine, Fatah and Hamas agree to a

The news was reported and Egyptian intelligence has surprised even some of the most acute observers of affairs in the Middle East who also followed the talks closely, very private, taking place between Fatah and Hamas. Objective, unlock the political stalemate and the rivalries that have crippled the already fragile Palestinian institutional structures.

The objective seems to have been reached late yesterday evening, when the international news agencies, argued that a statement Egyptian Intelligence said: "The consultations have been concluded with a full understanding on all issues under discussion, including the formation of a interim government with some specific tasks and the date for elections.

Video - Video of French Hostages: staging and show of force

Detained opposition leader in Uganda

The Ugandan opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, was arrested by police from the African country for the fourth time in a month, a day after his release from prison, where he remained for five days, local media reported. Besigye, a candidate for president of Uganda in elections last February, he was again arrested for participating in demonstrations organized by several opposition groups proposing to walk to work in protest at the shortages of fuel and consumer goods basic.

The CIA director Gates relieve the front of Pentgono

Barack Obama prepares to make a major reshuffle at the top of your security team with the appointment of the current CIA director, Leon Panetta, the new secretary of Defense, and General David Petraeus, head of operations in Afghanistan, at the head of the spy agency. They relay that will bring different styles of command, but no significant changes in foreign policy.

Panetta replaced, as confirmed by the U.S. press officials, Robert Gates, whose exit onto half of the management of this Government, was expected since Obama agreed to maintain the position that it occupied during the last years of the Administration George Bush. The decision to put Petraeus in the gap left Panetta responds primarily to the will of the president to keep close to a military whose recommendations are considered very valuable in the White House.

Brazil .- The Brazilian Veronica Valois presents his first album in Santiago after having the support of Carlinhos Brown

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, 28 Abr. Brazilian singer-songwriter of Spanish origin Veronica Valois presented Thursday in Santiago de Compostela their first album, which bears his name after returning from a tour of Brazil which was attended by renowned artists like his teacher, Carlinhos Brown, Jack Veloso, Socorro Lira or Nelson Rufino.

The concert will be held at the Borriquita, will be broadcast live from the youtube website, which is repeated in all his performances this summer in Rio country and Spain, so that will become a "pioneer" in Galicia Using this platform, as indicated concert promoters. His first album, 'Veronica Valois', was released last December 2010, and is characterized by the strong fusion of Brazilian music - and the "axé" from Bahia - with Hispanic rhythms.

Crolla consent European nuclear

Ignoring for a moment the pathetic back down on nuclear program of the Italian government (not to make a quorum in the referendum of 12 and 13 June and did not bring enough Italians to vote against the "legal impediment"), it is interesting to see how the collapse of the consensus Atomic Energy Agency has infected almost all of Europe.

Maybe a consequence of the fact that, following the nuclear disaster Japanese, has finally begun to understand that the welfare in industrial societies do not necessarily lie in increasing the supply of energy (or general merchandise), but also in reducing of their application? In the three main European countries, nuclear energy is increasingly seen less favorably.

Barack Obama responds to controversy over his birthplace

Barack Obama has "no time for such nonsense," but still wanted to speak, Wednesday, April 27, regarding the controversy over his birthplace. Some of his opponents who doubts that the U.S. president to be well born in Honolulu, the capital of the State of Hawaii. "We have no time for such nonsense. We have better things to do.

I have better things to do. We must find solutions to major problems and I am sure that is possible, but c is on them that we must focus "not on this controversy," Obama said in a speech. To silence rumors about the subject, the White House also released for the first time the long version of the birth certificate of the president.

U.S. says Libya could have killed up to 30 thousand civilians

.- The U.S. government said today difficult to estimate the number of civilians who have died in Libya since Muammar Gadhafi launched its bloody military campaign against the rebels, but believes there could be up to 30 thousand victims. The U.S. ambassador to Tripoli, Gene Cretz, located in Washington since the State Department suspended the operations of its representation in Libya, told reporters it was "very difficult" to determine how many have been killed so far by the attacks Gadhafi forces loyal to the rebels.

