Thursday, August 4, 2011

In famine, new regions in Somalia

The famine has spread to three other areas of southern Somalia, where two regions already suffered such a situation, reported the Financial Analysis Unit of Nutrition and Food Security in Somalia (FSNAU), linked to the Organization of the United Nations. "New data indicate that the prevalence of acute malnutrition and mortality rates have exceeded the threshold of hunger in the Balkan and Cadal areas in Middle Shabelle, in the IDP camp Afgoye and between the community of displaced people in Mogadishu."

Nine dead in a helicopter crash in Indonesia

Nine people were killed in Indonesia in a helicopter crash of an Australian mining company east of the archipelago, the company reported today. Rescuers found this morning the remains of the helicopter that crashed yesterday near Manado, on Sulawesi island, on his way to the island of Halmahera, the largest of the Moluccas, where he is one of the company Newcrest mines, the largest gold producer in Australia.

The UN condemns Damascus "immediate end to the violence"

The "immediate cessation of violence" and strongly condemned the "widespread violations of human rights and the use of force against civilians by the Syrian authorities." Here are some of the passages in the text of the sentence approved by the UN Security Council - but Lebanon has disassociated - the violent crackdown by the Assad regime in Syria.

A statement, not a resolution as they wanted the Europeans and the United States. Decision, it was adopted to avoid a veto by Russia and China who also wanted the document had eliminated all references to an inquiry of the UN Human Rights Council on violence of recent days. The Council has met at UN Headquarters for the third consecutive day in an attempt to break the deadlock on the Syrian crisis.

The trial of Hosni Mubarak in Cairo will resume August 15

The first day of trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was completed in early afternoon Wednesday, August 3 in Cairo. Less than six months after the fall of his regime, carried away by a popular revolt that has killed 840, according to an official report, Hosni Mubarak appeared in a landmark case for Egypt and the Arab world, which was broadcast live public television.

The next hearing is set for Aug. 15. "All these accusations, I deny them completely," he said. The former president appeared lying on a stretcher in a large cage with bars blacks in the police academy in the capital laid out in court. He remained in custody in a nearby hospital in the city until the next hearing, which he should attend, said the judge.

Algeria legalizes the Protestant church

It is still a couple of years, the Algerian Minister of Religious Affairs, Buabdelá Gulamalá did not hesitate to declare that equate "evangelization and terrorism." But in late July, the Algerian Interior Ministry called the Shepherd Mustapha Krim, president of the Protestant Church of Algeria (IPA), to announce the recognition of the institution by the authorities.

"This is good news," said Krim days after a Protestant website. "In principle we can develop our activities as usual," he added. The only previously recognized Christian church in Algeria was Catholic, whose faithful are scarce, however, almost exclusively foreigners, mostly Europeans or students enrolled in universities in sub-Saharan Algeria.

The Brazilian government launched a plan to defend the industry

The meeting of the government of President Rousseff with the cream of the business, which introduced its new industrial policy is perhaps the most important moment of his first seven months in office. "The domestic industry has in me an ally, a partner aware of the difficulties, but also the potential of our productive sector," he confided.

According to her, "has launched a crusade in defense of the Brazilian industry." Among the measures Finance Minister Guido Mantega and Development Minister, Fernando Pimentel, provides a tax exemption of about 16,000 million dollars.

Obama bitter birthday: recession and crisis of consensus

 "The U.S. economy has weakened, we must redouble our efforts to revitalize." It is with this warning that Barack Obama faces a bitter anniversary: 50 years old today between the distrust of markets, the disaffection of his left base, the nightmare of a relapse into recession. For several hours, and seeks refuge in his distraction Chicago, where "the young president with too much white hair" now spends the holiday.

The endless spiral of crisis in the euro area

Markets are they caught up in a vacuum? The consent of Congress, Tuesday, Aug. 2, to raise the ceiling of the debt and the specter of a defect in the world's largest economy, had no effect on investors panicked. At the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow plunged on Tuesday to 2.19%, taking with it the Asian and European markets.

Wednesday, Tokyo yielded 2.11% while Paris and Frankfurt declined by 1.82% and 2.26% at the opening. In Europe, the renewed stress exacerbates the acute crisis of sovereign debt in a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy: the more rates rise, the debt is more difficult to repay. Fifteen days after the leaders had flung, July 21, what they thought was a nuclear weapon to neutralize the fears, the rate loans to ten years of Spanish and Italian and have reached historic highs: 6.36% for Spain and 6.18% for Italy on Tuesday.