Wednesday, August 24, 2011

EU welcomes UN decision on Syria

The diplomat of the European Union (EU), Catherine Ashton, held that the Human Rights Council decided to request the UN to Syria of sending an international commission to investigate violations of accusing the regime of Bashar al Assad . The initiative was agreed the same day during a special Council session in Geneva.

"A UN mission established that the mass rapes now in Syria and violence against civilians could constitute crimes against humanity," Ashton recalled in a statement. 'A proper and urgent action is essential to investigate these violations, identify those responsible and ensure that those who committed them are held accountable, "he said.

A reason for the 'gravity of the situation in the Arab country', the EU decided this day to include an additional 15 individuals and five companies on the sanctions list by the violent repression against the civilian population in Syria. The name of those affected will be released Wednesday morning, when the decision will take effect upon publication in the Official Journal of the EU.

Everyone will have their assets frozen in the European territory and individuals are prohibited from entering any EU country. The four rounds of sanctions so far taken by the Twenty include 35 leaders of the Libyan government, including President Assad and his brother Maher, considered primarily responsible for repression.

In addition, four companies linked to the regime have had their assets blocked on European soil.

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