Palestinians agree to unity government, Israeli concern

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said the president of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Mahmoud Abbas, could not wait to forge a peace agreement with Israel if it agreed a reconciliation with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). The agreement Fatah and Hamas agreed to form a transitional government of unity to the holding of presidential and legislative elections in a year, a document signed by Abbas and the head of Hamas political bureau, Khaled Meshaal, on Thursday in Cairo .

Morocco Square explosion kills 14

A strong explosion occurred at a cafe in the central square of Marrakech, Morocco, killing at least 14 people and wounded dozens of different nationalities, said the Moroccan Ministry of Interior. Moroccan emergency services are the scene removing victims, including employees and customers are the cafeteria, while police cordoned off the area around the Place Jamaa El Fna, the main tourist center of Marrakesh.

UN condemns violence in Syria

Shots were heard in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at Deraa, a city in southern Syria where the Syrian army entered into force on Monday and opened fire on residents. "Tanks are stationed, and roadblocks entrances to the city ", preventing people from entering Deraa, said an activist for human rights, Abdullah Abazid.

He further indicated that "intensive weapons fire were heard" in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at Deraa. He said soldiers have defected and are facing the army encircles Deraa, birthplace of the protest movement on March 15. The regime of President Bashar al-Assad seems to have chosen the military to crush the protest movement unprecedented gripping the country for six weeks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Security Council backs EU proposal on Syria

The opposition of China and Russia today prevented the Security Council agreed to a UN statement condemning the Syrian regime's repression against peaceful demonstrators, diplomats said. Confirmed that "there was no agreement on a presidential statement" from the Council after the maximum security agency has held several meetings this week in search of an agreement on a common text against repression in Syria.

200 members of the Syrian Baath resigning because of the repression of protests

200 members of the Syrian ruling party, the Baath, which belongs to President Bashar Assad, has submitted his resignation Wednesday in Deraa province to protest the crackdown by security forces of the anti-government demonstrations that recorded in the area. Through a joint statement, the militants justified his resignation "in the negative position adopted by the Baath Party leadership, the party in power since 1963, to the events in Syria and Deraa.

Diary from Palestine 8 - A school for Vik

Goodbye Palestine. For the last chapter of our trip we go back a few days. April 25. In Italy's Liberation Day. Travel companions for Peace Luisa Morgantini have worthily celebrated the anniversary of the Jordan Valley. Along with Fathey Kidrath, coordinator of the popular committees in the valley, its former MEP Morgantini, has laid the foundation stone of a school that is dedicated to Vittorio Arrigoni.

The S & P degrades the perspective of the debt rating of Japan

The rating agency Standard and Poor's (S & P) lowered, Wednesday, April 27, the prospect of the rating the long-term debt of Japan. It changes from "stable" to "negative," S & P believes that the cost of the earthquake of March 11 would exacerbate the Japanese heavy deficit. The agency, however, maintains its long-term sovereign rating to AA-, the fourth best score possible on a total of 22, which corresponds to a transmitter of high quality.

13 dead and 200 wounded in fresh protests in Yemen

At least 13 demonstrators have been killed this Wednesdays in Sana'a and 220 more injured when loyalists of the regime have abrierto fire on a new protest. Thousands of Yemenis had gathered to express their rejection of an agreement providing for the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in exchange for immunity.

The violent response by fears that the tough regime are trying to sabotage the pact. "The people want their departure, not an initiative," chanted the demonstrators to paraphrase the slogan of all Arab riots ("The people want the fall of the regime"). From four in the later thousands of people marched through the streets heading north Sixty convened by the coalition of youth groups that are behind the mobilization against Saleh.

U.S., Panetta Petraeus and new heads of the CIA and the Pentagon. So Obama opens to the Republicans

Leon Panetta, now director of the CIA, the Pentagon. And General David Petraeus instead of Panetta, to head the intelligence agency. These are the choices that Barack Obama is preparing to announce this week, and he hopes to appease Republican opponents and strengthen control over the military and security organs of the United States.

The change was largely expected, set in motion by the will of Robert Gates, current Secretary of Defense (appointed by the previous administration, that of George W. Bush) to step down by summer 2011. The reshuffling at the top of the administration but will be even larger. Gen. John Allen, the current deputy commander of U.S.

AQIM releases video of kidnapped four French nationals in Niger

Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) released Tuesday, April 26, a video containing messages of four French nationals it abducted in Niger seven months ago. The hostages are pleading with the President Nicolas Sarkozy to withdraw French troops from Afghanistan, according to the U.S. Centers for monitoring Islamist websites (SITE).

France "does everything possible" to secure the release of the hostages, said Wednesday the government spokesman Baroin, reporting the work of the Council of Ministers. Asked about the existence of "contacts" with the kidnappers, he said "I can not tell you more." "At a time when I speak, we are to authenticate the document and especially to date.

Syria, the UN calls for an investigation "transparent" Italy summoned the Syrian

"We will do what we can, but we can not do everything at the same time." Too busy to Libya, the international forces in Syria for the time they choose the path of diplomacy. Following the election of the Minister of Defence, Liam Fox, coming slowly the initiatives of various countries and institutions to stop the massacre of Syrian anti-regime demonstrators by security forces in Damascus.

Topping the list of the USA, which proposes sanctions against the Syrian authorities, there would have to Maher Assad, brother of the president and head of presidential guards. The same that has authorized the dispatch of tanks to Daraa and the ensuing clashes that caused dozens of civilian casualties.

Yemen: Saleh seeks a more dignified exit that Mubarak and Ben Ali "

Francois Burgat is CNRS researcher and former director of the French Center for Archaeology and Social Sciences in Sanaa (CEFAS). He believes that President Saleh will hold its promise to leave and that the opposition will be able to take over. It is therefore reasonable to assume that it will keep its promise, especially since, for now, much of the street does not accept the plan and showed no scenes of jubilation.

Abbas and Meshal to sign reconciliation agreement

The president of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Mahmoud Abbas and the head of Hamas political bureau, Khaled Meshal, the reconciliation agreement signed on 5 May in Cairo, said one of the mediators between the two factions, Munib Al Masri. "Abbas and Meshal, along with leaders of other Palestinian factions and independent leader, will travel to Egypt to sign the agreement," said al Masri, an independent political and influential Palestinian businessman.

NATO strikes again Misrata

NATO air strikes forced the Libyan government troops to withdraw from their positions in the besieged city of Misrata night, but they resumed the bombing of the port area using Grad missiles on Wednesday, a rebel spokesman. Forces loyal to Muammar Gadhafi also launched Grad missiles, Russian-made ammunition fired in multiple shocks that according to human rights groups are very inaccurate, in the center of the town rebel Zinta.

Mysterious death in the control tower

French police murder faces full of questions. A 34 year old man has been stabbed in the workplace. This could be one more crime in the statistics but for one detail: it has been in the airport control tower Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (located in eastern France, at the confluence of the borders of Switzerland and Germany) , a high security area where only authorized persons have access.

The victim, who was chief of the driver and father of a child, went to join his post when he was five or six fatal stabbings in the throat and chest. Another employee has found, already dead, surrounded by a pool of blood on the landing of the tenth floor of the tower in an area without a security camera located between the elevator and the staircase leading to the control room.

The French company Total confirms that it has discovered a new gas field in Bolivia

PARIS, Oct 27. (Reuters) - French energy company Total has confirmed on Wednesday it has discovered a new gas field located in a field in southeastern Bolivia. "We confirm that we have made a discovery in the block here," said a spokeswoman for the company gala, which has a 60 percent stake in the Bolivian firm here, which is the operator.

Previously, the Government of Bolivia and sources of the energy market had moved to the new site is an important discovery because it could initially produce 6.5 million cubic meters of gas per day. Total spokeswoman has refused to confirm this figure and explained that the company reporting the finding in the next.

Who betrayed Tripoli

I'm trying to imagine what will be the Italy-Libya chapter in the history books of Carlucci, that books are not communists. The protagonists, as is known, are the bloodthirsty Colonel Gaddafi, which binds us even closer to the Treaty of fraternal friendship (triumphantly ratified almost unanimously by Parliament, but four cats and a few mavericks radicals) are the insurgents, who two months are slaughtered by their former glory and worship leader, is a French president in elections that he immediately realized that it is more noticeable when you bomb, that NATO is an alliance entirely devoid of political vision at the moment.

Provided for in the Schengen Agreement?

On 17 April, Paris blocked for several hours rail traffic from Italy, Rome has denounced as a violation of the Schengen Agreement. The Commission agreed with France, which was based on Article 25 of the Schengen border code, fearing disturbances to public order, due to the presence of protesters wanting to accompany the Tunisian immigrants in France.

"We received a letter from the French authorities who tell us that it was a measure of public policy, a very temporary interruption, unique, and now the traffic is normal," said European Commissioner for immigration Cecilia Malmström. "It seems that it does not fall under the rules of the Schengen border control," she added.

Syrian troops reinforced pockets of protest

Syrian troops tightened security in the outbreak of protests against President Bashar al-Assad, who faced growing international pressure to end the violence that human rights groups say killed more than 450 already dead. Tanks patrolled the streets in the southern city of Dera, where the uprising against Assad began almost six weeks ago, soldiers took over the night the suburb of Douma, Damascus, and security forces around the volatile coastal city of Banias.

Fatah and Hamas agree to form interim government

The Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived here Wednesday an agreement with the rival Hamas group to form an interim government and set a date for general elections, said Egyptian intelligence. "The consultations resulted in full understanding on all points of discussion, even set a tentative deal with specific tasks and set a date for elections," he said in a statement Egyptian intelligence.

Captured one of the biggest drug lords Centroamrica

A joint operation by security forces of Guatemala, the FBI and the Drug Enforcement estadoundiense (DEA) has resulted in the capture of Lorenzana Waldemar Lima, Patriarch, one of the biggest drug lords in Central America. The arrest occurred when Lorenzana, 71, was traveling in a vehicle by the municipality of El gourd, located about 65 miles northeast of Guatemala City, as reported by the Central American country's chief prosecutor, Claudia Paz y Paz.

Revolutions: no leader can be

Maybe you have not noticed, but in recent months have shown us the news almost daily images of demonstrations, riots and popular uprisings in the Mediterranean, never introduce a leader of the revolt. The only leader who was mentioned was to be killed: Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi, Bashar al-Asad, and so on.

We have seen pictures of the state television (few) images filmed by independent reporters (a little 'more), images taken directly from some protesters with an amateur camera phone or even with (many). We have seen a veritable revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now in Syria. Yet no commentator has bothered to tell who is who, in those countries, was put in charge of the opposition to the regime, who has driven or simply inspired men and women take to the streets to ask, rather: pretending , freedom and democracy.

The international community should it intervene in Syria?

Kills eight NATO soldiers in Afghanistan shooting

Eight foreign soldiers of the NATO-led force in Afghanistan were killed Wednesday in a shooting involving an Air Force pilot Afghan in Kabul airport, the military alliance said in one incident of this kind with more victims fatal. A contractor, whose identity was unknown, also died in the shooting, said the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) led by NATO, in a statement.

The shooting occurred after a series of attacks by Afghan security forces against its NATO instructors perpetrated by soldiers or insurgents dressed in uniform who have managed to infiltrate their ranks. Such incidents underscore the challenge facing U.S. forces and NATO as they prepare for the gradual transfer of security responsibilities to begin in July and end with the withdrawal of all combat troops by end of 2014 .

Ivory Coast: preliminary investigation against Gbagbo and his associates

.- The authorities have opened a "preliminary investigation" against deposed President Laurent Gbagbo and his relatives, said Tuesday the government of new president Alassane Ouattara TCI on national television. "Concerning those arrested since April 11 (...), the former head of state, his wife and 60 people from his clan were assigned under house arrest in Abidjan and other cities," spokesman Patrick Achi after the cabinet meeting.

Iberoam .- The Spanish people living abroad grew by 8.2% last year to reach 1.7 million

MADRID, 27 Abr. The number of people with Spanish nationality who live abroad has increased by 8.2 (128,655 people) percent in the last year to reach 1,702,778, according to data from the Register of Spanish Abroad (PERE) dated January 1, 2011. By continent, 61.6 percent (1,049,465) of residents abroad has fixed his residence in America, 35 percent (602,178) in Europe and 3 percent in the rest of the world (14,917 in Africa , 19,310 in Asia and 16,908 in Oceania).

Found the black box housing the Air France plane

The robot submarine Remora 6000 has found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean housing one of the two black boxes of Air France plane that crashed into the sea on 1 dejunio 2009. As reported by the Office of Research and Analysis for the security of the French civil aviation (BEA, in its French acronym).

In his first dive, which lasted over 12 hours, the robot has photographed the housing flight data recorder (FDR Flight Data Recorder) but has not found the memory unit (Crash Survivable Memory Unit, CSMU) which is which contains data that could shed some light on what happened to the Airbus 330 while covering the route Rio de Janeiro and Paris.

Sai Baba, the guru of 12 billion €

"My life is my message," said Sathya Sai Baba, the last of the great Indian guru, philanthropist and educator, who passed away April 24 in just 85 years. After a month of inpatient hospital in Puttaparthi, in Andhra Pradesh, though he had told his followers that he would live up to 93 in good health.

Leaving millions of faithful around the world who thought he was immortal, in consternation and dismay - how can a god die? - And one of the largest business empires in India, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, valued at about € 12 billion. Where in 1993 the government had tried to see clearly (as the Trust's budget is not transparent) so as to have opened an investigation to find out how he had Sai Baba to put on an empire that at the time was valued at $ 2 billion .

The pro-Gaddafi attacked the port of Misrata after being driven from the city

The forces pro-Gaddafi attacked Tuesday, April 26 Port Misrata, while the rebels were assured that the Libyan leader was entering "a lost battle." Around 13 h 30 (Tripoli time), several Grad rockets hit the port and 12 km east of Misrata, only link with the outside world for this great coastal city 200 km east of the capital, which forces pro-Gaddafi cut all access roads.

A ship of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), came to continue the evacuation of thousands of Africans stranded in the city, had to depart at 2 km off for security reasons. According to the rebels, he left the port at the request of NATO. On Monday, Washington had estimated that 2,000 African migrants were still waiting on the port.

UN condemns violence in Syria and the Security Council a resolution fails

.- The Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon reiterated his condemnation of the use of violence against civilians in Syria, Yemen and Libya, while the Security Council failed to agree on a sanction against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. "totally condemn the continued use of violence against peaceful demonstrators, particularly the use of tanks and fire that caused injuries and death to hundreds of people," said Ban told reporters after informing the Security Council members on recent developments in the region.

Japanese emperors comfort to survivors of tsunami and earthquake

Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko on Wednesday met and talked with survivors of the earthquake and tsunami last month, offering comfort and consolation in a role that has helped the monarchy to stay relevant in the modern era. While other royals from around the world would travel to London for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Japanese imperial family had obligations bleaker after the March 11 disaster, which left 28,000 dead or missing, devastated the region Northeast of the country and triggered a nuclear crisis.

United States authorizes the purchase of oil to Libyan opposition

The U.S. Government today eased economic sanctions imposed against Libya by authorizing the purchase of oil and other energy sources that are produced in areas controlled by the National Transitional Council (CNT). The Treasury Department said that U.S. companies can transact with Qatar Petroleum and Vitol Group, the largest oil trading company in the world, related to oil, gas or petroleum products are exported to Libya under the "auspices" of CNT and provided the regime of Moammar Gadhafi does not receive "any benefits." Qatar has agreed to sell the Libyan oil on behalf of the Libyan rebels, a way of providing finance to the U.S.

EEUU/Argentina.- CNH (Fiat Industrial) will invest 68.5 million to build a plant in Argentina

BURR RIDGE (UNITED STATES), 27 Abr. The agricultural equipment maker CNH, belonging to the Fiat industrial group, will invest hundred million dollars (68.5 million euros) to build a tractor plant in Argentina, which devoted its production to markets in Latin America. The company made this announcement following a meeting between the president of Industrial Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, (also CEO of Fiat and Chrysler) and Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Sweden calls for explanation from Venezuela to Colombia deportation Becerra

The extradition of alleged FARC guerrilla, Joaquín Pérez Alberto Becerra, Colombia has generated reactions in Sweden, which today called for an explanation from Venezuela for not informing him of his arrest and delivery to Bogota. Becerra, born in Colombia, but a Swedish national, was arrested last Saturday while trying to enter Venezuela from Frankfurt and extradited only two days later.

Teo Zetterman spokesman Swedish Foreign Ministry, told Agence France Presse that "yet we receive no response" from the government in Caracas. The spokesman has said that are not yet clear "what is charged officially" Becerra. "We are focusing on is to provide consular support ... The Swedish Embassy has contacted him and is following the case, contact with legal representatives," he added Zetterman.

Brazil .- Rousseff agrees to take "all measures" deemed necessary to curb inflation

BRASILIA, Oct 27. (Reuters) - The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has promised to implement "all measures" deemed necessary to curb inflation that reached 6.44 percent, near the top of the official target range expected this year. This was the second time in just two days Rousseff spoke forcefully about his determination to curb rising prices, which highlights a growing concern for the Government to the extent that inflation is threatening to keep their tendency to rise.

President, what are the "natural development"?

When we speak of the Head of State should go with feet of lead. For three reasons: institutional respect, because Napolitano is the only (maybe the only) that inspires confidence to the Italians, because Berlusconi fails to diminish the constitutional integrity. But the "natural development" of our military intervention in Libya, are allowed a number of concerns.

The first is a constitutional right: Italy rejects war and enter into a conflict, siding with one of the contenders, it looks like its a mission of peace, not even bothered all the hypocrisy that we are capable. The second is that there are no "rockets extreme, extreme accuracy" because there are no targets of "extreme, extreme" certainty.

Moscow city hall allows for the first time holding a Gay Pride

The mayor of Moscow has allowed for the first time to hold a Gay Pride in the Russian capital, said, Tuesday, April 26, the organizer Nikolai Alexeyev, president of the association Gayrussia. So far, Russian authorities refused rallies in defense of gay rights. The event, which 500 people are allowed to participate, will take place May 28 Bolotnaïa in the center of the Russian capital, but away from main thoroughfares of the city, according to Mr Alexeyev.

Wikileaks: Child soldiers became prisoners-children

The evaluation reports prepared by interrogators at Guantanamo are revealed by Wikileaks shows that among the dozens of detainees arrived at Guantanamo Bay while they were still minors, many were directly classified as "enemy combatants" and thus treated as adults and detained indefinitely. This attitude is consistent with the American judicial tradition: until 2010 in various states, a criminal under 16 years could be sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of early release, even if he had killed anyone.

A brutal beating at the Berlin subway shocked Germany

Footage from the subway in Berlin last Friday has shocked Germany. They see how two guys unleashing a brutal beating of a third party who was returning home after attending a sporting event. The boy, aged 29, received a blow that knocked him down and immediately began to stand, unable to show resistance, several kicks to the head that left him unconscious.

Today, four days later, opened his eyes but not yet fully recovered speech. Despite the excessive violence you see in the video and the shock reflected in the German media, a German judge has released the two assailants because no one has filed a charge against them. The attackers, both 18, were released after questioning and to recognize authors of the beating inflicted on early Saturday in the Friedrichstrasse station, in central Berlin.

The great business of the royal wedding

The numbers that revolve around what has been called "the biggest television event in history" - BBC and Sky talk of a television audience of 2 billion people - are staggering. Visit Britain, the tourist agency of the United Kingdom, has estimated that more than one million visitors who reach the capital for the wedding between Prince William and Kate Midlleton, of which 400 000 will arrive by train the same day.

Wikileaks: The French detainees in Guantanamo noted for their "discipline"

Little soldiers of jihad, restive prisoners to the authority of their guardians. Thus appear the seven French detainees in Guantanamo, reading their case files revealed by Wikileaks. Aged 22 to 41 years when they were arrested in Afghanistan in late 2001, they spent two and a half years and three years on the U.S.

base. Their mistake: have found in Afghanistan at the wrong time, driven by their radical faith, thus becoming "enemy combatants". Obsessed by their "links" with senior supposed Al-Qaeda, the U.S. military see them as sources to tap. The first four to be delivered to France, July 27, 2004, were Nizar Sassi, Brahim Yadel, Mourad Benchellali and Imad Achab Kanouni.